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Surah Ya-Sin, Surah As-Saffat and Surah Sad

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Isla Hakuna Allah

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dounia v 19 in Kedah

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh who Subhan Allah Exalted be our Lord over all the others unto him falsely ascribe, how powerful is he? He created us from one soul and made us into many nations and diverse tribes. how magnificent is he? He assigned for us noble angels to protect us and to be watchful scribes. How Sublime is He? on judgment day no intercessor will be of benefit against him, nor will any bribes

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how merciful is he? We ask him to be amongst the inhabitants of gender, a place that Words cannot describe today inshallah tada we'll be doing three sutras and we start off with surah. Yaseen, and I will say the surah Yaseen isn't just my favorite sutra. It is everybody's favorite Surah Al Hamdulillah and surah. Yaseen, it goes back to the early mccunn period, and the primary theme of surah Yaseen throughout the entire sort of beginning 10 it is to prove the hereafter and that Allah subhana wa tada is indeed the one who will bring back our souls and resurrect us. And there are a number of narrations found in our books of Hadith that mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu sent in

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praise to the scene. In some directions. He called it the elbow or on the heart of the Quran. Scholars differ about the authenticity of those narrations, but there's no problem in narrating them and saying these are found in the books of Hadith. And it is authentically narrated for sure that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he instructed us he encouraged us to recite surah Yaseen over those who are on their last on the on the very last throes of life they're about to pass on from this world. They're on their deathbeds, we should ease that by reciting surah, Yaseen and of course what a beautiful surah because the concept of surah Yaseen is to talk about the hereafter and

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the next life and so surah Yaseen is giving them comfort that this is just the beginning of inshallah to Allah a brighter life after this. The story begins there sort of Yeah, scene begins story with the power of the Quran, and the the impact that Iran has on the people and Allah subhana wa tada mentions that they have put a barrier that Allah has tasted barrier in front of those who reject the Koran, and he has placed a barrier behind them and he has enshrined them so that they cannot even see and it is authentically narrated that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was surrounded on the night of the hedgerow to Medina, he exited his house and there were over

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4050 people wanting to kill him, and all he did he recited to the scene and he recited which is Namibia at him said then woman called for him said then for our Shana home, we blinded them for home now you will soon they will not be able to see he recited the surah Yaseen and the first page of surah Yaseen, and they were blinded, they had no idea that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is walking from white under their midst, and in this surah as well verse number 12, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In

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Mota, we shall indeed bring back the dead we shall revive the dead, one equitable market demo a thorough home, and we will write down everything that they have forwarded. And we're even going to write down their footsteps and their legacies, and everything we have tallied together in a clear book in an Imam in a book that is prescribed. And it is reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam used this verse, When a tribe by the name of Ben who selama wanted to sell everything and move to the center of Medina so that they could live next to the Prophet sallallahu I said them they said they are so law, we want to pray every pray with you. When we walk all the way from our houses

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and our away and we pray and we walk back. We decided to sell everything and come close to so that we can be with you short walks, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yeah, Benny Salama that all the people of the cinema, the outcome took terrible outcome. Stay in your houses, your footsteps are being recorded by Allah. And in one report, he recited this verse or this verse was revealed. Basically as the second time that went up to boom aka demo as our home we're going to write down every footstep, no matter how small it is that we do something for the sake of a law don't look at how insignificant it is. Whatever it is, one footstep you do for the sake of Allah,

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Allah will record it and Allah subhana wa tada will reward you for it. So we are seen then moves on to the story of the three people who were sent to a neighboring town First they were too They rejected them that a lot added a third five says nappy salad. And most likely This is a reference to the early followers of Jesus Christ of Isa. And they were preaching to the people who did not believe in a law. And so the righteous Christians, three of them, they went to the town of Antioch, and they were rejected, and they were mocked and they were about to be killed when a local person came rushing and without origin oxygen needed and a man came from the furthest part of the town. And

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he said well, gentlemen, alcohol Medina, Theodor junius, Iron Man came from the furthest part of the town rushing and he said, Allah, you're committed, you're almost setting. He said, Oh my people follow these messengers by messengers. He doesn't mean prophets of God. He means messengers that have been sent by another prophet, meaning Isa has sent them whether alive or dead, whether in the life of Isa excuse me, or whether Isa was lifted up, he said, did not die. There was a slip of the tongue, but Teresa de la Juan

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salatu salam, he sent his followers either in his lifetime or he told him after he was raised have to go and preach. So Risa went his

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followers went to the town of Antioch, and they're preaching to the town of Antioch. And one of the locals embraces the message. And he says that you should follow these three people. And the locals were about to kill the three people, the three disciples of Jesus or the three followers of Christianity, and one of their own seems to have sided with the followers of Jesus. So they then turn their anger on one of their own, and they surround this other person whom they knew very well, a nobleman from their own town. And they say to him, Have you embraced this faith? And he says, one or the other, with the lady fault or any way later on? Why shouldn't I embrace this faith? Why

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shouldn't I worship the one who created me and you shall all be going back to him? Do you want me to worship false gods instead of him? Indeed, if that man desires a harm for me, all of these gods will not help me, nor will they save me. If I were to do this in neither left holiday movie, I would be completely lost and misguided in the moment to build up because I have believed in your Lord your Creator. So listen to me obey me. Clearly the holy agenda. It was said enter agenda. There is a missing scene here. It is understood by the context and that missing incident is that they killed him, they murdered him, the people of Antioch were these people of this town, they ganged up on one

