Quranic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 03 – Al-Kahf

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi now unravels that famous dua that caused a miracle.

 رَبَّنَا آتِنَا مِن لَّدُنكَ رَحْمَةً وَهَيِّئْ لَنَا مِنْ أَمْرِنَا رَشَدًا 

“Our Lord, grant us from Yourself mercy and prepare for us from our affair right guidance.”
[Surah Al-Kahf, 18:10]

This dua should be the go to fix before commencing anything new in one’s life or when one is in difficult circumstances.

Listen intently as the Shaykh explicitly acquaints us with each and every word of this magnificent verse.



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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was the one with

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today's da we will do sudo tilaka have verse 10 sudo tilaka first 10 robina Tina milliarden kurama 10 wahi Lana Min Marina rasheeda. A number of you have asked if I can write the two are down in sha Allah who tada the last few days of this month we will compile all of the details on the list and distribute them on one paper. In the meantime, I'm giving you the reference to teleca verse 10, you can look it up. This is one of the drawers that is mentioned in the Quran. And the effects of this da have also been narrated in the Quran robina Tina Muldoon kurama Oh our Lord, we asked you mercy directly from yourself? Well, how you learn I'm an MD in Russia. And we asked you that you make our

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affairs correct and rightly guided, who said this. And what was the impact of this drop sort of tells us there was a group of young men who embraced Islam at a time of paganism. This was in the time of Isa or after Isa, they embraced monotheism amongst a sea of paganism, and their people persecuted them, their families expelled them, the powerful king wanted to execute them, finding no refuge, they could not flee anywhere, the group of youth they fled out to the mountains, and they made this drought to Allah not knowing what to do, they didn't have money, they didn't have any place to go. They did not have any help in this world. So they made it out to Allah, this was the

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drought robina artina milda Dune kurama wahi Atlanta man Embrey now Russia and they found a cave and they said let us just rest here for a while. And Allah subhana wa tada answered their door. Because this door is the door that should be said when you are in difficult circumstances. It is a door that is said when you undertaking a journey you don't know the consequences. When you're uncertain about your affairs. When you need Allah's help situation is difficult and dire. It can also be said this door before you start anything new in your life. This is the door to say before you undertake anything that is new. And what is this do I translate as these young men they made a sincere plea to

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our Lord. Yarra robina our Rob Tina Milligan kurama We beg for you that you give us directly from yourself your reima mill, the dune kurama we want your Rama Oh Allah. Now is the Rama from the creation. Why are they saying we want your right man? The response to this is that indeed, all rahima is from Allah subhana wa Tada. But Allah has gifted some Rama to people and they also show the Rama to others. In a hadith in Sahih Bukhari our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah azza wa jal divided Rama into 100 parts. And he took one part and he distributed it amongst all of them, Luke, one part he distributed it upon all of the creation, and because of that one part, the

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mother has Rama for the child, and even the animal has Rama for its offspring. And 99 Rama, he said, kept for himself to show on your milk Yama for his mouth loquats. So one part of all of the Rama of all of mankind, in fact of all of the creation, even the drama of animals and drama of humans and the rise of jinn. You add it all up from the beginning of time up until a Yama that is one and multiply that by 99. And that will be the Rama that Allah shows on one day, and that is the day of karma. And as for Allah Rama, it cannot be counted, it is beyond count, it is infinite. And therefore we want this Rama, of course we like the Rama from the macula from the creation, but what

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we want is the hammer of the regime and the regime of the regime that I have the one who calls himself Zhu, Rama have the names of Allah is Luna Rama, the owner of Rama, Rama of the one who is our hammer, I mean, the Most Merciful of all of the rock, I mean, the regime of the one who is hireright I mean the best of all those who show mercy and we want that mercy. Why? Because this concept of Rama it is a constant repetition in the majority of prophetic to us and we will go over so many doors in this month in sha Allah, you will see more than half of them they have the phrase what how many will ask you for your Rama asking Allah zarahemla is a constant theme of the Quran and

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the Sunnah. And here we have these people saying Tina mendonca Ramadan why

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Is this because what does Allah do? Allah tells us in the foreign war it was the article lashay Maya Rama encompasses everything. This is the general Rama of Allah, every creation must have some Rama or it would not exist. But we don't want just the general we want the specific Rama. There's a higher level of Rama. There is a general Rama that all of the creation must have no Maha Luke can exist without Allah Rama understood, but we want more than just the Rama of the that is given to the whole creation. We want the special Rama that is shown to the righteous people as a larger what just says in the Quran. It was actually a

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teenager who I shall decree my Rama. I'm gonna give more Rama to those who believe and have Taqwa that's the Rama that we want. How do we get that Rama? two simple ways. Number one, by doing deeds that bring about Rama in naramata la de Martini in the Rama of Allah is close to those who are righteous. So when we do the deeds of Rama, we get Allah Rama, righteousness, sila, Zakah, charity prayer, all of these will bring about Allah Rama within the Quran bringing about Allah Rama. And the second way to get Allah Rama is we simply raise our hands and we say Oh Allah, man, you're happening. That's all by asking. We will get by begging we will be given by pleading we will be

