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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi makes us comprehend aptly about chapters 48 and 49 of the book Kitaab At Tawheed.

Chapter 48 talks about those who make fun of anything where mention is made of Allah or the Qur’an or the Messenger ﷺ and they are the ones who have committed Kufr or disbelief.

We are made aware of how there is a difference between backbiting and admonition, and loyalty to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ and also an understanding of the difference between forgiveness which Allah loves and severity in dealing with the enemies of Allah.

Chapter 49 deals with the issue of how it is to say – “This wealth is the result of my labour and knowledge” and how this is against Tawhid. Verses of the Qur’an are sought to seek clarifications about this grave error we do.

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah chapter 48 page 148 who makes fun of anything we're mentioned is made of a lower the Quran or messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commits disbelief okay this Scylla and hamdulillah number one a sign of bonus will be la Himanshu reenforcing fusina woman, Dr. Marina de la Vela mobile Allah, Allah hodja

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Lola Buddha shikara Mohammed abu allah sudo This is an extremely important chapter, a very important chapter. Everyone should pay attention here it is an extremely important chapter to make fun of, to mock to ridicule anything of the Quran, or the sun, or the religion of Islam for the Prophet Mohammed Salah Leviathan, this is an act of an act of disbelief, okay? This is very important because too many Muslims are guilty of this. Too many Muslims are guilty of it. Forget the normals and even the many of the Muslims they make fun of something the foreigners isn't okay. Either they make fun of the Sunday itself or any kind of support on Islam and this is clear, open bleakest.

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Okay, no one has an excuse for making fun of the Prophet sallallaahu I didn't ever make fun of a lot when they put on there is no excuse here. Okay, or they make fun of something Islamic, such as Florida, or Georgia. Or they might they might mimic it will do it and they find out boo boo, okay, or they make fun of the beer or something that is Islamic or the hijab, okay. In this case.

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Well, you even though it definitely can make fun of the concept of for whites to make fun of this concept of cutting the handle or stoning adulterers to ridicule these concepts. Okay, this case, in this case, this person might be guilty of Kufa. If he realizes that this thing is an Islamic customer, and it's not a practice, then he makes forever despite that fact, that this is the type of cover. Now the question he must realize is you must know it. Okay. Suppose for example, many females don't have the beard, okay? And they say, Oh, this is not you know, this is look so stupid and whatever. Okay, what are you going to tell them? First of all, your process of how to do this is by

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age, not by consensus? What do you say it's fun to watch people misbehave or whatever. Everyone acknowledges the proper interview. When you make fun of the good, you automatically come into diplomacy. Okay, secondly, to grow the beard, according to the Christ opinion is obligatory, as we said, all of the foot massages are unanimous on this, okay, is that a good review for the men is a literary act. It's not something that's just so no, it is obligatory for the men to go via, okay. So you have to make sure that brother understands and realizes that if he realizes it, and he despite that he makes fun of it, then this is an act of coup for an activist. Okay, this is the point of

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this chapter. How can you make fun of something that ally said, How can you make fun of something that the congressman said indeed, anyone that makes fun of it is as if he's making fun of Allah and His messenger? And we said that certain things, even ignorance is no excuse to curse a London messenger to make light of Allah to make fun of Allah's Messenger to make clinical art really crucial for us. No excuse you don't obviously don't you don't have to have knowledge for this type of stuff. Elected That is insane. Obviously, if he is saying, there is no excuse to make fun of Allah and His Messenger, the punishment is death. You ridiculed you curse Allah and His messenger

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that punishment for that is death. And the scholars say he who curses Allah messenger, the prophet Mohammed Salah LA, why do you send them? It doesn't matter. Obviously, when we're in when we're in an Islamic State, we're not talking about America or England. Okay. Why would Islamic State It doesn't matter what he does after that, even if he repents, he is going to be killed. The correct opinion is that a person who curses Allah messenger and makes fun of Allah's Messenger and denigrates the status of a loved messenger, his punishment is death. As soon as he utters that status, it doesn't matter if your pet after that is repentance is with a law, we don't care. Our

