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Osama bin Laden is one of 1000s of very radical Muslims. It became their mission to defend Afghanistan but then also to expand. So let's go to 911. You're 14 years old, the event takes place. What's life like with the last name of Ben Lada? brace yourselves, because your life is never going to be the same again, watching the news and some politicians saying that, you know, Islam is a religion of peace. That politician you mentioned is a president of the mainstream media perpetrated the narrative. I would challenge any journalists, what are you running work there for two years Christiane Amanpour should do what you just said. Have you ever been to Saudi Arabia you've never

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been and then you have here in the West, you know, Matt tell coming out with a veiled Barbie and Nike coming out with a job with a switch. And apparently you get labeled as a racist if you say these things, but this ideology is a real problem. But let me get this straight. There is someone who is the niece of sama bin Laden, who is a supporter of Donald Trump, he was able to bring all these people together at the table to strike peace agreements, he hasn't started any new wars. Why do you think 80 million Americans voted for Biden? Well, first of all, I don't believe that number. You're supposed to hate Trump. We're supposed to believe that this candidate garnered more votes

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than Hillary Clinton than Obama. It smells really bad, Patrick, this incident in 1933, every Muslim needs to be aware of it. And it is something that is truly shocking to hear this this

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piece of Salaam Nicole, welcome to the show. I'm your host. Good to have you back with us. And it's really good to have our special guest, Dr. Kevin, who's with us I had to bring on an expert. Somebody who's a scholar in this area, not only are you your professor and university from the Wisconsin University, you taught there for many years and other universities. But you have dwelled into an area also, that you became a collar technically in this area that we're going to be discussing, discussing. And what prompted us to discuss this is that something is again being brought to the surface, this topic of 911 with the niece that all of a sudden came out of the

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woodwork Her name is Osama bin Laden's neither calling her Osama bin Laden's nice, newer, bin Laden. That's interesting, because I was telling you, Dr. Kevin, before I go on salaam aleikum, how are you? Well, they come with a lot more amsoil Baraka to you, Eddie, it's great to be back on your show. I love your show. Peace be with you. Good to have you back again. Thank you. So that I hit that right, you were a professor at the University of Wisconsin. Well, close enough. I was technically a lecturer there. And I think what I forget what I was categorized at Edgewood College of Madison, I was a professor in Milwaukee at Kaplan University, and I've taught at San Francisco

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State and other places. Now, just a recap of your story, because you are the quintessential example of someone who is exercising his right to freedom of speech for I remember that story correctly. And you were just blasted for that. Right? We were teaching critical thinking skills. Yeah, remember how it was after 911? It was crazy people were being stampeded into this fear, kind of paranoia vibe, sort of like with COVID today, but with a lot less reason. Because I do think there really is such a thing as COVID. And it's making people sick, but 911 that was a complete, what should we call it, stampeding people into totally unreasonable fear, the chances that you are going to get killed by

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any kind of terrorist and most Islamic terror, so called Islamic terrorists were being blamed for about 2% of the attacks at the time. But the chances are, you'd be killed by any kind of terrorist at that time, or really any other time is comparable to getting hit by lightning twice. So that was a hoax. But everybody was terrified of the scary, scary radical Muslims. And so I looked at this critically and tried to teach critical thinking around it. And then in 2004, I woke up to the fact that the official story of 911 was not just false, but obviously and easily provably false. So I started doing activism and teachings on that issue that got me in trouble. And then in 2006, I was

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dragged on Fox News attacked by a politicians made into a whipping boy for the professor's for 911 truth. And since then, I've been forced to become an independent scholar, and some would call me a professional conspiracy theorist. Now just you'd mentioned that word. We talked about this in previous shows, when this label is thrown out, when did is officially get coined? And when you label someone with this term, does that kind of shut down the conversation is that meant to shut down, you know, a credible, you know, conversation to just try to ascertain the truth without going down in a dark hole? Well, of course, that's actually why they

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The term conspiracy theorist was popularized by none other than the CIA. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it is a true one. The CIA issued a memorandum in 1967 to its assets in the media, and the CIA has a lot of assets in the media. You can Google the term Operation Mockingbird for some of that evidence. So the CIA put out a memo. And you can find this and read it on the internet, telling the editors, publishers and journalists that it owns and it owns 1000s to start using the term conspiracy theorist and start calling people who were thinking critically about the JFK assassination conspiracy theorists. The reason they put this out in 1967 was the Jim garrison, the

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district attorney of New Orleans, Louisiana, was starting to prosecute some of the people who killed President Kennedy. And so certain people in high places were panicked. And one of the ways they reacted was by putting out this memo to try to discredit critical thinkers as so called conspiracy theorists, and they've been using that trick ever since. Now, you mentioned something like operation operation Mohawk was a call mocking Mockingbird, sorry, Operation Mockingbird. These are things that you can go look into. And they were actually things that were put together. They actually exist is not something you just because you hear this term, you know, Mockingbird, you hear it, but these

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this is actually something that you could research and is out there in operation. Mockingbird was maybe the most successful CIA operation of all time, according to an internal agency assessment. They gave a highest metal to the man who had done it a guy named cord Meyer. And then there's a whole angle with the JFK assassination, assassination there that I won't get into. But yeah, Operation Mockingbird is undisputedly real none. There's nobody out there saying it didn't happen. And our biggest investigative journalists have written about this. Carl Bernstein wrote an article about how the CIA owns much of the mainstream media. Now, there's also a Muslim speaker out there.

