Yahya Ibrahim – Prophetic Prescriptions – A Guide to Strong Mental Health

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The host of a webinar introduces a series of topics including mental health, prophetic predictions, and the importance of resilience and breathing. They emphasize the need for people to build resilience and breathing, as it is essential for achieving happiness and balance. The negative impact of mental health on children is discussed, along with opportunities for bullying and social media deception. The webinar encourages parents to take initiative to change their behavior and use the internet to promote mental health.
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Excited to join us as well. wanting

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you to again Introduce yourself let us know which corner of the world you're in and

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all foreigners as well our first impression is coming in right before pledgor Mashallah his time from Perth Australia and I see all of a sudden does that go under elta Sir eisah Belvedere I said hey dad

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Mashallah easy to see up separately UK and again one of several locations a lot of services like looking for that actually from Pakistan I get from Melbourne, Australia also staying up the middle of the night Mashallah to benefit from this experience. We're super excited to kick off in a jam packed experience for today but it's going to be a little bit of time. So stick around for the full hour and a half or so for this session that shortlist and of course that easy to share your friends and your family the street and share this link on your websites and your Facebook messengers and all your social medias to the

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benefit as humanly possible. inshallah, we're excited to cover this topic and to have such respected professionals with us. Our own instructors like

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it's very disease mental professionals like sauce on Ajay Singh. So I'm gonna I'm not gonna take too much time inshallah.

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Mental health, I have to offer this. For many people in Canada, the United States and Japan have at least went to one out of six people in North America suffer mental health illnesses and I'm sure you guys have similar statistics from Runner's world, an institute institution you know, making sure that we increase the awareness of mental health issues in every capacity the first opportunity to have to dedicate webinar and shut up worse to experience and with that being said this this webinar is actually sponsored by possible by inside out all my learning experience when

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you want to find out more please do always check out the information that we have in our bio and save that link.

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tab I special

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messages coming in

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small demand for positive emotional aware, I just was Canada. Mashallah, India, Australia, wow, Australians coming through, it's lovely to see, I know, we're live on our instructors. So it's nice to see our family connected from all around the world. So without further ado, I want to invite to the stage Sharla, our research director, she

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has experience with them to help in so many facets of the community, both by being a principal in Australia by counseling couples panel, and over the years that of course, forces with some other Institute's excited to hear more from shaking, especially covering one of my favorite topics, prophetic prescriptions, practical guides on mental health from the center. So I said I'm wanting to hear how are you doing today? Why do you call Santa Monica McCullough? 100 land Very well, thank you for hosting me once again, sister hubs on May Allah bless this wonderful webinar coming up in Shama.

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I'm so sure. I'm curious, because I have so much experience decades of work with the community. And I'm sure mental health, like with everything that kind of intersects with it comes up quite often in your, you know, within your interaction. So can you speak to a little bit like

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how well it actually says, the sinner as well as

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I'm having good level. So that was, that was who did that sort of, but what he was telling me about, there is no human being who at any point in time, has not had a moment where their mental health is affected either within themselves or by those who are external to them. And that's just a reality. In fact of life, there will always be the need for us to build resilience within ourselves, within our children within our families. There are things that happen abroad from us or near us, there are things within us, that all put stresses on the balloon of our life that can make it susceptible to pop and it becomes important for us to always maintain the right pressure, the right will being

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mechanisms to release some of the tension and issues that may arise so that we find ourselves healthy and well and can and are able to assist others in finding that wellness balance and harmony within themselves and society.

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So those are really important issues for us to kind of consider and they wanted in love with the prophetic prescriptions to kind of make it something that goes beyond the big global law or the dude that we are invited to make by the prophets I send them which he did teach us and those are things that I know I would do brother, or mother same chatlog we'll address and those are things that I think would be

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A major part of any of the discussions that relate to mental health. But I wanted to take a quick journey through the CD ROM of the prophets, I send them over the next five and 10 minutes in sha Allah, to show you how the prophets I send them build resilient, formidable, strong, slobin patient, courageous individuals who were able to see the test of time. How could somebody like I Li or the Allahu anhu, and Billa on your blog, one animal? How can somebody like I'm mad at me acid? How could somebody like or model or thought, how could all these wonderful people who we look at in our seagull as being icons of righteousness, not have had the experiences of difficulty to kind of make

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them these Hallmark figures? How could they be representatives of true life for you and I so many years later, unless we were able to see in the mirror image of them and us that there was a struggle that they overcame? So let's look at how the prophets I send them, you don't consolidate it and prescribed elements of life that make people better on the other side of whatever it is that afflicted. One of the things that you constantly see in that sunette in the seal of the prophets I send them is that he taught that mentally strong people and the word mentally strong are words that you know, you can translate as people who have sub who had his Viru wasabi, the last verse of sort

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of La Milan, the third chapter of the Quran, Allah says, oh, he who believed Be courageous, be patient, be virtuous, wasabi util and maintain that and continue to live a life of virtue, and maintaining that endeavor, the prophets of Allah and he was selling frames that courageousness by saying, and teaching, mentally strong people are the ones who are able to replace self pity, sadness, with gratitude and chocolate to unlock some of the most traumatic experiences that a human being can experience the Prophet juxtaposes it and add element of sugar to Allah in it, such as the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, where he reminds a couple who have lost a child,

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he said that those who have lost a child before their departure, that the angels are astounded by their behavior when they remain faithful to a law, and they say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in all of our circumstances, I couldn't be happier. And Allah asked the angels What did these creation of mine What did these beloved servants of mine say, when I took the fruit of their union and their love, they said, hammer the chaos. They add turn to you in praising you over law, not in lamenting, not in complaint about you or even to you Oh Allah, rather, they were thankful to you and shoot and chilled gratitude for all that you have given he nonetheless, and even though this downturn has

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occurred to them, and then Allah orders the angels, February 11, batim, fifth Gen, there was a mobile beta,

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label a house and a mansion agenda to be built and ready for them, and give it the name the abode of thankfulness to offer another element that the prophets I seldom would teach. He would teach that mentally strong people are to hold on to their power

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and be able to forgive others who have wronged Now what does that mean to Pamela we'll we speak about forgiveness, right? We always speak about being a person who is able when you have strength, to be forgiving the word man and Russia man, that one of the greatest attributes of Allah that when it's used on its own in the Quran, it's the only name of Allah that on its own is used. All the other names of Allah are using combination and how you look at you but a rock man, the ever Merciful, the Lord of mercy, that compassionate that gracious, all these different words in English cannot sum up that word, man. But in that word is this powerful, powerful statement, which is it's

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described that Allah's mercy is unchanging, because his power is so complete, he does not react to our misbehavior or our sinfulness. He remains merciful all throughout, because his capacity to show mercy is not based on a reaction to his creation. And then Allah invites us to demonstrate Brahma or Rahim more now come on. Well, I've met those who are capable

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Those who endeavor to show mercy are those who that ever Merciful will grant them His mercy subhana wa Tada. And therefore, it's like for you and I, to try our best that when somebody has offended, somebody has wrong, that within our power to extract vengeance, and it can show our strength at that moment that we have the self control and the graciousness to be able to look past the previous insult and build a brighter future to come such was behind mentalize and limp as he entered Mecca, a conquer and a victor by the order and Command of Allah, that he said is hebbal fitting the controller ago, I emancipate you seeking a lot. And finally, and there are many other moments in the

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That mentally strong people raised by the prophets, I send them upon the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, don't get distracted by the things that happen and are able to maintain their control and composure, because they understand that ultimately, and they'll fall with a leader, he will put the rotel in that he jammy, that opens power, all might all authority belong to a mob, they ultimately understand that whatever power we have is fleeting, and it's not unto ourselves that we have it, but that it is what is given to us in a moment of time by Allah. And the one who gives is the one who is capable of removing and that it is a loss of pan over to Allah, Who

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is the source of our strength. So they've learned from that statement, let hola whenever were to elaborate that there is no mind no power, no turning right or left, no ability to stand or sit, there's no strength or eight or

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eight evilness except that which is bestowed by Allah. And as that settles within your soul, within your mind, and within the strength of your body, as taught to us by the prophets, I send them you begin to understand that whatever externally happens, and whatever feelings I have inside me, that my job is to seek harmony and peace with all that surrounds me, and so that I can be able to provide it for others. Having

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these you know, a moment in the CEO of the prophets, I seldom Will you see him turned away from Mecca. And he looks back and he said, had they not removed me I would not have left seeing the prophets I seldom being one who is a refugee in an Madina, munawwara protected by Allah and loved by his new new people in soon to be nation, you see that this is the hallmark of mental strength, and fortitude. And that it is only by building resilience and learning, assertiveness and maintaining our composure and putting within us that tools of light that allow us to see through the tempest in the storm that is brewing, that that is where we find our greatest ability to come closer to Allah

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in this life to be nurturers of other people's happiness, which ultimately gives us happiness and balance in life. May Allah Subhana Allah grant success to all of those, were listening with us today, those who enter into the wonderful webinar that is being advertised. I don't know if you know, but the webinar is actually a, it's a cost free initiative. There's no upfront cost. And it's Pay As You might as you feel, you know, the aim of it is to bring people together and to collect us together and have us build a spirit of generosity within each other. And we just want as many people as possible to join in, so that the more people that join and the more people that join in, the more

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we can do wonderful things and we know that the generosity you will be providing is greater than whatever amount is going to be labeled. So May Allah subhana wa that allow you to click on you know the enrollment button and share it with your family and friends and come together as communities. And if there's nothing that you benefit from it that doesn't require you to compensate and to, to to give your thankfulness in that sense, Kayla, whenever it's in childbirth, may Allah subhanaw taala brighten your day as our Vegeta here is beginning in Perth, Western Australia May as the sun be rising or setting wherever you are, may the light of Allah enter into your homes and parts and into

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our families and our very well being and they leave you with the drought of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah majority of honeybee Nora were fever sorry Nora, what he said Mary Nora, wine Yemeni Nora why yesiree Nora women totally Nora women takhti Nora Allah on the album lead all right, yeah, I've hammered right II mean, may Allah fill all of our life with light

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In his guidance of light alignment, I mean, we said Mr. alikum, warahmatu Allahi wa Barak out

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here for this trip. But just before you go, I just wanted to ask, because I noticed Marshall over the years you've finished advocate for mental health, their journey with mental health and like a billion articles show up mental health, trauma, Bond, mental state, etc.

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Why do you think it's important for the lucky ones who don't suffer any mental illness, for them to also educate themselves to be part of this, I know that there's a lot of awareness coming up past years, but there's still a long ways to go swipe.

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I think I think it's naive to actually think that they don't actually struggle with it. Sometimes people assume that they're not affected by it. But the reality is just the stress that some of our children have on a bad day of school and mental health, we have to separate it from me seeming as mental illness or that it's a permanent thing, or it's a stigmatized thing. In all of that languages that I guess Muslims speak, there's that one word, which is Majnoon, you know, I'm not mentioning and I'm not, you know, I'm not crazy. Don't look at me like that, or don't, don't say these kind of words to me, or, you know, you're making it out that I'm, I'm saying or doing the wrong thing.

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I'm able to make the right judgments and so on. And because there's a self stigmatization, then there is also a stigmatization, where we look at, we don't want to see it with people who are important to us, sometimes some Pamela, some of the issues that are leading towards divorce may never have been there had a person actually just been assessed well, and had a clinician who sat with them. And that, you know, they weren't just told to as Pamela, Pamela, and you'll feel better and the vicar of Allah cures everything. You know, sometimes there's this naivete, that we're not actually as vulnerable as we are. And of the greatest category of those who are most vulnerable are

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really our young, young children. We assume that the acting out of our children odds j, they're just out of luck. Why is this kid acting like a child on today, it's got to be the gene or, you know, read a Jacuzzi, and everything will be fine. But perhaps there's bullying in school, or perhaps there's a feeling of lessening self worth, perhaps it's a social media that they're consuming, you know, all of these kind of things are newer factors for some of our older generations, where they just assume that it's just a way of life, what what's wrong with y'all, you'll get better, don't worry about it, just sleep it off, or walk it off, or eat it off, or whatever it may be. So, you

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know, our mental well being affects ourselves, but affects everybody around us. And the well being of others affects us, even if it's not first instance. So it could be that your children's teacher is suffering a moment of difficulty, so they become more difficult with your child in school. And because they're more difficult with their child in school, your child is finding it difficult to settle with their friends, the friends are finding it difficult, all of a sudden, your child is getting in trouble in school, getting in trouble at home, not fulfilling the obligations that you've set for them. And all of a sudden you become stressed and and affect your work. And then you're and

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this concentric circle and ripple effect is real. And we need to look past what happened to why it's happening and to ask those questions. And I think that this webinar is a place for us to receive the tools for us to begin to think about our mental well being, and I'm a strong, strong advocate for the D stigmatization, or the legitimization, for the open discussions that relate to mental health issues, and have developed here in in Australia, we're blessed that we have, you know, wonderful academics, Muslim academics, who clinical psychologists who, you know, push really hard towards that. And they're the center of wellness and so on that are wonderful initiatives taking place. And

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then now I've measured my shot law as an international entity, as a resource for those who are near and far is beginning, once again, to take the initiative in this space, and to bring something that is missing. It's a complete vacuum for us as a community and I pray that this will be the start of a wonderful, wonderful, great experience for many people who are suffering in silence and don't know where to turn to don't know how to begin to find help. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to find comfort in that I just wanted to end by saying my words

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Should not ever give the assumption that we're under estimating the dhikr of Allah that will always be a prescription. But part of the vicar of Allah is taking the means to making the vicar of Allah permeate and effective in our normal spheres of life so that they could have Allah has the three stages have an internal connection to God or reliance upon him, an utterance and then a demonstration that what I have said I will bring into reality by demonstrating it and getting up and doing it. So the vicar of Allah of you know saying Alhamdulillah requires that I don't just sit there but I get up and show that I'm thankful for what I have been given when there be near my job

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because I had this so let your mention of God and your praise of him show and let it be declared why with others may Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for all of us a Walkman

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as always a huge pleasure to have you on with us I really wish we could bottle up your speech and take that in as a source of relief as well but just like a little bit of

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you're you're a parent of this of this message inshallah we'll catch you soon inshallah online on the internet

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for now Take care, enjoy your budget time, and I'm watching juanico Salah Morocco lucky.

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Alright already designed out there and you guys Michelle, so many more have joined us

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