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punishment, we are not allowed to forgive that man. We have to kill him as soon as the Islamic State takes hold of it. Okay. And this is not the case in the Catholic country. We don't do this in a normal country. It's not our right to do. Okay. So for example, for Mother's Day, and he clearly makes fun of a lot His Messenger in his book, I read his book, parts of it. I couldn't read beyond a certain point, but he clearly ridiculed Allah's Messenger. He clearly ridiculed the prophets wives. He compared them to prostitutes in his book, okay. He clearly ridiculed Allah's Messenger is more than a Mohammed he really kills Ibrahim, he calls him the bastard Ibrahim. He says the pastor he

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left his life in case it's exactly what he said, I read it with my own two eyes. Okay, this type of person if he was in an Islamic State, his punishment is death. No, no, no repentance is exempted from him. If your attempt is with Allah subhanaw taala it's not our business, this type of person, if we get a hold of him in an Islamic State, once they get so many such was not correct. We're not allowed to kill him outside an Islamic State. Okay, this is not our right to do. This is you know, we leave his state and we don't do anything to because if we do if we were to do so, we would cause more harm to the Muslims, right? It's not I like to do so we're going to kill him. We're going to

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cause more harm to the Muslims. The government's are going to start persecuting us and so on, so forth. But apart from that, if a person like this exists in an Islamic State, no repentance

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is accepted from him. Either if he sincerely offenses your sentences with Allah not with us, we cannot forgive a person who curses almost messenger. And this shows you the love that we have for our loved messenger, our cursing Allah subhana wa Tada. The scholars say in this case, yes, if he repents, and he opens his declares his repentance, then we say that okay your matter is with Allah subhanaw taala Why is this always saying that the Prophet is greater than Allah? No, we are saying that the prophets have a long life and has an obligation that we have to fulfill and that is it whoever curses Allah messenger, it is not our right to forgive him was Leverkusen to forgive him or

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not, you understand the difference? Unlike messenger, he is a human being, he is now good. So this responsibility is now upon us that rebel Chris loves messenger, he is going to be killed whether your parents or not, whereas someone who curses a lot that if you repent, if he sincerely repents, right and we, we think that inshallah he has repented, then we leave him alone. We don't we don't kill him. Obviously, if we catch him and he is cursing a lot, did we kill him? But if we catch him after he has repented, okay, after he has repented, he said, No, I mean, I made a mistake. And this is not difficult for him now Muslim, okay, in this case, that's not to say we leave them alone if he

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was crossing over. But if he was cursing Allah messenger, then it is not our rights. It is not our privilege to forgive him. The profit center has passed away, he is dead now. So we leave his matter to Allah, we execute him immediately. Okay, so the point is that what is the point of this chapter to ridicule Allah to ridicule His messenger to ridicule by Sahaba, even by the way to really call the Sahaba to ridicule anything that is Islamic. This is an act of Kufa. This is an act of disbelief and a person must repent for what he has stated. Now, we

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have to learn the most exalted set if you ask them they declare we were only talking idly and joking say Was it an Ola and his ayah and His Messenger so Lola Whoa, they well even someone that you were mocking

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even Omar Mohammed bin Zayed even Aslam and catheter narrated the following has he, in the course of the campaign of the Battle of

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a man came up when the antiquated we have seen no people with greater appetite, more lying more cowardly in battle than those people. He meant Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions. Oh, then Malik rose and said, in fact, you are the liar and a hypocrite and Elon formulas messenger so low level they were so limited by your words. So he went to a messenger, so we'll go they were so long, but by then he was already informed through revelation. Meanwhile, the hypocrite also protocol was messengers mobile level they were so long when he started journey and was already on his camel. He pleaded O Messenger of Allah, who were only joking and trying to pass

