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Prophet Adam – Part 2

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b2b don't

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wanna worry about too

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alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Allah lives in line.

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And we are on the

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next part of other Melissa Rotherham, and other Melissa as well some things that we mentioned last week was about his health and about how Allah azza wa jal created him. And the fact that Lazarus l he, he took time to create him as well in front of the angels, and that is hidden in stage by stage. And that all that was happening in front of the angels and it was happening in front of the police and the police was getting jealous because at least was, was wanting a prestigious status in the sight of Allah azza wa jal. Now, when Allah azza wa jal had created

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and then he had blown into him the role or the life itself. Then otherwise ram came alive and allows us to then had the angels asking about, about this creation and what would be the purpose of this creation when already he's being praised and so on. Then Allah azza wa jal revealed that he inspired into either one of them the names now that these names that otherwise alum gave these names, with did some proceed last week. And one of the things I wanted to say with the lessons that we learned from this is that Allah azza wa jal, he is our teacher. He's our teacher, and he has said in the first part of the Quran, the Quran came down a promising Arabic Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, the One who is teaching by the pen. So our ultimate teacher is allows Allah as origin. And we have to also understand that,

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from this asthma, they say that is a lot is the different languages. So they say that Adam and I Salaam he knew all the languages that we created until the day of judgment. So he had that within himself to know the different and how to say something in a different language as well, Allah, Allah, Allah, we don't have an authentic narration to say that, but these are from some of the tissues that are there. And so what we learn from this is that the ability to have you know, whatever neurotransmitters we've got inside our inside our minds, our Father forefather of medicine had all of the all of that in his mind. And the thing is that the human is so unique, so unique,

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that the brain itself, you know, we only use a very small percentage of our brain, we only use a very small percentage now the rest of the brain, what is it doing? And how does it function? And how are we able to sort of do something, I just want to share something with you that there are certain people in the world who are called servants. Now servants are people who, whom Allah azza wa jal, he opens certain transmitters, he makes certain connections inside the brain, because of either the way they were born, or the one they have an actual accident, if they have an accident. So maybe, you know, they've hit their head somewhere, or they've had you know, the fallen somewhere. And it's

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particularly with the brain. So what this does is different servants have different things, what happened to all of a sudden, this individual becomes very knowledgeable in one area of, you know, of a particular science. So you can search the Savannah sae ANT as servants, and you can find on the internet, many different servants and there's, there's clips of them, there's even documentaries on them. You know, one, for example, a bank to the head suddenly might make somebody you know, so proficient in learning so many languages, is one of the things that there's one in German at the moment right now, I think he can learn a language. I think in a matter of a matter of days, I think

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in a week, he can learn an entire language. And they put him to the test as well, and scientists can work out how is it that this person, you know, is able to do this, and there's another one who actually knows 20 languages 20 languages, and he's got this thrill just for learning new words. And Lena, he can tell you bread in so many different ways. And these are not language of one particular area of the world. They're scattered from, you know, from Russia to, you know, parts of America right down to sort of parts of Africa and so on. This is one thing sometimes because of the damage to the to or not the damage the damage, but then there's also you know, something that happens in

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the brain. They can become brilliant mathematicians.

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Brilliant in maths, I mean, there's one savant who can tell you Pie, pie. If you know in maths, he can tell you to the 42nd 1,000th I think numeral and all off by heart.

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This is and this is all, the way he sees it is a landscape, he doesn't see numbers like me, you, he sees the landscape and he's he's beautiful, he sees a number one in particular shape number two, and number three, you give him any some he'll work it out on the spot for you. And they get they don't know how they do this. There's another one that he's got this, like you show him you give him clay, he always has to have clay. And from a very small age, and he'll mold for you any animal that you know, he sees any human, any animal that is easily molded. Another one is proficient into the language. Another one might be professional music, you know, where they will just play and play and

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play any you know, they'll get new musical things in their heads, and they'll just play the piano or whatever it is, they'll carry on playing it. Now sometimes servants have one area, and sometimes servants can have up to 15 different areas of you know, brilliance in their intelligence and knowledge. But they have deficiencies as well. The deficiencies might be that they might be antisocial, they might not be able to get on with with people, they might not be able to sort of brush their teeth properly or wear their clothes properly. So these are certain deficiencies that they that they have. Now what needs to be said here is that just because of a certain thing inside

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what's happened in the brain, we don't know what exactly has happened. But Allah azza wa jal, the same man who's got the same brain who never knew any of this in his whole life, suddenly he has a, in a bank to his head, and is able to remember is able to create or know all of this information out of nowhere. So what what I believe, and I think scientists are also alluding is that every human being has all of this in their head, when other malasana was created. What Allah azza wa jal had done is that he had just connected those transmitters, neurotransmitters, or those cells or whatever it is in his mind. And he was able to instantly just know all this information, because the way

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Allah created the brain is that it holds all this information already. All we're doing is in life is where we're using a very small part of the brain somewhere and few transmitters and few neurotransmitters are linking with one another. And we don't know which ones really and how it will be linked together. And we able to then learn new information by by those few transmitters that are operating inside our brains. But if Allah azza wa jal right now was to make us just learn a new language just like that. He can make it make us do it.

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And the thing is, without the monitor, knowing all this information, and nothing will no one of our teachers said this is, you know, in your life, everything that we hear everything we see everything we hear everything we perceive, it has all been recorded inside the brain. Now you might forget something, but you haven't actually forgotten it. No one actually ever forgets anything. But you're made to forget or you made to lose that memory for a partial amount of time. They say that when we get to the Day of Judgment, then our our eyesight will be very sharp in the sense that we will be able to remember everything that is that has happened in our lives, everything that has happened in

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our lives. And one of the things is that the brain holds all the information now sometimes you know, when you when you knew something, and then you forgot something. And then after that, you you're trying to remember it again. And then you do remember it occasion, you remember things that you never remember, sometimes certain things trigger off certain in a memory. So you might smell a particular smell that you had smelled when you were like six years old, but and you had certain things that were associated to it. As soon as you get that same smell at age 30 you straightaway remember all those images that are that are linked to that. Now the brain is fascinating and how

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allows creativity. But what what that teacher said is that you haven't forgotten anything. Everything is there. It's all about Allah azza wa jal making that comeback in your mind. And that's why we have you know, certain things to try and remember, you know, we send Salutations, lots of lots and all we say rubbish is really silly. I mean, listen, if coli in Surah Taha and number 25, and so on, you find that Allah azza wa jal gives us a way to make dua to try and open the mind and open you know, this this whole thing so that we can absorb and remember this. And

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the other thing, the interesting thing is that we can, so we never forget anything. Rasulullah sallallahu Guzman said particularly with the Quran, he said that net don't say that if you forget a verse of the Quran

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is in hadith of Bokhari. And so in other books, when you forget a verse of the Quran, don't say nasty to Iacocca don't say that I've forgotten this particular verse, let's say in C to her, say that I'd been made to forget that because Nessie can also mean in Arabic, it can means mean the turret to means that I've left it, you know, I've left this in a seat not only means forgetting, but means that you've left it. So mainly leaving it out of your mind. So it's not, it's not a good thing to say that I've left off for an hour, my heart or my mind is better to say that I've been made to do so are we made to forget. So anyway, atomiser had his brilliant mind. Now this brilliant mind his

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cell phone blowing elease, because he believes never had that minor genes. One of the things that they have is, he believes once again, is that they have Surah Surah, to just add, or they have a very sort of fast body. And they're able to travel really fast, though the human being competes with him with the Serato van, which is the fastness of his intelligence. So he's, he's, he's really intelligent compared to the genes, but the gene is really fast in terms of, you know, his body and his strength as well. The genes have a great amount of strength that Allah has given them, whereas the humans don't compare with that. But the brilliance of the human mind supersedes the genes. It

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supersedes, that's why one of the things we have not heard is in Nikita, shaytani, Canada, the plot of the shaytan is weak, Allah said that to us, because if you as a human being want to overcome the shaytan, you've got a super, super mind that can do that. And it just takes your willpower to say that, you know, I'm not going to be taken over by the shaytan. And you can do it any human being can do it. So Allah hasn't created the the power of good, and the power of evil equal, just like like the Bible might want us to believe. Allah azza wa jal has created good, much stronger than the evil that resides wherever it is in the world, whether it's from the genes or it's from others. And the

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other thing that we understand is that when it comes to

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a lease, and his jealousy that he had, the jealousy he had was from a number of things and they were brewing and they were building, and he wasn't doing anything to try and suppress his jealousy. So Allah azza wa jal,

