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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi provides useful insights and a beautiful commentary on verse 90-92 of Surah Al-Ma’idah, where Allah SWT tells the believers to avoid intoxicants, gambling, divination of arrows in front of the idols and idolatry to be successful in life.

Eat pure and do not eat from the impure .Every part of the flesh of human beings fed with Haram is going to Jahannum. Anything that is intoxicating in large quantities is forbidden even in small quantities. All of these forbidden items mentioned in the Quran are all filth from Shaytan. 

Our Prophet ﷺ has said that Allah has cursed 10 categories with regards to alcohol – alcohol itself and all its manifestations and all aspects relating to it.


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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa de casa de woman, wala Hummingbird. Today we're gonna talk about sudama vs 9292 Allah subhana wa tada says in these verses Yeah, you are livina Amato, you who believe in number humbrol, one may say to one on Psalm one has now moved the digits from an AMA to shape on Verily, Hummer alcohol intoxications and gambling and idolatry and the divination of arrows This is something that would throw in front of the idols. All of this is filthy from shape on. So avoided fudge Teddy boo hoo, Lala, come on, if you want to be successful in modo shaitan verily shavon wants to cause enmity and hatred between you through gambling and through

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alcohol. And he wants to prevent you from worshipping Allah and remembering Allah. So will you not stop for hell until moonta hoon. These verses were the final series of verses that Allah subhana wa tada revealed concerning hammer and hammer is not just alcohol hammer is everything that intoxicates the mind. Everything that causes the mind to not think rationally that people take ingest smoke in order to become high in order to become intoxicated. This comes under Hummer and Allah subhana wa tada mentions that Hummer and gambling and idolatry are all filth from shavon. So avoided if you want to be successful. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Verily Allah is pure, and he

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only accepts the pure and he commanded the prophets, the same thing that he commanded the believers. So he said to the prophets, yeah, you have rasuluh Kuru Minotaur Yeah, but all prophets eat the pure and do not eat the impure. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Every flesh that grows on impurity, every flesh that is fed out on has more right to go to jahannam it's not going to go to gender and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam forbade every in toxic and Naha and Kula Hummer, everything that in toxic is the mind is forbidden. And in the general rule mentioned in the Hadith, everything that intoxicates in large quantities is how long in small quantities, anything that you

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take that is intoxicating in large quantities, it will be how long in small quantities. Some of the scholars of the past said it is enough of a sin that Allah mentioned alcohol in the same list as idolatry. It is enough of a sin that Allah mentioned Homer in the same list as worshipping idols in no matter how Manuel Mesa do well on sob on sob, his idols, so Hummer and gambling and idolatry, all of it are filled from shavon. Another benefit of this verse, Allah azza wa jal called it rich and rich says something that is filthy and impure. There is no purity in it on the night of Israel and mirage. When jabril came to take the prophet SAW sent him to Jerusalem, he gave him two platters,

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two containers, one of them had milk and the other had wine. At this point in time, wine had not been made out on at this point in time, wine is allowed to drink so jabril gave him two containers and the Profit System inherently naturally chose the milk milk is natural milk is pure milk is nourishing. Alcohol is impure, alcohol is fermented. Alcohol is corrupted. Alcohol corrupts. So the process of chose the milk that is pure and gibreel said a sorbitol filter, you have chosen the purity, you have chosen the fitrah indicating that hunger was the opposite of that. And brothers and sisters, you don't even need to quote Quran and Hadith to talk about the dangers of alcohol and the

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dangers of drugs. While law he It is enough to look at the medical issues pertaining to alcohol to realize how bad it is talk to any doctor in human history, no substance has caused more harm than that of alcohol. Even this country, which is not based on the laws of Christianity attempted to ban alcohol not more than 100 years ago. You're all familiar with the prohibition era. Even this country understood how evil and how bad alcohol is. All of the deaths related to all other drugs combined is not as bad as the one drug of alcohol. Even though of course, the prohibition is upon all of the drugs. And of course it is understood brothers and sisters, that hamat as I said, includes

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everything and marijuana and cocaine and heroin and every type of substance that is taken so that people can enjoy a pleasurable high comes under the term Hummer and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cursed 10 categories with regards to Homer. In fact, he did not curse it.

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He said Allah azza wa jal in the law to Allah, Allah and Allah azza wa jal has cursed 10 things with regards to common number one is common itself in the law Allah Allah humble so humble itself is a cursed the substance is a cursed smoking, it is a curse, touching it is something that is filthy Allah azza wa jal, Huck has cursed alcohol and the one who drinks it, and the one who pours it and the one who sells it, and the one who buys it, and the one who produces the juice, the one for whom the juice was produced, the one who carries it, the one to whom it is carried, and the one who eats the price of alcohol. All of these 10 categories are cursed, and there is no other factor that the

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scholars know of that is more cursed in all of its manifestations than alcohol. Every single element related to hunger is cursed. And brothers and sisters, it is not enough that you don't just drink Hummer, it is how long to sell Homer, our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah he was selling ninja and feminine hammer he forbade the money or the price coming from Hummer, it is the most impure of all earnings. In one ID the Profit System equated it with the earnings of a prostitute one muddled belly, he equated the money that people earn from selling Hummer, he equated it to the model three, which is what the prostitute charges. So those brothers and sisters who think Well, I'm not

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drinking, I'm only selling No, Allah azzawajal has cursed Hummer and the one who sells it and the one who writes it, and the one who carries it, and the one to whom it is carried. Each and every aspect related to commerce is something that is disgusting. And something that is a cursed, in fact, that is why many intelligent people who are not even religious, they have nothing to do with alcohol and with drugs. abubaker so these are the Allahu taala and was asked, Have you ever drank common in the days of jelenia? He said, and by the love stuff for the love? Why would I do that? So the person said, why not? I mean, it wasn't how long. So the Buddha said they said, because I wanted to

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preserve my integrity and to protect my honor. I wanted to preserve my integrity and to protect my honor. And there are a number of Sahaba it is authentically narrated that even before Islam, they did not drink alcohol. And in fact, I thought that this is something only of the past, I have met more than one convert brothers and sisters more than one person who has embraced Islam who has told me that even before I embraced Islam, I never drank alcohol. I asked him why he goes look at the drunkard how stupid they look, I didn't want to look like them. This is the reality of comedy. You don't even need a line is messenger to tell you how foolish it is looking at the drunkard see how

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foolish see this person having lost his intellect and mind? Why would any intelligent person want to resort to that level where everybody walks them? Brothers and sisters, especially parents realize that we have a problem of common if not of alcohol then definitely that of marijuana and other drugs. Parents speak to your children about the dangers. There is no scholar in our own that has said marijuana is halal. I know some of our youth say Oh, marijuana is not a drug. This is your personal photo. No scholar has given this photo. Marijuana is a gateway drug by unanimous consensus of the AMA and of people of intelligence who know what marijuana is. It is a gateway drug. True.

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It's not as potent as cocaine. Okay, but that doesn't matter. gin and alcohol gin and beer and vodka are not the same degrees of of intoxication but they're all how long it doesn't matter that beer has less percentage than vodka. It's all how long and it is all a cursed and therefore marijuana comes under humble and it is something that Allah azza wa jal and His Messenger have cursed In fact, we learned in the Hadith brothers and sisters had it is in Sahih Muslim It is very scary Hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mancherial hombre fit dounia whoever drinks common in this world shall be deprived of the Hummer of jahannam unless he repents. Why would anybody want to be

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deprived of the hum of agenda Excuse me, excuse me come with agenda, the Hummer agenda Allah describes it in the Quran was Sakamoto boom Shara been hurrah. Allah has given them a pure Shut up. And Allah describes in the Koran that it is a sharp law hold on fee. hawala man. That is a drink that it's not going to make them intoxicated. It's not going to make them stupefied. So the Hummer of Jenna is pure, not like the comet of this world. And the Hummer of gender is something that does not make you lose your mind. It is simply nourishing and refreshing. And it is a Hummer that Allah azzawajal has called pure, so anybody munchetty Balham, Rafi dunia whoever drinks kombucha in this

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world shall be deprived of it in the AF Hara, except if he repents and in one Hadith is one Muslim Imam and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever drinks kombucha in this world shall go thirsty on judgment day and not drink from the house. 50,000

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In yours on that day when everybody is going to be thirsty and you want to drink from the fountain of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the one who drinks combat and does not repent, obviously the repent to Allah forgives all sins, the one who does not repent, there is the punishment of the Day of Judgment itself, no fountain, and potentially even if Allah forgives, and he enters genda potentially even the Hama agenda will be deprived of him brothers and sisters. In our tradition, Hammad has been called on Moodle haba is the mother of all evils or the source of all evils. Why? Because when you start getting addicted to this drug, when you start drinking alcohol, when you open

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up the door for marijuana, it will waste everything, your money, your time, your clock, your Salah, it will lead to each and every vise how many stories have we heard and known in the past and in the present where somebody was good and righteous, but then they began to take drugs or alcohol. And that was a slippery slope that they could never recover from. It is authentically narrated in our books of history. They were righteous people that they slipped up and they fell into humble and this led them to do much more even murder and what not because once they become intoxicated, or once they become addicted, and they need that drug, they will do anything to get that drug. And this is

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something you don't even need to read our history books. Look at what is going on across the world. The largest mafia crime syndicates is about what it's about drugs and about these types of in toxic is that alone is messenger have close. Brothers and sisters, the primary cause of intoxicants according to every survey and study is evil friends, the primary cause that a person himself or herself might not be that interested. But when their company is smoking when their company is drinking, then they'll try it once or twice and before they know it they will become addicted parents it is your job to monitor your children to speak to your children. It is your responsibility

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in the eyes of Allah to find out what is going on when they leave the house when they're with their friends. You should learn the signs of intoxication, you should learn stuff but a lot to say this the smell even of marijuana if you don't smell it in your own, if you smell it in your house, you should know what that smell is. These are things that every parent should be familiar with. Because in the end of the day, it is your responsibility in the eyes of Allah. And if you do not stop your son or daughter along with Stan, but this is a slippery slope. And I don't want to scare you with statistics suffice to state that marijuana is now more common amongst the generation of our times

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than perhaps even smoking was in a generation before them. It is something that is not even considered to be a sin by the broader society. As we know it is now legal in many states. And this has translated to even many Muslims becoming lacs with it but it does not change the law of a law. Marijuana is a drug and drugs are a curse in the Quran and Sunnah and they will lead to much more evil. The final point brothers and sisters the primary cure is only a man and Allah subhana wa tada you have to have a sweetness that is sweeter than the sweetness of drugs and that sweetness will be faith in Allah subhana wa Tada. You have to have strong Eman in a law. A secondary cause of getting

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away from drugs is to read the medical literature about the effects of drugs. honestly just do a watch a documentary about the effects of alcohol about the effects of drugs and you will see for yourself how filthy how evil it is. Drugs are called the mother of all vice own Mortal Kombat. Why? Because it leads to every other sin May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from this and all sins and will continue tomorrow inshallah somebody from Allah