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Allah talks about such that when something incredible happens. Allah talks about such that when a miracle happens when the when the sorcerers The Magicians saw the staff of Musa turned into a snake, a giant snake and eat whatever my FICO and whatever they had made up, they couldn't help themselves they fell into such.

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Allah azza wa jal first announces to the to all of the angels and we understand that it includes at the time, at least among them in this announcement in the Holy Quran, mashallah and maintain, I am about to create a human being from dirt or from clay. So Allah has, when he's saying this, he has not made Adam yet. Either Malaysia has not been created yet. But the announcement has been made, that Allah is about to do it. This is Holly on Bashar and maintain. And then for either the word either in Arabic is used for describing something that is going to happen in the future, it is a way to who when the first two female rookie and when I'm done balancing him, and when I blow into him

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from my role. So it's none of this has happened yet it's going to happen. Then he says, * out Rula who said then fall into such the before. Now, there's a there's a discussion about lamb that I had with a notable scholar many years ago. And I was surprised that a few months ago, he agreed with what I what I said about this.

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And I'll talk about that in a little bit. But I want you to focus first, on the first piece of this conversation, Allah has described that he is about to create our father. And he has also described the process he's going to use to create us, he says, first of all, I'm going to make him from clean. Now let's pause here for a second, we're not the only creation on this earth made from clean. In fact, all of the animals and all of the species that exist on this planet also are made from clean. So that's the common element between us. And the rest of the life that exists on this planet, all of the animals, and all of the insects all of it, that's that's from thin, fine. But there's something

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additional about this creation that he's about to make our father and by extension us. That is more than just lean. There's something more than just this animal presence, this animal existence. And by the way, we have something in common with animals, animals, seek food, and shelter, we go to the grocery store seeking food, we go to the restaurant seeking food, we look for shelter to in fact, those are the two primary things that drive us to get an education and get a job or start a business at the end of the day, it boils down to food and shelter, what's in the fridge. And whether or not you're living in a home that has proper shelter, or the electricity bills paid is the water running.

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What I'm trying to say is we're just way more advanced at getting food and shelter than animals. But at the end of the day, those are the same basic functions, and then they procreate, they have children, they continue the species. And that's what human beings do, too. So in that sense, as far as the continuity of life, we're not that much different from the animal kingdom, and from what any other species does. We build homes, a bird builds a nest, we go out and you know, seek orders and the birds go out and they seek a risk. But then Allah adds, he's informing the angels, why is this creation from dirt, different from all the other species that exist for it as a way to who when I

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when I make him balanced? When I make him balance, that's we as actually to perfect and balance the craft of something. So for example, if somebody is designing, you know, or welding metal, they kind of make sure that the metal is welded completely even. And they have tools to make sure that it's completely straight. That's called test we're. So Allah says that there's a level of balance and perfection that is going to be added to this creature that doesn't exist in other creatures, but in a in one sense. Other species physically have way more balanced than we do. Monkeys can hang on one arm, they have pretty good balance, birds have amazing reflexes, right? So this is talking more than

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just our ability to stand up on two feet. Allah is telling us that human beings will have an ability to balance opposing things, they're going to have the ability, for example, to balance their individual needs, with the needs of their family. They're going to balance their personal responsibilities with social responsibilities. They're going to balance their, their rights and their responsibilities. They're going to balance our entire life is actually going to amount of balance and in fact, today now, there are you know, there's a multi million dollar industry that you know, teaches most you know, successful people, business people, executives, they attend these work

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life balance seminars, right to achieve balance and Allah says that human beings have the potential this human being will have the potential to live a life that is evened out, that's balanced as one of the great qualities of the human being that Allah describes. That's going to make him amazing. So first he's made like

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every other animal, but then he's got this remarkable ability to balance things. And then he says on top of all of that, one of us to feed him a rule he, by the way, one aspect of balance before I go further, is he says, I, you know, the balance is actually between our impulses, our emotions, and our thought process. So let me explain what that means. When when when a hungry dog sees something, it goes in, it bites it, it doesn't think about the consequences. There's the emotion and then there's the action. That's it. But human beings, they can look at something and say, No, that's illegal. Not that's haram. Not their mind comes in at work, they think about the consequences.

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You're getting late for work, there's a red light, right? You have the ability to balance your emotion, your need your desire to get to work early, but your need to abide by the law and stop at the red light, we're able to balance our thoughts and our emotions. Unlike other species, when they have an emotion, they have an impulse. They jump on it, they react, but we can think about the consequences, we can think about the long term, we can hold ourselves back. And that's actually one of the great names of our intellect in the Quran, is a hedger and a no ha These are words that are used to describe our intellect and an agent means a boulder a rock, because the rock is a barrier to

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moving forward and a new highest prevention. Because our our mind prevents us from doing stupid things. It gets in our way. And sometimes, you know, you get I get overwhelmed with emotions, and we make stupid decisions, or we say things we shouldn't have said, or we do things we shouldn't have done because we weren't thinking at the time, because we let our emotions get out of balance, right? So Allah azza wa jal here says, human beings will be made with this amazing ability of balance. Then he says, when it comes to female Ruhi, and then on top of that, I will blow him to him from my own rule, meaning, the room that Allah Allah has especially designed for this human being this special

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spiritual connection, this special thing that will connect him, this human being and Allah together in a unique way, in this unique powerful way, that's what's going to be inside him. So this room is inside him. Unlike other animals and other species, there's a special kind of thing a special kind of light inside this human being. So he's made up of these three things he's made up of dirt, and he's made up of this balance, and he's made up of this little three components Allah described in this ayah and he let the angels know these are the three parts that will make this human being amazing. And when these three things come together, then for that ruler Husar God and then fall into

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such that so when you study such that in the Quran, you learn something, if you just scan the entire Quran and look at where Allah talks about such that Allah talks about such that when something incredible happens, Allah talks about such that when a miracle happens when the when the sorcerer's, the magician's saw the staff of Musa turned into a snake, a giant snake and eat whatever my FICO and whatever they had made up, they couldn't help themselves they fell into such that when Christian people came to visit Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they heard the Quran Tara, you know whom to feed Amina Domini. You're gonna see their eyes start rolling with tears. Yeah, karuna love

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Connie, so Jada and they fall on their faces and such that because they're so overwhelmed by the miracle of the Quran, there's even an incident in the scene of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, where when the IOA the kuffaar were listening to kuffaar They don't even believe in the Quran. They were listening for under Tecumseh cotton. Mr. Saar Ekati. Adam, what's the mood when the IR came I warn you of a Thunderball like the one that came to Adam for mood they fell into such that they couldn't even help themselves. They fell into such that the Quran is describing over and over again, when something overwhelming happens, something incredible happens that Allah does that only Allah

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could do that a human beings feel so powerful. It's like their knees buckle, and their pride disappears. And this this, this thing that carries our pride falls on the face. In every culture historically, this is the place of pride. This is why the king wears the crown here, not on the wrist. Nowadays, the status symbol is an expensive watch or so that's on the wrist, right? But historically, what is the show of pride in every culture is what goes on the head. Right? The turban goes on the head, the crown goes on the head, you know, this is the show of where you stand. There are countries in the world today, where they have certain kinds of headgear, only the locals can

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wear that if you wear that you get in trouble. You can wear a different color, you can't wear it, that's their color. That's the elite class. You know, this is our pride. This is our sense of position in society. And you know what all of that disappears. When you recognize the power of Allah, you're overwhelmed by that you just fall into such that that's what the Quran describes over and over again. And Allah is making a claim here to all of the angels and the angels. It's important to note the angels don't just see the scene. The angels are creatures of the unseen so what what is invisible to us like the outer shell of Allah. What is invisible to us like the jinn.

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In what is invisible to us like the secrets of the skies, many of them the angels they've they traveled through the skies. So we can be amazed by a mountain or an ocean or a waterfall, the scene world that amazes us, when somebody studies the universe and and looks through an electron microscope, they can be amazed by the vastness of the scene universe. Can you imagine add to the scene universe, those that have seen the unseen also? How much more amazed by what Allah does are they and then on top of that, they get to communicate directly with Allah, Allah talks directly to the angels. They're not like us. They have direct back and forth communication with Allah. And Allah

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is telling them that this creature is so incredible of all the vast universe that he created, of all the things that he put in this remarkable scene and unseen cone. He says this one thing is so powerful that every last one of you should be overwhelmed at what Allah has done when He created Adam,

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that you should fall into such that you should just be like in awe of this incredible miracle of Allah that deserves that all of the angels of Allah,

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Allah Kulu, whom I admire on all of them altogether fulfill into such that hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section