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his he's, he's given us this, US ourselves, the humans origins, the power to overcome our own jealousy. He's mentioned this and allows him talked about a proper jealousy that you can have a true one night he said that none of you can really become jealous except in a person who has the Quran inside him. And he, a man who has the Quran Inside Man is reading it by by night, and by day, and a late one and a half, or a man has been given a lot of money, and he's given a lot of charity by night. And by day, that's the only two people you can be jealous of meaning that you could be envious in a good way. Now, one in Arabic, you have hassard, which is jealousy. And you you have

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envy, where you have a HIPAA, HIPAA Now, ellipta is when you envy someone in a nice way. So it means that you envy like you say that that person, you know, you say that that person has got nothing, I wish that I can also get the same thing like him. That's envy in a nice way.

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Where jealousy or hazard, the word is hazard in Arabic, and jealousy we use in English, the one that is haram is when you see a person who's got a gift, and you look at them, and you say to yourself, you know what, I want to have that in me as well. But at the expense of that person losing his or her quality. So it means that you wanted is a very different thing. In the first one, you want it, but you want that gift in the other person to remain as well. So if they've got a lot of money, you want them to have their money and whatever you know, to have Salaam and peace with all their money. But at the same time you want to become a rich person, it is beauty, you want to remain beautiful,

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and you want the other person to also have have, you want to become beautiful and you want the other person to have their beauty intact. But if he was hazard, what it would mean is that you get jealous and you think you know that wealth should be mine, that beauty should be mine. That person doesn't deserve that, well, that person doesn't deserve that vicina I deserve that I should have had that I should have had that intelligence. Now this is hard on where you feel in a negative way and you want the zoa lunigiana or you want the other person to lose the good quality that Allah has given them. That is the hazard that Allah azza wa jal has prohibited us from now when you look back into a

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police action

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Adam alayhis salam, aleikum. Surah. So he's on a side of his story, you find that he believes his jealousy was of the second time where he had, he wanted Adam and Adam to lose his position. And for employees to gain that position, had he had an envious thing where he would have looked at as far as I thought, wow, you know, this individual, Allah has given him a great, you know, position and he's taught him all these all these words and language and all that, you know, I wish I could learn all of that, but I wish the best for others and I wish the best he could have that and continue with that. If you had that, then there would have been no nothing wrong with it. But of course, he didn't

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have that. So these are these are some of the great lessons that we learn from this. The other thing is that when, when Allah azza wa jal now has got administrative law created, and he's talking and he's moving. And he's got now

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the angels there and they're questioning and they've been overpowered. Because Wow, they're all they're all you know, overpowered. The Buddha says Super hanoch You know, we've we say that you know, you are larger than you, you're the one who is free from every everything that's imperfect, everything that is negative ly Milena, we have no knowledge except that what You have taught us now we see humbleness, come straightaway in front of the master himself. And what we've got to understand is that angels are the closest to Allah azza wa jal. Now yes, human beings can can get closer to Allah but we've got to really work for it. And we are limited and the prophets are closer

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to Allah than the angels. That's our belief that the prophets are closer to Allah than the angels because Elijah salam, they have a heavy body as well as they have a good rule has a soul and they're able to get you know, they're they've got they've got like desires that human beings have, they've never seen, they will not you know, the never seen in their life. They're not of the sinful nature. However, they do have temptation inside the whereas the angels don't have any temptation inside them. And for that reason, and realize wrestlers are much higher than the angels. However, what we understand is that the humbleness the the angels displayed in front of Allah, we learn from that,

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that the angels themselves being so close to Allah, one of the sifat and one of the qualities was being humble. And being humble is something that Allah likes and you are close to God for showing that humbleness to, to in front of Allah. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah He said, and this is a beautiful statement of his he said, Who lemmas that element is that to Allah, he said, Every time I gained some knowledge, I gained ignorance with it, or I gained I became more ignorant every time I increased myself in knowledge, I so much so increased myself in ignorance. Now, what did he mean by that? What he meant by that was that knowledge,

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knowledge itself, you can gain today, you can say, wow, I read this book. But even Shafi was trying to say that yesterday, you never even knew that knowledge. So now today, you found out how much of an ignorant person you were yesterday. And today, you also find that there are so many other things that you don't know. So when you read another book tomorrow, or somebody teaches you something new tomorrow, you become more you should become more humble and say that you know what, I was so backward, that just a moment ago, I didn't even know this and every time you learn something you think Subhana Allah I didn't even know that that follows the same thing with the angels. They said