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of their own and they massacred they killed this person and they beat him to death and when they beat him to death, Allah subhana wa tada says, Cleveland holiday agenda. They will kill them in this world and because he's a Shaheed he is automatically in gender. It was said to him enter agenda and when he sees gender, what does he say on a data omiana Muna Bhima hoffa Raleigh or B, which I didn't even mean how I wish my people could see this How I wish they could know that my lord has forgiven me and my lord has shown so much honor on me. So Pinilla this was a man whom the people killed, they ganged up on the beat him to death, according to one report, they literally kicked him, and they

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punched him until he died. And as soon as he is killed, he wakes up in Jannah. Literally one second he has been killed. The next second, he sees Jenna, and what is on his mind, he says, Oh, how I wish my very people who killed me How I wish that I could show them this reality that I'm speaking the truth to them. I'm telling them the truth. And what this shows, as some of the Sahaba remarked that this was a person who truly cared about his people, while alive and then in death as well, that even when they killed him, his heart was still full of compassion that I want my people to know the truth. And what this shows us, if you want to influence others, if you want to guide others, if you

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want to be a preacher or color to Islam, and to walk in the footsteps of the prophets of Allah, then you must you must have a genuine compassion, a genuine love for the people that you want to guide you will not guide people if you have a sense of arrogance and hatred in your heart against them. And the story of this man clearly shows that Allah subhanaw taala then says, he mentioned that even the creation and the angels, they express their pity and their frustration at the stubbornness of men verse 30, yeah has certain hi Larry Bird, this is something that the angels and the creation is saying not Allah subhanho wa Taala the angels of the creation are saying out, whoa, is it to these

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servants, these creation this men alas for these servants, these creations that are known as men, no messenger comes to them, but they ridicule him Don't they understand? What is their problem? Why are they so stubborn about accepting the truth and about submitting to Allah subhana wa Tada. So the creation is expressing its pity and its frustration that out of all of the species on Earth, it is only man who is so arrogant as to reject the truth, and they are wondering what is wrong with us? Yeah, hi, Staten Island, Reba, and Hazara is a sense of both frustration and pity like co on what's your What's wrong with you, you know, accept the invitation of the prophets and messengers. And then

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after this, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions three iron or iron to let him wear it to learn from three signs three miracles, that shows not only that he is the ROB but also that he is capable of bringing the dead back to life. The first of them, what I will do later to assign for them is in the dead land, we give it life and we produce from it grains and corn and crops so that they can eat Leah kuruman family he wanted to add him and that they can eat of the fruits and they can also eat up what their hands have helped to produce, won't they be appreciative of Allah Subhana Allah the halaqaat as wakulla Glory be to Allah Who created everything in pairs. The fruits are in pairs and

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they themselves are in pairs, and even

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They do not don't know. They're also in pairs. So this is the first sign, the one who can bring the dead land back to life and the one who can create life from seeds, and the one who can produce crops and grains, that one can also bring you back from the dead. The second will actually lahoma later Islam in hoonah, how another miracle and sign for them is the night that we strip it away from the day, the day and the night they go slowly, but surely, gradually, they merge into one another, where shampoo tissue really muster chlorella and the sun, it runs towards this destination, it has an appointed, point appointed, of course, that it is following the dikatakan. To utilize these utilizes

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items such as the power and design of the one who is all powerful, the one who is all mighty, and the moon, we have disposed of it in various places, a da hammonasset. And the manassa is a phrase in Arabic That means every single night, the moon has a special mention there are around 28, they say monazite of the moon that one night The moon is not seen. And so 28 men as it are over there over the moon. This is the astronomical calendar of the moon. And Allah is saying, I am the one who has put the moon in these men as it will come out aka Donna hamanasi. Until when it comes back, it returns like the old twig and the original khadim. And if you've ever seen an old twig from the tree

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of the dates, you will see that it looks like a crescent, very fragile, very yellowish, very thin. And so Allah is comparing that the when the moon comes back, it looks like this old twig that that Allah says that neither can the sun overtake the moon. What la Lusaka. Ha No, the night outpaced the day, couldn't learn fi fella can yes back home, everyone is in its place in a harmonious orbit. This is the second sign, the one who can control these massive celestial objects, that entity can also bring you back from the dead. And the third of his majestic size that he asks us to think about is the fact that we have been given power over the creation we can do amazing feats, we can ride the

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waves and the oceans who could have ever imagined that us creatures were going to be able to conquer the oceans. And in our times even more than this, there is no problem it is a part of our Tafseer genre intercede methodology to extrapolate from these verses, the blessings of cars and airplanes that Allah is saying, I gave you this knowledge and I blessed you with this type of technology that you're able to benefit. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that the one who has given you so much knowledge that you can then do all of this show the dead entity can also then bring the dead back to life. Now what is the response to all of these miracles, Allah subhana wa tada says, verses

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44 onwards that Allah says, when I say that no miracle comes to them, no sign comes to them, except that they are more alien, they turn their backs away, and when they're reminded when the people come and try to advise them, when it is said to them unfill Kumara Zakouma law spend from what Allah has given you, those who reject they say to those who believe, why should we feed those whom if Allah wanted, he could feed directly, you are all lost and misguided you want us to take care of the poor people, Allah created them alone made them hungry, let Allah feed them directly. And what a powerful analogy is being given here, not intelligent, a powerful, if you like, symbolic differences between

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the attitudes of those who believe and those who reject look at the completely contradictory mentalities, the believer, the Walkman, the one who wants to worship a lot, he sees hungry people, and immediately what comes to his mind, Allah has given me more than them, let me help them. I want a lot to use me to do good. I want to be servicing the creation of a lot with the blessings that Allah has given me. I want to be an instrument in spreading Allah's mercy. So he looks at the scene and he says, You know what, I want to make a difference and I want to feed the hungry and he says, Come, let's all donate, let's come together. Let's feed the hungry. Now. What do those who reject

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religiosity? Who will who reject Allah subhanho wa Taala say? They become sarcastic, they become haughty and arrogant. And they say, Why should I feed? I mean, your God is all powerful. Your God is the one that did all of this anyway, he can feed himself. And this is the difference between a man and Cofer between religiosity and atheism, a religious person, a person who believes in a law, a person whose heart is full of compassion, he looks and he sees what can I do to make a difference? Whereas the one who has no faith, you will find them to be bitter, angry, arrogant, always mocking, oh, well, why doesn't your God do it? Why doesn't your God take care of it, and this person doesn't

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understand that perhaps that hungry person is there so that a lot can see what we do and a lot we reward the hungry person a level of reward as there's a Hugh after that we have to also take into account but look at the difference. And this is the exact same difference by the way, between Adam and Iblees Adam

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Please, Adam said, I made a mistake. What can I do to make up for it at least said it's all your fault. Oh Allah, you're the one who did all of this is not my fault. This difference in mentality, it goes back all the way to the beginning of the creation. Dear Muslim, when you see something negative, think about how you can make it into a positive think about what can I do to better the situation don't blame anyone else and what not I mean, even if people are worthy of being blamed, that has its place if somebody else is at fault, but you also have Oh, what can I do to make it better? And this verse really shows us the attitude of the movement is always proactive, it's always

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bringing benefit wherever the person goes, whereas the person have no faith. All they do is they sit back and criticize and worse than this, allow you to be the one who have no faith actually ends up blaming or with Ebola Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah azza wa jal then reminds them as soon as seen of what will happen when the Day of Judgment occurs, that it's only just one, one trumpet blow, and lo and behold, there will be brought to before us they shall be resurrected, called we are waiting to verse 52, men birth and I'm in Medina, who has resurrected us from our resting place, our graves, we were here, what's going on here? Then the believers will say to them had waardoor Rama was sort of

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almost everyone. This is the promise of Ramadan. And the prophets spoke the truth to us. And this shows us that on the Day of Judgment, people will be cognizant enough aware enough to ask questions and to have conversations. And so people will be wondering what is going on? Where are we? Why are we being resurrected? What's going on? And the righteous will say that this is now the time that all of you denied it is now happening over here. And then in verses 55 onwards, Allah describes the people of gender and the people of jahannam in US herbal agenda to young Murphy, Shaolin faki hoon, the inhabitants of gender the people of gender on that date, they shall be busy in entertainment

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What an interesting way sure will. In fact, you Hoon, so sugar is to be busy. And faqih horn is to be basically having a fun time. So Allah is saying that Jenna there will be so much to do that you will be busy entertaining yourselves that you live the difficult life you worshipped Allah subhana wa Tada. Now you will be spoiled for pleasures. Anything that you went home was wired up for them and their spouses feed the Lord in other Araki will take you on they shall be in shades reclining on couches, their home free half hockey, they will have in it all types of fruits, all types to eat, what a homebuyer don't own and they will have whatever they desire, whatever you want, dear Muslims,

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whatever you want, you will get it in gender a Sahabi said O Messenger of Allah you know I like to plant I like to have a green thumb I like to plant and I like to have grow trees. So will Allah subhanho wa Taala allow me to grow trees in gender and the prophets Allah said and gave a beautiful description yes indeed you will grow the tree it will grow this big in this and that at which one of the Mahajan said O Messenger of Allah, that person who asked you He must be from our Ansari brother and because us Maha Judo, we do not like to work in the backyard, we don't like to work in the fields at all. So, the point is that whatever you have as your mind some people say why does gender

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describe only certain certain you know, worldly pleasures and their responses This is but one example and it is an example by the way that all of mankind appreciates and likes the pleasures of the soul the pleasures of the body, eating and drinking and the sensual pleasures of course this is a part and parcel of agenda but it's not all of gender, gender is more than this, this versus very clear what a home is. Whatever you want shall be yours if you want to interact or have discussions or talk or you know whatever you want to do, you will be able to do that in that place forever and ever without ever getting bored fish surely In fact, you Hoon, they will be busy entertaining

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themselves, and then the best of all pleasures, the highest of all pleasures, verse 58, setup on Cola, Murata Rahim, they shall hear a law say salam to them, and then other verses describe the seeing of a law so hearing the speech of a law and seeing the face of a law, this is the highest reward of genda nothing is higher than that. And then Allah subhana wa tada describes jahannam before moving on to the final concluding passages of the sutra by reminding man have a number of obvious blessings of them verse 71, our them euro and Huracan Allah homem amulet, a Dina and Armand don't they see that we have gifted them from what we ourselves have have brought about livestock

00:29:44--> 00:30:00

that they own was a Holla Holla home that we have substituted for them. So some of them they write and some of them they eat while the home feed him enough here and they have other benefits when Michelle dip and they drink from these animals, will they not give thanks and this

00:30:00--> 00:30:45

Verse are the series of verses once again, it goes back to a point I made a number of lectures ago. This is one of the most explicit verses that not all species are the same. The one who created the species has the right to provide a hierarchy of those species. And in these series of verses, you cannot get more clear. Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, we created these animals and species these livestock and we was with Elena hi Sahara with Elena with lol na holla home, and we subdued these species for them. Look, these animals are bigger than us, they are heavier than us, they are more powerful than us. And yet they are a valley unto us. And that in here means that we have control

00:30:45--> 00:31:22

over them, they have submitted and subdued on themselves unto us. And Allah says we're allowed to ride them, we're allowed to eat them, we're allowed to take their milk their drink, this is very clear and they have other benefits as well in some places and lands, you need to use their leather to protect yourself from this and that so Allah azza wa jal is explicitly allowing us if again, we treat them ethically and we do everything in accordance with the name of a lot subhanho wa Taala, then yes, it is permissible to benefit and so Allah says FLR Yes, Guru Will they not give thanks. This is one of the blessings at the end of the surah another or another miracle, another miracle

00:31:22--> 00:32:02

that Allah says I want him Yoda inside who doesn't mankind see that we created him from a not far from a seed a mixture of fluids, and yet for either who are ha sido muy bien, lo and behold, he comes from a despised fluid, and yet he has the arrogance, he has the audacity to challenge us while Dada berlina method and when I see a Holocaust, and he starts arguing with us, he produces his pseudo evidence is against us, even as he forgets his own creation, and he challenges who is going to bring the dead back after they have decayed. This is a reference to Abuja, or perhaps ommaya. That

00:32:03--> 00:32:46

a number of books mentioned that when once one of these leaders of the flourish came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who may have been harder for Abu Jamal or somebody else, he picked up a bone that was decaying, and he crumbled it in his hands. And he wagged this bone he crumbled in his hands. And he said that do you think that all Mohammed so some, do you think that your Lord will bring my bones back after they have become running like this? And so Allah subhana wa tada revealed what I have seen, in which Allah describes not just his state of mind, but the state of mind of anyone who is so arrogant as to reject a law to deny a god, this verse is so powerful, while Dada

00:32:46--> 00:33:25

berlina method and one ESEA Holocaust, there he is, in his arrogance, saying, Where is the proof? Show me the signs, and he has forgotten, ignored his own creation? Are you that blind, that you're demanding proof when you yourself are the greatest proof of the existence of a law, he who cannot even see his own existence as a proof of the existence of the Creator? What other proof is ever going to satisfy him or her? Look at how powerful this verse is? Well thought about that method and want to see a holocaust. What other proof do you need that there is a powerful creator out there, look at your own body, look at where you came from, look at how you live, look at each and every

00:33:25--> 00:34:03

aspect of the creation. And that's why Allah azza wa jal is saying throughout the Koran, they're asked you for miracles, the miracles around them are enough, these other miracles are not going to make them believe. And this is a reality that anybody who negates the existence of a God, the fact of the matter is that they keep on demanding for proof. The fact of the matter is, there is no proof that we're satisfied them, nothing would satisfy them. And what they claim is mere words, if the creation around you is not enough to prove to you the existence of a creator, what other evidence is, is there so these are the Quranic arguments. So simple, so straightforward. So incontrovertible.

00:34:03--> 00:34:25

They're watertight, that's the beauty of the Quranic arguments. They're watertight, they appeal to every single person, and this is one of the strongest arguments that allies would use is not just for his existence, but in fact for the, for the bringing back of the day, and the day of judgment and Eliza which it also says in verse 80, that he is the one who has produced for you fuel

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from the green trees for a gentleman who thought they don't which you Kindle your fire with. So the wood that you use all types of fuel that use He is the one who gifted it for you can't The one who created this recreated all over again. Of course he can in nema ambu either our other Shana Nicola who couldn't fire Kuhn, first of Hanna lady Pierre de melaku too cliche in what he told Jr. On his command, when he will something is to merely say B and it is.

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So all glory be to Him in whose hands is the control and dominion of all things.

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things and to Him we shall all return. This is Surah Yaseen surah. So fat is the next surah we're going to do today, and sudo so fat is a all three suitors to you will be MKI Sutras, and Sora sofar displays all of the classical features of the early mechon Sutras, powerful verses short versus rhythmic style. Miscellaneous topics all weave together seamlessly in some of the most powerful rhetoric in the entire quote on pseudo soft fat is again, one of the favorites of most of the curar. You listen to them when they recite soft fat, you will see the beauty clearly in the early mccunn sutras. It's around seven pages, and it has 182 verses which shows you the verses are very short if

00:35:44--> 00:36:24

it has 182 and only seven pages. And the theme of the sutra the primary theme of the surah is to demonstrate the power of a law through his creation. And then also through the stories of the previous prophets that the righteous are protected. And those who reject a large region do not have that protection. And the word soft fat comes from the word for soft for lining up. And the reference here was saw a fatty so far the first verse, the reference here is that the angels have a law they all line up in rows and that's why our profits the law, why do you send them wanted us when we pray Our prayers to line up in rows and he said this is how the angels line up when they are praying to

00:36:24--> 00:37:04

Allah subhana wa Tada. So we are mimicking the angels straight rows, and we are all praying to Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is something that the angels do and we on earth we are taking that from them. So what saw 30 Safa by the angels that lined up in rows for is that was that facade It is natural, and those that are constantly driving the clouds, what tolyatti vichara and those that are constantly reciting the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah is swearing by all of these angels, this sort of, by the way, another sub motif, angels and also jinn and under Shelton, there's a sub motif a number of references to Shayla Shelton and to angels as well. So in the illa hochma

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wide your God is indeed one Rob was sent to you will all do Albania humara, Bull Macharia, He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and the Lord of all that is between them and the Lord of all directions here. Indeed, we have adorned in the yen next summer adonia, we have beautified the lower heavens, busy Nathanael Kawasaki, with the beauty of all of these stories and all of these celestial objects have had a lot. How powerful is this? First, Allah is saying, essentially, that the skies were boring, and we wanted to make them look beautiful. So we created all of these planets, we created all of these stars so that the skies would look beautiful. So of the reasons why Allah

00:37:48--> 00:38:32

created all of this, there are other reasons as well, of the reasons that Allah xojo created these celestial objects around us in ASEAN nussinov, dunya, buzina, tidel kawaki. All of these things we have created them to look to make the skies look beautiful. And the Quran Of course mentions other reasons as well. And the surah, as I said, also has a number of references to the world of the angels and the world of the jinns. So verse 150, for example, on words that are reflected in acid welcome shahidan, did we create the angels as females, remember the kurush they assumed that the angels are female, and the angels are Daughters of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah is asking the

00:38:32--> 00:39:11

kurush were you there? Did you see the creation? Do you know that the angels are female? No, indeed, this is one of their lies in nomen fkm they have fallen, it's one of their lies, and they claim what are the law that Allah has children? the pagans would claim that the daughters that the angels are the daughters of a law, and that they are our intercessors in the home located when they are lying our stuff, and bonacci Alberni. Do you think that your own creator you prefer boys over girls in your life? And then you ascribe to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will prefer girls over boys. This is a contradiction in your own philosophy, not a concave attack woman, what is the matter with you?

00:39:11--> 00:39:52

Don't you judge in your own cells have allotted the courage to to reflect over this? Do you have an evidence that bring your book if you are telling the truth, verse 158, and they invented which I do bainer who ouabain Elgin at NASA and they invented a relationship, a lineage between him and the jinn by claiming that the jinn but are the daughters of a large surgeon. So they invented this lineage, but Indeed Allah is saying those jinn whenever the ultimate agenda to those jinn they know that they will be brought forth and they will be questioned and arranged for all that they have done. And as for the angels, verse 164, onwards, that were in the nano saw foon, Allah is praising

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

the angels and he is causing the angels to tell us what they say. So this is what the angels are telling us that we are lined up in front

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are the ones who arrange everything and we are the ones who set between constantly praising Allah subhana wa Tada. So the angels are orderly and the angels are efficient and the angels are constantly engaged in the worship of Allah subhana wa tada as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the angels they do not ever get even the Quran mentions his life a total they never get tired. They constantly make this beer, they do not marry or eat or drink because they're angels, and they never get tired of constantly worshipping Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And this is what these series of verses tells the next section verses 5262. It has a very famous

00:40:43--> 00:41:20

passage that marks a conversation between the inhabitants of Jenna and the inhabitants of jahannam, where a person of Jen will remember in the candidate Corinne I used to have a friend and associate an acquaintance somebody used to hang around, you know, somebody used to work with Kadena somebody, I'd be in the next to that I had somebody in this world, that he would make fun of me. And he would tell me that you want me to believe you that there's going to be a heaven in hell, there's a hereafter. And while he is remembering this conversation, and from the some of our scholars have derived them, of course, the concept is definitely very easily derived trouble. But this is one of

00:41:20--> 00:41:58

the evidences that in general, we will have perfect memories, and all of our people that we have met, we shall remember them our entire lives, they're going to be at our disposal. And so any acquaintance any friend that we had, and they are in general who want to meet with them, we can meet with them, and what if they are not engender, we want to see what's happening. Sometimes Allah might even do this as well, that in this case, it says that, that Allah azza wa jal will open up a portal. And the angel will say, do you want to see where that friend is now that you used to have not necessarily friend as a plugin simply means I used to have somebody to hang around. So he will say,

00:41:58--> 00:42:38

do you want to see where he ended up and so that portal will open up and that man of gender will now see the person of janome and He will say to him, call it a lie. He in kittila told Dean that By Allah, you almost ruined me. You constantly used to put these doubts into my hand, my head while I will I need to be worried not for the grace of Allah subhana wa Tada. I too would be with you. In other words, if I had listened to you, if I had had your doubts, and I followed them somehow the lie would be where you are and social Pinilla. We do have an obligation to fight these doubts that are incorrect doubts, because in the end of the day, they are incorrect and we will end up regretting in

00:42:38--> 00:43:21

the hereafter. The bulk of the Surah Surah sulfat has to do with the stories of the previous prophets and verses 75 to 82 is the story of Noah and Allah subhanho wa Taala says we saved him and his family from the great calamity so too will the law save everyone from calamities when they turn to him? The one who saved Noah from the great flood can save you and me from the flood of our worries as well versus 83 to 113. It is the longest story and soft facts. And it is the story of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, two segments of the story Firstly, that when he came to a law with the panel been studying and this is not the only time that Ibrahim is described as Alvin Saleem has been

00:43:21--> 00:44:07

studying the pure heart Ibrahim has that pure heart and He the story of his destruction of the idols as mentioned over here that he made sure that all of them were destroyed. And he showed his people the the ridiculousness, the foolishness of worshipping false gods. Then the story moves on to is how it is Salaam, phenom Bella who saya when his heart became old enough to work with him and walk with him find him about a messiah called a Buddha in the era filmakademie Baraka he said, Oh, my son, I see in a dream, that I am sacrificing you. So what do you think I should do? And the scholars say he was only asking his heart to see whether he would have to force him whether his heart would

00:44:07--> 00:44:47

willingly follow along. And of course, as we know, the dreams of the prophets are true, no one else has necessarily true dreams, asked for the profits, all of their dreams are true. And so his fault his son says, My father, do what Allah has commanded you to do. So the both of them went falon s lemma will tell who little jabeen then when he placed both of them they submitted to a law and he placed his forehead on the ground and he raised the axe up that's when Allah subhana wa tada says one day now who and yeah, I brought him over the saw doctor Oh, yeah, or everyone him you have fulfilled the dream. Whatever dream you saw, you have fulfilled It was a day now who believed in him

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

and we substituted him with a mighty sacrifice, which is what we commemorate at every single year. And next section verses 114 to 122.

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

is the section of Moosa and how rune and Allah mentions the blessings that he gave them. And he helped them by giving them the book and the both of them. They left an honorable legacy. And then the story moves on to in the US and to loot and to Yunus and of course, here is a Eunice's story, one in verse 141 of the fact that fussa Hama facon, Amina Moodle Halloween, lots were cast on the boat, that somebody in the boat, they assumed that this is happening, because there's one person on the boat that is bringing bad luck. This was their their practice. And so they cast lots that Who is the one that's bringing this bad luck, and of course, they were non Muslims. And, of course, Eunice

00:45:40--> 00:46:21

is of course the Prophet of Allah and the lot was against him. What is it going to do? They put him and they throw him over the side of the boat. And Allah subhana wa tada says, In verse 141 42, Fatah Mohammed who were who are mouline This is the only explicit reference in the Quran for the whale swallowing universe. Of course the whale has mentioned Lulu and the person of the fishes mentioned but the experts is swallowing is mentioned over here for Docomo. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa mouline that he was guilty. And that's why Allah caused this massive beast to swallow him for Lola and who can imitate him was set behind were it not for the fact that Eunice made this bit of a law levita de

00:46:21--> 00:47:09

Botton de la yo Mubarak, I thought he would have remained in the stomach of the whale until the day of judgment. So to when we are in distressful situations, so to when we are surrounded by calamities upon calamities. Let us remember that this bit of a law and that just remember, the two are of the noon the two of us, the either in the antithesis of Hanukkah in the middle volume in this is the drop that will save us from our calamities as it saved us from the belly of the whale. And the sooner it ends with a series of iconic verses, again, their favorite of the kurata recited a lot of times, that fears of having a lie that exalted by Allah subhanho wa Taala and may also form above

00:47:09--> 00:47:53

all of their allegations was salam, O Allah masurian. And the meaning here that Allah azza wa jal is far more noble and exalted than how any of those who reject him describe him. Any person who rejects a law, any person who follows false gods, when they describe Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah azza wa jal is far above he is far more exalted. And that is what suparna means. Here. The meaning of Savannah is that you negate from a lot the negatives that people ascribe to negate the negatives is to affirm the positive, you negate that which is negative, so you're affirming the positive was that um, when either mousseline and peace is upon the messengers because they came to teach you who is

00:47:53--> 00:48:36

Allah, and how to worship Allah? Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Lord of the worlds so that's a beautiful ending of Sudan or saw a fat suit of Assad. Now we get to suit Assad, excuse me. So Assad, it is the only surah in the whole Koran that begins with the letter sod, and pseudo Assad and pseudo Assad fat, they are very similar in their content, there's a little bit of overlap as well. And there's also a continuation, and yet the style or is markedly different. So if you read soft fat and you read solid, there are very different in their style. And in pseudo solid, you have the continuation of the stories of prophets that were not

00:48:36--> 00:49:19

mentioned in Surah sulfat. So you have over here, for example, Adam and wood and Sulayman, and au, these were not mentioned as little salt, fat, and so they are continued in Surah, Saad, and sort of solid it begins by describing the arrogance and the haughtiness of the pagans in rejecting the message simply because they did not understand and they did not believe in the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and they did not believe in the oneness of Allah that were ijebu angelholm one zero mineral verse number four, they marveled, they marveled that a warner has come from amongst them, we'll call it Catherine ohada sahelian kozub and the kuffaar said, this is a lying magician,

00:49:19--> 00:49:59

whatever slurs you can throw a Jilin lehighton, Illa and wahida. Has he made all of our gods only one in the hurdler, she withdrew job. This is something strange, this is something unbelievable. How could he do this? And again, this shows us the finicky nature of the human mind that whatever society one is born into whatever culture one happens to be, you automatically absorb the values of that culture. And when somebody comes and preaches to you a very sensible message. There's one god it's so logical. You cannot get your minds around something that is alien to your own culture. And you start rejecting simply because it is different from what you happen to have been born into and

00:49:59--> 00:49:59

the time

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

of your society. And I keep on telling us this meshes that dear Muslims, let us not follow the mindset of the Quran. True, the most of us no longer see these multiple Gods around us. So we're not understanding this. At the same time there are so many other issues that we absorb from our cultures and our timeframes. There are so many other ideas and isms that we think are the ultimate truth, even though when you study them historically, they themselves are products of plenty of variations and specific times and frames. And here we think that they are the ultimate truth. And then we expect Islam to conform with them. On the contrary, we need to be critical enough to engage and let

00:50:38--> 00:51:19

us not create false gods amongst our own modern understandings of ethics and, and philosophy and politics, and then think that they are the gods like the orange had such that when Islam comes, we say, How can Islam come and preach something that our society doesn't hold to be true? Let us think critically and rationally let us take a step back and judge and then see that in fact, we are products of our times, like the old age were products of their times, and that the truth transcends any one culture and time and place. And so the Quran rejected Islam, because in the heart of the showrunner job, this is something strange who does this anymore. And the story is true. The surah

00:51:19--> 00:52:00

then continues by mentioning the stories of the previous prophets, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala protected those who believed in the prophets, and rejected and destroy those who rejected so the Prophet nor is mentioned, the peoples of our than the mood are mentioned that around is mentioned. And then the story moves on to the Buddha, his Salim and Sulaiman and this is the main portion of pseudo sod, and the story of Deadwood, one incident is mentioned that is not mentioned anywhere else in the Quran. And that is one two people jumped into a private garden of his, and that he became worried because they were not supposed to be anybody there. And they said, Don't worry, we are

00:52:00--> 00:52:37

having a dispute. And we want you to be our judge. And the story has raised quite a lot of interpretations. And there are many different understandings of what exactly happened, I'll give you one of them, which seems to be pretty straightforward from the reading of the story. And that is that, in fact, these two men were not men, they were angels, and that Allah sent them to test the wood, and to see how fair of a judge he would be. And so he presented to people, outwardly, they had certain characteristics where you would automatically sympathize with one over the other. And then the one you would sympathize with has a very sorry, story of very story of boom taking place that I

00:52:37--> 00:53:18

have a mean partner, he's done this to me, he's done that to me, he's richer than me. And he wants to even take whatever I have. Now he has 99, you know, animals, and I only have one, and he's trying to take that from me. He's being mean and nasty to me. And so there would feel sympathy. And he immediately says, Oh, my God, he has done them to you, this man has done them too, he should not have done this. And then according to one interpretation, they disappeared. And they understood that these two were not men, they were angels, and that they came to test that would and that they would did not necessarily pass this test how and why so because there would be his Salaam was hasty in

00:53:18--> 00:54:02

listening to one side and not the other, and he pronounced a judgment without hearing the other side. And that's why Allah says in verse 26, yada Whoo, in john NACA Howdy, if I tend to fill out Oda, would we have made you a ruler in this land, so judge between people with justice and do not follow your sympathies and desires? Justice is not based upon your sympathies, justice requires a very, very impartial, a very a sense of acute, you know impartiality, who says, What, why is it going on, and Allah subhana wa, tada is telling dellwood, that you should not have been hasty in this regard. And so that would fell down in sajida. In thankfulness to a lot and in asking a less

00:54:02--> 00:54:36

forgiveness. And this is one of the places of such depth in the Koran. And this is but one interpretation, there are other interpretations. But this is a fairly straightforward one that does seem to fit with all the narratives. And also, by the way, the concept of listening to both sides is something that is very Islamic, how important is a dear Muslim, that when you hear one side of the story, you do not pronounce a judgement if this is to do with you, if it's something to do with your personal life, or some your friend, your family involved, do not pass a judgement until you hear the other side, listen to the explanation. Perhaps there's a completely different alternative that you

00:54:36--> 00:54:59

never even it never even occurred to you that hey, you know what, the entire story can be twisted in a different way. And you only heard one side of the story. After this, the story of Solomon is mentioned. And we hear about his power. We hear about all of the control that Allah had given him. And we understand from these verses as well that again, these so there are three stories here that have generated a lot of

00:55:00--> 00:55:42

Discussion What is the meaning of these verses, and again, that's for advanced FCU. To go into all the different narratives, I'm simply presenting to you, perhaps the easiest one that is the most apparent meaning from this and there are others as well. So the other story of Solomon It is said that he was looking at all of his horses and all of the wealth that Allah has given him. And perhaps he became engrossed in all of the wealth that he had. And he realized that he was not worshiping Allah, the way that Allah azza wa jal deserved to be worshipped. And so he turned back to Allah and repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala for allowing his wealth to temporarily distract him. And he then

00:55:42--> 00:56:18

realized he had made a mistake. And he turned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And from this, we learn that all of the wealth that we have all of the power that we have, it should never distract us from our religious duties. And if it so happens that it once or twice it does, we need to repent immediately to Allah subhana wa tada and make up for that relapse for Allah is indeed forgiving. And the third story here, which again, has a lot of interpretation, that while pain, adequacy just said, then thumb that we tested, so a man and we threw a body on his throne. And then he returned again, a lot of cryptic, you know,

00:56:20--> 00:57:01

stories are mentioned in the books of the year, and they're trying to unpack what is happening here. And again, one interpretation is that, in one occasion, Solomon left his kingdom to pursue an expedition to go fight somewhere. And in the interim, a very demonic jinn pretended to be a man and took on the garb of Solomon and the Demeter of Solomon and returned back and the people thought that it was still a man. And so he ruled for a while, and the people of the of the land thought that Solomon is commanding all of these these evil things, until Solomon returned Inaba here, if you were to go down this interpretation means he returned back to the kingdom, and then he expelled the this

00:57:01--> 00:57:39

evil demonic jinn. And there are other interpretations as well. But from this interpretation, what we can derive is that even the best of people, even the most powerful of people are tested, doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor, whether you're the king that rules over the jinn even, you're going to face trials, and you're going to have to deal with those trials. And when so demand returned, and he conquered his kingdom again from this evil entity, verse number 35, he made to our to a law without God, nothing is possible, and he makes law to a lot farther up, we have the Balkan lion, but really, I hadn't been by the grant me a Dominion that no other person shall have after me.

00:57:39--> 00:58:11

And so out of all of the creation of Allah azzawajal only sort of man was given the control of the jinn. And all the time I was given so many other privileges that our Prophet system said that I wanted to do it, then I realized my brothers today man had made that da, so I left it to him, I could have controlled the jinn. But I didn't want to do that, because I remembered the drive my brother cinnamon, so out of comradery that he made that do I respect that, I'm not going to do that. And then we have the story of a youth as well, that a uvalde his setup made to our to Allah and

00:58:12--> 00:58:54

Allah subhana wa, tada caused a river to flow right where he was, and he dipped in the river. And he came out and he was cured of his leprosy, and all of the wounds and whatnot that he had. And the story also has that the issue of fulfilling his vow by taking some twigs or some stacks of hay, and what is the reference here are books of the cedar mentioned that his wife was patient with him, and his wife was servicing him throughout all of this time from everybody abandon him except his wife. And once his wife did something that very, very much irritated. And what did you do? Again, books differ, but 111 narration says that she sold her hair off as well to make money and this very much

00:58:54--> 00:59:30

in front of infuriated you. And he made a promise that if I ever get cured, that I will discipline you 100 times how dare you have done that he got very frustrated, but then he regretted the oath, but he made an oath in the name of a law. So how could he get out of it? So Allah subhanho wa Taala was merciful to you, and he was merciful to the wife of you. And he said to her, you basically take a bunch of hay 100 twigs or whatnot, and just, you know, tap it and you you will, that will be your vow, it will count as your vow. And we learned from this as well, that when you fulfill your vows when you you should fulfill your vows. But there's always if you made a vow in anger or something,

00:59:30--> 01:00:00

there's ways to get out of it in a halal manner. Allah does not want to cause hardship on us, and the surah as well. It has the disputation amongst the people of jahannam just like the previous sort of between gender and jahannam this surah amongst the people of jahannam who is more guilty, who is more worthy of being cursed llama haben become no greetings to you. Although I've been among them and I had a fuzzy to either been there for fun. Now each one of them is cursing the other we want to have the double punishment on whoever brought this about who are

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

These the followers and the leaders, the evil followers and the evil leaders, each one is invoking mutual curses on each other. And then this surah concludes, after mentioning all of these prophets, he concludes with the story of Adam and the beliefs and this is the only surah in the Quran that concludes with the story of Adam and the beliefs and in this section, we learn how Allah honored them alayhis salam that Allah says that yeah, it is to Mammon and test to the mahalik to be the year that all shaped by our beliefs. Why did you not prostrate to that being who am I fashioned with my both hands so Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing an honor to Adam that he did something with Adam

01:00:42--> 01:01:12

that he did not do with any other entity he honored them by fashioning him with his own hands. And this story is indeed a reminder for all of us. That concludes the the last verses of the sutra conclude by saying that this is a reminder and indeed you will see how true what Thailand one neighbor who by the by the hain, you will see how true all of this was after a short while and inshallah tada with this will conclude today a reminder for those of you that are watching live that

01:01:13--> 01:01:41

these are obviously the last 10 nights have begun. So make sure that you are praying to a lot every single night especially in the odd night and that would be tomorrow night and last night. It was the first or odd night so make sure that inshallah tada you're doing extra prayers and make sure that you make the top of our show the Aloha, aloha Monica flew into Africa for one, they are lawmakers of those who are preying on the night of later to chuck moolah here saramonic Mohammed to Lahore barakato.