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He's someone who's well known in America and worldwide, he was actually speaking he he recommended at all Muslims. There was a few events in history. And one of his speeches, we can let you hear it. He was bringing these historical facts that came up and this kind of ties in what you know, just current day events and then what we'll get to the story with this, nor Osama bin Laden's niece, who now is getting the spotlight in her 15 minutes of fame but let me show you this real quick. And then if you can talk about these events that this

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this person is his name is Yasser card, look up the Dreyfus affair. Look it up Dr. e YF. us where a person of a high position who was of a Jewish background was accused of betraying the country. It turns out that they planted false evidence. It turns out it was a false flag operation. Tell us about this, that he this this event that he's talking about? The Dreyfus affair. There was a Jewish army officer named Dreyfus, who was blamed for espionage on behalf of Germany. This was during the late 19th century when France and Germany were at odds. And it turns out that

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I believe the guy who was actually guilty of espionage helped frame him. And so there was a big scandal at that time, there was a lot of prejudice against Jews. I won't call it anti semitism because European Jews are not Semitic. anti semitism is prejudiced against Semitic people, which today is mostly Arabs and Muslims. But in any case, the Dreyfus affair was a huge scandal in that for more than a decade, there was a fight about whether this guy was guilty or not. He was actually sent off to Devil's Island, this horrific prison. And finally, the forces people like email Zola, the famous novelist and others, who were fighting for to vindicate him, finally succeeded, that he

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was vindicated and the culprit was found. But this this was a huge scandal at the time. And it showed that people had rushed to judgment when the authorities in France were willing to blame a totally innocent man, just to make things convenient for themselves. And it would have worked if it hadn't been for the heroism of a number of people like Zola and we've there's many other similar cases like this in history. Edie, go ahead finish I'm gonna get you the other one. Maybe they'll share it for you mention it here. This is the other one that this Muslim scholar he talks about, that everybody should go back look into. And know about but there is two incidents again the Dreyfus

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look it up and the other one please look this up. It is called the Reichstag fire or E IC h sta G. The Reichstag fire this incident in 1933. Every Muslim needs to be aware of it, and it is something that is truly shocking to hear. The German parliament was bombed the parliament

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was bombed a fire was set up. Hitler immediately said that Jews did it instantaneously. The public ran with it. The perception was that this is a Jewish plot. And because of this one incident of bombing the parliament, Hitler asked and was given unilateral powers. Like what happened 20 years ago in our own country because of one terrorist attack. You heard what he said that was Yasser called. He said, Every Muslim needs to know about these things. Absolutely. Yeah, the Reichstag fire was what was the emergency that allowed Hitler to assume dictatorial powers. And the deal was the German parliament, the Reichstag was burned extensively by some mentally retarded guy named Vander

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lube, but very likely, the Nazis did it themselves. But in any case, they use that pretext to seize absolute power. And there's a parallel here Edie, not only with 911, okay, okay, so now you see where I'm going, you see what we're trying to do. We talked about this term that's thrown out, okay. All right. So we talked about who you are, I mean, first we beginning a, you know, an American patriot, somebody who's born here, you weren't even Muslim at the time, you were just teaching your your, your students critical thinking skill, you were questioning the official narrative and led you down a path to investigate became a scholar in this area now. And then we are right now then we

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brought up the point of a Muslim scholar here, there's also accardi, who talks about these events. Even before that, you you, you mentioned, because this is, these are actual events that happen. But now, for you even to look into this, if you if you're, you're scared, because someone's going to throw a naval label at you, you know, a conspiracy theorist, you get spooked, and now you just believe all the official narratives, but he confirmed it. This is down. If you go down history, you can see that these are facts that happen. But now we go back to what this lady now we can come into this event that they're trying to, you know, again, start to create this panic, this fear of Muslims

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right through this event isn't that tragic event of 911. So now, if you look back, and you see how this was a definitely what he said, in his words, a false flag. Now you have things that are happening, like we're like, they can't happen again. So go ahead. Well, you sure well, yeah, 911, and also the anthrax attacks, which were part of the same operation, that together was really a kind of American Reichstag fire because it allowed the federal government to push through emergency powers in the form of the Patriot Act. And it wasn't just 911 itself. That is the attacks on the Pentagon and the entire world trade center where every World Trade Center building was destroyed

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with bombs, and none of the non World Trade Center buildings right next to them were turret were totaled, and the Pentagon was bombed. But then after people were stampeded into this state of paralysis and fear based on that, in the beginning of October, these anthrax letters became known, and they stampeded through the American version of the enabling acts, which was the patriot act by sending anthrax to the two democratic senators who were trying to block the Patriot Act and were interested in investigating 911. Their names were tom daschle and Patrick Leahy, and they received anthrax in envelopes in Scrabble scribbled on the envelopes. were the words Death to America, death

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to Israel, a lot is great. So it was supposedly another attack by by crazy Muslims. And that shut down Congress, just like the Reichstag fire did in Germany. And once Congress was shut down, then when they reopen, they just went ahead and rubber stamp Patriot Act. So there's a very close parallel there. The difference is that that time, no single dictatorial figure emerged to become a permanent American dictator, George W. Bush would have been a pretty pathetic excuse for a dictator, Trump, on the other hand, he would be

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perhaps more able to do that due to his charisma, and this kind of hold he has over his followers. So that brings us into now this emerging of Osama bin Laden's niece now, right? So she's been plastered on much of the mainstream media now.

