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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The concept of Moosa, a man who flees and kills himself, is a worker of the church and a church leader. Moosa's past, including his involvement in a church, his career, and desire to become a god, is highlighted. The use of good deeds in a man's mind to make a statement is emphasized, along with the importance of using a good deed in difficult situations. The use of "good deed" in a man's mind is also discussed, along with the use of the "good deed" in a man's mind to make a statement.
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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah alayhi wa sahbihi wa Manuela Am I bad. So today and tomorrow we're gonna use puranic to us to go to a separate topic that is related to the concept of da. And I began by quoting the DA that we'll be doing today sudo sauce, verse 24, sort of sauce, verse 24. It is the famous Dora of Musa alayhis salam, all the rugby in nee Lima and Zelda Elysium in here in order Robbie, he said, oh my lord in neelima and delta la Yemen hire any good that you sent down to me over law. I am Here I am a beggar I am Dutch I am miskeen I have nothing of a law except what you send down for me all the rugby in knee Lima and delta ilium and

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Hayden for the first let's look at the concept and the context of this draft. And then it will lead us to the topic of using certain phrases in the draft in certain circumstances to increase the power of our door. The context of this door is the famous story of Musa alayhis salaam fleeing from Freetown when he accidentally hit the the the Egyptian and accidentally killed him. And the people of Iran said Oh, you are a murderer. We're gonna you know take you to task and so he fled. And as Allah says for hora, German ha ha afonya taraka. He fled the city trembling and scared. And remember at this stage Moosa was not yet a prophet. He was simply a believer, a Muslim, he hadn't been

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appointed a prophet. He's been a young man raised in the house of fit around and he knows he's an Israelite, he knows he's Bani Israel, but culturally language wise upbringing, he is with the elite the creme de la creme. This accident takes place and fit around uses it to turn against him. And around then gives the order to execute Moosa. So Moosa flees without any preparation, no baggage, no wallets, no cash, nothing. He is in the middle of the street, somebody comes in says, oh, for almost right now, the leaders of the army are going to come and capture you right then and there. He fled for Hata German hyphen, Yatra, calm, and he left with only the clothes on his back, and he didn't

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even know where he is going. And he goes from town to town village to village until he reaches the land of Midian, which is in the Sinai Peninsula. So he goes to Midian. What am what are dama madeon when he got to the well of Midian, he's thirsty, he wants water, and there's a public well, that he can have access to he hasn't had food he hasn't drunk from Allah knows how long when he gets there. He sees a very strange scene. And that scene is a lot of shepherds, young men with their flock and they're jostling and shoving fighting one another to get food for their flock to get water for their flock and away from them. There are two ladies with a small group of sheep as well. So he says to

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them, what is the matter? maltipoo Kuma. What is your story? What are you doing here? All that.

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They said we as ladies, we can't go into this crowd this melee of of men hustling and bustling, we're not going to jump in there. We have to wait our turn until they finish there's no water left whatever is left, we will get it for our flock. Our father's elderly we cannot afford a hired hand. So we are forced in our circumstances to to stand in line and wait for our turn. What is very powerful here. Moosa himself being at this point in time a pauper, he doesn't have a penny to his name. At this point in time, he doesn't have anything. Yet still, he finds a way to be charitable. In fact, he is a refugee, and he is fleeing persecution, and he has nothing to offer except the

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sweat of his brow, he can give it to them. The one act of charity that he can give is to literally physically manually labor a few minutes on behalf of people who are strangers, by blood, by religion by ethnicity. And this shows us the benefits of righteousness when you are righteous to others. Allah subhana wa tada returns that favor back to manifold Moosa, having nothing still manages to give. And when he gives this active charity that he goes in, and he feeds their flock without any thanks, he doesn't need anything from them. And it is very important to point out that these ladies culturally, ethnically and religious wise have nothing to do with Moosa. He literally was charitable

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to a complete stranger, and he did not expect any reward from them. Also, I remind you, he was not yet a prophet. He was your average Muslim. He was a Muslim. He believed in a license.

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Destroy the belief in the teachings of Yahoo. Ben is happiness from their progeny. He knows a lot. He knows their religion, but he is not yet a prophet. And so from the good nature that he has, despite all of the problems, can you imagine his own mental state? Can you imagine what he's worried about? He doesn't even know where he's gonna sleep. He doesn't know where he's gonna get food. But still, he finds an act of charity, and he gives whatever he can, and he hands the flock back. And then some matoba in la ville, having nowhere to go tired from running away from Egypt, tired and hungry, disheveled and dusty. He goes under a tree, and all alone from the depths of his heart. He

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makes this to Europe. I'm a

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I'm a failure of I have nothing. But I want everything you can give me and I will always be grateful. Oh, that'll be in need Lima and Zelda, Elysium and Hayden, and this is what happened then immediately fell to the farm means immediately after that. One of these two young ladies came back shy, awkward. She said, my father heard what you did. We told him what you did. He wants to thank you can you come back with me? And so he goes back, and within a few hours, he gets a job. He gets a roof over his head, he gets food and drink for many, many years he gets a career. And to sweeten the deal, he gets a wife as well, Mashallah dibala Cola, those of you that are single a joke, stand

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outside and feed water and a shallow mcdow for you, inshallah, that will happen. Those of you that are single, not those that are already married, that doesn't work done. Okay. So the point is that this drop was made. And we get to our quick topic, and we'll continue this topic tomorrow. This door was made after performing a good deed. And this leads us to the topic in Arabic It is called Taurus sun. And tawassul means that you use something to make your dog more powerful, so that it reaches Allah subhanho wa Taala. So tell what soon means you maximize the efficiency of your dog, you add something that will make it more effective. And there are many mechanisms of tawassul. This da