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stray was super Chanukah, La La Mulana Illa lantana. They said, you know, you are so perfect or law, that we have no knowledge except for that which you have taught us. And it teaches us as Muslims means to be humble in front of Allah, because Allah azza wa jal has got all knowledge and we don't have you know, knowledge, and anyone in this dunya that teaches us something, we should be humble in front of them. That's why I say that earlier, the Alon has said in one of his statements, that anyone who teaches me even a letter, I become a slave. If he wants to, he can buy me if he wants to, he can sell me meaning that I'm so I'm so indebted to the person who teaches me something, because

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knowledge is something that is not not cheap. And knowledge is something that, you know, comes to us through through sacrifice. And we all have a duty that we owe to the one who has taught us something. So all of these going on now, in the midst of all of this, if this is still silent, and his way of looking at this is that no, I should have I should have had all of this right. Now, of course, I like putting in these two, the big test and then he says to the angels, he says that, I want you to then bow down to this to this creation that I've created. But this bowing is not the bearing of shear.

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binding partners to God, it's the bearing down because God has given this particular creation, such great qualities. And Allah has said that you should then now show it respect. So it's a bearing of respect, not the bearing of worship. Right. So and and this is of course, for the knowledge that Allah had that it leaves his burning that he's standing there is burning inside. And he's watching all of this. So the so the angels, they all went down into procedural all of them went and frustration

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when they when sujood, Emily's was standing up.

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And he didn't go into studio now, what we learn here is that

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when you sin, when, when anyone sins, it's not the nature of the sin itself. But it's the one whom you've committed disobedience against.

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Right? So if you were to look at the nature of sinning or the nature of disobedience, you would say, well, all disobedience is the same. So why is it then that for a disobedience that Iblees did God, or Allah, as we just said, you get out of here, you outcasted and for disobedience, or we won't call this whatever mistake that Adam Isola made, when he ate from the tree allows, we just didn't just, you know, vanishing for good. He gave him the chance to then repent, and then he accepted his repentance, or when one of us makes a mistake is different from that. Why is because it leaves you got to understand what is happening here. It's a nature of you disobey it, okay, you got to look at

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who you've disobey. That's one thing. And you've got to look at when you've disobeyed, how strong is the case of your disobedience in terms of who you know, the scenario. So for example, let me give an example. If, for example, somebody was, let's say somebody was,

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they had something illegal on them, let's say somebody out there, it's got a bit of drugs on them. Right? Now. He's got drugs. And what does he do, he puts his drugs right inside his pocket, inside pocket, and he wraps it around, you know, seals it inside a polythene bag, right, he puts it puts another policy in background, then he put some tape around there. So in case some police dogs come and they sniff him, maybe they won't be able to sniff that. So he puts it in his pocket. And then after that, he closes his jacket, and then he zips himself up, and he walks as if he's got nothing to do with anyone. So now, of course, he walks out on the road, and there's a cop car or police car

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coming, you know, the other way now he's not looking he no See No Evil, Hear No Evil. All right, he's just walking, you know, he don't want to know. And if a cop pulls him up, the first thing he's gonna do is he's gonna try and, you know, have a conversation to try and get out of trouble without him being caught with the drugs. Now, that's what anyone would do. And even if he had it in his boot of his car, he's going to make sure that it's sealed properly. And if a car pulls him up, he's going to be as nice as he can to the car just for him to let him go. And he can get away with his drugs. Now imagine

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there's a there's a, this is one scenario, imagine another scenario is that a policeman happens to walk by, and the person who's got the drugs, opens his jacket,

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fully open. Ah, yeah. And he's got the bag stash of ash showing there. And he basically got a gun there and the other the other one pocket, and he's doing this in front of the cover,

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as the cop was walking by.

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Now, that is different from the first, they might have the same amount of drugs. And the first guy might have even had a gun on him. But it was all hidden, and he doesn't want to use it. He's got no intention. And he's just, you know, going from A to B, and he doesn't want to in trouble. The second one is displaying his his goods. And he's trying to say, yeah, you, you know, do something about it. Come on it. So now you can see straight away what the crime is going to be. Now, if the policeman in the first instance was to catch the person with the drugs, and the person says, Oh, please, you know, you know, if you start to lie, and he says that Look, I don't know how he got in there.

00:24:24--> 00:24:46

Of course, he actually was my mates, drugs. And you know, I you know, and if he doesn't get away with he said, Look, come on. It's just a little bit. Let me off just give me fine. Don't Don't send me to jail for a night. Don't Don't do that. And he pleads guilty than that seeing differently than the second person who might do that. And say under when a policeman says what so he goes, yes, Ash. You also

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sash. Yeah, I've got a gun he has no, huh. He's like, come on, you want trouble.

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

Now, straight away. You can you can already start you know, writing down your nose.

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Dan, what's gonna happen? The second one, so China now, when you look at elites and the crime he was doing was number one, he is having a direct conversation with Allah

00:25:13--> 00:25:55

musala Salah of all the human beings only musallam got that, right, either when I said I'm got that in Jannah that's fine musasa got that on the earth, right? The profits got that through what he some of them got that through speaking directly was like musasa and Mohammed Salah Lawson got that in Neeraj. But all the other prophets got it through sort of ye through sort of some kind of inspiration. The only ones you can say that were there directly in front of Allah and His presence, or speaking directly was either you could put either myself perhaps in there, but then Some say that it wasn't otherwise. And even then it was the only person by by the quarter and you can say who

00:25:55--> 00:26:36

spoke directly is Musab from all the people from the Quran, only Hadith you find Mohammed salah and speaking to him in Morocco, even then that is debatable and so on. But the one that is consensus that from the genes that spoke to Allah directly was at least he spoke directly and he was straight conversation after conversation. He said something and if you look at his rudeness, how rude he was to Allah, that shows how much the crime is now going back to the principle about the one who you disobey. That is the reason why when when Allah put someone in jahannam when Allah put someone into Hellfire, you got to understand that it wasn't an analogy. Look at janome You know, there's iron

00:26:36--> 00:27:12

rods, there's metal hammers, there's snakes and scorpions, there's fire that says heat, there's, you know, burning skins, there's screaming, there's molten, you know, sort of probably iron there's, there's boiling water poured over the heads, there's brains that are born and so on, so forth. And the person what he might have done is coming to the Xena, he might have come into something else. So you say to yourself, Well, why is it that he committed such a sin, and then God then you know, punishing him to such a level. But this is where the orlimar say that it wasn't a sin itself. You've got to look at the one who you've disobeyed. So what we should be fearful of from this is when we if

00:27:12--> 00:27:23

we sin and we are all human beings don't forget, daddy daddy says khulumani adma hapa on every single child of Adam, every single all children right and they can make mistakes, while hydro Hata

00:27:26--> 00:27:40

the best of those who make mistakes or those who come back to God and repent, repent, he's coming back to God so for our sins, we should repent and and that's and we have a hope that Allah will will forgive us. Now he believes he lost his hope in God.

00:27:41--> 00:28:13

He became distant from the mercy of God he lost his hope now, that's where he gets his name lease, because one of the names of one of the meanings of leases, that he has lost his hope in Allah. Another one is a bad Annie Rama which means that God made him move far away from his mercy and the different you know, meanings of of it please depending on how you look at the etymology, etymology of that actual name itself. Now, when when is standing now allows us then there are various parts of the Quran.

00:28:15--> 00:28:21

Allah addresses please. And he says yeah, please, please least Merman Ark

00:28:22--> 00:28:42

and testitude Lima holla to be a day. He says, Oh please, what has prevented you from bowing down to something which I have created with my hands. Now what Ally's reminding me is, if lease

00:28:43--> 00:29:30

doesn't matter what your what's going on in your mind right now. This creation has been ended the day is not your creation. It's my creation. And anything that Allah actually leads to himself automatically becomes bless it. So for example, the Kaaba, we say the Kaaba is the house of Allah, not meaning that Allah lives there. But Allah said, This is my house, Allah attributed the house to himself. So that house becomes a blessing house. When Allah says For example, like the month of Muharram is my month month of Muharram becomes a blessing month when Allah says that maca was something that he attributes Oh, like, for example, the camel of of Salah, the camel that Salah said

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and he asked a lot to bring an analysis has he Nakata law. This is the common law of Allah on the earth for that ohata kullfi Abdullah just let it let it graze and eat from the from the earth. When Allah actually muted that camel to himself. It means that that camel became blessing mean that's a pure camel is a blessing Campbell it's a divine camel is something that Allah has given a status to and you must not dishonor that because whoever dishonored that then they will also be dishonored. Allah will dishonor them because it shows

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That, you know when when you have if the if the president of a country send a letter, and for you to even take the letter and to tear it up, you know asked us, you can tear as many papers as you want. But to tear that letter up is is a big crime. It's from the president job is from the Queen herself. So the same that Allah is reminding me saying that I created it, I created this creation. So what has prevented you from from bowing down to this to this creation that I created?

