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Introducing “Noorishment” as part of Reaping Ramadan series.

Ramadan 2017


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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and may emanate from within you. Today we'll be talking about nourishment, the first introduction to the overall experience, which will end up to be a course for us in the future. So what's the first question? Well, what are the components that we're gonna break nourishment up into? Number one, what are we hungry? For? We'll realize that, why do we eat? I mean, because if you're gonna answer to me the question and say, Well, I eat because I'm hungry, I'm hungry for food. So if you're hungry for nourishment, 99 90% of the food we eat doesn't have nourishment in it. It's cooked, it's, it's in a package. It's processed. Right?

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It's the enjoyment. So what are we seeking in food? The first question will be what are we hungry for. And then once we can identify that food is a way that we emotionally, take care of ourselves, we medicate ourselves, we take care of ourselves with food, it changes our state, the crinkle of the bag, the feeling is definitely something that we use food to change our state. So then we'll move into the next phase, which is identifying eating for ritual, and eating for nutrition. Now, what does that mean? If I'm eating for ritual, ie, I'm eating, and then we'll have to define what ritual is. But let's come to that together, I'll make a simple definition. family meals are ritual eating,

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you have to do them greatly beneficial for the community, for your family. But nutrient eating would be when you are taking in foods, live foods, oxygenated food with a lot of oxygen, water based foods, right? That's when we'll get to that second phase, are we eating for ritual? Are we eating for nutrient, and then I hope to spend the rest of the discussion talking about foods that are going to beautify us. And the final component that I hope you can get here. And well, let's take a moment to talk about that as a means for us to

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identify the type of foods that we're going to put into our body, the type of foods that will give us radical beauty beauty that will come out in our teeth, our hair, our eyes, and give an overall sense of our body's well being give you always almost just a test just by looking in the mirror, you can feel that health that's in you. But the last component that we're going to try to cultivate in nourishment. After I've identified why I'm eating, I've split up the ritual and nutrient based eating then I eat things for to gain the nutrients from it, and I know what to eat. The real thing that I want to conclude on. nourishment is meant to conclude on is to develop a sense of

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intelligence in your gut, your gut, rather your gut already has an intelligence and giving you the opportunity to hone in on the intelligence of your gut. Yes, I am saying that your gut has a brain and is a lot more intelligent than feed me Twinkies and feed me the thing that I want right now. Your the gut knows what's good for it, and what's going to help the rest of the body so let's hone in the third component of nourishment will be to hone in on our our gut intelligence and then lead us to cellular Salaam. We'll talk about it more nourishment in three components. Let's start right now. What are you hungry for? What do you use food for in order to in order to take care of your

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emotional state. We'll talk about it soon.