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Stoicism Vs Islam


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What's your view on stoicism, asceticism, no stoicism so stoicism it's actually a philosophy from Marcus Aurelius, the Roman general and Ember. But it comes from the thought and reality like, what's the worst that could happen to you? Right? And there's practices associated with stoicism, right? If something good happens, great, something good happens, something bad happens. Okay, you know, the bad happens. But the but maintaining a stoic nature could be something along the lines of like,

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experimenting with those things that maybe you are afraid of. So for example, let's say you're afraid of wearing the same clothes every day for the same for the week. So imagine what if, you know, imagine what if you ran out of clothes, so you wear the same clothes, and they practice some simplicity? I feel like we put we kind of have an element of that when we go for hygiene, who are kind of on board a while.

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And not it's not only how much we find it all throughout this video. Okay.

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What is the Ramadan? Ramadan is an exercise in self control and discipline and empathy? Right. So, you know, let's face it, most of us, if not all, we probably never felt what it's like to not know where your next meal is gonna come from true to go hungry because you simply can't find food or you can't afford food. Right. But

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we, that's the point of fascinating you are one of the wizard fans that you feel what it's like, right, so you can empathize with those who are in that situation? And also, yeah, right now, maybe you can eat comfortably. Yeah. What if Allah tests you with a day where you won't have that? Were a lot test your extreme poverty, what's gonna happen to your soul at that time? you've trained yourself through Ramadan, hopefully you have a point of view. All right. This is like stuff over stuffing yourself extra food, because you missed out on food during the day. Exactly. But, you know, the point is that if we go through the Melbourne experience, yeah, as it was intended to be exactly

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then then we could able to withstand that trial from almost panatela. Likewise, with our clothing in our dress, yeah, as I said earlier, right now you can afford it.

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Right now you can wear nice clothes. But what happens if a lot tests you with a day where you're so poor, you can only wear certain type of clothes.