Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best #shorts

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AI: Summary © The speaker advises the audience to never settle for less than the best and to know their potential. They also mention that even though a person who died in prison couldn't receive assistance, they were still able to help others in their field. The speaker encourages the audience to take action towards their potential and to use their options for their future.
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You're in a job, that's not your field of expertise, you're still working your way out. Don't ever settle for less than the best. You'll see that even though you survived ASAM was in prison, even though he was sold into slavery, he still in his heart knew his potential. And the same thing goes for you. You have to know your potential. And never lose sight of that never lose hope of your potential. And always keep taking actions leading towards that you will see in prison, the use of font SNM was helping people that technically couldn't give him any assistance back he was helping prisoners in prison. And they said in that document on Mycenean we find you to be one of the good

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people used to valet Sam was always assisting when the when the king sent somebody to the prison to ask him the interpretation of the dream. I noticed that you suffered a sin I'm didn't say to that guy, you know, release me from prison and then I'll tell you the interpretation of it. You know, he helped them out. So he gave valuable content. And when he got the opportunity he raised the standards financial minister and the