The Possibilities of A Single Good Deed

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When our profit system in the last phases of Mecca realized that he needed to migrate to another city, when he realized that he couldn't live in Mecca for too long, he started approaching the other tribes, trying to get some tribe to sponsor him trying to get some tribe to get him, you know, away from the rush. And he would go and target the famous tribes, the powerful tribes, it made sense, you target the tribes that are established, he would target the houses in the kingdom. These are names of tribes that have 10s of 1000s of people, they have large settlements. And one day as he's laying out his plan, and will back out of the law, one was his main secretary and saying, okay, we're going

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to go today to this tribe. And we're going to go to that tribe. And he mentioned two of the big tribes they're going to talk to, and the goal of talking to them was to see if they would be willing for the process and to migrate from muck to their lens. So one day there have the agenda between tribes and tribes. And these are big, massive tribes. And as they're walking, the Profit System sees a group of five people sitting in the middle of nowhere in minute the days of Hajj.

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And he asks, Who are you? They said, Oh, we are from the tribe of the huzur. Raj.

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Raj, this isn't one of the big names. It's not one of the famous tribes. Even the process in his brain is thinking has Raj, which has the Raj. Oh, the hazard as of yesterday, is that has Raj the hazard hazard of the city of yesterday. Remember, Medina was called yesterday before it was called Medina, the hazard of Yes. Well, they said yes, yes. The hazard edge of yesterday, that one. So the process was said, Can I sit with you? Do you have some time, they said, Sure, sit down,

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realize this wasn't on the agenda. The 100 was not on the plan. The plan was the big tribes, the fancy tribes. And that makes sense. When you want to approach people for protection, you go to the big shots, total sense. But here's the point. Now you have an opportunity to do some good, do it, let a lot take care of the results. The process of sat down with the husband edge, he gave them the call to Islam with the same passion, the same sincerity, the same pure loss that only he has, that he also gave to the larger tribes. And they thanked him and life went on. He didn't even think about that life goes on. But Subhanallah as we all know where this is heading, that small seed of Islam

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that was planted in those people, quite literally changed the course of history.

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Those five people they went back, some of them converted, and they began preaching to their fellow tribesmen in

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the next year 70 people came as Muslims The next year, they demanded the Prophet system, come back with us For how long will you be persecuted in Makkah, we shall take care of you so much. So when the process and preach to them those five people, Allah showed him a dream. And he showed him the city of Medina. And Allah said to the process of in a dream, this is where you're going to migrate. But the prophets of the law who it was sent him didn't put one plus one together. He didn't put he didn't think of the 100. And he thought, maybe the people of Yemen that I had spoken to the big guys, one of those big tribes, they're gonna convert because Yemen was also green and luscious. When

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he saw Medina, he didn't see a nameplate of Medina, he saw date palms, and he saw water wells. And that's not my cup. And the voice said to him, this is where you're going to migrate. The Prophet system said, when I saw the dream,

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my imagination and my desires went to Yemen. But lo and behold, it turned out it was yesterday or Medina, meaning even the Prophet system did not recognize what had just happened with the hostage. He didn't recognize it, until the hustlers came back. And they then said, you're going to come with us, we're not going to let you be persecuted. We're not going to let the Muslims be killed in Makkah, we will give you our safety and our promise, and the rest, as we quite literally know his history. Literally, the history of Islam changed because of the hegira. Because from weakness to power, from having no state to being the leader of the state, etc, etc. How did that begin? Once

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again, there's this minor act over here, and that is the act of preaching to people that weren't even on the agenda. An opportunity came to do good and the prophets of the law Who are you send them did it

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Law is

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in effect