Qiyamah and the End Times 01: Introduction and Minor Signs

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Katonah regimes filler man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been more serene say to them Hammond Allah Allah He also pledged my in my beloved brothers and sisters Sadam or alikoum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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are you doing from the villa and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Mubarak to all of you to all of us, you have been selected and chosen by Allah subhanaw taala to be present to uh to receive the gift of this year's Ramadan well hamdulillah and I want you to take a moment just to reflect on that, you know, in the hajis get that accreditation list from sow and hamdulillah Allah has chosen me invited me and that really Ramadan is like that, because Ramadan is an opportunity in the context of your life. As we said, within these 30 days Wallah you can attain Jana. Within these 30 days you can we can be freed from Jana. We can pass the test of life, we can move beyond any difficulty anyone

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that's going through any hardship, any life challenges, any risk problems or health problems, these 30 days, Allah subhanaw taala is opening the doors to answer every DUA and so on hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allah has blessed us to be here with Eddie he has answered your DUA when you said Robin Abernathy Raja Shaban, warbling Ramadan, we asked Allah Allah Allah bless us in the Raja and Shaban and grant me to reach Ramadan, Allah answered the DUA already so hon Allah we thank Allah subhanaw taala for being here and we reaffirm our near now at the beginning. I know you don't want as Ramadan goes on and you know some things happen. We want to make the NIA firm that yeah Allah this will be

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our best Ramadan Yeah, Allah I mean, and this will be that Ramadan we we change our life, the objective of Ramadan is to transform our lives completely so that when we leave Ramadan, we are different people altogether. That is the objective of Ramadan, Allah granted for us, I mean hamdulillah Insha Allah, as you know, at the end of every throwaway who do our hopefully short short lecture series, and the series The topic of this year is Kiana piano, and the end times the end of the world piano in sha Allah. And we might ask, why did we choose this topic? Why are we talking about the AMA, the Allama mentioned that the two fundamentals upon which the religion of Islam is

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built on is to really if you were to distill the entire Quran down, it comes down to belief in Allah and believe in the akhira and this is apparent in the beginning of Surah Fatiha Allah span dialysis and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Rahmani Raheem, Murli Kiyomi Deen, Allah begins by introducing his the Lord, and he's the Lord of the akhira. He's your Creator, and he's the Lord of the Ophira, that your life is an exam and it's a test. And there's an afterlife upon which this life is going to be judged. And the belief in the akhira it really makes every single low, every single moment in your life, it gives meaning to it, when you are sick Alhamdulillah it is going to be an expression for

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your sins, when you're going through some kind of tribulation Alhamdulillah there is something in the afterlife for you, when you are gifted with something and you're thankful and hamdulillah it is something for you in the era. So the Ophira puts everything in your life, the ups, the downs, the goods, the bad, the ugly, into perspective, and it gives you a purpose. Why do you get up at night? Or in the morning? Why do you come to the masjid? Why do you go to work? It is for one objective, one objective, we went to Indigena that's the only reason why we are here we want to enter Jannah. And so with us with the belief in karma and the Acura it puts an A level of accountability and self

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reflection without akhira without the belief that you're going to live after you die. Your life is meaningless. With a year today, tomorrow, your life actually has no meaning. And that is why Subhanallah you know the age we live in is the first time in human history where we have such a mass scale this this belief in Allah and in the akhira. And also with that comes a mass scale of depression and hopelessness because this life has no meaning. And that is why after the belief in Africa gives meaning and purpose to the dunya and our life, to show you the importance of this topic.

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One of the most important perhaps the most wonderful conversation that ever occurred on this dunya was when Allah spoke to Nabi Musa directly, no, no other conversation can compete. And the word Allah says to be musataha Allah says in need and Allah Allah who assisted our user truly I am Allah La ilaha illa Ana Abu Dhabi there is none worthy of worship except me. So worship Me alone, and establish my salah to remember me and then Allah says, and the hour is coming, the first thing Allah system or be Musa of this I'm Allah Musa be prepared Qiyamah is coming now you Musa of many, many 1000 years ago. My the hour is coming. And Allah says it is my world

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All to keep Kiama almost completely hidden, almost completely hidden why? Almost because he has left hints and Signs for those who watch the hour is on its way and that is our series inshallah to look at these hints and milestones that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has put along the way.

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One of the other important reasons why we need to study this topic is we are at the end of the of the story. If humanity was a storybook, we are on the last chapter. We don't know whether we are on the last page of the last chapter, but we are on that last chapter. There is no comma after this, whatever hasn't achieved that whatever the signs haven't come, they are going to come in our time in our Ummah, we arrived at the end on the brink of Kiama. Allah says in the Quran, electorally Nursey, Isobel Houma, homefield flood in Martino, Allah says oh mankind The hour has come very, very close to you. But you are in hafla you are unaware of it in your home your owner who you think is very far

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away, we're not all kaliba But we can see the Kiama is very, very close to you. And as we know, the resource alum said that between me and Kiama there was a race who would come first, and I just be piano. I just came before Kiama but Kiama is basically on my heels 1400 years ago, and when I used to say me and Kiama are like this, we are together we are joined with me immediately after me is Kiana and so we are living in this time, this Twilight this moment when humanity is close to its end, this is the age we are living in. So Allah says for Halal young Runa, Elissa and to whom Buckton vaca Jaya a shout out to her. Allah says So mankind Do you wait except that the hour we

