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Shaykh  Yasir Qadhi provides deep insight on the greatest verse in the Qur’an, Ayat Al Kursi – verse 255 of Surah Al-Baqarah and the occasions on which it should be recited.   

It is the most blessed Ayah in the Qur’an because of the content, subject and style of the verses. It is about the Names, Grandeur and Majesty of Allah SWT. When should this magnificent Ayah be recited?

  • Before going to sleep every night.
  • If recited after every single Salah, we have been promised Jannah.
  • When we wake up in the morning and in the evening for protection from Shaytan.
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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, He will be he won't

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do to our presentation we'll have a very short, hotter today. The first page of the third juice has in it the greatest verse of the Quran. And that is it could see, we learn in a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw they had been kept in the masjid and obey even gab is the greatest scholar of the Sahaba when it comes to the Koran of his generation, the next generation there will be another companion in our bus who would be the greatest but at that timeframe, obey even God was the greatest scholar of the Quran amongst the companions of the prophets of Allah Selim. So the Prophet system saw him and he said, Oh, obey the quiz, spot quiz, obey. Tell me which

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verse in the Quran is the most blessed verse, which verse is the best verse of Bordeaux is in Viki tabula, which verse is the best verse in the Holy Quran, so obey felt shy? And how can he respond when the Prophet system is in front of him? So he said, Allah and His Messenger know best. So it is a a modesty Look, I I'd rather not say Allah and His Messenger know best. Then the Prophet system said forcefully obey, which AI is the best in the book of Allah. Now he's put on the spot. And so he immediately recited Allahu,

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Allahu Allah.

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And the Prophet system smiled and he pushed him a gentle like the you know how, if you're in a friendly situation or whatnot, you, you you push him like that, and the Prophet says, and I said, may knowledge be blessed for you or knowledge has been made easy for you. Yeah, but wounded which was his cornea. So notice, oh, by even cab instantaneously out of the 6000 verses of the Quran, and obey was a habit, one of the few who follows the Sahaba obey was a halfhill, instantaneously out of the 6000 verses, when the Prophet system asked him which AI is the most blessing, obey you've been kept immediately after the modesty but he knew in his heart, which one he thought would be the best,

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and he recited ayatul kursi. Now why is it crucial, the most blessing, we don't have time to go to the seat of that right now I have given to see it right over here and other scholars have you go to YouTube, you listen to the Tafseer but some are very briefly, it is the most blessed it is because of the content of the ayah the subject of the ayah the style of the ayah the content and subject is none other than Allah subhana wa tada from beginning to end. The whole idea to kursi is about the grandeur of Allah the names of Allah the attributes of Allah, the majesty of Allah, there is nothing in the eye except that it is about Allah subhana wa tada and the style of the verse and the power of

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the verse and the beauty of diverse so I could see is the most blessing I in the whole are on for our short hearted on one simple point action item for myself and all of you. Our Profit System told us to recite it could see three times first occasion, every single night before going to sleep. The Prophet system told us that whoever recites ayatul kursi before he goes to sleep, there will be a protector from a lot that will guard him until the next morning. And this protector will protect him from the jinn and Sheltie, so it will protect you from nightmares from any shaytaan harming irritating you. So before going to sleep recite either kursi second time, our Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said Whoever makes it a habit to recite ayatul kursi after every single of the five other words, nothing shall stop him from going to Agenda except his death. Meaning as soon as he dies, he's going to gender so make it a habit after every single sign up to recite a delicacy after you do your God Subhana Allah Al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar after you do all of the cower before you stand up before you leave your place of prayer, make sure you recite ayatul kursi and the third time it is mentioned in one heady tena Pavani that

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it's a very long story that a gin was irritating Sahabi a companion and the companion managed to catch the gin and the gin turned out to be a very evil shavon and then the companion said how can I protect myself against you? So the shaytaan said that recite ayatul kursi when you wake up in the morning and recited sometime in the evening, and that will be a protection from you against me. The Sahabi went back to the process and told him the whole story and the process and said that even though this is a liar right now he has spoken the truth. So another time we recite advocacy is when we wake up and then before the sunset or after the sunset or in the evening, morning and evening. So

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morning, evening after every Saturday

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And before I go to sleep, these are the timings that has been narrated to recite idle kursi we should make it a regular habit and if you haven't memorized as to kursi definitely it is an ayah that needs to be memorized but all practicing Muslims May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who memorize it, understand it, act upon it, recite it and then we enter gender because of it was said Ahmadi Kumamoto la barakato