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teaches us the first that will do and will continue today and also tomorrow. As I said, number one tawassul is done through your own righteous deeds for the sake of Allah, you do a good deed for the sake of Allah. You are allowed to use that deed, to magnify the effect of a dua. You do a good deed, you give charity, you help somebody in need, then you say, Oh Allah, I also need help from you. You're using your good deed to make your doula more powerful. And this is explicitly mentioned in the hesitancy, Bahati, very long, Hadith very quick summary of it is one day, three people of the old period, previous generations, they were stuck in a cave, an avalanche happened and the cave was

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shut. Three people were there, and they were going to starve to death. And they were righteous people, the three said to one another, only a miracle can save us, let us make dua to Allah. And the most knowledgeable said, each one of you make dua to Allah and mentioned the one best deed that you've ever done. And then ask Allah to remove the rocks in front of the cave. So the long head, he tells each one of them stood and made out to Allah, each one of them mentioned one good deed and the rocks moved a little bit, then a little bit. And then in the third time it moves so that they could go out. The first one mentioned, a deed that he showed the sacrifice he made for his mother and

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father, so long had it I can't tell you all of it because of time, but he made a big sacrifice for his parents. And he preferred his parents over his own family. And he said, Well, what if I did this for your sake, then help us so Allah moved a little bit of the rocks, the second man, it was a question of honesty, he could have acquired a lot of wealth in an illegal manner in an unethical manner. But he said, Oh Allah, No one forced me, but I did it for your sake, I was honest. And I gave this man a fortune for your sake, even though I could have gotten it on my own pocket. So he was honest. And he used that. So it moved a second time. And the third was the case of a man who

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wanted to take advantage of a young lady, eventually, the young lady for her circumstances she was forced to, but she said, fear a lot and don't do this. And so even though he had paid the money, he said, Oh Allah just because of you, then I did not do that deed. So these three men, they made this drop and the rocks moved until they were able to walk out. The point is, one of the mechanisms of tawassul is you can use a good deed in your dog to Allah like Moosa, he's done the good deed, and he can then either in your heart or you can mention it either in your heart you think of Allah that day, I would needed the money yet I saw the beggar and I gave to that beggar or Allah, if I did it

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for your sake, then I will lie asked you that this Daughter of mine, you grant me it, this is a legitimate question and it is permissible to assume and this also means my dear brothers and sisters. We should have a

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A good amount of deeds in our wallet we can pull out when we need to write when we need to, we should have a good amount in our minds, oh, I've done this. I've done that. So that when we need to use our soul, we can then mention it in our draft, we can then say, Oh Allah, I did such and such for your sake, Oh Allah, please give me this. And also in the Quran. So many do as mentioned, Rob banner in an Amazon fulfilled in our law, we have believed, therefore forgive us. So you mentioned the good deed, I have faith over law, therefore forgive a lot of bad actions. And Elijah in me noon, or Lord, we are believers, so remove the punishment from us. So we use the good deed of faith, the

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good deed of charity, the good deed of any of these things that we have mentioned, any good deed can be used. This is the first issue of the Western. The second that we'll mention from the same drop over here are the same concept over here of the mechanisms of tawassul. That is allowed is to mention in your door, the pitiful state that you are in, you're in a bad state, you're in a dire situation. You may make a point of mentioning your situation. Moosa says I'm a hero. Well, I have nothing. He's using his state to appeal to Allah subhana wa tada know Allah, his salam, he's surrounded by his people. He's going to be killed. So Nora says, are up in the mahalo urban fantasy.

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Oh my lord, I'm going to be conquered. I'm going to be vanquished. I need your help against my enemies. So he's making dua to Allah in NEMA Hulu, I am gonna be gone unless you help me. Likewise, the a number of other incidents occur as well. We have the the story of Zachary as well. Zachary. Yeah, when he is very old, 120 years old. They say 130 years old. He doesn't have a son. He doesn't have a child. So he says, oh, that'll be in the 100 of my mini washed out shaybah Oh, my Lord, my bones are fragile. They're gonna crack in any second. My hair is sprouting white. Look at my pitiful state. Oh Allah. Look at my pitiful state. I am so old I'm about to die and my lineage is going to

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be fizzled out unless you bless me with the child. So blessed me with the child Oh Allah. So what does that Korea use? What did not use what did Moosa use they're using their pitiful state it's something that should elicit sympathy in a human being how much more so in a Rahman and Rahim so we can mention or will allow, you know, I'm in financial difficulty or will allow you see that I'm surrounded by problems over law, you know, I have no one other than you. This is a mechanism of tawassul that we put inside the drop are called og be in De Lima and Zelt am in hyden faqeer. So these are two mechanisms of tawassul. We will insha Allah to Allah continue tomorrow and mentioned

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other mechanisms of there was soon until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi acquaints us with the following Dua made by Musa AS.

“My Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.”
[Surah Al Qasas, verse 24]

The context of this Dua is the famous story of Musa AS fleeing from Firaun. Listen intently to fully fathom the scene of the story that prompted this Dua.

Mechanisms of Tawassul – to magnify the effectiveness of any Dua:

  • By increasing one’s own righteous deeds when making Dua to Allah.
  • To mention in our Dua the dire straits one is in to elicit sympathy so that we can appeal to Allah effectively.


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