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the time while traveling. Even more rhodiola one who said that if I see him that he was clinging to the saddlecloth of the messenger of a less camel, as it ran in his legs were being battered by the rough ground. And even then he continued pleading allez messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what is it that alone his ayah and His messenger that you were mocking? Make no excuse you disbelieved after you had believed. Neither, he's a little level he was someone looked towards him when he spoke, and he can further

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in this heartbeat, which is a very strong heartbeat, right? During the Battle of the book, during the Battle of the book, which occurred,

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I think, in the eighth year of the professor Mercer, eighth or ninth, right, but basically during this battle, a large group of without their own, were accompanying the Muslims, okay, the hypocrites, they will accompany the Muslims in this special. Okay, so there was a person of these hypocrites. He said, I have not seen any of our researchers who are Buddhists, anybody reciters actually, the transition deleted that they translated deleted us. But what he's saying is we have not seen the reciters measles recharges as a foreign meaning the Prophet and his messengers a little longer to them. So just we're not just talking about the Prophet sallallahu. I didn't add to add

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death companion to the processor on just shows you by the way that's unique. One of the companions is also type of disbelief. So imagine that she at the right time, we're actually considered in caucus. Okay. In the damia says in one of his books, that is his end of a footnote footnote. He says, Whoever, whoever is in doubts, as to the disbelief of the Shiites, who claim that the Sahaba could pass, then he himself should doubt his email. Basically, a person who is in doubt as to whether the she has a conference in the sense that this belief that that person isn't himself, she does his own demons, that person is guilty. Of course, if if this loved one often made fun of the

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companions, he didn't accuse him of disbelief. He ridiculed them. And the verse was revealed that this is an act of purpose. Then imagine how greater the actual scope is when you accuse all of the prophets companions of becoming conscious, okay. We say just Rp. That is the opposite of

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We don't say all she has a conference again, we say this IP that this belief is the belief of to accuse the Prophet companions of disbelief is a leap of faith. We move on now, back to the normal mode, we say that this this would not have he said, I have not seen any of our reciters I have not seen any of our reciters they

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are like they are as fat bellies as them. They don't they're not as fat as these people and they are lower that is greater lies in them. And they are no one that is more cowardly than when they meet in battlefields. What does he think? He is saying that to Florida and Allah messenger have great appetites, huge bellies. Okay, and that they are liars, and that they are cowards in battle. Now, first of all, is what he said true?

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Is anything that he said true.

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fact that the Prophet his companions had large bellies around the villa, who are the people that used to tie rocks to their stomachs, in order to, you know, make them feel that they were full. Remember, when they passed by, and they had rocks tied to their stomachs? Why would they tell us because psychologically, you feel that you have a full stomach, so you're kind of hungry, died down. Okay, that's how hungry they were. And they went to the conference house and the topic of pictures showed up, and they saw that he had lost his stomach in the process, and was feeling even more hungry than than they were. Okay. How about the fact that they said that they are more likely than

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them? What did they do afterwards, instead of say, when he saw this office space? I knew that this was the space of a one that could never mind.

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How about the fact that they were the most cowardly in battle? What did the Sahaba said, when the battle became tough, we used to seek protection from Hamas messenger, we used to go behind allies message and seek protection. So the first point that we have to notice that we're not their feet are pure, utter liars, downright filthy lies, no truth whatsoever.

