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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with immense clarity the following dua for protection against Shaytan in the Qur’an.

And say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devils,And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they be present with me.
[Surah Al Muminun, Verses 97 – 98]

This lecture explicitly illustrates the need for Istia’dhah before reciting the Qur’an.

Also,  the wisdom behind creating the entity called Shaytan is as follows:

  • Allah is manifesting the diversity of His Qudrah.
  • To have an actual and real enemy that is alive which will make us more conscious and aware of our actions.
  • Good is only appreciated when it is contrasted with the evil. True piety will only shine in this circumstance.

The tactics used by Shaytan to allure us are also discussed in immense detail and makes for  a very interesting listen.


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salatu salam, ala rasulillah Allahi wa sahbihi woman

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we're still doing our series on Quranic doors today we go to sudo to me noon versus 97 to 98 and this is another dude that Allah subhana wa tada teaches directly in the first person to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will call rob the Ruby comin hamazon is shouting, what are the Speaker of the balloon? Walk or rugby? Ooh big and say, Oh, my Lord, I seek refuge in You. mean hammers are shouting, from the temptations from the whisperings from the incitements of shavon I seek refuge in You or law from the whisperings and the temptations of shavon what are you to be corrupt be on your own and I seek refuge in You Oh Allah, that they come close to me that they come around me. So this

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is a DA in which we turn to Allah asking protection from shaitaan and this is something that is well known in the Quran. As we all know when Allah tells us to recite the Quran in the Quran, he says for either Cora, or an FST, the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Before you recite the Quran, then seek refuge in a law from the cursed shavon and that is why we say our ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim before we recite the Koran, so in today's brief lecture, what is the purpose of is the idea of seeking refuge in a law against shavon? And what is the wisdom of Allah in creating this entity called shaitan? Believe it or not, if not, I am the great scholar of Islam. He actually has a

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treatise in one of his book, one of his books that goes more than 25 pages. And the chapter is entitled, The wisdom in the creation of a police. Why did Allah azza wa jal create a police and of course that is a whole topic altogether. But of the things that he says is that first and foremost, Allah subhana wa tada is manifesting the diversity of His qudra His power, His creation, he created the angels in angelic form, the purest of the pure, he created the shell thing he created inside. So Allah is manifesting his udara by creating all of these different entities, as well of the wisdom in the creation of oblique argues, is that to have an actual enemy, that is a real enemy. It is an

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enemy that is alive, it's not a force. It's not just a concept. It is an actual entity to have a living enemy. It makes us more conscious, it makes us under guard. Imagine if a town thinks is going to be attacked, it will take precautions if a town doesn't think it will be attacked, there will be no precautions. So by creating an actual enemy that is alive that can see us as Allah says in who Yakumo COVID Omen itulah Terada home, they see you from places you cannot see them shaytaan sees you you cannot see shade on the paradigm of shade bond is different than ours. So knowing that there's an actual entity out there that wants to harm us, it makes us on the guard, it makes us protective,

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we're always on the alert. And that is much better than simply saying, oh, there might be an attack from a force or whatnot. And of course, as well, of the wisdoms of nakaya mentioned is that good is only appreciated when is contrasted with evil. When you compare the two and contrast the two in fighting evil that is good manifested in standing up against evil that is where the good is manifested. So you contrast between the two just like light and dark are two opposites you appreciate the light when you don't have it you're in the dark when it comes you truly appreciate it. So to in fighting a police and and taking him as an enemy. That is where true piety comes out.

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And of course shavon has declared his animosity from us since the beginning of time as Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Koran in the shape on the left column I do one Fatah who I do shaytaan is your enemy, so you have better take him as your enemy. Allah is telling us take him as your enemy on judgment day those that are going to jahannam Allah says in the Quran, you have any of them are children of Adam, didn't I tell you what that latter Buddha shavon I told you don't worship shavon I told you earlier bodoni worship me don't worship shares bond and the worship here is not the Satanists who worship shape on it is the obedience to shape on that is called worship as well. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran.

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What a beautiful hotel What is shavonne? Don't follow the footsteps associate on he is your clear enemy, he promises you to do evil and he entices you into sin. And when Allah subhana wa Allah created them shavon from that day on declared his animosity when Adams roar was breathed into him on the very beginning of the first day of creation, Allah says in the Quran that he believes his speaking and at least says, All our Ateca has a lady Carranza. Do you see, Oh Allah, He is challenging Allah, you see, Oh Allah, this being whom you think is better than me. You have honored him above me on a rioter kaha della dikirim. Talia, that if you allow me to stay, then a belief says

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I am going to the upper odonata home Serato Mr. Team, I will sit on the straight path waiting for him to come. By the way this is a very profound verse. When you want to become pious shaitaan attacks you even more. Notice a police didn't say I will sit on the wrong path. No if you're on the wrong path of least let's you go call us the Father Go for it. The Quran Allah home Serato Cal musta came where is the police going to increase the attack? Sir article muster came from the RTN home member in the ad him woman called for him one a man named Juan Shama. ilium. Then when they are on the serata muster team, when they're walking on the straight path, I will attack them from the front