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Now, it leaves then says, Alonzo Joel says, a stack Berta. Now this is a Surah Surah sub one in Surah. Saad, we have Allah says, a stack bharta

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Have you displayed arrogance? Have you sought to be greatest duck Bertha would mean, have you yourself sought to be greater than the thing that I have made? Great. I have said that this one is greater than all of you here. Greater than angels. greatness knows more than the angels knows more than you as a surgeon.

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So in other words, who are you to? To say that, you know, to even even imply that there is something great, I've just told you that this is a greater aspect, but are you showing me Who are you to show me that you got more greatness than the thing that I've called great, right? And contaminant? Eileen? Or are you seriously from those who are already in a higher station, which means that either you yourself have should know you're trying to prove that you're greater, or you have got a higher station from before? And who would give you that highest station? Except for me myself? So if you were really higher than that, why would I exempt you from even bombing down?

00:31:59--> 00:32:11

I haven't exempted you. So there are three different places in the Quran that Allah addresses the least of why he has a bar done. One is in Surah Saad, which have said, another one is in Surah, al

00:32:12--> 00:32:23

al headjam. And in Surah, Hasan, we find, again, similar words, but different, and each one will give you a different sort of aspect. And each one will teach us a new lesson.

00:32:25--> 00:32:47

So in that one, what we've learned is that sometimes human beings even they made themselves seem that I'm greater when you had no authority to do so. Or you might think that you've got a higher station, but you've got to look at the one who gives a blessing the highest station or not, you take it for yourself. So that's one now another one, we've got the one that I said in sudah. Elijah is Alaska, this is in

00:32:48--> 00:33:28

a number 26 to 44. You can check that in Sahaja. And we've got to study these iets have been one because the main thing that I'm trying to do in this in this series is the lessons that we can derive from analyzing the profits lives. So it's not just telling the story. So I could go on for weeks on one story, but I'm going to carry on pin one inshallah Bismillah with the help of Allah, the different many different lessons that we can derive from them. So here when Allah azza wa jal has created Agra Salaam, he says the man laka Allah takuna. Masada did, the first one said, Yeah, at least Are you please? Why have you bow down to something I created my hands and the one in Surah

00:33:28--> 00:33:32

hative says, What's wrong with you? My laka What's wrong with you?

00:33:34--> 00:33:48

That you haven't become that you haven't bowed down, like those who just burned down. So here there's, there's a direct kind of admonishment that there's something wrong with you. What's up with you, Malacca, and the one in Surah

00:33:50--> 00:34:34

Surah aarav. Allah says, man, man, aka, what is the thing that prevented you from prostrating, to prostrating to the thing that awarded you frustrated now, three different paths, three different things that Allah said, Now Allah doesn't have to mention all three of in one place, he tells us to three different things, three different suitors, because each sutra context, we'll we'll put that particular idea into its own theme. Every sutra has got a theme. And depending on the theme, Allah will select his words. And if you look deep in the Quran, you can see the connection of that with the surah itself. So for example, if you look at surah Saad, when Allah says said, yeah, it leads to

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

Allah, Allah said, I created from my own hands. And this is something I've given a a prestegious the theme of the surah, if you look at it is when Allah Assad, you look from one end of the syrup to another and the surah is about Allah Himself, giving making something blessing or making a personal blessing. So he starts to Quran and he starts to talk about Dowdell Islam, and he says, Look, I bless it, I made him

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Then it's fast talker, silly man. I said, Look, I look how many things I gave him. And then he says about his heart, yaku and Ibrahim and he says in a philosopher who be highly certain Rita da, he said that I made them completely subservient to my worship mean the look of blessing, I made them that I completely chose them for my worship, for my for my servitude. And he mentioned just before that I realized Allah bless it, I made him that so many so many things I gave him but he still was remembering me and how much somebody had. That's how blessing he was. Then right at the end, he talks about Adam and the blessing but Adam, so here, Allah saying that all is in I can make the