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Secondly, they have the audacity to talk about it and spread these types of lies. And this is the attitude of deliberately was in the past and say that there are three characteristics or the characteristics of the hypocrites. The first one is when he speaks, he lies, he's had different types. When he speaks he lies. So the first thing that we notice is that the hypocrite here, whatever his name, what he said, the most blatant, the most outrageous lies about a lot is messenger, no truth to them whatsoever. Okay. And to our times, we have groups of people, all they do is they spread lies and rumors about the famous life at this time. So we're so sad. This also

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said that no basis to them, but they love to spread it to people more and more. And this is the attitude of the hypocrites, is that they don't base what they say upon truth, they base it upon life. Okay, so how can we make one of the companions, he stood up, he became angry, he said,

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he, first of all, he defended them, he says, You have lied to his editor. And this shows you that when we hear around his messenger being defamed, when we hear that the prophets campaigns are being denigrated, the true Muslim has to become angry, he becomes angry, he says, You have lied. What is metaphysics? Does that say you are a liar? Rather, you are a monastic. And I will go ahead and form a Live Messenger about what you just said. So look at the the anger and the jealousy that overtook this companion, how dare you make these payments? Right, I'm gonna inform the pocket about what you just said. So that he knows that you are in Wanaka. Okay, so he received from his place in the in

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the army to the profits course. And what did he find?

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He found that a lot already revealed this. So this shows you like we said, these type of incentives to increase the month look at this man, he rushed immediately to inform the processor, but a lot already preceded him by circulation, before the man could read the content of what may be a few minutes or less evolution had already come down to the angels up. Okay. And a lot had already had already informed the progress of a lot of him about these people.

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So when the news spread in the community, that the horn has been revealed regarding this monopoly, right, what did the NFL do now, this shows you how cowardly they are, okay. Now, when he has an expose, what he has said has been exposed, he goes through the process of seeking forgiveness. Why did you do this act in the first place? You know, but what is his pot hasn't exposed, he goes to the process of seeking His forgiveness. Now the property is riding on his horse or his his camel, okay? And he was clinging to the pocket saddle. And the profitsystem would not even turn to look at this person. And that, in and of itself is a severe punishment shows you how angry the Prophet was, he

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would not even turn to look at this person, or even respond to his existence. So the man kept on clinging to the puppet saddle and he thinks we're only joking. We're only making we're just I think sometimes we didn't really mean it, even though he did mean it. But he's not giving a pathetic excuse to the Prophet. He said we just passed the time, just like we're going in is really we just say something. We don't really need it. Okay, we just try to cut the time. We're just jerky and this is the shot. This is the

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point is that he's saying we're just joking. Okay, we didn't really intend it. We were just joking about this episode. Okay, so the processor would not even turn to him, he wouldn't even look at him, he wouldn't even acknowledge his existence and the man is holding on to the pocket title and being dragged by the profits force, so that he's being dragged in the sand by the profits force. Okay, try to keep up with the profit source. And the profit from the Huawei setup is not even giving him as this is the time of day. He does not even turn to look at it. And he just recites the verse that was just revealed like, No, I'd be lucky. Where is he? Well, assuming he could have just as he would

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have you dared make fun of Allah, and His signs and His Messenger you do to make fun of science. And that says that digital, don't give you excuses. Don't give these excuses caused by the money you have committed after email. This is an act of super to make fun of Allah and His science and his messages you have committed after you have, after you had a certain email, the very fact that you made the statement is a statement of purpose.

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So this is the point of the chapter is to make fun of a lot to make fun of us messages to make fun of science, meaning all those verses in the Koran, meaning the religion of Allah, make fun of everything. And the religion of a lot is an act of

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so many people, when they any kind of player, they kind of they make fun of Islamic punishments, cleaning up their habits, when you get a doctor, they don't realize this is an act of copper. So the first thing you must do is teach these people teach them that this is an act of Islam. And so they kind of just act as a buffer is an actor COVID and if they persist, the knows that these people like a lesson for us, or they can talk to them by the medical, they have done go for after they have accepted events, and is very punishment that the process of engaging them not even looking at him shows you the gravity of his sin.

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Because you know, in general, whenever seen would come to the person who would accept the excuses. This was the nature of the promises. When the Prophet returned from after the battle for who many of them went after him. They didn't go in fighting when the prophets returned in and I met Dr. Taylor that we had dinner for cellular is that it is my duty is to sit and listen.