Qur’anic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 25

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir talks about some of the reasons why Allah doesn’t accept one’s duas right away, including the wisdom behind a delayed response.

Every dua is responded to and as opposed to what we normally assume. The answer of Allah is not necessarily what you have asked which we may not understand always. 

Some wisdom behind a delayed response are as follows:

  • Allah is the Malik.
  • Man does not have a right over his Creator.
  • A delay in response is a trial.
  • Allah is the Most Wise.
  • The matter might bring evil.
  • Allah’s Choice is better than the choice of the servant.
  • Man does not know the result of his Dua.
  • Trials bring one closer to Allah.

We must always believe that Allah choice is better than our choice. Allah Qadr is better than our desire.


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lol hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali he was a woman who had a hummingbird. So we now come full circle and this will be our final quarter for the month of Ramadan. Yesterday we gave the final drop. Today I will give concluding thoughts on one important aspect when it comes to drop. And that is the wisdom of a delayed response or to ask more crudely, sometimes somebody comes and says, I don't understand why Allah is not answering my da This is the question that people ask why isn't my daughter being answered? You told us how to make dua you gave us words from the Koran. We followed all of this why isn't my daughter being answered? And this topic obviously is a very long

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one out summarize inshallah, in our usual 10 minutes. First and foremost, my dear brother and sister Never assume that Allah is not answering your question is incorrect. It should never be phrased this way. Allah subhana wa tada will answer every single day without exception if it comes from a pious heart if it comes from a person who is sincere, Allah will answer every two hours. This is in the Quran we'll call the robo Komodo only a statue Bella, can you make the DA and the st Jabba is from Allah subhana wa Tada. Realize though, that answering the door does not mean that you will get what you want. The answer of a law is not necessarily what you are asking for. Every Door is responded to

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every door. Allah azza wa jal will give you something for it. But you do not understand what that thing might be. And our profits all of a sudden said in the law hi ye Yun Karim. Allah is shy and generous, shy meaning Allah is a shy meaning that in this case, when somebody comes and asks you even when we park our car and the traffic light, somebody comes knocks on our door, we feel a sense of outage, we feel a sense of awkwardness Oh my God, he's looking at me, I should give something that sense. Allah azza wa jal has it infinitely better in a manner and a majesty that affects him. When somebody asks Allah, Allah does not ignore the call. So our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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Allah is happy, shy, khadim generous? Yes. Ye min Abdi he, he is shy of his own servant, when his hands go up, asking Allah that those hands come back down, still empty. So it is impossible that the servant raises his hands up to Allah, and then those hands come back down empty, your door, will be responded to but we already mentioned that sometimes their response is something other than what you asked for. Sometimes their response is to avert a calamity. Sometimes their response is to be blessed in the next life, your daughter shall be responded never say, why does it Allah give me whatever? What does it answer to that? Rather, one can rephrase it and say, why isn't my request

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happening? Because the data is being answered, but maybe what you're asking for is not happening. Suppose you want a particular job, suppose somebody is sick, you're making the out for cure, and that does not happen. So we rephrase it, we don't say why is it not answering my da Allah answers all we can say why isn't this request being granted? That is a different way to phrase it. The response to this move on to point number two, once we phrased the question properly, we say realize that we do not have a right over a law Allah has a right over us, we are not demanding a law is the Malik we are not the rub Allah is the rub. We cannot demand and be expected to be listened to. On

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the contrary, it is Allah and Allah alone, who can do as he pleases? Who is the magical milk? Who is the rub? Who is the one who is our shall deem? Who is the one whom Allah says, Now use our home use alone? No one can ask him what he does. Rather, they will be asked about what they do. We need to put ourselves in our place Who are we to make demands from Allah? On the contrary, Allah azza wa jal can give as he pleases, and Allah subhana wa tada can not give as he pleases. What am Siskel law who bill Boolean fella Kashif Allahu Allahu William says Kirby, Hayden Fowler all the default law if a calamity befalls you, no one can lift it up other than a law and if a good is intended for you, no

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one can deprive that good from reaching you. So Allah is the magical milk and we need to put ourselves in our place and understand that it is a laws have to do with as he pleases and to avert as he pleases. Thirdly, one