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Or some of these outlets now. She's done some interviews. This one from value. tainment is the one we're going to just go ahead and have you react to some of the things that she's saying. And I've watched some of these interviews that Patrick has had from value tainment I mean, he has he's a good solid interviewer has a good solid program here, but I'm just surprised now because much of the fake news out there, they see it as fake news, but they conveniently accept the fake news when it comes to Islam. Right. So that's the hypocrisy we see here. But let's get into this and see what your thoughts This is her and him censorship here in a minute. So let's go to 911 you're 14 years old,

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the event takes place. It happens

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You know, you're watching the news and names come up. Osama bin Laden, your last name is bin Laden? What What are you thinking in that moment? What's your mother's reaction? What are your two older sisters reaction when you see that event taking place?

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So, before all of that happens, and we haven't touched upon this yet, but

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people are in your viewers

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don't know this, but I am a total patriot at heart like America, after Switzerland is my second home. The love for America was passed on to me by my mother, who really valued what the country was built on. And she started taking me to the US two to three times a year from the age of three whenever I'd have school holidays. So by the time I reached 14 years old, America was my second home. So much so that, you know, two years before 911, I had gotten a US flag on holiday in South Carolina, and it was, you know, on my wall in my room, and I would get teased so much in school. What do you think this is? Again? I mean, it is the whole model, never forget an excuse being

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brought up, you know,

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you heard the new model that we that has been brought out, never forget Islam, and Muslims had nothing to do with 911 stop using us as the scapegoat. But it seems like again, here we go. Again, the reemergence and the fear mongering, is being unite. What do you think when you when you when you hear this topic, again, being brought up in this way with her now, all of a sudden? Well, I could see, even you know, back, when I realized what 911 and anthrax really had been, I could see that it was going to keep on continuing as this propaganda thing for a very long period. And sure enough, I even discovered that one of the men who was most likely involved in scripting the entire 911 Drama,

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because it was undoubtedly scripted in advance with the idea of creating the effect that it created. And one of the people who suspected of being involved in that is a man named Dr. Philip Zelikow. He's a history teacher at University of Virginia. And he published an article in foreign affairs magazine in 1997, speculating on what would happen if there were a spectacular kind of Pearl Harbor style attack on the United States, such as the destruction of the World Trade Center. And he at the time in 1997, said that what would happen is that it would divide time into a before and an after, and nobody would remember what things had been like before this catastrophic event. And he said that

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it would create a multi generational effect, sort of, sort of like Pearl Harbor did. There were focus group studies that showed that Americans still hated Japanese people as late as the 1990s because of Pearl Harbor. So Zelikow studied that and said, there would be a multi generational hatred of Islam. If the World Trade Center were destroyed in a terrorist attack. Basically, he didn't quite say it in those words. But it was close enough in that article he published in 1997, with john Deutsch, called imagining the catastrophic event. So this is this guy. zelicah, who was then made the head of the 911 Commission, and he ran the 911 Commission completely, he had total

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control over the entire thing. And he scripted the entire report before the Commission had even been convened. In fact, he wrote the entire report in chapter outline, before the Commission had even convened to investigate the event. So the point being that this was designed to create this long term effect and to keep on going for 100 years or more, it's going to keep pushing Western people like northern Latin westernized people, in her case, to hate Islam for generations to come. It's interesting that her name, I mean, she paints herself I mean, I love America, I'm, you know, I love my country, right? We might not agree with some things that are perpetuated in the name of you know,

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like drone attacks, killing innocent people in another world like Muhammad Ali when he came out and he didn't refuse to go and to fight poor people in another country for killing poor people. Right, he stood up and now he's he's a Muslim American hero. So again, what does that mean it just put out there she's paying like she's got she's she's got this flag. You know, she's in Switzerland and just it's kind of like this she's trying to appeal to the emotions of people as as if the American people are that credulous You know, they're just that gullible and to fall for us for these stories. I mean, if you look at her name, she feels she looks as though now she couldn't because her mother's

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name was her mother's name is Carmen Carmen do foursome right? We know in Arabic I mean, if you look at Osama bin means the son of right so if you translate her newer that's the son of

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why she could have just easily just taken her she's not practicing it doesn't seem like she's not a practicing Muslim. She hates like Islam. She could have easily if she was that scared you know just took her mother's name or just Latin I mean, it's not she don't why she's in been the son of you know

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So it just doesn't add up it just seems like this is all just set up you know for some some nefarious agenda. Well that was my first reaction when I saw this. This she seems so kind of plastic and out of Central Casting that I wondered if did Walt Disney had made her you know, the way to make the Hall of Presidents they'd created been Latins nice for us. But yeah, I should maybe she should change not only her last name been Latin as you say that means son of so what what what does that mean? But newer, of course, means light, like the famous a long noodles, and Malachi will art. God is the light of the heavens and the earth. It's a beautiful name. Seriously, she's, you know, I

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think she's, she must have been horribly traumatized by this, assuming she's real. And she's not out of the Hall of Presidents, which I am willing to assume. She would have had a tough time when she was 14 years old. 911 happens. And she has this link to the alleged perpetrator or the Fall Guy, or the Patsy or what have you. And just like so many other Muslims, and not just Muslims, but you know, Sikhs were getting shot and lynched because they look sort of Muslim. So there was that hatred of Muslims that 911 was designed to create, and she was right there in the middle of that storm, and it must have really terrified her as a little kid. And so that must have traumatized her to the point

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that she reacted by waving her American flag. It's funny the way she said, I'm such an obsession, American patriot after Switzerland, it's my first country. Well, you know, a lot of American patriots would say, after Switzerland well.

