Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 29

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Episode Notes

Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-23 – Night 29

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The importance of fasting and not taking too much time to finish one's job is emphasized, along with the need to be proactive and communicate with others about their actions. Consent on Islam is also emphasized, and dressing up differently during events is emphasized. Pranksters and activities such as Facebook events encourage people to learn and show gratitude about their actions. embracing Islam for a better life is also emphasized.

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu lillahi wa Mehta who understand you know who understood the pharaoh

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are nouns with lemon surely an fusina was a Medina

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de la palma de la palma

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de la

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la la la la la la sharika well I shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who What are pseudo? Ooh si como el Allenby, Taka la casa Mata Koon. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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appraise due to Allah roble alameen.

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Who have the side that

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who have commanded

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all of us to pass in the month of Ramadan

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and he is the one who also commanded us

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to leave Ramadan with eight with duck beer.

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Meaning if you keep on fasting, it's not something that is tempting that please Allah.

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pleasing Allah means you try to do what Allah one you to do.

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And you stop doing what that Allah dislike.

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Look at the example of fasting

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and the breaking of us. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam remind his own man

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As long as we break pounds, as soon when sunset comes in, then your Islam is considered good.

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is not good. Even we think that what's wrong if I delay half an hour, know when the time for you to break you must pray is just like when the time for you to pray. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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hi to a man. Or he said, ma haba illallah wa salam to Allah wa to not say you can pray later on. But you must try your best to do what that Allah loves most.

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If he loves you to be hastin, to do thing that is good that you must do it fast.

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You don't take your sweet time, because we do not know what is going to happen to all of us. Alhamdulillah we like to thank all our mom, the young and the old one.

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Whether they are local or foreigner,

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who have been very patient with us every night, and we love to thank all the jamaah who respond to the pm in our day one from day one.

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And tonight

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is the last night.

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Even tomorrow, we are still fasting, but there's no pm after tomorrow, not in after tomorrow after tonight.

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pm means there's no congregational PM, if you still want to continue with the huddle, and that's where tahajjud come in. Outside of Ramadan. You don't call him Ramadan. Either you call it the Hadoop or Kamala is the same prayer. But the Muslim today are very confused. They are very confused because the understanding of Salah

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is only doing this night prayer.

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The understanding towards concept of worship is only prayer.

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But worshiping Allah meaning you are doing something that please Allah, that get your closer to Allah, one of the ayah that our imaam was reciting about what makes the prophets and the Messenger of Allah so different than all of us

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is because the Prophet have a mission and the messengers have to act upon the mission. He had to execute the mission. No la Sallam said to a law. I have been calling my people day and night. But only a small number of them respond to my dad. But he was calling his people day and night.

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that make us different.

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Why we are so good in the eyes of Allah. Why Allah says we are the best nation couldn't hire oma. We are not just any Ummah but the best Why?

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Because the job the responsibility of the Messenger of Allah is no more on the Prophet because there's no prophet after Muhammad sama Salam. But the responsibility is on all our shoulder today. We have been fasting the whole man charging our battery, increasing our Eman, increasing our knowledge every night. The pairing our staff, they have a lot of summer, like how you control your patient in Ramadan, then is

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time after these. We have to be very proactive. And we have to move out and reach out to other people.

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We know that tomorrow maybe some of you will be leaving towards a different direction. Meet up family members, family reunion. You have a mission to whatever you ever learn it it's not right for you to just visit them and say nothing except

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Rama Hari Raya

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matzah here button there's no value on it.

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Of course you say the Kabbalah who mean now I mean Camille accept all our debts and your debt. And in the same time, we have to remind each other about our Deen about our

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make sure that none of our family member that we visit is committing shear It

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is our duty each time when I went to visit some group of people,

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I always found someone doing sherek

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So what happened? What should we do? Just keep quiet? No, we have to say something.

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You have the season g i am 34

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g i am the default

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that do q q 2987

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humbler brothers and sisters

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we are traveling. We hope that we are going to travel with our knowledge. We had to do our dow what went wrong to this nation today? We thought that when we are talking to our people, reminding our people, Muslim brothers sisters, our cousin, our niece, we thought that that is that what that is not that way.

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That one is calling people who are not yet Muslim.

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We have failed to carry out this mission until today.

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Meaning we don't care

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maybe we know that we have good neighbor good friend one not yet. Mostly we don't even bother about their future.

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But we love them.

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What do you mean you will love them and you left you leave them committing? Surely not calling you didn't call them to Islam. You try to introduce Islam to them.

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That one is calling people who are not yet Muslim. When you are I'm talking to you every night here this is not my doubt.

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This is just a reminder

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was active in a secret and meaning.

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Allah remind us to remind each other we've the reminder of Allah not reminding each other according how you feel, how I feel know what Allah wants us to remind each other

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because by reminding each other with the reminder of Allah and the Prophet Salaam Salaam Sana, then you will bring benefit.

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But if you don't remind people with the Quran and the Sunnah, there's no benefit whatsoever in the secret. Meaning, the thing that will bring benefit to the believer is only when you remind people with what Allah said in his book, like the prophesy Edina, say also when I'm talking to all of your brother and sister, I'm not doing now I'm just giving some naseeha a demoness here. Then the companion as the Prophet, the man Jaroslaw for who do we make naseeha

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now streamlet, the profit restaurant lillah

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for Allah for the sake of Allah,

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not only for the sake of Allah Wiley kitabi must be guided by his book, what is sumatera suli and also by the Sunnah of the Prophet somos that is called naseeha

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but if somebody is giving you some advice, but that's not daleel in the advice, just opinion, opinion hearsay there is not NASA, NASA The Prophet said the law Juanita v Wali Rasool e

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meaning when you give a person an asset you see I'm giving an asset you're an asset must be based on the one you not how you feel what a one says

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that what are the messenger was doing when my entaco and in our in Hua Illa was you knew they would never say anything to anyone except what was revealed to them. Not yet knifes

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and Allah against it to us

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in the middle of a city who may not

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know how to hammer all believers, male and female, big one big family

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and as a family we know we do have problem. Do we have problem rather than system?

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As a family?

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Sometimes small families small problem, big family big problem.

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More family more problem.

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Problem is there.

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There is why is it for us Lee who will be in Hawaii come

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among Muslim there's not that one either, is naseeha either is remainder. Either you call Islam

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Islam in your Thai try to reconcile again.

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What is not correct you correct each other. But the real da is not been carried out by a lot of Muslims. We have been learning day and night, year after a year, week after week, month after month we had been learning about the religion, but still we failed to convey the message of Allah.

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something is very wrong with what we are doing.

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Are we proud of what we are doing brother and sister?

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No, not yet.

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Because if you don't come with the message, you commit piano

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you have betrayed Allah.

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Allah revealed the Quran for us to read. We were given the opportunity to read the Quran to understand then it is our duty to share it with others and we fail to do that.

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We are so busy learning the deen day and night. We have no time to think and reflect how to bring the message of Islam

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to others.

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And that's where every Saturday.

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Tomorrow is Wednesday,

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Saturday and last Saturday of Ramadan. We have classes specially tailored for people who are not yet Muslim, and people who are new to Islam. For the new one, we hope they understand Islam properly. Islam that was revealed by Allah and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Yes When not opinion.

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Sunday will be our

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insha Allah

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and some time for people who are new to Islam are very confused. What should they wear, sometimes they are confused.

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Master dress by your Quran for the woman, then only Hari Raya

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must demand only way by Joomla you Sancho, or Juba, then only Araya.

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They're also very confused. They are worried. How should I dress and I see how you dress every day. There's how you dress

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but it is highly recommended to wear the new dress if you have any new one. But if you don't have the new one, what is hanging in the curb is also new.

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That mean what you wear today. And tomorrow on Sunday, you change the one that is hanging in the cupboard. The fresh one is also new. It's not necessarily there every year. You have new clothes, completely new. No

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it's not necessary to have new shoes. Everything new The important thing is have the new Eman

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new conduct behavior

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we must be more positive, more constructive. And that's how we have to move on. This is very very important is highly recommended for people who want to perform a prayer number one

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pick above religious above Vasile

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you dress the new clothes all those who are hanging in a cupboard also is new Don't worry.