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Swear affirm that we do not have a heck over Allah that Allah as the word as our gel is dropped, we move to point number three, while law who we are, then move on to la de mon, Allah knows and you do not know, the matter you are asking for might be detrimental for you. Why certain to help bushi. And well who are Sherlock Holmes, you might want something and there is evil in it, you might desire something and it will harm you. We do not understand the consequences of our own desires, the consequences of our own actions, we do not understand we might want something now, but there is a greater benefit a greater good that our short sightedness cannot see, do you not remember the story

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and sort of tilaka half of the end of sorts and cut half of Moosa and hidden, and the three things that happen, and one of them was the orphans whose wall was there was a very treasure under it. And they needed the money at that time, and they were poor. But Hitler built the wall up and delayed the finding of the money for another maybe 1520 years, the mother was poor, making dua to Allah, where's the money, where's the money, I need money now. But Allah knew that if the money was discovered, then the townspeople would confiscate it and take it off. And really, the children needed it when they were young men not that when they were three or four, they needed it when they're starting

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their own lives and careers, that's when they need the money more. So even if the widow will live a more difficult life for 15 years, when she gets the money, it will actually be useful at that stage. Now, if you were to ask the widow, she will say I want it now I want it now. But she does not know Allah knows. So we need to put our trust in a law Allah knows best what is going to happen? Perhaps the delay is actually for your own good. In fact, let me rephrase that for sure that delay is for your own good because Allah subhanho wa Taala always gives the servant what is best for the servant a last choice is better than my choice. A loss other is better than what I desire. So there must be

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an element of trust a lot you know best maybe I think this career is better for me. I'm making up for it. Go ahead and make up maybe I think this company's position is good for me. Maybe I think that this is going to be good but you know, Allah knows. So I can make Dr. Helen Oh Allah, please give me that job offer or love. Please allow me to get the raise our love, please do this. And that. Oh, well, I beg you, I asked you go ahead and make drop. But suppose you don't get it deep down inside, there must be pain. Allah knows. And I don't know. And a lot of zoa just choice is better for me than my own choice is for me, that is the essence of a man. So we do not know what is the

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best choice for us. We leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala fourth point of the wisdom behind a delayed response, or maybe even an averted response. Why doesn't Allah give us exactly what we want? Well, in delaying the response, what happens when you are desperate for something and you're making up for it constantly, constantly, constantly, and you don't get it? Suppose a loved one is sick supposes a dire situation, suppose there's a calamity and you're making, you're making you are you're making? What is going to happen? Anyone who's been in that situation knows firsthand what's going to happen. You begin thinking about your own life. You begin thinking about your sins, you

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begin thinking about how far you are from Allah, how your shortcomings are, you contemplate in a manner that you would never contemplate if life was good. The irony, my dear brothers and sisters, when life is difficult, would become more religious. We all know this. We all know this. The best example for this, the highest conversion rates are in the prison system. We all know this. When their physical bodies are chained up, their minds become free this Malcolm X said this by changing my body, they release my mind Malcolm X, in his autobiography writes this by physically locking me up, my mind became free and when his mind became free to discovered Islam, the irony we all know, in

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times of distress, we discover a lot. We become more religious. And guess what, that religiosity will lie. It is more precious than anything we're asking for. That connection with a lot that introspection, you know What wrong have I done maybe my sins are blocking the door. Maybe my risk is haram and that is haram is blocking my da maybe I am not praying extra sada or to hide Judah zeca or whatnot. I'm not so let me become closer to Allah. And as well, one of the most interesting things, those who are in troubled situations, they began praying to Allah in such a sincere manner. Their doors become so personal that they develop a

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connection with Allah that they did not have before the calamity. Ebner Josie, the famous scholar of Islam died 595 Pedro ignol. Josie says the true believer when he's making to offer something and his daughter is not given at that time. He realizes he has formed a friendship with a law that he didn't have before. He realizes his level of Eman and taqwa and closeness to Allah has reached a new height. He realizes his drop is a private conversation between him and Allah. And he realizes that once he gets his door, that sincerity that he has, will be gone away. And so deep down inside, he wishes for the delay in the DA to continue the private conversation with Allah subhana wa Tada. And

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this is something that those who have experienced it have experienced it they know firsthand when a calamity befalls the level of conversation that you have with the law, the closeness you have with a law, you might not never have it in your whole life. And so the righteous person in some ways he actually he doesn't look forward to calamities, but if it is happening, in some level, he's enjoying that calamity, because it's affording him the circumstances are such that he is pushed into that close relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. The humility, the taqwa, the Islam, the monitoring of his own state, he begins to enjoy that so much that he says you know what, Taiwan is not as

