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The American conversation has faced struggles over the past century, including the rise of Islam and the lack of fear. However, the speaker emphasizes the importance of fearless behavior and fulfilling obligations. They warn of consequences such as domesticER error and the need for fearless behavior. The speaker also reminds the audience to focus on serious consequences of wrongdoing and emphasizes the need to address issues such as birth control and abuse. The speaker concludes by reminding the audience to take action to prevent these problems from happening in the future.

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From the

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outside of what's so beautiful was to be

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here let's turn to Allah Allah What

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should I do I know how many

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of you who have been in function you have a lot of it's

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a whole new coders

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wealthy looking to

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pay their

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bills in America Do

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you know the law

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we heading continuing maturing

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and every increase call any

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Rahila one and only allow one hour to learn from Allah

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a female we'd

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love to meet

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ya in the house I want to see what you have to bring up how we're gonna open that and

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Reese Apolonio him on LA County that had said that he had just received

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for college publishing media

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one of the cool young let's see

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we will have

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one Allah subhanho

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wa Zina

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the pools of outdoor data one of our noisy now

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we're in Canada

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in the house

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yeah revalue instruments who will leave with a warning what I'm probably gonna freak them for found

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upon the user level or

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whatever was

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very, very low and welcome

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to Washington, Miko

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is a very well you know, what

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can we call be orbiting why he didn't matter to me Mukesh a

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little while ago if you're doing a comparable design work

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in Santa

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Monica in

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the field to

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Yeah, even in the medical world, we had a bone tumor or people from a Wonder

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as far as I can, I was raised on the Oklahoma lobby that hadn't been heard and had he just allowed

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I'll begin from the end of this three this very lengthy

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One of the narrator's this heavy is recorded to us through the companion of the promise of love it was

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from Abu Dhabi,

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a heavyweight Scholar of the First generation, Academy 30. Right, a heavyweight tablet we're not talking about

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the reason for any of that.

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Whenever he narrated this funny when he heard this Hadith from Abigail, who basically related this from the foxhole of Walmart, he was in it, who himself for a long while he was selling relates to this hadith to Allah.

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So today's hookah is not really my words, it's the words of ALLAH SubhanA data coming to us through the bumps of Allah while he was selling them. And this is a definition of a hadith puts you,

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right. And the province of Santa Paul, this is companions, companions, who taught this and one of his students by the name a great scholar by the name of reason for me, whenever I would lose a friend share this hadith with people who used to meal he would get down in his means, because of the weight of this hadith.

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And the Hadith, I can go through the whole Hadith, the Hadith ends by saying, You know what ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Xen, all my service, right? It is nothing but your DS, this is one when everything comes to an end, all my service, it is what your deeds that I record for you. And I then reward you for them. So let him who finds good praise Allah be thankful to Allah, if you come on the Day of Judgment, when your moment comes.

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And your life ends, or when you come on the day of judgment. And you said before Allah, if you find something good praise Allah subhana, Allah, Who made that easy for you.

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And whoever finds other than that, then that person should blame no one but himself.

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That person should not come on that day and try to assume victimhood

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and think that he or she are innocent. And then they don't deserve whatever they're going to face before Allah to kind of look out. For they have the opportunity right now, to fix it, and to change it, and to repent for loss accountable.

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So this is the end of the Hadith, a very stern series warning. Right, that reminds us of the verse in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala says that whosoever does a good deed, even if it's of the smallest size, or weight, will see it and will have to deal with the consequences, or will be rewarded for it. And whoever does the least amount of bad deeds will also have to face the consequences.

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This highly begins with a loss of how to add a scene. Oh my servants, all my slaves. I have indeed Allah. The Almighty says that he had him with Allah the Almighty have forbidden Myself

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from injustice, wrongdoing, whom

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Allah has declared

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haram upon himself.

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And I have declared it Allah Subhana Allah says amongst you to be forbidden,

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it is haram to wrong. So

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do not wrong one another.

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Don't hurt each other. Don't abuse one another.

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October is Domestic Violence.

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Where were we rewinding

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this epidemic

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I mean, obviously, it's not unique to the United States of America. But America has a very serious problem with

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domestic violence.

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People being abused and wronged by those who are supposed to take care of them

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by those who are supported

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by those who are supposed to forgive them by those who are supposed to accommodate them, and embrace them, they get hurt by that. feed a child, a sibling, a spouse, beat metal woman, and the worst of it is a parent

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to parent, their children.

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A child abusing his own parent

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is a serious problem and spreading. It takes different shapes and different forms, unfortunately, so we're reminded of the of

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The serious issue that we have, right, and I'm not here to share with you statistics and numbers, we know that it exists. You know, so

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I'm here to remind myself and to remind you,

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of the serious consequences of longing people and committing acts of goodness, especially against those that you're supposed to care for.

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And it falls under this hadith.

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When we talk about whom, or when we hear this hadith, we don't have to think of trying to go figures that are plaguing the world,

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with wrongdoing that are destroying,

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and killing, we don't have to think about that. That's not the only form of it.

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You can also think I see Gregory going from being one of these people. Think about the people that you've grown.

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Think about the people that you have lighting.

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That's the loss of power for forgiveness, and try to redeem yourself before it's too late. It's our various forms of wrongdoing that Allah has, again, will hold us accountable for

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if I must comment by your brothers and sisters. And by the way, this goes for both. Obviously, you don't have a sister in here. So I'm just going to

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focus on the brothers. One of the worst forms of injustice is that which you inflict upon a family member,

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being someone who's not related to you or someone that you are related to through there.

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That's why even again, the poet's read this pre Islamic, right? said, Oh, no, no, you shouldn't do mobile, mammography, and that's even worth preserving.

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And it's more painful than being you know, struck with a sharp sword.

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It's very painful. When it comes from the closest people don't be that person that hurts his or her family members. Or they're supposed to take care of them in Parliament, and forgive them and

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ask them to protect you from

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the loss of rectify or fair

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I want to share with you a story and we liked one time I remember speaking about this issue, and how it's important that we fulfill our obligations and, and, you know, make sure that we deliver rights to those to its rightful

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And I remember talking specifically about inheritance, because this is one area where there is a lot of injustice, wrongdoing that happens even family members. You know, unfortunately, till this day, we have, you know, these issues of people depriving their siblings or the female members of their of their family, from their rights from their inheritance, or their sausage.

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And we'll have a shared dny loan

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and you have an exam and helping if you will, meaning I have the authority and you follow me off no matter what the excuse is.

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This is a very serious violation. And I remember a brother

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house late 70s came to me he was terrified, assuming

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this is what happened and he told me the family briefly the family story and how some of the sisters did not receive their because of their culture. You know, the girl was not supposed to that you know, the lamb may go to her husband can poke. You're not completely nonsense, but I told him Hey, do you need to do something about it before it's too late? He was like, Yeah, I think I should I need to do something about it. And as he was trying to figure out what to do. Next thing I know three weeks later, he was in a coma.

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That's why we can delay these things. That's why within three days when someone passes away, their inheritance is supposed to be settled within three days of people dragging me they just let it go for years, years decades.

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You want to be asked directly Penny

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If you hold that belongs to someone else

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you're going to be asked about the individuals, these individuals rights that you held back.

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This is

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and this is by the way, these are the kinds of violations where they become rampant and they spread and they become so common Allah subhanaw taala will not we will not receive the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah.

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So not only do we have to refrain from doing these things, we have to speak against these issues.

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We have to condemn these issues with you know, someone whether it's a family member or you know, or or your in laws or anyone who's who's involved in these kind of violations, you owe them that you should reach out and say, You know what, we need to settle this thing. Do it ASAP before it's too late.

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Because this will help

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ask them to kind of make you and I have those who honor the rights of others. Tell us kind of to

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help us overcome our weaknesses in our short term. How can I talk

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for too

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long minutes

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waiting for a while and chat was

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was a little while in agony as it

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is inside.