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should come upon you unexpectedly? Do you want Qiyamah to come? When you have no prepared this for it? Because already we have seen some signs or shall we call it the Usher? Artesia are the signs of the hour, Allah says I'm sending you signs, like you know you're on a highway and those road markers that says one kilometre, 500 meters 300 meters, those signs are coming. So Allah says they are the and that is why in sha Allah in the series, if we're to break down the CDs, Inshallah, we will start off with the signs of Kava and the signs of Kiama, are further broken down into minus signs. And there are many, many small signs and 10 major signs, then we'll talk about in sha Allah, the minor

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Kiama, the smoky aroma, which we will all experience which is the borders of what happens in the cupboard. What happens on the day we die, the cupboard is a type of piano, and then inshallah as we will go towards the end of the month of Ramadan, we'll talk about the piano itself, event of the of the day of piano, what happens is a long period, how is the judgment going to be and we'll have an Subhanallah look into Jahannam and Jana, which will open sha Allah will be our in, I mean, I mean, so tonight inshallah we begin with the minus signs, and will take us a few days to get through all of them. The other might have tried to put together how many of these minus sign some have said the

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most, the most minimum amount is around 200. Some I've said over 1000 of these minus signs are the, from the Sunnah, and the Quran. And some of the signs are actual snapshots moments, this is what's going to happen. And you will see as you go through these minus signs, this could not have come except from the mouth of a prophet Sallallahu sallam, that the way he had said, this is going to happen at this time. And that place unfolded, as he had said. And then the other types of signs, which we are living in, are trains, gradual things and businesses. As we get closer to piano, we will see life changing in a certain way, in a way that no other group of people had ever seen. And

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as we go through life, we'll see as an abuse as Matt said, This is what's happening. And so we'll talk about these two types of minor signs today we'll talk about two Inshallah, because we don't want to spend too much time you still have to get ready for for fasting tomorrow. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned a sign which must have been a sign for the previous nations. So one of the big signs that Allah had sent to the previous nations when the moon splits when the moon splits in half Qiyamah is very close. And this happened in the life of an abuser was older than me so Salah was challenged by his people and they said Give us a sign. Give us a a evidence that you

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are truthful. And they had said make the moon split in half. And so it's very famous Hadith. They're gonna Musa was sitting off the shy with the Quraysh in the Haram in Makkah, and it was the 15th of the month so the moon is full. And then we Salam put his finger pointing towards the moon and he drew a line. And as he drew a line, the moon split in half, and one half went behind mount Safa. So the mountain of stuff at that time was quite big, and he disappeared and the mountain was actually between the two, two orbs and then the moon came together. And so Allah says it Katara Artesia, the hour has just come close one shackle, comma and the moon splits. So this was one of the signs

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Allah had said, when this happens, piano is very close. And this happened 1400 years ago, another one of these Subhan Allah.

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Indicators of piano is a very interesting Hadith. Some of them are quite clear, and others are open to interpretation, the responses to the sahaba.

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And this was a few months before he passed away, he said to them, count six things. Look for six things that will happen before the coming of cuyama. When you see these six things happen, Qiyamah is going to be very close. Number one of the six my death, I'm going to die, my death, number one, number two, you will conquer conquer Jerusalem, or Muslims, you will conquer Jerusalem. Number three, you will be afflicted by a plague, the plague will descend upon you, that will afflict you and kill you in many, many great numbers. As the plague that flicks sheep or animals, a great plague will come on you. Number four, you will increase in so much wealth, you will become so wealthy. And

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sidenote. The Sahaba at this time, could not afford to spend enough money to enter the school this battle was called the army of Russia or the difficult army because people didn't have money, the ministers were going through a famine, they couldn't finance the army. So the army system is saying to them, a time will come when you will increase in wealth so much to an extent that even if one of you will give him 100 dinars you will not be satisfied with it. When he says they will be full the next sign we will be full a an affliction a calamity upon the Arabs, we know how snow region will escape this calamity. And lastly, there will be a truce between you and the bunny as far as money as

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far as the Europeans, the Romans, you will have a truce with the Europeans who will then betray you and you and they will attack you under 80 flags there will be a major war basically between you Muslims and the Europeans, the Caucasians, whiteness going on there with color, but there was a time we'll come close to piano where they will be in this is what some of them are called the malema, the Great War, the Armageddon, the Great War, between whom the Muslim ummah and European nations at flags at nations under each flag will be 1000s and 1000s of short soldiers. So six signs, the definition of Islam, the conquered conquest of Jerusalem, the plague that will kill many of the

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Sahaba number four, great wealth and prosperity will come the number five a great fitna that will befall upon the Muslims, and every one will be involved in it. And then number six, a major war between the Muslim ummah and the bunny as far as the yellow skins meaning the Caucasian people. So inshallah we will conclude with this. And as we go, we'll dissect more and more of the signs we'll talk about did when did these things happen? Some of the six and a recent death we know it happened. This is known the conquest of Jerusalem happened. Five years, six years after the death of the resource alum, the plague, we'll talk about plagues This is a theme that comes up which plague is

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going to be talking about COVID-19 which plan is he talking about? We'll talk about that in sha Allah. And then of course other signs which are more complicated the war with the Europeans Has this happened when it's coming in and this inshallah will be part of our signs of the AMA, we will have as we know that there will be certain quizzes and so two quizzes for those in the message you get this the question and you've got your card so the question of this evening is which of the choices was not of the six signs which of the choices they are not from the six signs a the death of the prophet be the conquest of Jerusalem see the splitting of the moon or the plague that will kill

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people in great numbers? This is for those in the masjid and then we'll also have we also have Abraham Wordle so online Yeah, so if you are getting the WhatsApp messages, you will also get a link to our Wordle and every evening we'll get a new word and you can inshallah this is for the baraka inshallah Malaga and has all the success and all the best for the wasa tomorrow for Salah Sedna, Muhammad wa salatu salam ala ascending handloader beloved Amina cinema Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato