Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan With The Quran – Day 9

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "the inna" and the potential for life to come from the water and land. They also touch on the concept of the hula culture, which is a diverse and unique culture with mixed experiences. The speakers use examples such as the use of words to separate things and compare words to each other, highlighting the contrast between strong and weak words and causing misunderstandings.
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Was sama, Raja masama, raja babu and moto Moto, the Moto and Arthur Manasa Batali manda rajouri. And birth. The notion here being they say the in old Arabic, they used to have many words for the rain. And one of its words was actually a Roger the returning one or the one that brings back, meaning rain that came, then came again then came again then came again, or rain that comes reliably at the right season, every single time is also called Roger, the sky that possesses the power to bring back rain and bring it again and bring it again and bring it again. Of course, every time it rains, what's the effect on the earth life has produced, right. And so the idea is alive now taking an oath

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again, by the stock, the sky, the first time he took it, he talked about the observation that's taking place. This time, he's saying the sky also has the power to produce new life. Two things you have to know to be really truly aware of the one you're being observed to, you're going to be brought back to life again. And both of those are evidenced in the observation of the sky, the sky itself, the stars are there to remind you you're under surveillance, the rain is there to remind you to be brought back to life in these two notions is your entire concept of the asset as complete, is done. So what started with was summary data, which is now brought to full combination, which was

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somebody that Roger, the sky that brings back when out of the that is Southern and the earth that has the capacity to tear open the foot of it, the shock of it, the tearing open of it, the the allowing allowance of the water to be penetrated inside it, and water will do a number of things to the earth, water will either created like there'll be a ditch or a puddle and water will be retained there in animals will come and drink from it. Right might even become a well might even turn into a river, Whatever may happen, and life will come from it. It may be that the land itself didn't benefit from that water, but other creatures did. Similarly, it could be that the water penetrates

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deep inside the earth and produces life, that could happen. It could also happen that the water comes in the land gets nothing from it, it just slides right off. And it gets nothing from it, which is actually pretty similar to the effect of revelation on humanity. Human beings, either they are impacted by revelation that they themselves, you know, blossom, just like the earth blossoms. It may be that they acquire a lot of knowledge of revelation failing to benefit themselves, yet still others benefit from them that happens. And then there are others who will take the benefit of revelation that comes from the sky just like water does. And it slides right off of them, neither

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benefiting them nor anybody around them. It has no impact on them. Right? So Allah is describing now, in this case, by this kind of notion that the sky will bring back life and the earth tears open. It's almost a reference to all three, but it's highlighting one of them in particular, the one that produces life yet again, and we go back to the pregnancy of the mother and the deliverance of the child that was already referenced before. Right so was one of the that is Southern.

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Now, Islam

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has something beautiful, he says here once in a while is Mr. malla, who Muna sabaton will not serve Allah who Allah is unless he believes Allah for Allah Allah or Allah Nazca is la Motta so beautiful, because you know after these oath, I swear by the sky that keeps bringing back rain, and I swear by the earth that keeps opening up a level next talk about the Quran in the hula Kowloon Fossum, it's a word that is decisive. It's an absolutely decisive word. So he says, there's a correlation between the statement that the Quran is decisive and this rain coming down over and over and the earth tearing open, and what is the correlation just like rain benefits the earth revelation benefits

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humanity. It rains came for the benefit of the earth. And Quran came for the benefit of humanity, you can take it a step further rain came to bring the earth back to life, the Quran came to bring that hearts back to life. To make them blossom, rain came to produce secrets that were being held inside of the earth. We don't know what each seed was, we didn't know what kind of plant it would produce. We don't know what kind of benefit it would bring. And each human being has different potential different capabilities of goodness, and the water is the same. But the way that the good comes out of a human being is different from every other human being. Look at, for instance, the

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companions of the Prophet slice on him, Well, the Allahu anhu, much vain their capabilities and the good that they produce is distinctly different one from one personality from another. their strengths and weaknesses are different. What revelation inspired them to do is different and unique, just like water is the same. and plant life on this earth is so beautifully diverse, so incredibly diverse, and how even the same fruit can taste so different in a different land. Right? Our oranges do not taste like Malaysian oranges or oranges tastes more like paper. There's different reasons for that. But, you know,

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to say that in different cultures, different societies, different generations, this Koran will produce unique forms of goodness, unique kinds of goodwill come forth. And this is actually a correlation between

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Those two words but in any case, let's move forward to inna hula Kowloon. fossile. The word Farsi Allah. Allah has Allah to Allah t taapsee lubaina. Lulu attain V max and Nirvana, it's actually when you have pearls and between them, you put other beads to put gap between the pearls because you can't have a necklace with only pearls, that's just too expensive. So you'll have pearls, and then this create distance by means of other maybe artificial jewelry or just decorative items and then put the next Pearl, right. So the idea of those gap creators is a fasula. fasciola literally actually means a gap between two things until both those things are distinguishable from each other.

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You know how you have sometimes couches or furniture that's connected, and from a distance it looks like is one couch, and you can actually pull it apart. It's actually two chairs, right? They're being held together. That's a fazila when you move them apart enough that you can tell these are actually two things. They're not one thing alike describes and by the way, the word expected is Farsi in the hola colon firesale. Allah uses the master form fossil,

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it is a word that is defined, it's actually a defined separation itself, like nothing is clear in distinguishing right from wrong

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good from bad truth from falsehood and acceptable from an unacceptable you know, clear from confusing this book, it is by definition that which separates those things, it is the very definition of that separation. In our colon. Fussell, this word is decisive by definition, it's the very the very definition of devices that are decisive. Rather, that's what the Quran is actually emphatically declaring. When it says in the hula, Kowloon fossen, you know, somebody who can speak very clearly and make his ideas clear, the Quran will express express that as possible hip hop, the power to speak very articulately. And you'll notice in the Arabic language, there's a trend, clarity

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and separation go together. And confusion and mixing go together, it's pretty cool. for things to be clear, things have to be what separated, so you can understand each part. And for things to be confusing, it means things are what mixed together, there's a margin of them, there's mooloolaba of them, there's more of them, there's different words for confusion, all of them go back to the same thing, the idea of things being mixed together, right. And that's actually pretty amazing, because when you're making an argument, your evidences should not be mixed with emotions, for instance, you know, or one case should not be mixed with another case, you have to keep things separate, to be

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able to make the right call. That's why even words like movies come from from Bane or Bana to separate things. Similarly, here, fossils to separate things until you take one thing at a time, you will not be able to distinguish from another, this revolution separated itself from all previous revolutions. This message separated itself far from poetry far from the Word of God and all of it. All of these other weak forms of speech. It's separated itself, so far from the word of a human being. We can speak as eloquently as we can speak, it will never come even close to the force of the law created between our words and his word. It's the distance between our Word and His Word is like

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the difference between distance between us and Allah Himself. Perfection and imperfection. That's what it is, you know, the colon fossen. And soul. That's not enough to say even Allah goes a step further and says, well, Mao bill hasn't. And it isn't, it isn't weak. This is weak at all. It is a very strong thing to say. First of all, it's decisive. It's it's a, it's a word that does not take anything weakly, it makes its conclusive comments on things. By the way, before I move forward, it's important to note the the irony of the speech, and the sort of loss of them is not in a position of military power at the time, McCann Quran. He's not in the position of social power at the time,

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economic power at the time. He basically has he's at this point, the object of either best case scenario, object of ridicule,

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worst case scenario, object of persecution. This is the situation of Our Messengers on the left.

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And from that position of what you can call weakness from a political science point of view, from a sociology point of view, from an economics point of view from a point of weakness, Ally's describing that the words coming out of him, couldn't be more powerful.

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They're not weak at all. They lay down the law, they lay down the distinction and know who the coal and fossil This is like the word of a judge. But to be a judge, you have to have power. You can't be the one taking the beatings. And so you're seeing now in the second half of the sutra, we're first Allah described how weak and frail human beings are, what pathetic fluid were created from and how we came out of our mothers. It's contrast and now with the power of Revelation, you are weak. Revelation is powerful. The word given is powerful, and it's not weak at all. Well now who hasn't? It's not skinny, not well fed. You know, hustle is actually live live the seminar but do samina has

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Allah it's time to be skinny or to not be well fed. Just like a baby.

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When it comes out, it needs to do what immediately.

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Drink immediately eat immediately consumed from the mother immediately. It's pathetic, it's weak. It's actually my soul. And a human being that's desperately needed food or nutrition is called Massoud in Arabic. Look at the contrast. You are pathetically weak Koran is it? Well now who hasn't? It's not weak at all.

In this talk, Ustadh Nouman explains the second half of Surah At-Tariq, where Allah takes an oath by the power of rain falling from the sky. Just as rain benefits the earth, revelation benefits humanity and brings dead hearts back to life. The Quran separates truth from falsehood and good from evil. In contrast with the first part of the surah where Allah describes the weakness of humans whom He created from a drop of liquid, these ayat emphasize the decisive power of revelation.

2017-06-04 – Ramadan 2017

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