Pearls From The Quran 21 – Ramadan 2017

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi provides a brief insight on what the goals of Ramadan were, and what we should carry forward beyond Ramadan for the rest of the year. 

One of the main purposes of Ramadan is to reacquaint us with the beauty and the sweetness of worshipping Allah SWT. The level of our Iman is at an all time high and nothing is greater than worshipping Allah.

Yet another blessing of Ramadan is community. The pulse of the Ummah is strong even as we are surrounded by trials and tribulations. Ramadan should also make us appreciate the word of Allah – The Qur’an.

What have I got from the month of Ramadan? Will I continue to taste those same blessings that I acquired during Ramadan? These are some of the questions we should ponder upon and reinstate that high level of Iman that we have so beautifully achieved during Ramadan.



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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he will be here woman What about

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this will be our final quarter of for this Ramadan and as eagerly as we were anticipating the beginning of the month before you know it in the twinkling of an eye, we're now on the verge of bidding it farewell. And so panela This is a metaphor of our lives. It's a metaphor of the time how quickly it passes. And in today's brief, hotter, I just wanted to share with myself and with all of you some basic reminders that we should take away from this month. Firstly, brothers and sisters, one of the main purposes of the month of Ramadan is to re acquaint us with the beauty of worshipping Allah, to re acquaint us with the beauty and the sweetness of worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Each and every one of us sitting here today, physically, as the month is winding down, we are tired. We have sacrificed our sleep. We have sacrificed our energies. We have reoriented our schedules. We go to work very tired, very hungry, very thirsty. We come back from work. We barely have time to break our fast we rushed to the masjid. And these 30 days zoom by and every day we're struggling with our body. And yet our souls are on an all time high. When you ask yourselves now how do I feel spiritually? What is the level of my Eman? Every one of you will respond that I've never felt so good in this whole year. As I'm feeling right now. The amount of Eman spirituality European loss,

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the closeness you feel to Allah subhana wa tada the joy of being alive and Muslim. The whole year you have not felt what you are feeling on this night and on the nights of Ramadan.

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And this is one of the main goals of the month of Ramadan to make us realize that nothing is sweeter than the taste of a man. Nothing is greater than the pleasure of worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no sweetness that is sweeter than the sweetness of a man. And in this month we all taste that sweetness. We physically give up our food in order to taste that sweetness of a man.

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Yet another blessing of this month is community. Every single day every night. This mustard has been jam packed to capacity. Tonight 1000 people tomorrow we're expecting maybe 1500 people. It shows us the oma is alive and healthy despite all the negatives going on. And there's a lot of negatives Alhamdulillah the pulse of the oma is strong Alhamdulillah in the line far, far away from where Islam began in a line that has so much temptations so much hedonism still every night the masjid is packed with the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala the oma is alive and healthy. And this proves it right here and now of the blessings of this month of Ramadan is to make us appreciate the Quran.

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Every night we've been hearing the beautiful color of Allah subhana wa tada the speech of Allah recited resonating in our hearts circling throughout the air, we can smell and breathe the Quran, it moves us it shakes us as the speech of Allah and only the speech of Allah can do. So we are reacquainted with the beauty of the Quran.

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of the goals of this month of Ramadan is that we come to the massages in the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala every Masjid in every single city in the globe is packed on these very nights. And there are many other wisdoms which we don't have time in this Hata tomatoes, Akbar mentioned some more of them in sha Allah Allah. But the point now that the month is winding down, tomorrow might be our last throw away and all likelihood is to think Firstly, what have I gotten from this particular month when it comes and the day after it? What will be my state? Now that I've experienced the joy of a man the joy of community, the joy of the messenger joy of the Quran, the joy of giving sadaqa

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and charity now that I've tasted it will I continue to taste those same blessings

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After the month, will this house of Allah become empty now that it was chock full for the whole month? Will the Quran be put back on your shelf to gather dust until the next time Oban will your charity season dry up? That is not the goal of Ramadan when we have tasted how beautiful it is to worship the law, yes we all understand we cannot retain the same amount of human after Ramadan. I've said this 1000 times I'll say it again. The goal of Ramadan we rise up 100 levels when Ramadan finishes, we don't go flopping back down to back to negative 100 go back down 30 4050 even go back at but when Ramadan finishes the day after Ramadan, you have to have a better schedule than the day

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before Ramadan agreed. We're not going to be spending as much time in Ramadan in the masjid as we did now, agreed our Eman is not going to be the same we all understand that. But definitely do not let your mind go all the way back down to where it was at the beginning of the month. Make sure you add one or two rituals that you never did you add them from the day after Ramadan. Make sure that one or two sins that you used to do you eliminate them. The goal is every Ramadan you come a few steps higher to Allah so that each Ramadan is like an intensive boot camp. It's a training camp. It's a cycle you go through it and then you come out detoxified purified to face the year it with

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better and higher Eman and also brothers and sisters

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inevitably undoubtedly next Ramadan this crowd will not be the same.