00:35:38--> 00:35:52

point of suicide is that I can make whoever I want, bless it, and you've just got to accept it. You gotta accept and don't show me any, any arrogance or any other height in front of that. The one in Surah, Allah, when Allah said,

00:35:53--> 00:36:34

yeah, this man laka What's wrong with you, a lacuna, surgeon, surgeon. Here, the emphasis is on the wrong itself. So if you look in that surah, you'll find the wrongs of people when they have gone about, for example, sudo opens up when they mocking the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and allies, you know, it's wrong that they're doing. Then after this, he took he quotes about Iblees. And Adam, after that, he talks about the wrongs that they did in their thinking about loot Allah, his salon, and his daughters. When he when he presented the daughters in demand, they said, you know, that we don't want your daughter, what do you want? What do you want with the daughters? Now, the focus

00:36:34--> 00:36:49

there is on the wrongs of the inside of the person who's disobeyed. So that's why Allah addresses that way. When you look at Surah aarav, it changes again, it says my Menaka what prevents you, so then it's like, you are prevented by something else.

00:36:51--> 00:37:33

It's, it's, you know, you cannot do a good because of an evil that is in between you and the good. And if you look in that surah, Allah talks about, it pleases many different tricks. And he talks about the people who were not able to get close to Allah because of others around them. others around them are things and beliefs they had in their head. So they over there is about the obstacle in between. So Allah addressing is saying that evil can come either because you created it. So this is again, a lesson that we learned guys, either evil is because you create you made something in your mind that you should have done, number one. Number two, is that you yourself, there's something

00:37:33--> 00:38:07

wrong with you, in the sense that you have got, you know, you've created some something in yourself, which you shouldn't have, or yourself with other things you had like with increases, Casey was that he was looking for that position himself. And that was something wrong, he shouldn't have done, he shouldn't have made himself think that I'm going to get a position when I'm not in promising position. Right? And when it comes to this, the third one is that when we come to us do a certain thing that is wrong, a lie saying that something perhaps is preventing you from doing that. And we need to focus on ourselves. What is that thing that is preventing us now here at least gives his

00:38:07--> 00:38:09

answer. So in Surah

00:38:11--> 00:38:21

Surah Al aarav. He says to the question, God said what what has prevented you, Emily says that Anna Hiraman, I am better than him.

00:38:22--> 00:38:35

Now, that is an offense, a big offense, standing in front of the Lord Himself and saying that I'm better than him. It's like that guy, you know? Yeah. Bring you on.

00:38:36--> 00:38:44

gonna challenge me. So he's now directly challenging Khan and saying that I'm better than him. In if you look in Surah

00:38:45--> 00:39:05

hedger again, he says the same thing that I you know, I'm better. He says, I am admin, he gives it he gives an answer. He says that Halekulani me not in both studios. And in fact, in three of them, he says that you created me from fire, yet you've created him from Earth. And that's the reason why I'm better than him.

00:39:06--> 00:39:11

Now, here, a police has just he drew he drew an analogy.

00:39:12--> 00:39:56

The analogy was that you look at fire and you look at Earth and fire is better than Earth. Because if you look at Fire, fire has heats, heats up, fire rises. And because fire rises, an Earth is something that goes down. The one that rises has to be better than the one that goes down. This is the logic of Emily's Hassan bacillary Rahim Allah he come to me because he, he comes and he said that he believes was the was the first one to draw such an analogy, and he made a big mistake. You can draw analogies, that's fine. But when you draw an analogy, you got to look at it from several different angles. If I'm going to say that I'm better than you, I'm gonna take my if I if I say II

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

means me completely, and if I say him that it means him completely.

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

And I'm going to be able to draw the analogy from both sides and look at every facet of the thing. I can't just look at one aspect, okay? That is true, that fire goes up Earth is something that goes down, gravity pulls Earth and fire is under blast and the heat rises. So for at least he was like, well, he was that whole thing means that I'm better than him. Now, the alumni have mentioned that to see that what a fool he was to say that, because Earth itself has produced. If you look at Earth, it produces something, whereas fire destroys.

00:40:33--> 00:41:16

Fire can give you heat, you can derive some energy from it, and you can be warmer on fire, that's fine. But the nature of fire if you let it go on, and if you let it spread is that it's going to destroy, but if you allow soil to go on, you've got a softness to the soil, you've got many different qualities in the soil that the fire doesn't have, that the the earth can bring you produce which the fire cannot do. And the earth itself is humble. Allah said in the Holy Quran, that who will lead the charge of the Lula I have made the earth something which is, you know, humble beneath your feet. So walk on it, Allah said that about us, so is a quality about it, that Earth itself is

00:41:16--> 00:41:25

how are all the four elements Allah has created wind, fire, water, earth, Earth is the one that has got the humbleness to it. So

00:41:27--> 00:42:02

to for at least to have made that analogy he was wrong. Again, under many of these, even though Kamal, Josie and others have mentioned in a moment, Josie in his sub series given 15 different reasoning to that logic being completely unacceptable, the logic of obliques that he's better than than Adam. And the other thing is that don't forget that Allah had said that he is made Adam Noble. He has given that no one Allah says that automatically, Adam and Adam become Noble. He hasn't said the same thing about at least. So for us to think about this, it was completely wrong. Now, one other thing is

00:42:03--> 00:42:31

that our demands, he believes in now challenging God, saying that I'm better than him. He said, Now he's one of those stars chef named, he said this, he said, one of the biggest crimes if you look if you want to go deep down to jealousy and arrogance, because Allah has said that jealousy and arrogance are the main two pillars of most of the sins that come out. But if you look at the root of both of them, you find one word.

00:42:33--> 00:42:40

If you look at the root of jealousy, and the root of arrogance is one word that sums all sins, and the nature of sins up.

00:42:42--> 00:42:43

And that word is what Can anyone tell me?

00:42:45--> 00:42:46

Don't tell me.

00:42:48--> 00:42:54

Now hate to give or know anyone. So pride now the root of pride,

00:42:55--> 00:42:56

the root of envy.

00:42:58--> 00:42:59

The root of arrogance?

00:43:01--> 00:43:10

No, no, it's in his words. He said, Anna Hiraman, I am better than him. The root of all of these I.

00:43:12--> 00:43:38

It's selfishness is self focused. It's, you know, that's self thing that we have inside us. That Me Me, I that's that thing is the root cause of many of the sins. I'm not saying it's wrong to say I am me. But you got to be careful how much focus and attention one has on himself or herself. British Telecom did

00:43:39--> 00:43:50

a survey of the most used word in telephone conversations by 20 years ago. And they found out that the most used word

00:43:52--> 00:43:55

in the language and this is in any language is ay.

00:43:56--> 00:44:08

Ay, ay, ay. Ay when they are in the eye. And the orlimar have called this a nanny. Yeah, a nanny means the problem of

00:44:10--> 00:44:52

the problem of I, which is that every human being, and of course, jeans as well, but let's just talk about human being, every human being one of the biggest mistakes they make unknowingly. And this is in the subconscious mind, unknowingly. They make is to put a lot of importance to themselves to themselves, more so than others. And without realizing it, they're already making these assumptions. They're making assumptions. They're making analogies. They're making a pre pre presumptions that they're making thoughts and ideas that were prejudice was prejudice based based based on AI. It's like, well, I am different from him. He is different from me. I he's white, he's black, you know, is

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

better. He's not better. You know, this. I the prejudice come from that racism comes from that is like I my nation, or

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

All of us are better than them is I? If you look at all of these, I, I, it's me it is I'm better and that is the root cause of most sins. So he bleeds summed it up in his in his words he said that Anna Hiraman and Czech name said also to us that he said three words, three words, Anna, hi Roman. I am better than him. In English, it might be five words, but in Arabic is three words Anna Hi, Roman, I am better than him. It said it took three words for Emily's to drop from the highest of the ranks he had with the angels right down to the bottom of those who are cursed until the day of judgment to three words that he said these words. Now it doesn't finish there because you know, there's a lot of

00:45:48--> 00:46:12

analysis that needs to be done here and I'm going to take my time guys I don't care if you wanna if you're here to get forward in the story. I'm not going to do that in this in this step. So there are plenty of those on the YouTube a lot of shoots have done this but my whole thing is that the lesson that we can derive from this so as many as we can derive and I'm going to do that and how much we can we can focus on the actual words itself we can do that. So the conversation is at the at the middle of

00:46:13--> 00:46:32

the this thing about him challenge not saying giving his reasoning now that he's better than than Adam. So what we're going to do in Sharla is we're gonna have a two week break because of the holiday that is in front of us. Seven o'clock inshallah. I will see you here, inside this Masjid in three weeks time. Follow the website suffer for any updates.