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And of course, that's almost as bad as after Israel. And of course, that's very common after Israel. America is my first country. That's what about half of our government, and most of the people who don't our media, and give most of our money to political campaigns, that's what they would say, if they were telling the truth. Yeah, I love America. It's my second favorite country after Israel. But in any case, she is I think she's the walking wounded. Yeah, I think she's real. I think she really has been loud is nice. And she reacted to this trauma by waving the American flag harder than everybody. You know, I'm more American than anybody. I really, I didn't do it. Please don't Lynch

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me. And that's the way she's identified for her her whole life. And now she's had this opportunity to come into the limelight, waving that flag as hard as she can. On behalf of Donald Trump, which it's actually you know, it would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. Now, I like Patrick, actually, from this value team, and he brings on some good guests, you know, cover some good topics, but and I hope this reaches him and he can just re evaluate when it comes to now when people go out of their lane. I mean, he promotes reading books. I mean, read the Quran, I mean, for yourself, hook up with a Muslim have someone like you, who's a scholar in this area in this area of 911 have many

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of these things that they're bringing up to bring on someone like you right to ascertain really for his audience, what's fake, and what's real. And and, and it's sad that now they're I don't see really any good behind this. It just this fear mongering, right. So let me go ahead and share another clip here from this and get your reaction. We just had the election and I know you, you were on Tucker and a few different shows and you express your support for

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Trump to hear Osama bin Laden's knees says only Trump can prevent another 911. But what magazine just came out last week calling them president. Okay, so see again, another, but doesn't care. Like you mentioned as another scholar, someone who's written extensively on this. Can you elaborate doctor, he's a Christian,

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who was searching for the true doctor was a David Ray Griffin. Yes. So he blows all that out of the water, this whole 911 being linked to Islam and Muslims. Yes, David Ray Griffin is a professor. He's retired now, who has written about 12 books on 911, starting with the new Pearl Harbor, and his work is totally indispensable. If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of what happened, it didn't happen. And especially what's his name, again, David Ray Griffin, David Ray Griffin. So if Patrick or her or anybody who's sincerely looking for the truth in this matter, this is an academic, he's a Christian. Also, he's not Muslim. And there's a quote that he said that the evidence that,

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you know, has seems has been fabricated that's trying to link Islam to Muslims. You know, that famous quote that he made? You know, I don't remember that particular quote, but it's just stunning. How much of the so called evidence around 911 was obviously fabricated. You know, I won't get into all the details, but like, the only reason that they pointed a finger at Mohamed Atta was that odda had two magic suitcases that were magically discovered full of planted evidence that the cops knew was planted in the case of one of them. And I mean, I could go on about the planet evidence. Why don't we stick to something just simple, simple. When somebody looks at this, many people don't know

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that one of those buildings, seven, nothing even hit it. Right. Yeah. If you want the simple version, it's simple. You

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Have a simple version of how you know that 911 was a false flag, just investigate the controlled demolition of building seven. The official story is that building seven fell down at 523 in the afternoon due to some very minor office fires, that would be the first time in history. Well, the third time because of the two towers, that a steel framed high rise office building has ever completely collapsed for any reason other than controlled demolition. But with building seven, just look at it, it's obviously a demolition, as essentially everyone is admitted, even the the go to scientists who tried to come up with ways of imagining that the towers had not been blown up, you

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show them building seven, and they basically shrug and throw up their hands, the only people upholding the official story about building seven, which is that it just fell down from office fires. Those people are basically on the government payroll.

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So people say okay, Edie, like, why are you talking about this topic? I mean, these topics are being brought up. And they keep we have to go to the root of the matter, because they keep again, using Islam and Muslims as a scapegoat. We know that Islam condemns something like this. I mean, you don't have a justification, but they're trying to, you know, show otherwise. But then when you have the whole event is questionable. Right, then, and then if somebody looks into it, and that's why we brought someone like yourself, an academic scholar in this area, who can also was pointed to other academics and investigators and people you have, like 3000 plus almost 4000 architects and

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engineers, Richard Gage, I believe is his name.

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someone like him who gives a presentation and asks hundreds of people in the room? How many of you believe this at the start, but after he presents the evidence, all hands are down, you know? So what do you think? Well, yeah, the one thing about 911 that everybody can figure out pretty quickly, if they look into it is that the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives. It didn't just magically disappear, you know, in these gigantic explosions, because it had been hit by planes with a little bit of kerosene or jet fuel enough. The official story is, of course, that that kerosene in the planes started off as fires in the office fires destroyed the buildings. But once you look at

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this beginning with building seven, you'll quickly figure out that obviously these buildings were destroyed with some very, very powerful explosives precisely how that was done is still being debated. But once we don't have to get into that right I mean, that's not for us to figure that's when you start you know, someone labels you that name conspiracy theory, as you're trying to theorize put it together, it's not our business, okay, whatever. How would happen when it I mean, how it happened is done the other Okay, oh, maybe at the end, only God Almighty Allah, at the end, maybe agenda, you can go ahead and watch it in 4k or whatever. But basically, what this means,

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though, is that they had rigged up these huge buildings for demolition ahead of time in advance. These are even building seven, which was only 47. storeys, and the two towers were, like 110. storeys. So the even building seven at 47, storeys was the tallest building ever taken down in a controlled demolition at that time. So these were huge, complex jobs very, very difficult. And they had to have been rigged up in advance. And so what that means is that when they blame, suppose it Muslim hijackers, and we have every reason to know that there were no Muslim hijackers that day, but even just how would they have trusted people to,

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to hit these targets, and somehow, you know, create the pretext for blowing them up. So they would not have allowed people to just randomly hijack planes and fly them into buildings to provide that pretext. Instead, they would have used remote control or some some means to make sure that there was a plane crash that then they could blame the demolitions on that that means there were no Muslims on the planes. And there's all kinds of evidence to show that these 19 guys that they blamed for this, were not on those planes at all. And most likely, the best hypothesis is probably there were planes flown by remote control. But what about the 300 k? study from Alaska university? Is it? Yeah, that's

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Leroy hulsey is the professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks who has put out the definitive final scientific word on building seven. And it's kind of belaboring the obvious, it's, it's very obvious to anybody with basic sort of grade school or maybe middle school physics, that this building building seven couldn't possibly just come straight down at almost freefall acceleration, because of some office fires, because to have it come down like that straight into its footprint at freefall, you would have to remove all of the vertical supports exactly at the same moment. You know, if you missed if you got most of them, but not a couple of them, boom, it's going to topple

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you know, big tall building like that. It always wants to topple like a tree. You know, you can't take a tree and turn a tree into a little pile of sawdust on the stump very easily. And so so that's why they pay controlled demolition for him so much to bring them straight down.

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So everybody looks at Boeing seven can see that it was a demolition. However, if you want to get into the nitty gritty of absolutely proving it beyond any possible doubt and showing why the government's explanation is as insane as it is, you can do what Professor Halsey did and do a really complex computer modeling study. And so that's available for anybody who wants to really get into the engineering details. How do you advise people who know they don't believe the official narrative? And that's all someone is saying, like, oh, there's things that are questionable, like things right in front of your eyes is wasn't like a Houdini are a

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magician trick, you know, that? Or was it I mean, that this building just fell down? Nothing hit it, but someone when you're talking to people, and you're explaining, you know, what Islam is, you know, submission to the Creator, not the creation, you know, Jesus practice it. Moses, Abraham, it's a way of connecting with your Creator, the one and only and you go into the beautiful tenants of it, but then, in the back of someone's mind, or someone even comes out, say, Oh, you guys are the guys. Right? your religion is because of Muslims that now that again, it's always there. It's so and now it's being revisited again, with this scripted, played, it seems like he's coming up. So for someone

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who's a novice in his area, what do you and then usually the arguments are, look, which is fact that Islam doesn't condone this, it condemns it, right. And they weren't Muslims who did it. Right. But somehow they, they, you know, it was Muslims, but they weren't practicing Islam. And then you get into all this, but when you get to the root of matter, is Islam and Muslims had nothing to do with it? So what advice would you give to someone where you don't, because people are scared to come off, like and get labeled a conspiracy theorist? Well, if you can, if you have the time to do some reading and look into it, and then you can, you know, learn some of the facts about it. Just telling

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people about those facts, I guess, is about the best you can do. Because it's, it's not, unfortunately, the problem is that a traumatic event like this, and this newer, bin Laden is a classic example of somebody who's been traumatized into becoming very defensive, and, and being very rigid in a particular approach, you know, so she's waving her American flag and, and, and, you know, screaming against Islam, but she's just an extreme example, because about half the American people were given pre Traumatic Stress Disorder by the TV images, they saw 911. And this is an example of what the professionals in this field have the word professional is a little dubious here, they would

00:32:33--> 00:33:15

call this traumatic mind control, or, or, you know, using trauma to to brainwash people, when people are traumatized, they become sort of desperate, and they don't have anything to grab on to. And so then the person who's trying to brainwash them can basically tell them anything, and the person will internalize it at a very deep and often unconscious level. So that there are so many people walking around today with this hatred or sort of negative feeling and fear of Islam that's been implanted deep in their subconscious mind by this 911 operation, which was designed precisely to do that. And we have to find ways to disarm them. And there are all sorts of ways you can sort of deprogram and

00:33:15--> 00:34:00

disarm people. I think humor is helpful. Sometimes I've been doing this kind of work, educating people about these kinds of very frightening things for 15 years now. And I think a little bit of humor can be helpful, I mean, not not tasteless humor, but just lightening up a little bit. So we can get some distance and rethink our kind of basic reactions to things. Like if you had this, this Muslim scholar who yasir Qadhi who, who brought up this event in history that happened, where Hitler he ended up starting the fire bombing his own parliament, was it Yeah, setting fire to the right, stagger parallel? Yeah. So why is it hard to believe now? Why is it like far fetched that the same

00:34:00--> 00:34:13

thing happens in one and modern day? Right? Well, false flag operations are very common. And in 2001, nobody heard of them except for people in military academies where they are taught as part of the curriculum.

00:34:14--> 00:34:55

False Flag operations are very common, have happened throughout history. The expression comes from when a naval ship would hoist the flag that wasn't its own flag to try to, you know, attack somebody and get somebody else blamed for it. And to this day, criminals, serious criminals organized crime types, will often find a Patsy who will be blamed for their crime, because they know that most police just want to solve the crime. And so you throw the Patsy to the police. And Patsy gets blamed and perhaps convicted or maybe silence before he can be tried. And then the case goes away. So framing people setting people up for things they didn't do.

