Pearls From The Quran 01 – Ramadan 2017

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Episode Notes

In this short Khatirah, ShaykhYasir Qadhi explores on the aspect of what comprises worship, why we worship Allah and how do we go about doing it? He delves on verse 21 of Surah Al Baqarah:

“O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous.”

Our primary and only purpose of existence is to worship Allah.Why should we worship Allah?

  • Because He is our Rabb – He is an entity is characterized by every characteristic  that denotes perfection, majesty, awe and glory.
  • Allah created everything on this earth and He has blessed us with this beautiful life and hence, we should be thankful to HIm.
  • God consciousness and Taqwa is achieved and hence, our life is meaningful, orderly and purposeful.
  • The attainment of the pleasure of Allah which is the motivation of Jannah and the abstinence of sins by the fear of Jahannam.
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He will talk about this

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will be commenting on various verses that we're going to do each and every day. So today I will find a suitable for a verse 21. Yeah, you're not

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a property commander,

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or you own mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and created those before you?

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Who created you and created those before you so that you may achieve righteousness is the one who made this world, this earth, a vast place, and you made the skies eternity. So do not worship alongside a lot, any others. And you know that Allah created you know, in this verse, verse 21. This is the first commandment in the Koran. It is the first time chronologically open up the Koran that Allah tells you to do something. And it's not just to us, all mankind worship your Lord. So today

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we want to talk about what is worship? And why do we worship a lot? And how do we worship almost the kind of without the first commandment in the Koran all mankind worship your Lord. And it is this commandment that along is explicitly mentioned in the Quran, he has created a form what am I?

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The only reason I have created mankind in it so that they may worship me. And Allah says in the Quran, we have not spent a single profit, except that you have told this people not.

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There is no deity other than a while so worship me. So worship, exclusively worshiping alone is the primary and the only purpose of our creation. It is why Allah, the prophet, it is why Allah revealed the books. It is why we exist. We exist to worship Allah.

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Allah alludes to four reasons why we should worship Him. In these series of verses. There are four reasons why we worship a lump. if somebody were to ask us, why should we worship a lot in these verses? four reasons. Number one, you are not

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all mankind worship your love. But we worship the Lord because he is a what is a rug is an entity is a feeling that is characterized by every single characteristic of perfection of majesty of glory, is the word of the Creator, the rug.

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The rug is magical. So we worship a lot, because a lot is a rug. In other words, we worship a law because the law is worthy of being worshipped. We have been created, that when we see something majestic, we are in awe, we humble ourselves to a majestic creation, when we see the stars feels like what happens, we feel a sense of all of majesty, how about to understand the creator of the night, when we see the sunrise, when we see the full moon, it is embedded in us that we feel a sense of humility, a sense of all we appreciate the majesty of the creation. So how about the majesty of the creator of mankind, worship your Lord, we worship a lot because a lot is so perfect, so

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majestic, so beautiful, that He is worthy of mankind in the creation, humbling themselves to him. And our Prophet, Allah love it, he was setting them in his, in his in the night prayer, he would make dua to Allah, that he would say that Oh, Allah.

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Oh, Allah, I cannot do justice in praising you, no matter what I say. It's not worthy of you. Now.

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I cannot do justice in praising you. Only you can praise yourself the way that you deserve the best of creation, in the best of posture and the best of luck. He is worse you can go on the middle of the night. And he says a lot. I cannot do justice. When I praise you. Only you can treat yourself we worship Allah because Allah is that's the first reason when the angels we learned in the tradition, that the final conflict will be blown. And that's when the angels themselves were for a period of time died. And the angels have been worshipping a lot from a pre eternity and they have been worked with in a rock continuously non stop. They don't eat, they don't drink, they don't sleep. They don't

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take a break. There.

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constantly working alone and run, they will die for that period of time. What was the last thing the angels say be?

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Oh I Lord, we did not work if you the way you deserve to be worshipped. If this is the state of the angels, that would be a first reason we worship a lot. What is it, that Allah is worthy of being worshipped because of who he is. The second reason is that the

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the one who created you created your ancestors alive is the one who created the earth and the world. You make this world a vast place, he made the skies that kind of canopy. He says the rain down he brings towards the vegetation I eat, we worship Allah because Allah has blessed us with life. We worship a lot, because we are here, because life is beautiful. Because this world is so perfect. The least that we can do is to tackle love by worship. Boys, they learn how

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to love and be of those who are thankful. So the second reason why we worship, the last note is it is not the primary one, it is not the primary reason, many people think we worship a lot, because a lot of that is true. But the primary reason, even if a war did not create us, he would still be worthy of worship. Even if I didn't exist, or you didn't exist, a love would be worthy of worship. My existence is independent of a love worship a lot is worthy of worship because of who he is not because of what he has done to me. But the second reason, we worship a lot, because he has created us under the

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public. This is the second reason. The third reason

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that you may all achieve God consciousness. And so worshiping a lot brings about a tangible benefit to us, we achieve what happens when we achieve many things, our life becomes meaningful, we have a Purpose Driven Life, if we don't have stuck where we are like animals, if we don't have, we don't have a purpose of living. So when we worship a lot, our lives become stable. Our lives become meaningful, our families, our societies, there's more in order, when the civilization has stopped, you gain peace, you're gaining more in order right is right wrong is wrong. When what is eliminated, there is no right and wrong, there is no good and evil everything becomes permissible, as we are

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seeing in many civilizations of society. So the third reason we worship the law is that a large worship brings about law. And when we get life, we get purpose, we get stability, we get value, we get a purpose of living, for our own existence becomes meaningful, we get a court of law, society flourishes to work tikkun olam brings about all of these benefits. And last but not least, the fourth reason, and this is mentioned in the next verse, unless the title was

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Not having any help. And that comes at the end. That's not our primary motivation. It's not the main motivation, we do not wish to pull up primarily for entering heaven and being saved from health. It is a secondary, tertiary, it is a reason amongst the reasons, but it's not the primary reason. Yes, indeed, one we work with a lot a lower blood pressure in this world.

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And that blessing is the greatest blessing. And that is genuine, and it is a motivation. We are we we need the character. We need the motivation agenda, we also need the fear factor, and that is

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there, and it is on the list. So we worship a lot for these four reasons. Number one, because He is worthy of being worshipped regardless of anything else, a lot is worthy of being worshipped. Number two, we worship a lot because he has created us because he has blessed us, with our lives, with our wealth with our family with everything that we have. Number three, we worship a lot because worship brings

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what brings everything to life, meaning stability, values, everything comes from support. And number four, last but not least, we worship a lot because in a lot of worship, we will gain pleasure and that agenda, abstain from his punishment, and that in

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future lectures, I'll talk about how we worship, our love and the levels of worship to go about it.