Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #258 – Reflect On Your Faults! – Be Humble

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the shayvik and its influence on society, particularly in the context of men. They argue that shay unae is a fundamental part of Islam, and that men should be the only ones who have it right. They also mention that shay bits are a fundamental part of shay thinking, and that shay bits are a fundamental part of shay thinking.
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There was a story of some of the Halacha. Just some people know who the co authors are. They're kind of this radical sect in early Islam. And they basically, you know, one of their kind of points of belief was that they excommunicated people for sin. Okay. So if you committed a sin or something that they thought was a sin, I say you're not a Muslim anymore. And so there was a situation where there were two of these guys who came to Mecca to make the offer on Aqaba, as Mecca. And there's all these companions around and the one guy turns to his friend, and he says, Can you believe out of all the people here were the only two Muslims. And it was at that point that the other guy said it

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clicked, you know, the light went on in his head. He's like, What am I doing? Like, this is crazy, this sort of ideology that I became convinced in, and then he said that, okay, now you can have it all for yourself, you know, like, you think you're the only one in gender, you can have it all for yourself, like I'm done with this sort of mentality. And one of the things that we benefit from this, the story is that there's humility to being part of the crowd, there's inertia and gravity to the GEMA and the OMA and that the shaytaan will work on you to get you think, to get you to think that you're somebody special. I had someone contact me the other day in my inbox, they told me that

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they were only told me that they were a saint of Allah. And I was like, Okay, well, that pretty much disqualifies you from being an actual belief. And he just told me that, right, like, but look at how far some people can come. Right? The shaytaan is constantly getting this person to focus on how great they are, how great they think they are, and how everybody else has it wrong. Right? That's a common one, everybody else doesn't understand. You're the only one that understands you're the only one that can do it. You're the only one speaking the truth. Really, you think that's really true, right? The model that's the prophetic model on a set. And the model of the companions. The model of

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actual Islam is the model that Abdullah bin Massoud displayed after the death of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, people used to flock to him and follow him around in the streets, in in crowds because of his knowledge because of his status. And at one point, he turned to them and he said, If you all knew about me what I know about me, not one of you would give me salon. So the companions were people who dwelled on their own faults, and they were people who were happy to be part of the gym, and they were happy to not be special, they were happy to not be the only one or think that they're the only person who has it right and everybody else. Nobody else realized this until I did if you

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start falling prey to that sort of thinking you're gonna the shakedown is gonna play with you is going to take you very very very far away and if you see anybody who's kind of on that idea that they're the only one who's got it figured out and everybody else is the scholars for dollars and everybody else is you know, the soul Tom scholars and everybody else has got it wrong and I'm the first person to realize this and everybody else got it wrong before me that you know right away that there's something fishy going on and this person is in the in the clutches of shaytaan and they've fallen trapped to their ego

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