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

tricking countries into thinking they've been attacked by somebody to just

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

The Art of War. I mean, this is this is old hat. And I just want to give you a couple of examples. Israel is a specialist at this in 1954. They attack the United States to act American and British targets in Egypt. This was called the lavonne affair. And you can look this up. Yeah, yeah, it's a call avant affair, la VN. And for many decades, Israel insisted that no, this was just an anti semitic conspiracy theory. And the Egyptians who convicted these Israeli terrorists, had had convicted innocent people. But then, I think about 15 or 20 years ago, the Israeli government finally admitted that yes, we did it, and then they gave medals to everybody was involved. Then in

00:35:37--> 00:36:20

1967, another even bigger Israeli false flag was the attack on the USS Liberty spaceship. This was during the 1967 War, and the Israelis attacked it all out trying to murder more than 300 American sailors on this unarmed spaceship, they repeatedly returned to strafe the life lifeboats, they tried to sink it. And only by a loss, Grace was that ship saved 34 American sailors ended up dead, and hundreds wounded, almost everybody in the ship was wounded. But then afterwards, the US and Israeli governments hushed it up. The reason was that it was a false flag. It was supposed to be blamed on Egypt, they were going to kill 300 American sailors. And then the Americans were going to say, oh,

00:36:20--> 00:36:56

Egypt did this. And then America was going to jump into the war and bomb Russian bases in Egypt, which might have started world war three. So that's just, you know, in there, hundreds of examples of these false flag operations. So people need to educate themselves. If people had actually known about these things before 911, they probably couldn't have done 911. And not only those 3000 people would still be alive. But many millions around the world who've been murdered in wars that were triggered by 911 would also still be alive, which you had many Muslims actually also, who died in 911. Yes, there were Muslims who died in the towers. There were people from all sorts of countries.

00:36:57--> 00:37:32

The again, the luckiest country was Israel, which had a huge presence in the towers. But they all moved out a week before Zim shipping lines, which is co owned by the Government of Israel in the Rothschilds broke its lease losing a huge amount of money to move out one week before 911. And then Odigo instant messaging system sent out a warning and Hebrew that morning, warning people to stay away from downtown Manhattan. So the Israelis only lost a couple of people. But countries I forget which countries but if you look, you can look at the list. All sorts of countries last double figures worth of people, including Muslim countries, and there were Muslim Americans who died as

00:37:32--> 00:38:11

well. What happened to the the janitor was he called the last man out. He was someone who actually ended up accepting Islam. He wasn't Muslim. He helped actually everybody he had like the key for the utility rooms. What was his name? That's William Rodriguez. He was the last man out of the North Tower last minute dived under a truck as the whole building came down whatever happened to him? Well, at last I heard, he's alive and well and a family man in New York, he spent many years on the lecture circuit. He first he was a national hero for saving people. You know, he helped the fire department save a lot of people before he got out. Yeah. And so he was a national hero, he met bush

00:38:11--> 00:38:51

and so on. And then he kept trying to give his information to the authorities. And he actually did testify. But before the 911 Commission, and he testified that huge explosions had badly injured people, and done tremendous damage to the lobby and the lower levels of the towers before the plane hit. And, and then huge explosions. Were going off after that in the towers, as well as he was helping the fire department safe people. So anyway, he wanted to testify about this. But unfortunately, the 911 Commission sealed his testimony, top secrets never been seen. And that showed him that there was something really wrong. And so since then, he began doing lectures. He did a lot

00:38:51--> 00:39:24

of lectures for several years. And now I think he's retired from the lecture circuit, and I'm not quite sure what he's up to. Isn't that interesting? He was getting all the mainstream media attention when when they were using him to kind of go with the narrative. But as soon as he came out with the truth, and the reality would happen, they went opposite to that he got silenced. And then he had everything he knew he could have went along with that ride, and he could have made more money, right. But he went the opposite. Right? Yeah, he became an unusual kind of 911 hero, but I think it you know, he was he's really a very admirable guy. And it was amazing. It was by the grace

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

of Allah, that this guy a good looking articulate janitor happened to be there with the only key to leave the fireman up. And you know, to open up the stairways and get people out and then to survive it. It's just a quite a miracle. What do you say when people they talk about how insensitive someone is being because of the family members to even talk like this? Well, if family members I know people like Bob mcelveen, who lost his son, Bobby, in the north, you know, some actual family and of course, I've been working with them for more than 10 years.

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

Working with the family members and family members of 911. I know a lot of them, really, you know, know that the official story is false. Bob mcelveen. And it's really sad to hear him say this. He's come on my radio show several times. And he he's he investigated very closely to find out what happened to his son. And he knows his son was killed by blunt force trauma from explosions. His son was there in the lobby, before the plane hit. And those same explosions that Willie Rodriguez talked about, presumably killed him. And so Bob knows that and he's been trying to get justice for his son for 15 years now. And he and many other family members of the victims are behind the various lawyers

00:40:46--> 00:41:28

committee for 911. Justice, and the architects and engineers for 911 truth lawsuits. There are a number of lawsuits going on. And then there's Matt Campbell. And Jeff Campbell, I think is Jeff. I think Matt Campbell was the one who, who died and his brother Jeff over in the UK is pursuing justice in the UK. He's got a court action in the UK about that. So there are lots of family members who've been working for justice on this. Ellen Mariani was another one, who sued Bush and Cheney for killing her husband who was on one of the flights, long history of activism. The the film 911 press for truth was made by the jersey girls, the most famous of these victims, family activists. So it's

00:41:28--> 00:41:37

an insult to these victims survivors, to say that they shouldn't be allowed to find out why their loved ones really died. And who did it. I've also heard that

00:41:38--> 00:42:20

there was more people who are calling in, they were calling in and investigating, like calling moss. Many people were also buying up more crayons and Ever After that, I heard because they wanted to know like, people who really who are out genuine, they wanted to see like, does Islam really teach this? Even though we dismantled everything with these facts out there, but people who wanted to know like, Okay, what is Islam all about? And during those times that people were reading the Quran, and they were saying, hold on this, they were going to the source. So why don't these people like Patrick, we sincerely asked him to get a good translation of the Quran, read it for her also read

00:42:20--> 00:42:55

the Quran for yourself? It seems like they conveniently just say, you know, don't want to do that. Why is that? And then you had people who were doing that, and they weren't actually accepting Islam, you had more people accepting Islam, actually, after 911? Yeah, it's by the grace of Allah, some people approach things with an open mind and look into Islam and others don't looking at Patrick and Noor in this conversation, I found this kind of conversation kind of power painful. And I think that maybe part of the reason for that is that both of those two people are in pain. And you know, they clearly were in pain when they were talking about their parents divorces. I mean, both of these

00:42:55--> 00:43:30

people have experienced trauma. In both cases, their parents divorced when they were kids, and it left, you know, left a trauma for them. And you can see that on their faces when they talk about that. And of course, newer bin Laden talked about the trauma of being a kid when 911 happened, and, you know, kind of getting blamed for it. So these people I think, are kind of in pain. And Patrick comes from a family that fled Iran during the Islamic Revolution. And so apparently, his family was on the other side of the anti Islam side during the revolution. And so his family are exiled from the Islamic Republic of Iran. And that pain of exile probably came to him at least secondhand. And

00:43:30--> 00:43:50

so I think these people have become kind of rigid in their approach to things by is a way to defeat this pain that they're suffering from, and how to heal them. You know, maybe, maybe the Quran actually could help heal them. I don't think there's anything as healing as salaat prayer.

00:43:51--> 00:44:28

And it is reading Quran if you get to the point where you can read and recite Quran which hamdulillah I've been able to do that now for a couple of years. I'm following chicken, Ron Hussein's method of doing a full Quran recitation, you read it aloud every day from and then one month you finish it. And he has a whole method people can go to Imran Hussein's website to learn how to do that. It's very, very healing. You know, it's for me, it's been very painful actually having to deal with the reality of 911 which is even uglier and more terrifying than the official version. And then that's led me into having to look at many other things that most people would rather not

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

look at things like trauma based mind control, you know, 911 was one example of trauma based mind control. But you know, look at look up project monarch. Look, look up. MK Ultra, the there are criminals and intelligence agents who intentionally traumatize people in order to control their minds. This is just one of the kinds of subjects I've ended up studying after I was forced out of the academy for getting looking into 911 and

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

So I think that the the healing power of Islam and Islamic practice in particular the actual ritual practice of letting go of everything surrendering completely to God as you put your forehead on the floor it's it's the highest form of call it meditation, call it thanking God or praise or prayer, whatever you want to call it. salon is an amazing thing with this great healing power. And so I pray that people like this who have suffered from these various kinds of pains and traumas in their lives that have led them to hate and to reject and to push away their their real heritage and their real relationship with God you know, God's waiting for them and so all they really need to do to really

00:45:40--> 00:46:23

heal is to stop you know, stop hating on Islam and waving your flag extra hard and yelling that you're you know, in favor of Trump or whatever and just let go and and and and face the truth I'll Hawk which is another name for God in our tradition, these people really could be healed by Islam, whether that happens or not, I guess I guess a lot and and they are, you know, the ones who determine that if they can get past all the fake news that's out there in the misinformation, and we'll end off with this. There's one more thing that from the clip, I can't stand the veil, you know, and then you have here in the West, you know, Mattel coming out with a veiled Barbie and Nike

00:46:23--> 00:47:05

coming out with Nike coming out with her job with a swoosh and, and knowing you know, what's happening in, in the Middle East, and these women who are being persecuted, it's just, we'll finish it off from from from there, you can see just she's, she's boiling, like her body language says it all. And then she has a letter to America. And part of it she talks about some things that if she would look into it, Patrick will look into Islam. I mean, you you articulate, articulated, you know, the, the healing effect of the Quran. And then if they looked at and put it to the test, who the Quran actually came from, like, it's from the Creator of the heavens and earth, the creator that

00:47:05--> 00:47:22

created you. And then she talks about the veil now. And if she, I believe it comes off as she's Christian, I believe the Bible says in like manner, oh, like men also, like women adore themselves and modest about what is so modest

00:47:23--> 00:47:24

about this,

00:47:25--> 00:48:03

because she mentioned in her letter, but you have Jesus, the mother, Mary, who's wearing the hijab. So she's talking about this, about modesty, and she's talking about the degeneracy of the moral of the breakdown of the family. But this is all what Islam comes to preserve the family, modesty, morality, worship of one and only God, the same God of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, glass, the fundamental problem, Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, Paul. So it's like, kind of, you know, these double standards and hypocrisy, like this is everything that she's talking about, about family about, you know, morality, all these, this is the essence of Islam about building a society based on

00:48:03--> 00:48:41

justice of good character manners, you know, so when you hear that, and then she's, and then the whole thing about hating the veil, but Jesus is mother, she wore the veil, the job? Yeah, well, you know, again, she experienced the painful, you know, divorce of her parents, which your father was Saudi, and Muslim, and her mother was Swiss, and apparently non Muslim. And I think that really hurt her. And of course, when you're a kid, you're going to identify with the parent that that's taking care of you, you know, you have to almost, so I think she identified with that, you know, nine or anti muslim side of her own family split. And

00:48:42--> 00:49:22

so why does she hate the veil so much, and mischaracterize it is something that women are forced to do, when in fact, in reality, for the most part he job is a voluntary choice that women make, to express their spirituality and and their purity. It's a kind of a sin, it's a symbol that I'm a spiritual impure being, you know, don't put your, your desiring eyes on me, you think the feminist would actually like that, but for some reason, they seem to prefer it the other way. But But then the irony here is that that family breakdown that she experienced, and that Patrick experienced in it, so many kids from this generation are experiencing, this comes from the breakdown of the kind of

00:49:22--> 00:50:00

morality that Islam is there to preserve. And so it's really the solution for these problems. And these two people would be experiencing a lot less pain, if they had grown up in a genuinely pious kind of Islamic meal you. So I just wonder how many people in this generation these young people like this, who grow up kind of, you know, hating and into identity politics and decadence and depravity or whatever they're into, and it leads nowhere are Sunday going to get out of the blue mat and back towards the north out of the darkness back towards the light. And Nora here, she's a candidate for that. So it's Patrick, you know, they both came from Muslim backgrounds. Now. They're

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

Self hating Muslims, right? You know, there's a joke about the self hating Jews. Oh, if you don't like Israel, you must be a self hating Jew. Well, I mean, the I don't know about that. But these two are definitely self hating Muslims, they hate the Muslim side of themselves, and they've been trained to and they've been brainwashed to hate the Muslim side of themselves, but by 911 by the particulars of their divorce where the non Muslim parent gets custody and hate that darn Muslim dad of mine, and, you know, it's it's, it's it's very, very sad. But there is that solution still there. If people get back to that traditional God based morality, where there's actually a divine reason to

00:50:34--> 00:51:02

be moral. If you're an atheist, there's no reason why it's better to be more than Mr. Really, right. It's all the worlds of random accident. If you're pious, and you know that God actually is watching and you're going to be judged. And you can feel that presence of a lot of the angels around you. You have the best of reasons to be moral and virtuous. And when people are morally virtuous, their families don't break up. And this kind of pain doesn't happen. Yeah. So wrapping up here. One more thing I hate when they mentioned is

00:51:03--> 00:51:42

you caught it in the interview. The term coffee, right? Yeah, they pronounce it kefir. Yeah, here's the milk actually the probiotic milk that you Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, obviously nerve in London doesn't speak any Arabic. Yeah. She said. You're familiar with the term cast fear, like an accentuating the word fear and the second syllable, it's quite quite telling. But yeah, she obviously knows nothing about Islam. She doesn't she hates on it so much that she hasn't bothered to learn about it. But this term that was coined because they try to translate that as infidel, which there's this is, this is wrong, because coffin means to cover up the truth. ungrateful truth

00:51:42--> 00:52:23

concealer, yeah, but this infidel was coined by the Christian Crusaders, right? Yes, that's the word infidel. That's it. That's an English word that the Crusaders use. So they're projecting onto the Muslims their own feelings. And then we advise, I mean, I sincerely humbly advise Patrick, he's read so many books, read a good translation of the Quran, there's a clear quran.com you have so he International, I don't know if you one particular you think is good. Same thing for her meet, go. Visit a mosque, ask your questions, come to the source, you know, come and sit with Muslims. And instead of creating this anxiety and fear and people, which is not going to create peace in the

00:52:23--> 00:52:24

world, you just helping to

00:52:25--> 00:52:29

create more problems. So you can set it beautifully.

00:52:30--> 00:53:09

The cron is a healing effect. Read it right? And then what would you advise for Muslims out there? Who have kind of gone away because God Almighty Allah tells us if a fasiq if he will do or someone comes to you with this verify, check it up. Right. So we see the community is home and even many Muslim scholars. I mean, how would you advise critical thinking, especially in this day and age? Yes, that famous verse from the Quran is sometimes translated as ascertain the truth. Yeah, the facet comes to you with alarming news ascertain the truth or you might regret what you did you know, if you react the wrong way. And I think as Muslims, we should be regretting the fact that when the

00:53:09--> 00:53:48

fast passuk media and the fast government came to us with this alarming news about Oh, the Muslims just blew up the World Trade Center with a couple of planes, we should have ascertained the truth before we went along with it, but most of us just sort of went along with it. We we shouldn't we should we should be aware of that we're living in a society that is it's not an open, free democracy with a free media. We're living in a controlled corporatocracy, or a plutocracy ruled by the rich, they run the media, what you're getting in the media and the mainstream media is not anything even remotely close to the real overall, you know, accurate reflection of what's really going on in the

00:53:48--> 00:54:27

world is propaganda. Just like in the old Soviet Union, what we're getting here is really no more accurate than what the citizens of the old Soviet Union got. They needed to get mimeograph to get the truth. And today, we need alternative media websites to get the truth. So Muslims need to get on this because we are. We're facing a digital of lies coming at us. And maybe we are in the end times the years. And maybe it is the time of digital, I don't know. But it's we're certainly overwhelmed by lies from official sources. And the people of the lie are opposed, you know, they hate the people of the truth. And I think they recognize that, that real Muslims, people with who are genuinely

00:54:27--> 00:54:59

faithfully practicing Islam are people of the truth and it's a threat to their agenda. And we want to get into that threat to the bankers agenda of our opposition to the usury as Muslims. There are so many reasons that Islam is a problem for these very powerful psychopaths who rule the world. And we need to be aware of that and when these facts come to us with alarming news, we should ascertain the truth. This is part of our Deen. It is so beautifully. Thank you so much, Dr. Kevin, for being with us and sharing your thoughts with us on this

00:55:00--> 00:55:25

New emergence of the new person has been propped up to create some hysteria and united so we kind of dismantle that. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Well, thank you for your great work, where people can if they want to find you more of you, my website is truth, jihad, calm, and I also write for Crescent International, which is the best current affairs Muslim news magazine. Thank you so much for God Almighty Allah bless you. Thank you.

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