Munir Ahmed – The Final Jumu’ah of Ramadan During the Covid-19 Lockdown

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The group discusses the acceptance of Islam and the importance of others being informed. They also talk about the importance of forgiveness and not being in lockdown. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be better and encourage them to use their minds to focus on the message. They emphasize the importance of not forgetting family members' opinions and not getting distracted by media. They also mention the importance of Eagle survival and recitation for achieving goals. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and avoiding distraction from media.
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Handling nylon below the mean are Salatu was Salam.

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ala alihi wa sahbihi asthma in a bad

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Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds Peace and blessings on these messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dear brothers and sisters as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be with you. So here we are, Praise be to Allah. The final Juma of this blessed month, the most blessed of monks

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that Allah smart Allah has given us the tofik to be present in who knows whether we'll see another day like this and experience a day like this brother and sisters This is a day

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still as part of law

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to make the most of we only have one or two days left last night was the 29th night I pray all of you tried whatever you could have, trying to get the benefits of the night who knows whether it was led to color it could well have been a lonely nose male accept from us. Brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran

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lamea Allah mu n Allahu I uphill battle to better on a birdie he was a hoodless

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why who sada party was an Allah who what

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do they not know? But surely it is Allah. He it is Who accepts the Toba the repentance of his slaves, and he takes the charities and the SATA heart the charities and donations and the car. And sure and surely alight is who is the after returning most merciful. So this is a last one that I was saying in the end, brothers and sisters. All this about that fasting good works all is to for us to turn towards the last one out loud, to whom we're heading anyway. Life is but a blink of the eye. We come and we go above and sisters were like the prophesized them said like a traveler under the shade of a tree, soon to leave it and carry on the journey back to the Creator who we belong to

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the whole essence of the fasting in fact in the area of fasting if you remember that the last matar says what either Celica eba de nieve inequality? And if my slave asks about me, then surely I am really near. Oh gee, Bo, da da da either.

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I answered the call of a caller, who is calling me fairly yesterday Bulli while you mean ob La, La La home Yahushua.

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So let him or her intern answer my call and really believe in me, so that they may be rightly guided so closest to Allah subhanaw taala. This is the closest Allah for Allah Fatah here hears and sees and knows everything that we do. And since we're heading towards in any way, then there is no one else we have to turn to. And that's what I was saying, Do they not realize that it is only Allah? And then Allah says he, just to stress on it, that only he is the one who accepts Toba? Our forgiveness, our rewards of our deeds brothers and sisters, our for what we've done, we have little or more.

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And it's never really enough. We're always faltering Are we not brother and sisters de la de la. In the end it is about acceptance from Allah smart Allah, we have no one else to turn to. Who can we tend to aside from the Creator, the Lord of the worlds, the Master of the Day of Judgment who we're going towards? So that's why it's being stressed on by a lot that only he is the one who accepts Toba? Yeah, to firstly make us realize that only tend to him and everything belongs to him and that is our journey. And secondly, to make us realize that Allah accepts Toba. It's a matter of fact, Praise be to Allah. And Allah says anybody here as a term of

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endearment from his belonging from his slaves. That's a term of Indian

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For Allah smart Allah May Allah accept us as slaves Aloma me well yeah colusa cod and he takes the donations whether it's a cow voluntary donate any donations that we make Allah sorta saying a lot takes them It says though they go to throw a lot to the other people whom eligible for these donations. What and Allahu akbar wa Rahim as if to stress again as surely Allah, He is the one he is the off returning. If we turn to Him, He keeps on turning towards us with His mercy, forgiveness and his guidance, enlightenment, and the He is the Most Merciful. So this last one accepting especially so that guy's a bit like the Hadees mentioned by in Sahih, Muslim from Abu hurayrah Tierra de la and

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who said Rasulullah Salah, so I'm sending along Hades I mentioned you part of his it's a beautiful leaf in which

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Allah says the prophets Allah Some said Allah says

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Yama, Yama, Adam,

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or child of Adam.

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Jabra Adam is stuck on to cafe lamb to me. I asked you to feed me and and you didn't feed me?

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The person was a call yeah Rob kafer otomo Kawa Antara Bula alameen say, Oh Lord, how could I can I feed you when you are the Lord of the worlds that Allah will say? I'm alimta, and who is that? Is that America either the fallen fallen to time who do you not realize that such and such a person asked for food from you have my slaves ask food from you? And you didn't feed him? Mr. alimta and Niccolo? amta who lava jettas Erica in the Do you not realize that had you fed him or her that you would have found me? legit as early kinda who you'd have found? Meaning that recorded with me? Yeah, you would have found that recorded with me. And in regards to visiting the sick a lot smarter in the

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same head. He says that,

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do you realize Do you not realize that had you visited him or her lower Jeff Tawny in the hole that you would have surely found me with him? So hon Allah, Allah smart Allah, encouraging the good works in humanity. May Allah swatara makers of those who take full benefit of course we're not able to visit the sick at the moment. May Allah subhanaw taala compensators

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as though we were not in lockdown, and we were doing that alone, I mean, so that's why by so says after that gulia mellow fissara Allahu Allah Kumara Sula, who will be known. In other words, as Allah says that Allah is the one who accepts Toba Yeah, encouraging us to turn back to him from his slaves and to give in sadaqa meaning when good works in helping others and then Allah encouraging a saying say do good works at Malou do good works be proactive make full use of every opportunity that we have to carry on in Ramadan. And as we go out of Ramadan Yeah, carry on with good works. They don't stop after Ramadan is over. Remember this brothers and sisters, they don't stop after ramadan

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ramadan is to concentrate our attachment with our Creator so we're able to continue to do good works

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after the ending of this blessed month, so Kula Malou so carry on doing good works. Soon Allah will see your good works, and His messenger will and as will the believers mean that we made apparent on the normal day of resurrection for sale Allahu Allahu wa sallahu wa Menon was the Torah Dona Illa Allah Mila ye was Shahada, and you will be brought back all of you to the one who is the knower, all that is hidden and all that is open Allah Glory be to him It means was a Torah Dona Allah Allah, it was Shahada. So you know Bo can come from time alone. And so then he will inform you Allah of all fired up to come home you all have all that you used to do. In other words, that's all gonna be

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presented on the Day of Judgment. So that is partly in a way of a warning that soon we're going to stand before unless one o'clock for sure that will make us shake that's the reality brothers and sister but it's also Bushra glad tiding that nothing of what we do but then sisters, whether it's anybody sees it, or doesn't see it as long as we sincere and nothing our good works.

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Inside Outside will go to waste brothers and sisters sincerity duck wha closest to Allah swatara is the key brother and sisters Allah says what a leisurely in sand eel

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and nothing for human beings except what he or she strives for

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NASA Yahoo so far you're all and surely surely his or her striving will soon become apparent will be on shore similar to what I said before that it will be on shoulder Day of Judgment there will be some users who just

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and then he will be recompensate he will be given in

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it will be recompensed soon for eight yeah for for all that striving with absolute and complete re conference. Nothing that we're going to feel oh I did that little good dinner and it has not been alive didn't didn't take any notice of it. No brothers sister This is a law Lord of the worlds.

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Yeah, Lord of the words nothing is Miss Brennan sisters, that you fill our hearts with hope, hope and glad tidings is it not brothers and sisters. Praise be to Allah who made his believers. Praise be to Allah who enlightened our hearts. Praise be to Allah who made as Muslims who with our tongues and our minds and our bodies we submit to our Creator. That is a wonderful, wonderful the gift of Allah subhanaw taala and gifts there are bound if we only but reflect brothers and sisters. Let me remind you that at the beginning of Ramadan, we reminded ourselves and remind ourselves again that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim men sama Ramadan, Eman and

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cyberwarfare Allahu Mata dama means ambi whoever fasts the month of Ramadan full of Eman yeah this is a bill he was full of faith meaning sincerity with sincerely after saben accepting reward from Allah. All his or her past sins are forgiven. Woman Palmer Ramadan, Eman and wacky serban Wilfred Allahu Metapod Domine zombie and whoever stands in the night however little brothers and sisters somehow have a more again a deep the reward is according yeah the level of degradation and how much sins are wiped out and how much you get as a reward. Depends on how much you do. But still it counts.

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To the extent of even psychological issues a lot on fudge in JAMA even in the home the family is counted as that it can be the prophesized number said it's like if you want to do both in Java, like you stood the whole night in byom. And if you do slotless Isha in JAMA, it says though you stood half the night in Subhan Allah, this Islam Allah, Allah gives us so many opportunities full of blessing. So whoever stands in a night in the month of Ramadan in prayer, with Eman And next hoping for Rasul Allah they will have all their previous sins forgiven. Men armor Laila to other a man on after cyber warfare Allahu Mata Domine zombie who's ever stands A Night of Decree

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in prayer, in other words in his remembrance with with Eman and hoping for was when I will have all their previous sins forgiven. So pardon Allah, that opportunity abounds again and again there are three separate Hadith on three separate things, bring them all together, and we have if we're sincere, we have time for rejoicing and hoping unless one has mercy and forgiveness. And it's like coming out to Ramadan, like a newborn baby brothers and sisters from from having all this previous sins forgiven me last night our makers of doors, bless it people who have had their slate clean and who come out like a newborn baby from this blessing the blessing monk brothers and sisters.

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Allah smart Allah May Allah forgive us don't freak. I pray again to continue after Ramadan and not go back to where we were before. As we pray to Allah, to give tofik to us to be better, Muslims to be better individuals are human beings as we come out in sha Allah with the help of Allah, as we come out of the COVID crisis situation as well. May Allah smart Allah accept all the efforts for those who have been able to fast for those who are unable to fast their liquor that the army let's not accept the efforts of those who have been on the front line and all their hard work and

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Their stresses May Allah ease their stresses and the stresses of those who who have lost loved ones for those who are people ill in them, glory be to him his his the mercy and forgiveness and reward and suburb wait and we we are totally an utterly dependent on him our Creator melasma Allah May enlighten the lives and guide those who have not got his guidance. May Allah subhanaw taala guide them enlighten them and bring them towards him, glory be to Him a llama I mean brother and sister before we finish, I want to mention two or three things before heed. One is most of you probably have done it but do not forget brothers and sisters as a car fitter, and that is obligatory on every

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believer of all ages. The person who is responsible in the family

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the Father has to pay on behalf of each individual in the family

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even babies are included in this

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adults children

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they have to pay before so that the time was slightly as we know there isn't a slightly at this time, but before that time, so before a day, especially nowadays because the charity organizations have to gather and distribute and bring things together so it's better to do it if you forgotten do it immediately online brothers and sisters is between four and five pounds as far as I'm aware you can check that on their site. So please Firstly, do not forget that second people asked me about v rot and tuck v rot Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa ala hummed with three initially over lava covers or two initially over lava covers as is with the case

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of the Hanafi as under a difference of opinion you can do either of them, it's all acceptable because nothing came with this format directly from the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw some opinions of those who came after them and it's absolutely fine but doing the tuckaway rod is from the Quran. Well, it took me like that hour to cut bait Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Guru, and to complete in order that you complete the fasting period. And that you mentioned the greatness of Allah Wali to kabiru Lucha Allah Maha dotcom in that he has guided you. And so that perhaps you may be grateful so it's from the Quran so mentioning Allahu Akbar.

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as to not confuse you again, you can do either of the two Shafi, for example, went down the road of doing it the night before or after Maghrib the night before EADS to start doing a tequila, they don't have to be enough to Salah only they can be done any time again and again, but it can be enough to sell out as well.

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Hanafi and others mostly went for the morning after fudger on the way since we're not on the way to slaughter aid. It's fine just to do it in the morning till the time of what slaughter aid would have been, which is the sort of Doha time do we rot at that time? He can do it the night before it's fine. To do that it's a very flexible this situation. There's no nothing from the Sunnah or even from the AMA about doing tech bierut all day of evil factor. Yeah, what's the time for slaughter eat has gone there. There's nothing there. None of them say you carry on. But if people carry on day saying Allahu Akbar, there is no harm either it is required and remembering of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala for April 5 and finally a little bit of people ask me questions of how to do it. Somebody asked me firstly about the intention of eagle feathers. Let me say a few things about it.

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I'll try not to give you to confuse you with various opinions and give you a simple format and I have to mention a few things. So firstly, Eagle survival aid. We will not be doing slightly it will be doing cover of skeletal aid. It's allowed to do it. Remind you you don't have to do it and neither is it Mr. Hubbard's allowed some people said Muslim. So if you're going to do it,

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then then the there is no Asana no karma, as most of you know even when we do the slot, actual slot aid. It is tura cars only. And you make the Nia brothers and sisters many people many are verbally so if you are going to make it very nice today because of slotum EAD with the extra tech Mira that's all it's very simple and Allahu Akbar. But the best opinion on this because prophets are never said that and if the Sahaba they The intention is inside, so as you're saying Allahu Akbar to start the Salah, you're thinking I'm doing two to two causes. Luckily the soldiers needed brothers and sisters, and then to immediately after the Allahu Akbar when you start the Salah, you need to do

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seven tech beers.

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Immediately, yeah, seventh BS. Some people say you can raise the hand, but best is not to raise the hands just to seventh Huckabees and then start the recitation. If you're doing it in JAMA with your family, or that's also fine, then of course, you do recitation loud of Fatiha and so right after that, so after the seventh beats, do a fat, a surah, you can obviously if you're doing it on your own, you do them quietly. And then you do the first record as normal. And when you stand up for the second record, immediately you do five to cubbies. So all together you don't 12 extra and after that you do the recitation of a Fatiha and the surah and complete the prayer as normal. So this is in

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regards to performing Salah to aid the

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last thing

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there is no hotbar at home there will be no hot ones only slot will eat hot bath, which is done when the actual gathering take place but inshallah we're hoping to broadcast a reminder in his place you can listen to as many reminders online as you as you want on Islam and to remind you of the day there's no harm in that it will it is not technically the Eightfold Path inshallah, as this is not technically the hotbed of Juma, but it is a reminder of Juma velostrata except from you except from us and forgive us and we turn to Allah for he is the after returning most merciful will occur with that one on the assembly line of Bill Allah means Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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