Do pregnant women make up the missed fasts of Ramadan?

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various scenarios that can happen during pregnancy, including breastfeeding, taking a long term stance, and missing many fasts. They provide examples of scenarios where the woman has missed a lot of fasts and suggest taking a conservative approach to them. The speaker also mentions the importance of fasting during pregnancy.
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This question is related to making up your fast due to pregnancy or, and or breastfeeding. Do I have to pay anything before Ramadan? Or do I just make up my thoughts when I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding at that time? This is actually a question that has a lot of a lot of variance in understanding between the scholars.

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And you know, there is some texts from the prophets of Salaam about this like a hadith from the pasta lamp.

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And the Ayad are actually open ended about this, right, because the IRS says, or either ladina up Punahou failure to borrow Miskin person was unable to should,

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should do this should, should feed a person, right. And this is this is explained as someone who is sick chronically to can't recover, they're not going to get any better, or someone who's old, and they're not going, they're not getting any younger. So fasting is not going to become easier next year for them. Right. So for them, they feed a person and that's it. And then you have the other scenario where a person has to make up the fast. So

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if you are

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from Ghana, min Kumari Allah, Allah, Allah suffering for the two min I mean over the person who is

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traveling outside of their city, or someone who is sick temporarily, then they don't fast in Ramadan. Those days that they're sick are the days they're traveling, they just make it up afterwards. And then you also have the clear cut example of the woman who is on her monthly period. She is exempted from fasting, and then she will make up that fast after him a lot. So these are the clear cut scenarios that I add on holidays are quite obvious about that. The question about pregnancy and breastfeeding is, well, where does a woman fit? Is she like someone who is sick temporarily? Or is she like someone who is maybe unable to do so? Because she's had so many

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pregnancies and real scenario? This is something that has happens in families is a woman get pregnant? And she would have issue Mr. Ramadan, then she has a year or year and a half, maybe two years of breastfeeding, she misses two more Ramadan's. And she gets pregnant again, she misses the fourth Ramadan, and just two more years of you know, breastfeeding that six years, man, and then she gets pregnant again. And next thing you know, that's a decade of fast she has missed, right? So you're gonna ask her to make up 300 fasts. I mean, that's a lot of fasting, you know, ladies in a lot of trouble.

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All right, so this is where the scholars have some differences. I'm going to read you a few opinions here inshallah, and then I'll give you my take john, so you have number of opinion number one here. I lay him on Koba forgot, this is the IE mother upon them to is the pregnant lady and the lady who is breastfeeding, right who is nursing her child.

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This is the opinion or this is the position of Imam Abu hanifa. Right. And Ali, you know, the one who from the Sahaba that's his position as well that they have to make it up irrespective of how many they have missed. Okay.

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The second position here is

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in kafa Allah unfussy Hema for Allah human Kala

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in Cava Allah Allah de Hema for Allah himal Kala Tommy skin on Coolio Mohammed the main chef every moment.

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The second position is of an Imam Shafi who say that if the woman is afraid, right of her well being right, she is afraid that this is going to fasting is going to hurt her, her held, the child is going to be fine, but she's going to be you know,

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she's going to be compromised, right? Then she has to just make up the fast. Okay? If she feels she's afraid that the child will be harmed, then she has to feed a poor person and also make up the fast afterwards. Right? Here's we're assuming that they're not fasting at all. The pregnant lady and the breastfeeding lady are not fasting, if they can fast that's their choice. By the way. Like my wife she fasted through a couple of my kids pregnancy she was, you know, able to do so it was in the summer fast. Right? But others she wasn't able to. Right. So this is assuming that the woman is not fasting. All right. The third position is it human Ramu forgot what are called La La Hema ovalbumin

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Sahaba Abdullah in our bustle, the Rama haka, who will Kodama fake money on an island. Okay. The third position here is they have to only feed a poor person and there is no makeup of the

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And this is the position of Abdullah bin Arbus

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on Houma and

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Omar as well this is his position. Okay.

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So this is

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so do you have a bunch of options? Right? I would say it goes back to the situation right? That goes back to you know a situation for example let me just read this to you as well kind of numbers your Julio mela who habla and NTV Mandela de la de la to people who for Allah kill Fatah wa barlick. Okay, you know, me, Nebraska to a pregnant lady that you are in the position of or near in the same same situation, sister, same circumstance as the person who is unable to fast like an old person or someone's chronically ill. So you just give a failure? And there is no making up the fast right? So that's the text from the Sahaba. There, okay. So you have a whole host of opinions, right? And this

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matter, and we're loving it, I think the best thing to do here is to go back to the situation. If the situation is the lady has only missed like one or more button, right? of fasting, then the best thing is you make it up, okay? You make it up? If it's been many Ramadan's, right, like that's five six Ramadan's in a row, she has missed, that's just gonna take a lifetime to catch up to that right 150 to 100. And fast, you know, even though she's fasting, I don't know.

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Like, say, four times a week, right? Or say four times a month, but she's fasting once a once a week, four times a month, or say once every week that's 48 fests excluding Ramadan, right, that will take her close to five years of just making up all those fasts that she has missed outside of all those normal lungs, you see. So that's a very big undertaking. And if a person wants to take that on hamdulillah there's good insight in that. But I would say in that case, you take the opinion of Abdullah in our bus and even Omar and just feed right so it's case by case how many how many fasts Have you missed? If you missed a few make it okay. If you have missed a lot of fasts because of

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pregnancy and breastfeeding, you feed in Sharla last month, except