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from the back from the right from the left. Notice it believes is challenging Allah What did you do a thorough home shocking and he promises Allah you will find most of mankind to be ungrateful. This is my promise and challenge your beliefs is saying. And in another verse. A belief says that what LD Linda Houma Gemma, and I promise you, Oh Allah that I will misguide all of them, but then Allah makes an exception, or some say this is coming from a police himself. Illa Reba caminho mahalo seen other than the servants of Allah who have a philos. There's one exception when you have sincerity, then shavon cannot approach you. So the question now is how do we protect ourselves from the plots

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of shaytaan? And what are the plots of Geodon very briefly, our scholars mentioned shaytan uses many tactics of them is the tactic of forgetting, like he calls the, the servants of Moosa to forget of them is he causes a person to slip into a sin without planning it. It just so happens the opportunity presents itself and this is called an Arabic zela. And that's just to slip in. You weren't planning to do evil, but then the opportunity presents and shaitan was WESA and shavonne pushes you forward. So you slip into it, of them in the Arabic is called dezign. Whether it was a Yunnan Allah home, the Koran says, making something appear more beautiful than it is. So alcohol is

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disgusting to the average person who has never tasted it. Its smell is disgusting, it you look at it, and you smell it and whatnot, you don't want anything to do with it. But shavon makes it alluring. Shaytan makes it very pure other forms of filth that human fitrah will find the disgusting, other forms of evil but shaitaan makes it tempting when it was a human No, this is a tactic of shape. One of the tactics of shavon as well is to we've making you scared and this is mentioned in the Quran and in the sooner especially when it comes to giving charity that Allah says in the Quran that shaytani r A dokumen Fokker chiffon is promising you poverty shaytaan is telling

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you if you give for Allah you're going to be poor. The profitsystem said when somebody wants to give sadaqa shaitaan comes and says How can you give you have family you have children you have responsibility. So shavon is promising you *er poverty, and Allah is promising us in and richness. So this is a tactic of shavonne and of the tactics of shaitaan as well is to speak without knowledge that akoto Allah He built it up as as mentioned in the Quran, and of the tactics of the beliefs as well is to cause disunity amongst the Muslims, as use of says that shavon cause problems between me and my brother shavon does Albania, Albania and what the shaitaan caused us to break up.

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So disunity as well is of the tactics of a police and there are other tactics as well lead us to the final point, how do we protect ourselves from shavon and obviously the number one mechanism of protecting ourselves from shavon we cannot see shavon shavon is in a dimension other than our own Sheraton is in a different universe other than our own. The only way to protect ourselves from shavon is to turn to Allah subhana wa tada and this is what the prophet system is being told we'll call Robbie who will be coming hammers attache out in what are called to be corrupt be and yeah, I don't owe a lot I seek refuge in You from the misguidance The Temptations hermoza is inclinations

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hammers, that is to twist and turn hammers, that is to indicate indirectly shaitan rarely says oh this is how I'm doing

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He twists he makes that a caveat he gives you an excuse. This is him as it is something that is indirect. It's not something clear cut how long he will say oh this and that and cut some slack for you and you will slip into it. So turning to Allah and seeking refuge in Allah subhana wa tada as well reciting the Quran as well doing any type of Vicar, Vicar, our profit system set is a fortress that protects you from shavon. And of course of the tactics that we use to protect ourselves from shaytaan is to be with the righteous people to be in the company of good people and not to be in the company of evil people realize my dear brothers and sisters, Allah says in the Quran, in Qaeda

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Shivani gana bar if the plotting of shavon is very weak, he doesn't have strong tactics. He doesn't have tactics that are foolproof is very, very weak. And on judgment day and with this point, I conclude. And I gave a hold about two months ago about this year at MIT, called the shades on the title of the book. And I mentioned there in the Koran. We learned the multiple of shape on on judgment day on kiama. He will give a holdover to the people going to jahannam his followers, he will stand on a podium as our tradition says our books mentioned and He will give a hook but the people will come around him and a part of that hook but the phrase of that hook but his fell out

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ceremony was one full circle. Don't blame me. It's not my fault. Blame yourselves. I had no power over you, Mark and Lee early on. I didn't force you. You weren't puppets. I didn't give the command and you obeyed No. Makana de la comm and so on. But I had one thing only in and out to come. I invited you first the job Tom Lee. You followed me I didn't force you all I did. I said Come come come and you followed my promises. falletta Romani now Don't blame me. It is your fault what is happening now. So we seek refuge in a lot from shaitan constantly and we say ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. And we say our Billahi min hammers at shavon what are the big European yadong and

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this is of the strongest mechanisms to protect ourselves against rape on and we will continue tomorrow.