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Al Hamdulillah. All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He is He it is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and the one who answers the call of the week. Brothers and sisters, we have spoken about fall asleep multiple times in the last week. And some amongst us even feel a sense of fatigue, hearing about Philistine we have spoken about it almost every single day.

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If we get tired of merely speaking about it, what do you think of those that are living that tragedy right now, one of the things we cannot do is to ignore that reality. And in fact, my advice to myself in all of you is that do not scroll over those images and those videos that we see on Facebook and on our WhatsApp. rather watch them so that your hearts remain alive at the pain and suffering that is happening. as we speak. The situation has gone from bad to worse. And there's only so much that we can do.

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I advise myself in all of you first and foremost, to follow the news. Log on just for the sake of that particular area. Find out what is going on and understand and listen so that perhaps inshallah Allah our hearts will always remain motivated, as well. Do not trivialize the spiritual elements of combating this problem. I have spoken multiple times about this, do unzicker and and charity and helping out in whatever way that spirituality feeling a part of the oma that spirituality in shallow to Allah will be our salvation on the Day of Judgment do not trivialize da if the least that the DA will accomplish is that it will soften our hearts it has accomplished enough. And Allah knows maybe

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a DA from a righteous amongst us might be accepted as well. Dear Muslims, I want every one of us to educate himself or herself about the political realities of philosophy and so that you can challenge the narrative in your own circle of friends. In your own acquaintances, I want every one of you to become an ambassador for this cause because it is an Islamic cause. Do not allow any of your friends or acquaintances to say something that is incorrect, become a beacon of information. If all of us did this, then the narrative will change. Every one of you has friends in your own circle your colleagues at work, every one of you has people that follow you on Facebook that have the opposite

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news that have the incorrect understanding, perhaps you can be the one whom Allah uses to change one person's narrative and gain one ally and support be proactive and be wise and know your facts know your figures. And that requires you to study as well. Also, brothers and sisters now was also the time to monitor our own elected officials and others in our community who are allying with the wrong side. And of course, it's true, our quantities are small, but in some areas, we can have clout and influence and eventually insha Allah to Allah, we will have the numbers to have a change across this country. But there are areas in this country where we already have those demographics. We cannot sit

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by silently when our own elected officials make such statements, challenge them, tweet at them, write to them. And if there's alternative candidates in the next election, the least we can do is to make this one of the key issues that we judge the validity of a candidate by what is a person stance on fellows theme. What is the person's stance on Israel, that should be one of the key issues that we look at every time somebody runs for public office. Also, as I have said before, no matter how painful that is, but we also have traitors in our midst who are clearly and vocally allying with the wrong side, or cuddling up with entities that themselves have long agendas, we have to monitor them

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and make sure we do not forget that in this time of crises. These people some of whom even have some knowledge they they took they were on the wrong side of history as well. Brothers and sisters, one of the most difficult things to save, there are some people that are misguided in their understanding of Islam. And unfortunately, they make this issue, nothing to do with the apartheid regime. And they blame the Muslims or they blame other entities or they blame a political group and fall asleep and they say the fault is all there is forget those other issues. Right now we have an aggressor and we have those upon whom regression is done. Right now we have a volume and we have

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some of the room. Anybody who

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ignores the volume. Anybody who ignores the Zionist apartheid entity and concentrates on maybe some mistakes were made or maybe other issues have to be done. But now is not the time we have an A clear enemy. I do want move in and for anybody to ignore that enemy and to instead say it's your fault or your fault or your fault, then this is an internal enemy. We will discuss our differences later on. No doubt they're different understandings of Islam. But right now the oma has to unite under the banner of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah. Anybody who wants to divide the oma now, anybody who's going to point fingers within the oma even as the bonds are dropping, and you ignore them,

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this is a person who the least that we can say about him lacks complete wisdom and hikma and does not understand the reality of Islam. And I say this because I know some of them are sincere, and some of them genuinely believe this is their version of Islam, but they are misguided and mistaken, even if Allah forgives them on the Day of Judgment, and we need to call out this backwardness of trying to find fault with other Muslims and other understandings and ignoring the bigger enemy in the room. There is a time and a place to talk about internal issues right now, when people are dying and children are being buried and bombs are falling on our heads. Now is not the time to divide and

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disunite also brothers and sisters, there are charities that Alhamdulillah are doing positive deeds in in the in front of scene and there are hospitals that we can help. There are other things that can be done, find out any registered charity that we're allowed to give to an help and also find out about the BDS movement. The BDS movement is an economic pressure that the Muslims can put any company that is supporting any company that is operating in occupied territories, any company that is benefiting from that illegal occupation, find out what they are, publicize them amongst us and tell us to boycott that company do not buy products at that company, we have to apply economic

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pressure when our profits are migrated to Medina, one of the conditions of the treaty inside Medina was that the yahood of Medina could not deal economically with the flourish if they did so they would break the treaty you have to use economic pressure as well. And this is what the BDS movement is and every Muslim should be a supporter of this movement. These are some of the pressures that we can do. And of course more than this is that which other entities and governments can do we do what we can now you can follow who Neff Sam Illa was haha but brothers and sisters, the fellow Steen issue, the Palestine issue is not something we that we can ever ignore. It's not something we can

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ever trivialize further Steen and masjidul oxa is our holy land if it is taken whether you have to build it or do Billa we are all failures right now the people of Philistine and the people at the forefront. These are the people that we need to be making dua for we should be proud of every single woman child and man amongst them well law he brothers and sisters a great scholar online he said those people that have died over there, they're the ones that are alive and all of us here we are dead. We seek Allah's refuge, those that have died and fellow Steen defending arcsoft they're the ones who are alive because Allah says in the Quran that the Shaheed is not dead, and here we are the

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entire oma and we can do nothing It is as a spiritually spiritually we have failed, we ask Allah azza wa jal for his refuge locally for low enough sun Illa with these are some points and a shallow to other experts and those that know can give us more details. But every one of us must do our job. And every one of us must do something so that we can tell along the Day of Judgment, Oh Allah, I tried my best This is all that I could do. And that's what I did. And perhaps in that small amount, perhaps Allah xojo might forgive us Allah home in the dying for Aminu, Allah Hamada and if you had the Naomi's M and Illa for tap water Hammond Illa for Raja one Idina illa kadota, whether Maria on

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English or feta, whether I see it on India Sarita Allah fildena one in video seven I believe, man, what is he? I feel

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amanu robina indicado Rahim Allah whom is in Islam I will muslimeen Allahumma is Al Islam I will Muslim in Allahumma is Al Islam I will Muslim in Allah hohman Aradhana orada mocha desitin Abdul Allah, whomever it could be here Allah ja Kuya Aziz, Oh Allah we ask you to destroy the tyrants of Allah destroy the oppressors of Allah. Allah show us the miracles of your power in them Allah help our brothers and sisters and fellow Steena Allah help them to overcome the evil and the aggressors, Oh Allah, Allah Allah show us your Rama and mercy and power through them and by them our law for indeed you are the kawi You are the Aziz rabada law in the law tada America better and better bkv

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nafsa within the Malacca the potency was under 30 Kuma, Yamuna. manjinder he went insane for power lies in Nepal and edema in Allah homiletical to saloon Allah nebby you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam robotic one Abdullah roswitha Muhammad wa

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Kuru la Italia. Optimus Allah.

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