Stories From The Past #15 – Finger of Muhammad ibn Wasi’

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a Muslim man named Mohammed bin Salman led a fight in the Middle East, leading to the deaths of many people. The Muslim men were trying to figure out who was the right person to use for warfare, and the Muslim men were trying to figure out what kind of person they should be. The segment describes the history of the conflict and how it affected the way men and women react to war.
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he told me

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the power over dua

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truly there is a great tool that a Muslim has and it's a weapon

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in his arsenal.

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The great predecessor Mohammed in wasa was a soldier in the army led by a potato that had been Muslim. And they were on the conquest of caribou.

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As they were there and the armies were clashing, the leader Otaiba who was saying where is Mohammed bin wasa? luz de. I need Mohammed bin Weiser. Where is he? So they started looking for him. They found him having prayed solid

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imagine this is the battle people are fighting. He's just praying sleight of hand and he's holding his spear. He's raising his finger to the sky. And he's saying yeah, how you Yeah, for Yom Yeah. How are you? Yeah. For Yom Yeah. How are you ever you've been making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. And this difficult moment, lifting his finger up. They went back to Otaiba and they said to him, this is what Muhammad in wasa is doing. You know, his prayer is now he's making dua he said, Wallah he, by Allah, the finger of Muhammad devinwatson is greater and more beloved to me. Then 1000 1000 well presented young men with 1000 unleashed sword.

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How Allah because that reality the reality is that a person can be a righteous person, known amongst the people for his righteousness, and his finger, which obviously is not going to be used for fighting so who am used for physical warfare, but it's at a finger which is connected with dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. And that finger from a sincere, pure heart can be much more powerful than any army can be much more powerful than any money can bring so much, you know, greatness and Baraka a blessing from 1000 businesses or whatever, because Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the One Who owns everything. So you have that connection to Allah, then you will have that greatness in achieving

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things and Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the One who gives his dua, the DUA that you make is in the hands of Allah, Allah who will answer the DUA no doubt how he will answer that is something that we don't know and sometimes Allah will choose how to answer for you, which is best for you. So never think that by making sure that you are, you know, maybe you don't see the answer that the DA has gone towards, rather than dua is there?

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And Allah subhanaw taala will answer in the best way and that is actually the best way that you should feel, you know, you should find yourself you know, what, what is best for you. I was on a talk show with with my colleagues, Sheikh Mohammed and he was telling me this, this this story, but two of there were two colleagues that finished high school and they were, they were making the arts about where to go so one of the sailors make dua, so one of them and his colleague, he said, I ask Allah to allow me to go and study in the University of Rome, doorman Islamic University and doorman in Sudan. He must have thought this is a great you know, this is a great place to be it's a great

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he said, What about you? Mohammed, what do you want to do? I said, I'm gonna ask Allah to take me to the university that he thinks or he sees best for me.

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So he left that choice in the handle Allah subhanaw taala. Later on this guy is the art was answered. He went to undermanned and Sheikh Mohammed ended up going to an SR University.

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Obviously, which has, you know, a much longer sort of history and a wider access to lots of knowledge. Allah Subhana Allah chose for him, what is good so let Allah choose for you make the DUA associated yourself with Allah subhanaw taala Muhammad in was here

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was a righteous man and he wasn't arrogant. He wasn't thinking I my finger I just go around. Like almost like, I had gotten on something, but actually even one of his sayings. And this the humility of the people he said, By Allah,

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if sins, if sins and badness had a smell, nobody was sit in my proximity. And that's obviously from his humility because otherwise he was a righteous man. May Allah be pleased with him.