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A Jumuah sermon delivered on the 09th of September 2016 at Masjid-Ul-Hasan, Lower Bagatelle Road, Colombo 03 in Sri Lanka.


AI: Summary © The importance of wearing clothing to cover one's nakedity and strengthen one's immune system is discussed, including the use of garments to cover one's body and the "immaterial" of the "undering" of the hour for men. The use of garments to cover one's body and highlight the "immaterial" of the "immaterial" of the "undering" of the hour for men is also emphasized. The history of the Middle East is also discussed, including the rise of cutting styles and the use of culture as a means of achieving political goals.
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all praise and thanks to all my boss

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was no doubt our Creator sustainer nourish, protect and cure. We asked him the almighty to shower his choices of blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of them, but they respected elders and brothers in Islam. First and foremost, I advise myself and then all of you who are present here, to adopt a life of taqwa and that is to fear Allah Subhana Medina and to be conscious of him during every single second of our lives, if we wish to attain success in this world, as well as the hereafter. May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala make us all from the victorious and successful ones I mean,

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inshallah, Dinah, the topic that I hope to speak under today will be the best of governments

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and the ayah that I hope to study and analyze with you all, inshallah, Allah is the ayah that I read at the inception.

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It is an ayah from sort of out of

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala he states you have any demo for the enzyme, Aleikum liver cure, so article mauritia, until the end of the ayah.

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So let's start off by translating the idea and then we'll try to deduce a lesson or two from the time so learn is the agenda. He starts off by addressing us as you have any other Oh children of other, oh, the children of Adam and introduce him. And in the story, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the story of our father Adam islands, so that was Salam. ala Acevedo talks about the inception of the battle between good and evil, good versus evil. The battle between mankind and the devil shall upon in terms of the story aligns our journey, he talks about the story in sort of Baccarat. And then Eliza Virgil mentions a few snippets here in this

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surah as well. I'm not going to be going into the story, but I'll talk about the idea and then related to the story in Charlottetown. So Allah is the virgin he states you have any other Oh Children of Adam, for the Angelina Alaykum lieberson we have definitely sent down unto you all lieberson clothing.

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And in this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about three types of garments, three types of clothing lieberson URIs article, a type of garment, a clothing that you would use to cover your nakedness. That's the first type and then what type of clothing that you would use to adorn yourself and then alliance that goes on to talk about the final type of clothing which is the best of clothing we will come to that in Sharma. So the first two types to cover your nakedness and and then to adorn yourself and beautify yourself. So primarily garment number one to cover your nakedness it can be understood as under clothing. Clothing, that is the bare minimum to cover your nakedness to

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cover that which is mandatory upon you to cover and if we're talking about the hour for men, it is basically from their navel to their knees, what is mandatory upon you to cover your hour. It is impermissible for you to expose your hour. So that's the first type of a government you can interpret it as your underclothing and then our last dates were Isha, the word resha can be defined as adornment, that which we adorn ourselves over the The first type of clothing, the undergarments we wear extra clothing, obviously to beautify ourselves to adorn ourselves and this is linked to the story of our father Adam is not alone, because why Allah subhanho wa Taala he prohibited our father

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admonish that was haram as well as our mother hawala. So, that was around from consuming from a particular tree. Now chevonne he succeeds in pushing for Adam Isla Salaam and Hawaiian, Muslim towards the tree, they consume from the tree and then what happens Allah mentions in the noble upon that the hour becomes exposed. Now there are some who have the misconception that from the very beginning, our Father, that was a lamb was naked, it was only after consuming from the tree that he became aware of his nakedness. No, but rather what

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We understand from the ayah is that they were close. Yes. And then the minute they consumed from the tree, the heavenly garments that they had on them fell off, and their nakedness was exposed. And then they started to run towards the leaves to cover their nakedness. So it's in relation to the story.

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they disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala in regard to what he had prohibited them. And then what happened was their heavenly garments fell off them. And that was the inception, where the fall of man from heaven took place. So we understand from this ayah media respected elders and brothers in Islam, that Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights primarily that governments are a blessing from Allah azza wa jal that he has sent down from the heavens as he states for the anzahl now that we have sent it down. Now one might wonder, well, we don't necessarily

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you know, take our garments from things that come from the heaven. I mean, we manufacture it we involve ourselves in you know, coming up with garments, but if you look at it from a more broader point of view, it is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And even when you look at certain raw materials such as cotton and other things a lot as a result, it is from his blessing that he sends down rain, and he helps us to cultivate such raw materials for us to come up with the garments that we have with us today. So either way, it is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is what the lion's den highlights in the particular ayah. And then the third type of garment which is

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the most important type and that's the one that I want to highlight. And it is the best of garments Allah azza wa jal states believers who dunkwa that?

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Yes, he has mentioned two types of garments but the third type is the best of garments and that is the garment of taqwa. That is the garment of God consciousness to be conscious of Allah subhana wa gyla justice how we have our physical garments, covering our defects covering our our covering our private parts, our physical elements. When it comes to taqwa, the garment of taqwa covers, all that is all that is inside of us in terms of our moral defects in terms of our spiritual maladies. It reminds us of all these diseases, it purifies us and it helps us to secure a good life in this world as well as the hereafter. And this is why at the inception of every hookah, the Habib admonishes

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himself and the entire gathering to adopt a life of taqwa to be successful in this world as well as the hereafter. as allies. The majority declares that success in the number four answer to number in the cinema faza that indeed for the people of taqwa is Mufasa with three in this world, as well as the hereafter.

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Now, if you want to analyze the URL, or the grammatical sense of the ayah, Allah states or the Angelina Alaykum lieberson lieberson mean I don't want to become too technical, but there's a point to be highlighted here lieberson is in the accusative set tense in the Arabic language, it is in the form of an object, Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent down these governments. And then when you look at the third type of governments that Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking he starts off by saying well event suta COVID A Bama But there is another para Okay, from the different types of data in regard to the Quran where he is right as well. He set the floor with a fighter pilot to NASA in the

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sense in the accusative tense. So if it is written in such a way that then it is understood that even taqwa comes from Allah subhana wa Jalla. The garment of taqwa is also sent down by Allah Subhana Medina, and this is an easy to understand because at the end of the day, even taco coming into our hearts, the instilling of taqwa in our hearts is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He Daya is from Allah azza wa jal. tofield. Islam Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance is from Allah subhana wa Tada. So even the instilling of taqwa is from Allah azza wa jal. Yes, we have to strive to adopt a more we have to strive to adhere to the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the instilling

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of it in our hearts and the permeating of our lives in taqwa is from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So these three types of garments are from a lion surgeon. And the best of these garments is the garment of taqwa when he wants to talk about that he has a lot of Hannah Montana states in the normal pattern. Now, as we move further, there are certain people who have a few misconceptions in regard to the different karate now I just mentioned something stating that it is read as well he better suit the quality higher but according to another camera, it can be read as well as SATA qualified. So you might wonder, okay, why is the Quran being read in one way and then there's also

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another recitation that is read in a different way. But firstly, you need to understand that in terms of the preservation of the Quran, the Quran was revealed unto Mohammed Salah long while you earlier send them upon seven styles upon seven styles. Some people are confused with the styles and the Quran.

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At the present, we have a hero's Allah says

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that the Quran was revealed unto Mohammed Salah al Islam upon seven signs, okay, so you have something known as known otherwise as dias and then you have karate as well. You have seven karate you have 10 karate. Let me quickly give you a brief overview to dispel these misconceptions in our data. During the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam what would happen is that the Quran would be sent down Why are jabril Allah salatu salam, and the Quran was not sent down all at once. Listen to me attentively. The Quran was not sent down all at once. It was sent down piecemeal across a period of 23 years across a period of 23 years under Mohammed Salah Milan was an appeasement in

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the sense bit by bit stage by stage, Allah states in the Quran in the movie Laila Drupada, indeed we sent it down, ie we sent the Quran down during later fukada during the night of power, so it might be understood or the question may arise, okay, Allah states that he sent it down in its entirety. So how can you say that the Quran was revealed piecemeal? When how this is? Well, this is interpreted as the Quran being sent down Yes, in its entirety during the night of power to the first heaven. And this is not our comments. These are the comments of the Sahaba one like

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the ones who are the closest to the sort of lights that allow bilingualism like even Ambassador de Allahumma even others, the Quran was revealed His entirety on later procoder to the first heaven and from the first Heaven, it was revealed and it was sent down to the first heaven from local my phone, otherwise known as the preserved tablet, there is something known as local food, where every single detail is recorded there all of our fates, our destinies everything is recorded in local my phone and the Quran was also preserved in local buffoon, it was revealed from local food to the first heaven in its entirety. And from the first heaven it was revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam bit by bit stage by stage as per the requirement across a period of 23 years. So whenever Koran or whenever washy revelation would come to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a long while he would listen to it attentively and then he would read it unto the Sahaba and a mature mind and the revealing of what he was never an easy ODM. There was once a companion of the law, one who stays and the narration goes along with his words, that he was seated with the supervisor along while he while he was in them, and they will see two very closely because the gatherings of the professor nihilism used to be very close knit, they were seated very closely and this companions

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time his leg was under the leg of Mohammed Salah when he when he was in both of them were perhaps seated cross legged, and his leg was under the leg of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And at that juncture at that crucial point, where he started to descend upon Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it was so intense, that the companion who is narrating the narration, he states that there was a point when I felt that if the word he would not stop, now my leg would shatter into pieces. It was such an intense feeling when he thought that he could no longer bear it anymore and that his leg was about to shatter into smithereens into pieces. That's when the war he stopped, and

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Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became normal. He said, he would become red in his face and he would start he would start to perspire and sweat. It would be a very difficult time and he would come down because at the end of the day, we're talking about powerful words of our makers with Hannah Montana, there was another incident where Allison was riding a camel, and when he would come even when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would be on a journey, and then suddenly what he started to descend upon Mohammed Salah al Islam, it was so intense that the camera literally knelt down because of the intensity of the washing.

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So coming back to Revelation whenever it would be revealed that Mohammed Salah al Islam, he would read it, the Sahaba around him, would quickly committed to their memories because remember, the bulk of the Sahaba ripplenet Allah Allah much mind was unlettered, they could not read nor write, there were some who could read and write like the other one he could read and write. And because of this, he was held in high regard. He was even appointed as an ambassador for the fresh number, the most of them could not read or write. So what they did was they would always rely on their memories. Now these days, we very rarely use our memories. Even if you were to think as to whether we recall our

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home telephone numbers at times we wouldn't, because everything is entered into our mobile phones. But in those days, they had no way of recording they could not write down the if they were unlettered, so the only thing that they could do was memorize and because of this, and because of this constant exercising of their memory, their memory power was extremely strong. their attention spans were extremely strong. So they were immediately committed to their memories and those who could ride would ride they would write Yes, but they did not have the modern day writing instruments that we have. They will write it on pieces of bonds.

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They will write it on pieces of bone, they will write it on leaves on pieces of leather, etc. And this was during the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam after the demise of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam during the era of urbanicity, for the long run, and you have to understand that during the time of Mohammed Salah, listen, there are many, many forefathers and most of them have memorized the Quran. during the era of Abu Bakr Siddiq of the Ummah one What happened was, there was a battle that took place known as the Battle of Yemen, where many who father Koran were martyred. There were many of those were committed the Quran to their memory, they were

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martyred, and Abu Bakr Siddiq of the one who feared that At this rate, if the farmer Moran were to be martyred, and if they were to be killed, there would no longer be people who would have the Quran in their memory. And in terms of preserving the Koran, it is best that we compile the Koran. Now, he did not come to this decision by himself. He consults honorable Hopper, the long one Initially, the long one did not agree with the idea. But after consulting after both of them talking to one another, both of them agreed upon this initiative. And then they hand over this responsibility because they live in the long run. There's a difference between the other one he was entrusted with

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this responsibility. He had broad shoulders, yes, but he is reported to have said that if they have overcome this difficulty, a lot one on one, if they had given me the responsibility of moving a mountain from one location to another location that would have been easier for me than the compiling of the Koran, because he took this responsibility so so seriously, and he had a very stringent protocol that he followed. He didn't go about just collecting Ayah from here and there and he did not compile the Koran, he would double triple check. He had this protocol that he followed, he would go to someone who had memorized the Quran, he would make sure that this ayah he had a written copy

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of it or someone to guarantee that this ayah was memorized by this individual, he had this very, very stringent protocol. And with a lot of difficulty one compiler was made just one compiler. And that compiler was with Abba chronicity for the long one, and during the cleanup of the allamani on who it was with Amaro de la one and after Amato the long one it was passed on to the daughter of Mr. de la one half saw the long line. Now, during the enough of us man even as an earlier 111 particular companion

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is the most fulfilling part of the long one one day he goes to automatically I found that the long one This was after or tomorrow the long one who had sent him to inspect certain certain cities. He comes back and he tells him

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Oh Khalifa, the Quran was revealed upon seven styles. This is established as a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. The last one was supposed to have said that enemies report

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along the lines of these words, that gibreel Elisa wassalam taught me the Quran upon one style, I reviewed that style, and I asked him for more and he kept on teaching me until he taught me seven styles, so about seven styles. So it is established, we have someone stabbed with a call on during the handoff of a family a loved one What happened was this Sahabi observes sectarianism, this hobby observes fanaticism, this hobby observes bigotry, we are certain sex started to prefer certain styles of the origin and they start to pride themselves over that and that was seeds of disunity is starting to spread amidst the boom of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. At that junction, as many

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that I found on the last one, he decides to unite the oma upon one style. He asks for the Quran, the compiler, that was with Hassan earlier longhand, and he starts to make copies of that particular most half of that particular compiled version of the Koran and there was mass distribution that took place during that time of Mathematica, I found it a long one. And he made it a rule that only this copy should be read everywhere and every other compiler ation of the Quran should be burned. Because he feared that people might try to distort the Koran, people might try to, you know, take pride over certain signs and omit certain styles. So due to this, he made this the precedent and until today,

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we have the earth money print must have us money, the earth money printing, the print that was distributed during the time of Horace Mann, they've been a fan of the long line. Now in terms of the karate, we have different karate, karate, karate,

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awesome karate hops, we have different karate, you need to understand that all these karate, even though they slightly rarely, they are mostly upon one style from the seven styles. Do you see the sky is a different color? A different they're not the same thing. The Karate are all based on one style that is the osmani style upon the last half of Earth man and I found on the one one that you might wonder how do these styles vary, the sizes don't vary a lot, even though the words may be different here.

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Upon different styles, the meaning is the same. There is no contradiction whatsoever. There's no opposition whatsoever, they are synonymous in nature. Even though the last one was reported to have said it is like someone saying, or someone using three different words for one thing aluma the Allah of Tibet, three Arabic words that all mean the same thing come here, hello means come here to Allah means Come here apabila means come here. So across the different styles, you would have different variations in terms of the words but the meanings are all synonymous. There are some who thought that these tiles varied upon dialects. This is how we have different dialects here in the English

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language. If you go to the United Kingdom, you would notice different dialects. Likewise here in Sri Lanka, we have different dialects. If you take the Tamil language we have one version in Colombo, one version in the eastern province, one version in gold, we have different dialects. So some of them thought that the styles were upon different dialects, but this is easily debunked based on an incident that took place between nominal blah, blah, blah, the last one once the last one was praying behind the Sahabi by the name he shamita Hakeem rhodiola one, and this hobby reads local for con, he reads circle for con Amaro, the last one is insula. And he observes this heavy reading

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circle for corn in a different style than the style he knew of. And he wanted to leave the Sala he wanted to leave the salon and go and ask the companion as to why he was reading upon that particular style. But he observes patience, he waits till the Sahabi finishes the prayer, he goes to the Sahabi and he holds him by his neck in the sense he almost strangled him because he was a companion of that nature. And he asked him why did you read it in this way in a different style from the side that Mohammed Salah listened and taught us this companion response? This is the this is the way I heard it from Mohammed salallahu alayhi wasallam Romano the Allahu anhu takes the Sahabi and goes to

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he puts forth the case to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a nihilist and looks at him and says Yama, read zuku con for me, Mr. de la one who reads it the way he was taught by Mohammed Salah listen to lies, Allison and in response, it was revealed to me as such now he shall read total Furqan he shall not be alone one who reads vocal forgone in the manner that was taught to him by Mohamed Salah Salem and these two styles were different to one another. He shall not be alone one who reads it and Mohammed Salah listen and says it was revealed to me as such as well.

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Now what is important to highlight here is that both these individuals were from the same tribe. He Shambo the long line who was as Eddie Qureshi. As a tribe from the Quran, Vanessa is an offshoot of the Christ was formerly a long line who was an idol v grayish blue ID which is an offshoot offshoot from the Christ tribe. So from this, we understand that there was no difference in dialect because they were both from the same tribe, but rather the words were different. But anyway, upon different styles taught by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the meanings was synonymous. And this is what I highlighted at the beginning. I have any other motive for the answer, not a complete answer, that

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if you say there is a different camera, there's just a slight difference in the wording, but the meaning is more or less the same. There is no opposition there is no contradiction in the words of our maker, so Hannah mozzarella, and it has been preserved in such a way by Allah azza wa jal and will be preserved forever and ever by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala within it conclude as for loss of Hannah Montana to forgive all of our sins, to accept our good deeds, and just as how the United States dismisses men united in the gods of general My Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam