Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 02

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee title Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-05-27 – Night 2

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hamdullah brother and sister tonight we have

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two new mom

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we have the shot mom from

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a bar

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you can feel the difference when Akbar became mum his sound

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is a bit powerful him

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then we follow up with pm by Mohammed

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Mohammed is his son in law of Dr. Mohammed eligibility

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inshallah we keep on praying for his past recovery

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after Dr. Muhammad Ali left us

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visiting Malaysia Be Our Guest then he was been tested by a lot of blood I mean, having some having some strobe lighting in

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but he is struggling and is recovering inshallah,

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when there is

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a trial in that manner is not only a test for the person, but it's also a test for the family members. So May Allah give them extra patient summer and we all will pray for his fast recovery. inshallah.

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We also are aware that some of our family members, some of our Juma have left today for Amara, may Allah make their journey a safe one. We know that the situation over there is a bit hot, but may Allah make it easy for all of them. And for those who have performed their O'Meara, they are just waiting for the time to come home. So May Allah make their journey home.

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easier, one two insha Allah so that they will continue with our jamaa here, brothers and sisters, we are very happy to see all of you especially in Milan, Ramadan, the blessed month, we know that everybody's been very busy with the worldly affairs, but at least in the month of Ramadan, we are united again.

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But in the same time, you see that the reason we encourage most of the Jamaat to be here with us is to make sure that our prayer that we are trying to perform the pm every night, we are doing the best cam with the best discipline that we follow the Imam in the right manners with full adapt before the mom.

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Move we are not supposed to move. We will wait until the Imam finishes re citation Allah.

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Sami Allah holy man hamidah Allahu Akbar, even we doing here the re citation, Allah but we are not going to move. Why? Because that is the discipline. In following the Imam. We are trying our best to follow the command of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam to improve our personal relationship with Allah Rabbil aalameen. Now this relationship between we and Allah grow what equally direct to him. And in the same time, you see why we emphasize why we always remind our good Juma before the beginning of the prayer, to make sure that our staff is straight.

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To make sure that we are standing in one such a straight staff and we are standing close to each other. The closeness is our reliance relationship between fellow mankind the horizontally relationship, we have the vertical with a loadable alameen. Now to have that relation with Allah, you must make sure your connection between you are good.

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And that's why the prophets of Allah subhanho wa salatu wa salam ala, whoever has a good connection between yourself as one oma, then automatically you have a good connection with a

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woman or the assault for Nakata, Allahu Allah, whoever purposely cut off that connection. I don't care I want to pray is my prayer. I don't care whether we applause or you're not close to me. I don't want you to stand close to me. And sometimes by having that feeling. You are disconnecting yourself. We've paler Muslim horizontally, then automatically you will be disconnected with Allah vertically. So this is very important. I know a lot of people don't care about this.

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Adaptive sub, even the mom keep on reminding every time every Juma ad, make sure the SE straight stand close to each other people just don't bother.

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I don't know why, why can we respond? A simple instruction from Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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And that is why the oma is weak today.

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Even we are the I would say that the Muslims are the only people group or people who worship Allah more than anyone else.

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We worship a lot more than any group of people.

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Because only the Muslim have 510 prayers

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other than Muslim is up to them.

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Man we was commanded by Allah to have this ongoing relationship with Allah.

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Until today, very sad to say, if you go to any other masala people just don't bother about this instruction. Stone superdraco people just don't bother. Do you experience that brother and sister.

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That's why we feel so sad Why

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even the Muslim majority but they have no strength, no quality because they are not united because they are not united in their prayer.

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So don't underestimate

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the instruction of

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some of the ayah that was recited by the Imam in the pm

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talking about zoom.

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We know what is

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generally people's zone that mean you are been unjust to yourself or unjust to others.

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But the rails zoom

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in or zoom in nutshell, a zoomin of him.

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The worst zoom is Sherry,

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what he means a lot provide for us everything. He provides us food and drink guru was trouble

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to see to fill out

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Don't be the people who like to cause mischief. After you eat what Allah have given you. After your dream what Allah have provided for you don't cause mischeif on the earth have a lot of blood I mean,

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crossing mischeif

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is a zone

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your comfort zone to yourself zone to others. And a lot of people do all this mischief because they don't believe in Allah. Only people who don't believe in Allah will cause mischief.

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And that's where every night

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in Ramadan we will end our prayer with VTR

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a with here normally we end retriever

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and we were recommended by our prophet or any surah is okay. But we are highly recommended to reset Allah Allah in the first return the second full year, the third Allah and continue with the two other schools if possible.

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Now while Kalia always connected with Oklahoma,

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when you reset Kalia then kouvola will come in. Yeah.

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Why they are so connected.

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Kalia is here to remind all the Muslims

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that we are different.

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We can not be like the disbeliever

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the Muslims who believe in something we don't believe like other people believe because we believe what Allah one has to believe.

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Allah didn't talk about numbers so we don't believe in numbers. We other people believe in numbers.

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Other people believe in so many other things. This stone that stone this gem and this, this color this date we don't have that problem. Why? Because

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Allah do not want us to believe in all that.

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We only believe what Allah one has to believe. Because believing is something to do with the unseen

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and no one knows better than a lot about the unseen.

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There is why we are different. And the police always end with Lacombe nakum

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Walia, Dean.

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But until today, the way we act, the way we behave like we are

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no different with other people. When Allah had said Lacan dynochem Walia

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that we are different they are different.

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And then the last surah in the third record is Coloma who

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now is to strengthen our Eman again

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first to remind us that we are different with the non believer.

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And now we have to strengthen reinforce our aqeedah our Eman that we only believe in one true God Allah, Allah lemon

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one whatever people want to tell you about other than a lot of brand we don't care anymore

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because we know we came from him

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and to Him, we returned in Manila he

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were in LA he arogya La hawla wala quwata illa Allah and Allah have all the power no one is powerful than a lot of blood we know this.

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But we have problem we do know we do have knowledge. But we fail three times in Paul's this feeling this spirit inside us.

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We still fear a lot of other things more than a lot of Malala mean.

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So it's time for us to move.

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It's time for us to change.

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If Ramadan is not going to make any difference,

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then we have to look into ourselves seriously.

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We have to be very

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committed to ourselves now.

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We always pray that Ramadan

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will help all of us

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to recharge our battery to renew our Eman

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and to make us more disciplined and committed to what we are doing for the sake of Allah.

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NET when you pray your previous commitment with disciplining

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then we hope that outside of the prayer we still have the same spirit the same commitment

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when there's a need for us to respond to do something for the sake of Allah.

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So that we will be among the group of people that allow say abrar

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righteous people I will share with you tomorrow night.

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Who is this group of people that Allah talks about? in a bar all

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these righteous people

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that will come to us tomorrow inshallah. God tonight we want you to reflect a bit the first day of Ramadan

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but the second column

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but I believe are the brothers and sisters.

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We are prepared to make changes are we Yes, inshallah. I've seen Mashallah, from last night, the adapt of the Juma prayer was good Mashallah.

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Well, one of the night we will show you know, because there's a lot of hidden camera here that is

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pulling up the movement. So whoever move properly, whoever do not move properly, only, you know, and Allah knows.

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But I have

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informed our team that if they do anything, not from the front from behind,

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because we don't like people to look at our face.

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But our hamdulillah improvement was very good. May Allah give us the sabar the patient? For those who have been with us since late night last night? May Allah reward all of you for coming all the way to this Marcus. And for those who are here tonight, may Allah also give us the same spirit and we want to move on insha Allah and we want to be more committed more active and proactive in this month. Ramadan Mubarak. We do not want that when Mr. Ramadan come in. We give a lot of excuses. I have to go home early for what?

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Cooking Alhamdulillah preparing food Yes, no problem because you had to do that too.

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But don't forget

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prayer before if, remember that.

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Don't forget your prayer before, if even five minutes, ask Allah.

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And always remember, don't be stingy. When you pray to Allah, not just asking for you, you and you know,

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the beautiful prayer is we we, we pray for everybody. Pray for the family, and pray for the world to the world today need a lot of prayer. So that we can live peacefully wherever we go.

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And peace belong to Allah and we have to have a good connection with him. So May Allah Subhana Allah accept our prayer and make it easy for all of us and every night and hamdulillah

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when you come here,

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you know there is somebody helping us

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our parking and everything. And so when we leave inshallah we live in peace, inshallah. And don't forget to check out for Sahara, because Sahara have a lot of Baraka

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Sahar have a lot of Baraka and there is one that is different between me and the People of the Book. If they fast, they don't wake up. When we first we wake up for Sahar, why, Lacombe no come? Maria did they have their way we have our way and our way is the way of Allah. Allah Allah Allah min Serato Mr.

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Samia Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all our sins, strengthen him and increase our cyber from every night when you perform your Juma prayer inshallah we'll see you tomorrow night

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at Rocky Donna and our Sunday class also is still on, when we are talking about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and all other messenger of Allah. Allah Allah min class was that like normal 11 and gives the whole time so Hanukkah lahoma behind the shadow Allah and stuff Furukawa to boulais salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.