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Illa Illa in Saqqara, and then as our issue says, he looked up as though he saw something and the other how does that say jabril came to him make your choice on Mohammed. And he says, Allah homography Fl Allah. He says, I quickly made the recitations to rub on him to say all lucky for him, he said, No, but send in la hora Allah, but ask Allah to give me the companionship of the ones most Hi. So then

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in this situation,

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with the Silva having just been completed, and he having made his choice, and the hand trying to put water on its face, the hand fell

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short of the law and he realized that Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has passed away and

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the cry, the heart ache,

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you can't imagine it.

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So then, she sent for Abu Bakr Casa de, and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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that as the hand filled, the room became filled with fragrance, a smell a perfume, a sin, covered the room, and on Salah says I placed my hand on his chest.

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And because he's in fever and sweating, and I lifted my hand and Juma came in Juma when I used to eat and make will do, and the perfume and the scent of that perfume wouldn't go away. And this is the sun now there's a lot of Sheila Majeed when he writes his soul departs the angels record, and a cloth perfume with the most elegant of perfumes, and the perfume covered the room, and then

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have sort of the sense for her father.

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A sense for her father,

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who is a kilometer and a half away. So the first one to enter the room after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Omar, viola Juan. Isaiah says he knocked and asked permission because it's the house of Isaiah. So he says, she says, I gave him permission and look at the detail and pulled my hijab over me. And the time of him he has in the time of them, why aren't you beating yourself? I assure you Habiba has passed away because this was in the teachings of the rhassoul. They took the lamb and the ham and the difficulties with Islam with the code that a lot of boys had left for them. So she covered

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herself in Omar cam with another Sahabi.

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And movie euro movie, right?

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So he came and looked at the profits of the law, he will send them and he said,

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so unconscious,

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so deeply unconscious.

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You're so unconscious. And then he stood up

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and tried to come out of the house and said, your alma mater Rasulullah is not fine. He has died. So he said,

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You are lying.

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You are lying. In Nicaragua. Taku. Shaka fitna, you're a person that fitna has engulfed the Prophet, one die. He has gone to his Lord, and will return as musar return and he will cut the right hands and the left legs of those monastics who say he died, he can't accept the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And in his denial, he took out his sword, whoever says the Prophet died, I will cut his neck off, or the Prophet hasn't died, and he's shouting in the middle of the masjid, in the middle of this commotion and the people have gathered around him.

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Ambassador Abdulmutallab realizing this situation says, Yeah, yohannes or people? Is there anyone amongst you who has heard for and it's a confusing time because they don't know what's happening. Omar, one of the greatest of the shouting, he hasn't died and the news is coming from the house, he has died. So our bass Abdulmutallab stood up for people is Is there anyone who has heard anything from the prophet to the effect that I won't die? And they said no. And Omar said no, so then the ambassador Abdulmutallab said, I made you witnesses over your souls that alarm nor the Prophet has given any guarantee that he will live forever as such the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has

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died. This was the first utterance that it can and then Abu Bakr Siddiq can throw the Allah and

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he came

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from sun and he entered the room of his daughter and the other wives were sitting there covered and then

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He went and the Prophet is flying solo at or below salamu alley, his face glowing bright, so he removed the cover from it. And then here are the 11

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leant over in case the blizzard forehead of the nozzle.

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And then looking up towards the heavens, he said, Well, Lila.

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Lila Oh my dear friend, since childhood, their friends in the heart they were friends he gave him his young daughter and married. He was the closest friend of the Prophet, the confidant of the soul is best.

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Lila, oh dear friend, and then he went down and kissed him again. And then he said, why her Sophia, or you who were chosen, or the chosen one and then he kissed him again. And then this time leaned over and kissed the minister Rasulullah Oh, my Prophet, or soon. And then he says that that a lot of boilers are prescribed upon you. You have faith that Allah wants to let you taste this twice. This twice and what the son of hardtop says there's nothing and then he told the Allahu anhu

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walked out of this room and honorius still shouting so he said Dolores Lika. Omar said, Omar said Omar and Omar Abdel Fattah is still shouting. So then he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wrote the Allahu anhu walked to the member in front of the front of the masjid. And then he gives his

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timeless words to the oma. Whoever was worshipping. Mohammed, understand that Mohammed has died. But for those of you who are worshipping Allah understand, a lot of blood is eternal and doesn't die. And then he read one man Mohammedan ihlara, soon at hotmail, who soon after a moto patelin caloptima are called upon Armenian kalevala rpbg falling Yoko Maharshi. Mohammed is not but the Prophet, prophets have come before him. prophets have died before him. If he dies always killed. Will you forsake the dean, will you turn back on your heels? And then Omar says, it's so slow, I had never heard the verse and hearing it he felt the truth sank the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed

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