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Let us think about that. Who can guarantee that we will be sitting here next Ramadan and even if I am here and you are here it is the Sunnah of Allah subhana wa tada that from this year to the next family,

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friends, acquaintances colleagues will not make it to the next year. It is the son of Allah even if I am here who amongst my family will make it who amongst my friends and the same goes for you. Until finally our Ramadan will come and we will not know it but it will be our last Ramadan. So if we take away anything from this month, what I want myself and all of you to take away is the importance the necessity of making sure we have a strong relationship with Allah subhana wa tada the need to understand that there is nothing more important then to have that faith and spirituality to have that connection with the law. Nothing is more important than that connection. And and hamdulillah in

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this month of Ramadan, we all feel that connection. We taste the connection. We sense the connection and we savor it. We love it. That's the beauty of the month. No matter how physically tired we are spiritually. We are soaring in the clouds. We love it. So it hamdulillah Allah is blessing us that Eman is something beautiful for you. You know if Allah had wanted to Eman would have been sour. A man would have been difficult if Allah had wanted to. There would be no joy to imagine it would just be a chore. But that's not the way that Allah subhana wa tada is, that's not the son of Allah. Allah subhana wa tada told us in a Bharara levina aim, the righteous will forever be enjoying a law's

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blessings forever from the beginning to the end, the righteous person, the Mothman, the abrar will always taste the sweetness of life, and they're going to taste the sweetness of death, and they're going to taste the sweetness of life after death. It is the Mothman who is always in content in happiness, enjoy, and this month of Ramadan makes us realize how important that connection is. As we wind down this month, brothers and sisters, I want every one of us and I begin with myself to think long and hard. What are those things that are missing in my life that I need to concentrate on? The Salah, the Quran, Vicar. Charity does being good to people forgiving you know, where is your

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emptiness? So make sure that when Ramadan finishes you concentrate on two or three things in particular. Also concentrate What are those sins that I know I have? malicious heart sharp tongue sarcasm, making fun of people doing things I shouldn't do spending money where I shouldn't spend you all know I know my weaknesses. You know your weaknesses. Think about that. We haven't hamdulillah in this month withheld from those sins. All of us have raised the bar we have made sure that we are showing a level of taqwa that we don't show before the month. Now that the month is over retain

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Not 100% that's impossible 80% 90% 10% retain some of that extra that will keep you going so that when next Ramadan comes you will have been better than when the previous Ramadan and then the next Ramadan and then the next Ramadan and the gold brothers and sisters is every Ramadan we rise higher and higher and higher so that whenever our last from Oban will be and we shall all have a last strumble bond whenever our last Ramadan will be it will be our best Ramadan because we want to meet Allah subhana wa tada at the highest state imaginable the beauty of our religion, Allah azza wa jal will judge us not on how we began, but how we ended. Allah will not judge us on the beginning of the

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book, Allah will justice at the end of the book. The only question is we don't know when the end will happen. So every day we write a better page every month we write a better chapter every single year we raised the bar higher and higher and higher. And Ramadan is the big emaan boosts that Allah gives us. Ramadan is that eemaan boost that we need to make sure we give that 100% battery recharge 100% everything is here. Now that Ramadan is over, take as much as you can, because only Allah subhana wa Taala knows who amongst us will be here next Ramadan and who amongst us will not be here only Allah knows how many more Ramadan's we have. May Allah subhana wa tada write our names amongst

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those whose have been freed from the fire of hell May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with many more Ramadan's full of Eman and taqwa May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those who are in the lien in paradise. May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those whose books are given in the right hand. May Allah subhana wa tada make our skills heavy on judgment day. May Allah subhanho wa Taala calls the Ramadan and the fasting and the Quran to be intercessors for us on Judgement Day. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause the Quran to be in evidence for us and not in evidence against us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make every Ramadan better than the previous one, until the very best Ramadan

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that we have. And the very best days that we live we ask a lot that they are the best days of our lives the most righteous Days of Our Lives. May they be the last days of our lives and made the last word that we ever uttered before we leave this earth be the Shahada, the testimony of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh