Heart Matters #05 – Dua And Its Role in Purifying the Soul

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Select hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah who either early he will be here a woman when I'm

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the one who desires to purify his heart and soul must have a healthy relationship with the act of dua. You shall never attain this gear to knifes. You shall never be on the journey to purify your culture. If you don't have a strong to elope and relationship with the concept of dua, and as I said yesterday, it's not what you say it's how you say it. It's not the words that come from your mouth. It is the spiritual field in your soul. It is the knee that you have the sincerity that you have.

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A few days ago I told you that one of the goals in fact the primary goal of Ischia to knifes is to attain the pleasure of Allah and to be in the proximity of Allah and the whole Quran. Allah mentions his name, I will Corrib only once. So we want to be close to Allah. And Allah says He is Kadeem, but he only mentions this name with one act. What either Salah Kariba do I need for any Corrib OG Buddha were to die either Dan. Allah mentions the concept of portable proximity and closeness. Only one he talks about the etiquette of DUA and the concept of dua. You are the closest you shall ever be to Allah, when you are making dua especially in such that you shall never be closer to Allah than when

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you are making dua. So if you want to be close to Allah, you want to purify your culture, you want to attain this gear to knifes. Well then the chapter of dua, the regularity of dua, the consistency of dua must be something that is demonstrable in your daily life. Brothers and sisters do ah doesn't need to be said only at one time after salah or this time No. When you start your car going to work make dua to Allah when you're sitting waiting in traffic make dua to Allah when you're sitting and doing nothing make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala dua should be a constant thing that you constantly do. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to make dua so many traditions he

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said, Nothing is more noble in the eyes of Allah than the act of dua. Hadith isn't Timothy, there is no deed that will bring you more nobility raise your ranks than the act of dua, and a Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us dua is the essence of worship, and he told us, Allah gets angry at the one who doesn't make dua to them. The one who doesn't make dua to him, Allah gets angry at him. We're supposed to make dua for each and everything. It should be a constant reality of our lives, our scholars mentioned, dua, is the number one indication of your relationship with Allah nothing indicates your relationship like dua does. Why? Because dua shows ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala you believe

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in him? It shows Allah it demonstrates you have imagined that Allah is Sameer. Allah is Karim Allah is Mujeeb Allah Allah coalition Kadia that Allah hears you sees you Allah knows you Allah has the power to answer you by raising your hands to him you are demonstrating Oh Allah I need you for everything Oh Allah I am phokeethra You are honey Oh Allah I am a created more to you are the harder underbody. So when you make dua, you demonstrate what the reality of worship is. No deed demonstrates worship as perfectly as dua, therefore, the more dua that you make, the stronger your indication of worship. And as I said, yesterday, I mentioned again today, it's not what you say it's

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a big mistake to ask, What do I should make? First and foremost, you ask yourself, what is the state of my heart? How much who sure do I have how much humility do I have? How much sincerity do I have? How much is my heart in the DUA? Never make dua with your tongue only you have no idea what you're saying you're just repeating words in a book this is not to out do our comes from the heart, and that is why our scholars mentioned listen to this carefully. A dua made in your native language from the heart is more powerful than a dua in Arabic that you find in a book and you don't know what it means. The language is irrelevant. Dua is a universal action. No scholar in Islamic history said you

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must make dua in Arabic No, the Quran is an Arabic that they could have chosen

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As an Arabic but dua in any language and the best dua, the one that comes from your heart, no doubt if you learn the Quran and Sunnah to us and understand them, that is obviously the best. But if you don't know Arabic and you don't understand them, the DUA that comes from your heart is the strongest dua. So I promised you yesterday. I'm going to teach you some doors from the Sunnah about us here to call, but I want to reiterate, don't just jump to these three, four doors that I'm going to mention No, make dua for everything your DUA is this Kyoto call, you're making dua shall purify your heart because you will have to humble yourself in front of Allah. That is the skill you will have to

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demonstrate your Eman to Allah that is the skill you will have to have a class that is Teskey you will demonstrate all aspects of servitude that is this gear nonetheless there are specific doors that our Prophet sallallahu I descended would make now I know we're not being able to write down here but I'll say it slowly you can watch the video later on. So you can inshallah write it down yourself. You can Google these two hours you will find them in any book of Da these are prophetic to us that our Prophet system would make about his heart I'll mention a few of them of course as usual time is limited. Number one, our prophets Allah seven would regularly make dua to Allah yarmulke

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label Kulu be fair bit I'll be Allah artic. Oh you who causes the hearts to fluctuate? Yeah, I'm a liberal although the hearts are all not the same. Sometimes the man is strong sometimes the Man is weak. Sometimes our horseshoe is very high. Sometimes it is very low. So oh Allah you are aware of this. Oh Allah your color causes all of this. Oh Allah. I'm asking you yarmulke liberal fair bit kalbi make my curl firm Allah artic in constantly worshipping you. This is a dua for the Teskey of the cult. You're making dua to Allah to make your heart firm. You don't want it to waver you don't want it to vacillate you want it to go like the sine wave. No, you want it to be higher and higher

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getting stronger and stronger. Yum will a liberal Hulu be fair bit cut will be make my old firm on what other thought it is the first draft the second draft Hadith in Sahih Muslim all of these are Hadith are authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim beautiful there are explicit about this gear to enough's the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make dua to Allah, Allah Huma arte Neff, see Taqwa Zeki her and to her human humans, aka untar. Whether you have them Allah, I'll say it again. Allahumma RT Neff, see Taqwa of Allah give my enough's the taqwa that it deserves. Oh Allah make my enough's have the taqwa that is befitting Oh Allah make my soul have Taqwa. Then what? Zeki ha our

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whole concert series is about Tez Kia. This dua has that exact word. Zeki ha purify my club Oh ALLAH Anta how you do Monza ka Nan can purify except you You are the one who purifies we said this yesterday as well. Allah is the One who does this here. So we ask Allah for 10 Skia Allahumma Zakia Anta hiraman Zika O Allah purify my collarbone heart, you are the only one who can purify it until finally you have a mala you are it's ready you are the one who is in charge. You are the one who is in charge of all of the affairs You are my Imola. You will take care of me Oh ALLAH. So when we ask Allah for Disgaea we are demonstrating we are eager for it we want it so our constant two hours

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should also be Oh ALLAH purify my heart. Oh Allah make my heart firm and worshiping you Oh Allah make my CALB Sallim ala give me zakat of the cul de sac Kia Anta hydro Monza ca will mention one more time as limited as usual. And there are many do ours as well. And as I said, it's not just memorizing these phrases. It's saying the concept one more do I that will mention also in Sahih Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allahumma inni Areu to becoming real men, young women al bin Yasha Oh Allah I seek refuge in you I don't want this Oh Allah don't give me this. Don't give me what knowledge that doesn't benefit my heart knowledge that is dry knowledge that I

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know and don't act upon. I don't want that. I want knowledge that is beneficial. And oh Allah. I don't want a heart that doesn't humble itself in front of you. I don't want to hard heart I want to solve toto Allah, I seek refuge in You. Who because I'm turning to you, oh Allah because I don't want this. I'm scared of this. I'm scared of a heart that doesn't have the WHO assure the taqwa it doesn't have the softness it should have it sees all the miracles it has all the blessings and it doesn't care. I don't want that type of heart to Allah. I seek refuge in You Oh ALLAH from that heart. I want to heart that is soft. I want a heart that is pure. So we seek refuge in Allah

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Allahumma inni who do become in Kerbin la Yahshua I seek refuge you know from a culture that doesn't have for sure one other thing Oh,

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Add an even though it's not in the Sunnah it's derived from the Quran. And our scholars would mention this many of the great scholars of the past would make this dua Allah says in the Quran, on the Day of Judgment, all your wealth and money will be of no benefit to you, yo Mala and for our modern weather balloon. Ill man Atala has been selling on only the one who comes with a pure heart that will benefit your wealth your money will not benefit you. Doesn't matter how much millions you come earned, it will benefit you nothing on the Day of Judgment. You come to Allah with a pure heart. That's what's going to benefit you from this many greater Allameh derived from the Quran.

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Allah humara zucchini Caliban Salema Illa Allah Tala Coleman said him, Oh Allah give me a pure heart you can say it in any language. The Quran says you should have a pure heart so we make dua to Allah. Oh Allah give me a pure heart. Zucchini, Calvin Salema I want to Sallim heart so these are some doors that are from the Quran and Sunnah that we should constantly use. But once again, I want to conclude on this point before we move on to another topic tomorrow. It's not what you say. It is the continuity and how you say it. The mere act of dua is one of the most strongest mechanisms to purify your heart and soul may Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who constantly make dua and Allah

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azza wa jal will indeed accept our doors as He promised us will continue tomorrow

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