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Then you wear some perfume for the men so that you smell good.

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Have a like breakfast. Have breakfast first, but not the heavy one and like one then you're ready to move out to the masala the place to perform your eight prayer.

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And you know even last night people are starting my neighbor is starting the firework ready. Yeah.

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Everybody is very impatient. And they are doing all the firework. We know that we are not supposed to engage in that kind of celebration anymore.

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There is more busier. You are burning money. And is haram. Wasting. Burning money is hard.

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What? Sound pollution you know it's not good.

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The best What? That's right. That was a long, long, long model in the number one law, but love but what the law. That's what we should do. Everybody should make duck beer. But the man used to make that beer not the woman. The woman are very shy.

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Islam knows it only men takbeer men, women, everyone who fasts they will break their Ramadan with takbeer.

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Allah in the Quran say what do you what Allah in the Quran

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what he taught me little data, when he took me through it data wanted to compare Allah Allah, Allah Allah Campeche Quran, whether you are grateful and thankful to Allah that you are able to pass in Ramadan and not how you show your gratefulness to Allah by making a cup of beer.

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Everyone who passed this would make beer. May Allah make it easy for all of us brothers and sisters, I mean,

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what I like to share with all of you, brother and sister those who are not going to see us

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until other

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activities that we are going to have, we have Saturday activities that you can participate, you can come and help us if you do not know how to call people who are not yet Muslim to come to Islam, you can come and participate in our Saturday activities. At least you learn what you can do to help the reverts as long as as long as you participate, then inshallah, we will not be questioned by Allah in the Day of Judgment. If not, Allah is sure to question all of us

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is just like we are here every night. The parties participate in OPM and the way we organize our staff and the way we inform the Imam to make sure that there is an alpha.

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Why, because this what the prophet one has to do we are trying to implement the Sunnah.

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We hope that the sooner will not die when Ramadan end, but it is the beginning to meet with

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hunger and stronger by our commitment only through our commitment The sooner can be strong.

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But after Ramadan if all of us is going back and then be like normal again

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that show that we have failed.

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Ramadan is a Jihad man

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to prepare ourselves.

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So firstly, we like to remind all the good brothers and sister who are not going to be with us.

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When the path of

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for all of you to forgive all of us who have not been pleasing you every night here. I don't know whether I'm facing all of you or not. If the mom also is not pleasing you. Also we hope you forgive the mom sometime. Maybe the mom or is it too long, and it makes our cushaw also changed from cushaw

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We do not know what to say. We get upset. And so the mom is trying to balance and to do their best. So, Allah, accept propria insha Allah, Allah accept our patient in short and reward us kindly, and if there's any food any during the fall but they have offered here, may Allah reward all of you kindly, insha Allah, everything that you do for the sake of Allah, Allah is sure to repay you. We don't have the means to repay you, but Allah is sure to repay you. We hope after this, all of us become more active and proactive to move forward to make sure that our Deen on Islam, Allah Kalamata Allah, Allah Allah, we are going to uphold the deen of Islam, we are going to spread the word La

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ilaha illa Allah to all our friends, to all our relative who are still far away from this team. So May Allah make it easy for all of us. Those who are traveling Don't forget to make the dough out of the massage here. So that Allah will make your journey a safe one insha Allah, and when you are traveling, now you can practice Salatu kasar. you shorten your prayer, you can combine your prayer, May, Jama and so on, to show you how beautiful Islam is and how simple the deen of Islam is. May Allah bless Allah first. And for those who are not going to be with us for Sunday, we wish you the best. And for those who is going to see us on Sunday because tomorrow

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he's in ICU. So don't forget to pray for him. Remember? Dr. Maqbool? Yeah, the name is very easy to remember. Dr. moku. Pray for him. May Allah give him a fast recovery and pray for all our family members to our jamaa who are not where we are a lot of them in answer our prayer. I mean, yeah, I mean, babyletto 50 will upgrade that one to 100 I mean, so Hannah tullahoma will be having deca recite this together. subhanak Allahumma

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wabi handicare Chateau La Ilaha Illa and

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stuggle feral cat

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what a Tobu la

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.