The compulsory Kushoo of the Prayer #03 – Fulfilling the pillars & obligations of Prayer

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The third type of compulsory who should not select, which is a broken, it's a pillar. If a person doesn't adhere to this third one, then his entire solid is invalid. And that is to add to the obligations, and the pillars of the pray, to adhere, to fulfill all the pillars and the obligations of the pray. So pillars of the prayer are broken, should not be left up, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you should not leave them out. And the obligations, whoever ever lifted out purposely, his entire prayer is invalid. And who ever lifted out mistakenly or forget fully, then his prayer is valid, but he must offer such the two. So at the end of the prayer, that's the

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difference between the pillar or broken wall where you are broken or broken of the prey, if you left it out, if you left it out, like a Roku, or Amazon, or Roku is a pillar of a solid. If you left that out, and you finished the first stock, and you came to the second blackout, let's say someone's standing, and you forgot to record, you just went straight into suit. Or you did the record and you forgot an entire CEU, you made only one search that you left out a pillar. If you remember, by the end of a solid, you must get up and pray a fifth, aka if you're praying Salado board, but your fifth would be your fourth because your first is invalid, because you missed a pillar. You cannot miss

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pillars in a solid now. And an obligation is different. If you miss an obligation, if you miss an obligation, purposely your solid is invalid. Like the first showed, the first show hold is an obligation. If you miss it purposely and you just got up for the further like your prayer is invalid. But if you forgot it,

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unintentionally, you forget fully you missed it, you missed the first shuffled and you've got an up and when you got up you remembered how you're not allowed to sit back down and do the shuffle no hollows, you continue to select and at the end of the prayer you do to suit so now so what we're saying is, if a person neglected some of the obligations over pillars, his prayer is invalid and this is the third time that is considered Oh sure. Obligatory Whoa, sure in a solid that you bring in you fulfill all the pillars and all the obligations of a solid