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gifted Rama. How easy is it? We simply raise our hands to Allah and we say yarraman your harmony. Tina Mila done kurama Yama raha mean I want your Rama simply by asking Allah azza wa jal will give why because he is the right man. When we want his right amount, the right amount of Man will give us that Rama because Rama means a soft compassion. Rama means to feel a sense of genuine care and concern. Rama is a softness our scholars say of the heart of the human Of course, in a larger agenda we cannot describe but when we say Rama of the creation, we mean a softness of the heart that wants to benefit others Rama is manifested not just in feelings, but in actions. When you have Rama you

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will take care of the one you have Rama for when you have Rama, you will sacrifice for that entity. When you have Russia you will give up to please the other to make the other happy. Now of course this is human definition Allah Rama we cannot fully understand but it may means that Allah azza wa jal will send upon us His blessings, his compassion, His mercy, and of course Allah subhana wa tada Rama is manifested in many, many ways and of the ways that Allah Rama is manifested, when Allah has mercy on anyone, then Allah protects that person from all enemies, as Allah says in the Quran, one that Gina metacommunity COVID caffeine and Allah through your Rama protect us from the enemies. When

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Allah has Rama on somebody, then shavon himself becomes forbidden for that person as Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah, Allahu Allah Kumara Mehta who let's move on, if it were not for Allah Rama you would follow shade on when Allah Rama comes down on us we enjoy living in this world as Allah says in the Quran, way the adoption of NASA met and failure to be when our Rama is given to people they are happy at it. And our scholars say that Rama here means the rain it means crops and vegetation. It means wealth and health. This is Allah Rama so we love Allah Hi my life becomes easier with Allah Rama and of course of Allah Rama is Jenna itself and righteousness itself as Allah

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says in the Koran, what are the hidden medica fear about the cassava in this is the daughter of a man that overlock with your Rama I want to be entered with your righteous servants meaning in Jenna so Allah Rama brings about every good Why would we not want it? That's why Allah reminds us in the Quran that Allah Rama is more precious than anything that we can earn that Allah says them Alfredo terminal la he water motohiro mimma yajima rune Allah's mercy and Allah Rama is better than anything that they can earn our wealth, our money, anything of this dunya does not equal Allah Rama. So we are always eager for Allah Rama. So we always ask Allah for Rama, Tina Mila done kurama the second

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phrase, well, hey, Lana Min emelina are ashada and Allah guide us in our affairs to that which is good guidance in this affair of ours. Now obviously, these youth they are in a quandary. They're in a situation the king wants to kill them. Their people want to expel them. And they are young men in the home fifth year to an airman who barely beat him. They were a group of teenagers, they didn't have resources. They didn't have well, they didn't have any place to go to. So they turned around

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way from their people and to Allah and they said, Oh Allah make our affairs right. We don't know what to do we leave it to you. What are Tina melodica? Tina Mila Mila done kurama wha Hey, Lana Mina Marina Rashida. We don't know what to do over love, you prepare it for us, hey Lana, you prepare you take care of and make sure that our affairs become right. They are correct. Whatever happens happens for our best interest. And so what was the response of this to these young men were not prophets. They were not angels in the home 50, attune and will be able to beat him. They were a group of teenagers, they believed in a law, but their emotion was so strong, they made this. And so panda

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law, Allah azzawajal gifted them with a miracle, even though they were not prophets. And that miracle was what they went to sleep for 300 plus years, and they had no idea that one day woke up. The King had died, the dynasty had fizzled out the people that were pagans had converted to the religion of Christianity, so they were not righteous. So Allah saved them through sleep. And they never understood because Allah azza wa jal takes care in ways they don't understand. So when they made that dua to Allah, Allah azza wa jal protected them and of course, the Delica have tells us all of the details that how Allah azza wa jal caused them to toss and turn, and that anybody who would

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come would flee away. Allah protected them for 300 years because of this simple drop. So what do we learn from this, my dear brothers and sisters, when the situation gets tough, when we have nowhere to turn to, we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And remember, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, could look within the bar, every matter of importance that you begin without remembering a law, that matter shall be mutilated, it's going to be imperfect. Whenever we begin something of importance, we make Vicar of Allah, we ask Allah blessings and do so this is a beautiful day to memorize and to use before we undertake any major decision before we do anything

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that's going to be a very big matter whether it's a new job, whether it's moving to a new place, whether it is any major decision, this is a two hour to make. And of course, especially when we have nowhere to go to surrounded by forces, we think we're going to harm or harm us. This is the daughter say robina Tina Muldoon. kurama 10. Well, hi, Lana, Minh emelina Russia and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow which is optimal level heroine Sara Malik Muhammad Sallallahu barakato