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important as this relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my point is much more can be said but the bottom line, never ever question the wisdom and the judgment of Allah you ask Go ahead, no problem. You want something go ahead. But though this dunya you do not know you do not know what is good for you. Yes, the Acura you know what is good for you. We want Jenna we want forgiveness, we want to be safe from janam we asked that unconditionally, but this dunya we do not know anything might be good or bad for us, we are free to ask but if it is delayed, if it is not responded to realize Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us something better than what we asked for, or averted

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calamity, or will give us reward on Judgement Day. So go ahead and ask and I conclude by stating that even our Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them not all that he asked for was given to him. And if anybody's da was given unconditionally, it would be our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had it isn't a Buddha would say ultra beside us and for our Tani is named woman and he was I asked a lot for three things he gave me too, and he deprived one. If anybody's do our was given unconditionally, it would be our Navy sallallahu wasallam. But he told us, I asked Allah three things, he gave me two of them what was the first he said, that our Lord do not destroy my Ummah by

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a drought and the second oil Ah, do not destroy by oma by another large calamity. Some have translated it as an external enemy, some have translated as drowning, but the point is the both of the first are the same, overall, and that is that Oh Allah protect my Ummah from ever being exterminated because of an internal or external calamity. So there were previous omas they were wiped out, and the process they may do out to Allah, I don't want my oma to be wiped out by an external enemy by a drowning by an earthquake. Even if an earthquake happens in one area, the oma will be protected as we know it hamdulillah the oma will not be destroyed by a calamity the

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processor made that drop, then he asked for the third thing, I will lie. It's painful to say this in light of what has happened in our own community without going into details, but those of you that know that know, but the third point we see this reality even in our own community will log in with Stan, I may do out to a law that my own may not fight amongst itself.

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And a law did not give me that a lot is that a lot is Malik we cannot question Why? Allah has a Hickman and Allah subhanho wa Taala decided that this would not be given. And we know this is the reality of the oma at the city level will love and will stand at the domestic level at the international level Muslim countries back to we saw you know what is happening while lawhon was there and, and this is the reality that we face, the point my dear brothers and sisters that are profitsystem himself, not every day of his was given. So where exactly do we stand with this regard? So the bottom line, make dua to Allah make plenty of dua to Allah follow the etiquettes of law, use

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the Quranic doors that are there and know that Allah subhana wa Taala will respond in a manner that is befitting unto him My dear brothers and sisters, Ramadan has now the hottest have come to an end. This is our final hot era and it was also going to be my final hotter as well in this beautiful community.

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I have been very, very honored and blessed and touched to be a part of this community. I pray that insha Allah who tada whatever I have done that Allah azza wa jal accepts it and forgives any shortcomings. I make dua that Allah has gathered us here today in this Masjid, he gathered us together and Jen Nacho for those who are left, I pray that we always have the love that we have had in this community will love it. This community is a blessing community. It really touched me throughout this month in previous years. I find people coming from all over the world. Somebody came to me from Pakistan the other day, his son lives here said I came from Pakistan just to attend

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Ramadan at MIT. I had a one of the sorority brothers today. One of the sorority brother said every year I went back to you know, a sorority for Ramadan. This year my friends told me you have to experience Ramadan once in Memphis, so he did not go back home including Mecca and Medina did not go back here Not that I'm saying we're better stuff but a lot of them saying they said him gonna send me here he goes, Well, la he the man that I felt over here. I have never felt it in my life. I have just met today as well. Brother from South Africa, Cape Town, he came here and he said the only reason he came is that his wife had experienced Ramadan here a bit and she said you have to

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experience it. She booked his ticket without telling him use his credit card, booked his tickets or call us you have to come here so Mashallah him and his son his family are here for five days attending Subhanallah it's a very humbling In fact, I need my own father. When he came here he said I'm not coming to visit you. I'm coming for MSC so Subhana Allah, this is a blessing a blessing community will love you We are really and truly a blessing community. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows you and us to maintain this level I pray that in future years inshallah tada we continue this brotherhood this whole war. It is a role model community and I leave with great

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sadness But I'm confident in sha Allah, those who will come after will inshallah take over and move it to a different level. Jessa qumola, who hate on was said on Monday, como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh