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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who made the heavens on Earth and created the creation and who gave us faculties of hearing, seeing perception and sensation, and united us from different tribes and races to make us an ummah, One Nation and gave us day and night in perfect alternation and created the sun in the moon and perpetual rotation and revealed to us the Quran guaranteeing its preservation and sent to us a prophet to be a paradigm of emulation, and gave us our Shetty to be a source of legislation and blessed us with the Kadima as our solid foundation. He is the King of Kings on the day of judgment and resurrection. May He send salatu salam upon our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the owner of the praiseworthy station. Glory be to Him for all that is in the heavens and earth bows to him in prostration. Know that ALLAH SubhanA which Allah has commanded us to have, taqwa of him when he says, Yeah, you Hola, Xena. armano Takala haka, Ducati, Walter moto. Illa. One, two, mostly moon. Oh you who believe be conscious of Allah the way that he deserves. You are conscious of him, and do not die except in a state of Islam to proceed in the entire Quran. The main story that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us between Hakon battle between justice and injustice between tyranny and truth is the story of frown and Musa. And in one verse,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us a very interesting fact about this battle between good and evil between justice and injustice. Allah says enough that I will not fill out the word your Allah Allah has Shia and you're still the default or if at a minimum, verily fit around was a tyrant in the earth fit out was somebody who cause fitna and facade in the earth how and why he divided his own people up and he used one group and against another and he used one group to kill the innocents to kill the children to kill those that did not deserve to be killed you that beat her up in our home in the case of fear down he would kill their sons and he would leave their daughters in a whole kind

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of middle move city in what an evil man he was what a person who's causing fitna and facade who's causing tyranny and injustice. We understand this. The next verse, What is Allah saying? One Who do you do under Munna Allah, Latinas? 234. And we wanted to bless those that were being persecuted. We wanted to bless those that were being persecuted. Notice these people are being killed. And Allah is saying we had a plan. We had a reason why we did what we did. We wanted to give Munda ludie to Anna Muna.

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Before we had a plan that those people who were being persecuted, we wanted to change the paradigm.

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And we wanted to make them the ones in charge. And we wanted to bless them what John inmitten fell out, and we wanted to make them the leaders in the earth after they were being persecuted. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions and we wanted to show fit our own wha ha man what you do the home. Minho McConnell. Yeah, hold on, we wanted to show fit around in all of his armies, that that which they feared the most was actually true, and that they would be punished at the hands of the people that were being persecuted. This story is of course about Musa alayhis salam. And of course we saw the end of frown. And we saw what happened to the followers of Musa and in this story there is wisdom

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for us for every single persecution for every single tyranny for every single injustice taking place. These days, we are witnessing yet another rise of injustice. It is not the first in our lifetimes in all likelihood, it will not be the last but we see the rise of another fascist ideology, an ideology that is fit our NIC for ironic in its essence, an ideology that separates people based upon their race as founded this is exactly in the Quran. Jana home Shia, he separated them up based upon their skin color based upon their origin. This was frown IK. And it is exactly what we see now in that land of India, that ancient land, a land that many of us in this audience

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have biological ties with a land that is one of the bastions of human civilization, a land that has so much history in it. And yet we now see the rise of a new strand, a strand of intolerance of bigotry of injustice, a strand of an ideology, that is preaching the purity of one race and one people over another and this is not humanity. This is not common sense and reason and logic. This is the

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The essence of fascism, and the person that is in charge of this is following a methodology that inspired fit on this party in India. As we are aware, it is the same methodology that inspired Nazism if you are not to where you should learn this the same ideology, its parent organization back in the 1920s, was literally the ideology, not an exaggeration that inspired the version of Hitler. And that is why Hitler took the swastika, which is an Indian symbol, he took it because it came from this ideology. And we see this ideology manifested in multiple movements across this globe. And I want everyone to be aware of three such movements, there are three primary movements that are having

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a similar ideology. And it is terrifying to see that they are on the rise. The first of them, which is what is going on in India is the Hindutva, which is a radical strand of Hinduism. This is not mainstream Hinduism. Hindu drop is a strand of Hinduism that says this land is only for one nation, one group one ideology, and that is those who follow their version of Hinduism. By the way, their version, the same strand was the strand that assassinated Gandhi back when Gandhi was viewed to be the paragon of peace. They were the ones who assassinated Gandhi, because they viewed Gandhi as being a betrayer, a traitor. Even though Gandhi was not a Muslim, he was a Hindu. But they the

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version of Hinduism that he followed was not a version that the Hindutva liked. So that version is preaching one ideology supreme over all others. This is the first I want us to be aware of number two. It is, of course, one of the versions of this fascism understanding that we've been familiar with for the last 70 years. And that is, of course, the ideology of Zionism, which says that there's one race, one group for that land, and anyone who's not from that land does not belong there. Even if they've been there for 2000 years, had somebody born into that version of an understanding, even if they're born in Europe, or in America, they get automatic citizenship, and the people that are in

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that land, the Palestinians and others, whether they're Christian, whether they're Muslim, it doesn't matter. But because they're not a part of that ideology, they don't belong there. And the third strand is one that is right here where we are living, and that is white nationalism. And this is something we are seeing right now, this version of this this fascism ideology, where they want to shut down the borders, they're harping on immigration there banning Muslims and others from coming here. This white nationalism is linked to Hindutva. And it is linked to Zionism. So don't be surprised when the leaders of all of these movements are shaking hands and cozying up because it is

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the same ideology, even though ironically, every ideology would not tolerate the others in their own land. Ironically, the ideologies that are finding comfort and support at the dinner table in international festivals would not be comfortable eating dinner in the local neighborhoods that they live in, because each one of them views the others as being false. But these ideologies all preach the same version of bigotry and hatred that surround preached over 4000 years ago, Jah Allah Who Shia, he divided his own people up into various races yesterday for thought if at a minimum, one group will be the underdog, one group would be always killed, always massacred, one group would be

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the scapegoat. And the other group will be considered the dominant. They're the ones who are blaming everything on the other, and they're going in killing the other. And this is exactly what we are seeing in the land of India. This the injustice is in Palestine over 70 years. And unfortunately, in this land as well, even though it's not that bad physically, but still, ideologically, this strand is on the rise. And dear Muslims, truth be told, the situation appears to be getting from bad to worse across this globe. Truth be told, subhanAllah as the years go on, it seems as if things are happening and those who study history, we are at a time frame now, which is very similar to 1915.

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Right before World War 119 13. Right before World War One, we ask Allah Salam, and Afia but the point is that we cannot be blind, we cannot shut our eyes, we cannot just ignore what is going on. Where this is happening. Those people never thought it would happen. They never thought they would see the day where their own neighbors would come in and gang up on them where their own peoples would come in the capital of this land of India, Delhi, which is supposed to be a bastion of civilization. It's supposed to be a land where there are police, there's government, this isn't some rural village, this is the capital and we see what is happening in terms of ganging up in terms of

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sectarianism. For those of you that have not been to that land, you should know that generally speaking, most people are easily identifiable as Muslim or not based upon their name and their skin color and their dresses, excuse me, not skin color, name and dress and also in many parts of that land. People have one faith to actually live together, generally speaking, so it is

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easier for one community to gang up on another. And we do point out that this isn't just all people of one faith ganging up there are righteous, just minded people, even amongst the Sikhs and the Hindus they are standing up and protecting a number of them have lost their lives protecting the honour and justice of Muslims and of their own country. And we thank them for that service and we hope more people join that but that doesn't change the fact that these ideologies are on the rise across the globe. Today's hookah isn't just about that. It is about the global phenomenon that is taking place and what we should do as a response to all of this first and foremost Dear Brothers

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first and foremost Dear Brothers and Sisters, do not be so complacent as to think that what is happening over there will never happen over here. How many times in the last decade have we seen these types of mini civil wars erupt out and really it appears the world is headed in a very dangerous direction we ask Allah's peace and Salama never ever feel complacent that what is happening over there will not happen anywhere else. So we begin this cookbook by reminding ourselves always turn to Allah for dua seek refuge and Allah from Phaeton. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her Why do bIllahi min and Phaeton seek refuge in Allah from all types of fit and

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what is the fit and fit and as a civil war, a fit and as a disaster, a fit and his groups ganging up upon each other Allah. The Prophet system is reminding us as a part of our rituals, we should regularly seek refuge in Allah from all types of Phaeton and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us

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that oh Allah. If there's going to be a fitna, then allow me to return to you before that fitna comes amongst us that either gotta be robotic, a fitness and forbidden illegal Hiram of tune to be in a fitna is a very dangerous thing. We don't want to be in a time of civil war and strife. It's a very dangerous thing. So we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa taala. We turn to Allah azza wa jal, and we asked for Allah azza wa jal, its protection. The second point of advice that we need to remind ourselves is that what is the purpose of a fitna? Why does Allah azza wa jal send down these Phaeton Allah tells us in the Quran, I live meme a Hasebe a nurse with a new Turaco and you're all

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who are Mandawa hula you've turned on what are called they fatten the enamel cobbly him further yeah and Amanda Hola. Hola. You know Sadako Where are you Adam Anelka, Debian Alif Lam Meem did mankind think that they will be left alone, that they would not be tested that all that Allah wanted was for them to say we believe? No, we tested the people before to see who was telling the truth and who was lying the purpose of a fitna li Amis Allahu hubbie thermadata The purpose of the fitna to separate the truthful from the false to separate the righteous from the unrighteous to show who truly believed in Allah subhana wa Tada versus those who did not. So one of the main goals that we need to

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do preparing ourselves for anything that might be happening is to strengthen our iman in Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah says in the Quran, I'm Huseby to him until the whole Jana, did you think you would enter agenda like that? Do you think gender was for free that all you needed to do was live a comfortable life and that said, I'm Hasib atom and Ted Hello Jana wallum. Allah may Allah and Allah has not yet tested and seen Allah has not yet seen amongst you those who are true versus those who are not and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran did you think you will enter Jannah and you don't know of the stories of those before you Messiah tomo Betsa over Barak, they will rock

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to the core from trials and tribulations but Sam Bara and Barcia is civil war and the rock is pain and anguish and suffering and personal calamities. So Allah is saying the people before you they tasted blood, the People before you they had to see Civil War the people before you they underwent trials of famines and plagues Messiah Tamil BITSAT what Baroque was Zulu Zulu, they were shaken to the core had a poner Rasulullah Dena Armand Omar who? Allah Allah until even the prophets and even the believers they were wondering where is the help of ALLAH for how long will they remain in this manner? And that Allah azza wa jal says, In Nasir Allah He studied Verily the Promise of Allah and

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help of ALLAH is close. Allah is reminding us that Jenna is not for free. Jana is a high price and you want the highest levels of Jana you have to pay a high price and that price is what is to demonstrate to Allah that you are firm you have sober you have Iman, how can you demonstrate when there is nothing to show that sober and to manifest that image against we don't want to be tested dear Muslims, we don't want to be tested. But if the test comes we have to know how to pass the test.

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We ask Allah for his protection, we ask Allah that, Oh Allah remove any tests from us. But if the test comes down, this means Allah has chosen us to raise our ranks, because those who are tested and pass the test will have a much higher place than those who are not tested. And this is the beauty of our faith. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Let's at a magnolia court and I do don't desire to meet the enemy don't desire to be foolish and say I can do it. You don't know what you can do when you're faced with these calamities. You don't know how strong your Eman will be when these issues come. Don't be foolish and say I can do it. No, lotta Turman. No, I do. Don't desire to meet

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the enemy. But if the enemy comes and you are there, then go to be firm and be patient. This is our philosophy. This is our ideology. We do not want to be tested. We ask Allah's protection. We ask Allah to protect ourselves and our families, but we need to be prepared and in case we are tested, then we need to show our firmness and our result and that will be done by our iman in Allah subhanho wa taala. So point number one, we seek Allah's refuge we don't want it number two, our Imam has to be strong and especially dear Muslims before the fit and come our iman has to be made strong. Because when the if a fitna were to come if a trial were to come, it's too late. Now that is when

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your Eman will be needed. This is the time right here and now to make sure that our iman is strong. And people ask what can I do in light of all that is going on in India in Kashmir with total Hinga with Syria and the list goes on and on. I forgot to mention China and the Uyghurs if I didn't mention that somebody's gonna say you forgot this group and that group, the list is on and on and on. And every few months, another list comes another thing comes Wake up dear Muslims, until How long are we going to bury our head in the sand, things are changing. We need to be prepared and the way we prepare ourselves first and foremost is the spiritual preparation. We need to have our iman

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strong in Allah subhanho wa Taala our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said regarding fitten that I see fit and falling upon you like like rain drops. And then he said in the same Hadith, whoever wants to be saved from the fire of Helen enter Jana, let death come to him and his Iman is strong and Allah subhanahu wa taala. You see, the tragedies of this dunya are indeed painful. Well, Allah He every video we see every picture, our heart bleeds, but those people who were patient and they died that manner, we will be jealous of their MACOM on Judgement Day we will be jealous of what Allah has blessed them with. And this is not a defeatist attitude. No doubt when a person is

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physical life is in January danger they will respond back I'm not telling them to take that but still those who pass away those who die that death of shahada, they will have a reward with Allah subhanho wa taala. The point is, before that time comes, we can't just sit and ignore, we cannot just pretend as if nothing is happening. And most importantly, we cannot maintain status quo in our laziness with Islam. We cannot maintain status quo with our salah, our Zakka, our rituals, the least that we can do is have our heart feel the pain around the globe, and then channel that pain, to better our own lives to be better people where we are to take advantage of the freedoms we have for

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as long as we have them to worship more to be better Muslims. And this leads me to my fourth point for to my third point, excuse me, and that is we channel this Iman and Taqwa into actual good deeds into Imelda sada into rituals and worship because nothing increases Eman more than actually worshiping Allah. And the linkage between trials and worship is explicit in their tradition as well. Once our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woke up in the middle of the night he had seen a dream, and we don't know what was in the dream because he didn't tell us and he said, What have I seen about what Phaeton Allah has revealed? He was informed of some Phaeton coming up in the future. We

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don't know what it was, then he woke up to do will do and pray. tahajjud and then he said, Who of His servants is going to go and wake the other wives of mine to pray? tahajjud as well? This hadith is in body. Notice when he saw fit and coming, what was his reaction? When he when he was told of the impending arrival of trials and tribulations? He stood up in tahajud. And he told God wake up my wives, I want them to pray. tahajjud as well, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, by the ruble AMA, the Phaeton and Cockatoo Island Muslim rush to do good deeds before fit and come like the darkness of the night. Once again an exquisite Hadith linking good deeds with Phaeton with

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trials and tribulations, rush to do good deeds before Phaeton arrived like the darkness of the night.

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The darkness of the night you cannot see you don't know what's gonna happen before that happens. Make sure you have a stockpile of good deeds. Make sure you've done enough so that insha Allah your own Eman is strong. You're ready to meet Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And this leads me to my last point. And again, as usual, all footballs are short we have to jump over so many other things. But no doubt when it comes to responding to Fitton, when it comes to responding to the challenges. Islam does not teach us to turn the other cheek. Islam does not teach us to sit down and just take everything that comes to us. No, we do what we can, that is reasonable, that is logical that is

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within the goals of the Sharia. And what we should do is something that varies from time to place to culture to society. Let the scholars of every land that have fit and tell their own people what they can and they cannot do that's something that is up to them to do but the point I want to make here is that our religion is not a religion of turning the other cheek and we just let phiaton come by no where we have to we will do what needs to be done. And even if we die in the process, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said the one who dies defending his honor and the honor of his wife and child that person is a Shaheed the one who dies defending his family and his property that person is a Shaheed

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the purpose of me saying this is very clear. Some people they say all we should do is spiritual stuff, go to the masjid more worship Allah more and I am saying that is not the Sierra that is not the Sunnah. That is, step number one, you make your relationship with Allah strong, no question about it. Step number one, Imam Ahmed dua is the added step number one, you and Allah make that firm. Step number two, do something pragmatic and realistic, do something our profit system didn't just sit back and do nothing in Makkah in Medina when doing the hijra, every single step that he did, there was preparation, there was planning, he actually did something, he took the precautions

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necessary when when he went on Hijra. He didn't just walk out into the desert. He had a plan. He had a guy, he had two camels, he had a vision, and he implemented that vision. When he went into the bottom of work. He had a plan, where am I going to be? He stationed the archers he wore armor. This is a plan. He didn't just walk up foolishly and say Allah will protect me. Allah will protect you. If you deserve to be protected. Allah azza wa jal will bless you when you take the necessary means. Now what are the necessary means, as I said, that varies from time to place to society to person, right here in this land as we live, one of the things we can do with regards to all that is

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happening, especially the rise of Islamophobia, and white nationalism, we cannot just sit back and ignore dear Muslims, we cannot be in our bubble as we see the rise of this Neo fascist regime coming up and becoming stronger and stronger. Do you not see that if we do not check this evil, what is happening over there is going to happen over here. That's not the sunnah to just sit back and ignore, we have to preach, we have to talk. We have to educate, we have to spread awareness, we have to form alliances with those who are on the same wavelength as us as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, he had no problems forming alliances with multimorbid ID with others of the nobleman

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of the Quraysh, His own uncle, Abu todich. Did he say, oh, Abu Dhabi or coffee, I'm not going to take your help. It's not a matter of, of religion here. Abu Dhabi wanted justice multivitamin. I didn't want to justice. These were not Muslims, but they stood up for the protection of Muslims. And the Muslims took advantage of that. And they thank them for that. And they took that help, and they were hand in hand against those who are wanting injustice. Dear Muslims, if you don't want this evil ideology to rise up even more the ideology of Neo fascism, of racism, of bigotry of hatred of intolerance, then we are the ones at the forefront. Our countries are the ones being banned. Our

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name is the one being dragged down. Our religion is being smeared for how long would you be apolitical it is a part of our religion to stand up and do something. Now again, to be clear. Number one is our relationship with Allah. I'm not negating that. But number two after that, we have to do something as our prophets or some did what we should do. I'm not the best person to tell you go to the political analysts go to those who are experts. But I will tell you as a person who knows the Sierra who has studied the Sierra, that this version of Islam that some people follow that if we just worship Allah, the rest will be fine. That version of Islam is not the version that our Prophet

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system himself followed in his own Sierra. That's not how we are Muslims. You don't just sit back and let the Hindutva come and do what they want. You have to do something whatever you can. If you are not successful, the movements that you spark might be successful later on. You can't just sit back and ignore so dear Muslims, we see what is going on in this world today. We cannot be a

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We cannot be. I don't want to use the word pacifist that's a bit too harsh, but we cannot just ignore what is going on. We cannot be neutral as a better word. We cannot be politically obtuse. We have to be a little bit more sophisticated and understand that in this era of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Eman and Amel go hand in hand trust in Allah and then being proactive and society this is something that we should be doing. May Allah subhana wa Taala protect ourselves and our children from all evil. May Allah azza wa jal bless me and you within through the Quran, and May He make us of those who is versus they understand and implement his head on and haram throughout their

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lifespan. I ask Allah for forgiveness, you as well ask him he is the afford and the Rahman.

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Alhamdulillah Halawa had a had a summit Allah de la Amelia Dwolla mula while I'm your caller who phoned ahead Well, Baidu, as if that news isn't enough to worry and causes concern, as we are all aware. There's other issues going on in this world with the rise of this Coronavirus, and with a new strand of a potential plague. And I give it a longer lecture, which is online about the filth of plagues and what we should do, but just a brief summary for those that weren't attending or did not listen, that realize that these types of trials are indeed trials from Allah subhanho wa taala. And our prophets, Allah said, instructed us with very clear instructions, he said, in that famous

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Hadith, which is well known between, I'm going to talk about obey the when the plague came to you to Syria, he said, if you're in a land that a plague comes, don't leave that land, stay there. And if you're not there, then don't go there. It's very simple. So if we are not in such a land and Alhamdulillah we are not, then it is not a part of our Shetty to make it a point to go there. It is foolishness to do that to what Quran Allah means we take the necessary precautions and have the necessary precautions is there's no need to go to that those areas where these types of plagues are happening also, our Prophet system told us that the plague it can be a mercy and it can be a

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punishment, it is a mercy for those who reject Allah for those who are insulted or sorry, it is a it is a punishment for those who reject Allah subhana wa Tada and are insolent and arrogant. And it is a mercy for the believers, our prophecies that have said any Muslim who dies in the plague will die the death of a shahid so we don't want anything like this We ask Allah for protection. But if something like this happens, we need to demonstrate to Allah Eman and Saba and the people who are experts in this regard, we should listen to them. Our Shetty tells us that there should be no harm law borrowed without the rock or Shediac tells us of the goals of the Shetty is the protection of

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life the protection of of our life lives and livelihood. And therefore, if a impediment comes if a if an issue comes in which it is dangerous to go out in public, it's dangerous to congregate is dangerous to shake hands. No problem, we will follow those rulings. No one should think I'm going to follow the Sunnah and shake your hand when we have been told right now it's not that bad. But I'm saying if it does get to that situation, and the government says that it's so bad don't have Joomla. For example, in that scenario, it will not be a part of our religion to have Joomla because life is more important than spreading a plague and who's going to decide that the experts the medical

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doctors, my point here is as the religious person to tell you that if that happens, don't feel that Islam is telling me to be foolish. Islam is telling me to take no precautions. No, we take every single reasonable precaution that the experts and doctors are telling us of washing our hands and not coughing out in public and if we have fever, we stay home and don't come for July maybe if we have a fever all of this is a part of our religion that Allah azza wa jal once upon a Subhanallah dear Muslims, our Prophet system said that anybody who has eaten a garlic should not come to the masjid because it irritates other people. I swear to you as a garlic more harmful than the virus is

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a garlic more dangerous than a virus. If a person has the potential to have the virus. Do you think this person should think oh, it is wajib to pray Juma? I'm going to infect everybody else, or should he stay home for the protection of everybody else? Dear Muslims understand your religion and don't become so, so hard minded that you think it is Islamic to do something that will cause other people to harm? No, our religion is a religion of wisdom and intelligence and we will follow when that happens. Also, dear Muslims take precautions of this dunya as well. If the government says whenever it will say that if it says to take extra food and drink and water it's a part of our preparation as

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well. Our Prophet says that I'm actually would have a stockpile of grain for the next year. It's nothing haram to have preparations for that it's something that is a part of our city. My point here in the hood, Bob is not to tell you the specifics. That's not my job, but to tell you that when the specifics come out from the people who know it, it is a part of our religion to follow those specifics. We ask Allah's protection. We

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escalas Afia We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect ourselves and our families and all of our loved ones Allahumma inni Dinefwr aminu Allahu Allah to Allah if you had any AMI them and in love Africa wala him and Illa for Raja what are they in in LA Colita What am I read on inertia feta whether I see Ron Illa yes sir Allama Fila now what is one indebtedness abominable Iman wallet which is Linda Dina Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim Allahumma iser Islam our Muslim in Allahumma is Islam our Muslim in Allah Houma is an Islam only Muslim in Allah Houma and Aradhana are the Islam and Muslim in Ebisu in federal hoop enough say watch out at me the whole feet I'll be here I'll call you yeah Aziz,

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Roberto Allah in Allah Azza Amara Combi Eminem better behavior NFC within the Medaka decoder say with a letter become a you know an engineer who were insane for call as the mail call in an email in Allah How am I that equatorial Soluna Allah Nabi yeah you have Latina and all sudden Lou i Li he was selling the motors Lima Allahumma salli wa salim robotic one of the Kurosu Rika Mohammed while the he was like a big marine rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, mobile Adley What if Sonny waited a little while young hand fascia it will Moon carry well belly you're either coming to Allah come to the Koran, oh god Allah Allah Allah Hema come watch crew he has come what are the crew Lyta Allah

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Akbar Wa Altimas Salah