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The rise of theseTwo interpretations of Islam is due to the lack of real odema and the lack of actual training in the faith. The two interpretations are not linked to the social media and online culture, and the rise of these interpretations is due to the lack of actual training and the desire for false teaching.

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One of the more troubling matters that I find more and more increasing in our times, is the predominance of strange and unorthodox and heretical interpretations of Islam.

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It is so common to find our people in the congregation and especially our youngsters. Here's something online from some random person without any training in Islam. And he plants in their minds a bizarre understanding of the origin of our tradition, and this person begins to believe it. And it goes against the mainstream beliefs of our faith in our tradition. And what we have seen historically, and I've encountered this myself, when a person begins to deviate from mainstream Islam, this is the stepping stone to deviate from Islam itself. When a person abandons traditional beliefs, and they start tinkering and believing in the fringe types of understandings. Typically,

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you find this person going away and away until finally when a biller, they leave the faith in its entirety. And there are a number of reasons why these bizarre interpretations are on the rise of them, of course, and let's be honest here, social media, and Facebook and YouTube. What social media has done is unprecedented in the history of mankind, where a person in the privacy of his or her room in the basement of his father's house can put a message that is globally accessible. This is unprecedented. And so what happens is that eloquence wins over knowledge. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that, in the middle of the Angelus era, some types of speeches almost magical,

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you lose track of the content, and the person mesmerizes you, the person is able to convince you of something not because of the content, but because of the style, the rhetoric because of the package, and the content is swallowed down. And we see here the rise of these pseudo preachers across the globe, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Belgium, across England, everywhere here in America, people without knowledge become authorities in the faith. And by the way, this only happens in Islam. Nobody who has no training in engineering becomes an engineer online. Nobody who has no training in medicine becomes a famous doctor, but for some reason, our religion has the least is amongst the masses. And

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so a person who has never trained never studied the Quran can't even recite five to have properly becomes an authority on the religion because that person can mesmerize the audience. I know the reason as well. Why these types of beliefs are on the rise is because of the lack of real odema and scholars, fewer and fewer people are becoming scholars of this religion. And even those that are many of them are not qualified to refute these unorthodox interpretations. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted that of the signs of Judgment Day is that Allah will die and ignorant people will be boosted up so that finally those ignorant people will be considered to be an

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Ummah and our prophets, Allah Larson predicted that of the signs of the judgement day, he said in Arabic that the railway builder are going to be giving the speeches and the rule and whatnot. And they asked him who are the railway builder who are these people and the right builder are those who said they don't have the knowledge they are the johanne they don't have the knowledge and yet people consider them to have knowledge

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