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SAR Rasul Allah. In nanohub Bora Benner hood bencher Dida, we love our Lord, a tremendous love Rasul Allah. So Allah will try to try them. And he seemed down in his book, and I had that amount of of Islam called iron to

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the iron of the tests is a test for them. And it's a test for everyone sitting here who believes or thinks or claims that he loves Allah or Allah loves him. And that is the statement in the command that Allah told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put In Kuntum to a boon Allah for 30 Tabby Rooney, your little Kamala, we are filling in the Nuba con what levels of photo Rahim tell them yeah Muhammad. If you truly love Allah, then follow me some Allah.

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If you follow me, Allah will love you and Allah will forgive you for your sins, and Allah is hoped for and Allah is the Rahim. So a quality filler on metal Islam. If you want to be an individual that Allah loves, and you want Gibreel to love you and the mala it good to love you. And you want the acceptance and the earth placed here for you. Then you have that time in yourself. What is known in Ellis lamb as a late diva. You have to follow the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have to follow his religion. When he did what he didn't do you avoid the one who claims that he loves the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam Oh, he loves Allah and He loves his lamb. But

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everything in his behavior is counterproductive to that. And contrary to that, he's doing nothing but making a false claim, a false claim and what was collected by Imam Al Bukhari.

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The Allah told us that Allah Our Lord said in a hadith, Al cosi were ma Abdi caribou, la benowa, Philly had,

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my slave would not cease to get close to me while he's doing the NAWAPA until he becomes an individual that Allah so the person who does the extra prayer, the person who does the extra fasting outside of Ramadan, the facet of Mondays and Thursday, this is the day of a Juma it is not legible upon you, Teresa Rotocast today, but the one who loves Allah and the one who wants to be loved by Allah, He will try to complete that particular Nafion from the Nightwatch it is not mere lip service. That's the point.

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As it relates to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Noah, there are many things that a person can do. As a matter of fact, no one has the ability to do everything that the Prophet did some Allah what He was saying. There are those from amongst us who don't pray a lot. There are those who are most of us who do not give a lot of sadaqa to the masjid on Fridays Other than that, if that is your case, no one can blame me for that. There were companions who came in use to say yeah, rasool Allah Kessel Run Alia Shah, Emily slam. Yeah, Rasul Allah and Islam the things to do there a lot of things to do. I have to visit my relatives, I have to make the know often I

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have to get the soda. I have to encourage the people to do the right thing prevented people from doing the wrong thing. I had to spend time with my family. There are so many things to do, making hij making too many things to do. I can't do all of that stuff. Allah azza wa jal knows that. He knows that. But the issue as it relates to a diva following the messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam age, if you can't do everything, and you don't do everything, then don't be a person who opposes Ellis. Then we have people from amongst us who when the Sunnah comes to them. And they are told the Messenger of Allah did this or said that don't do this do that the person says, is just the Sunnah.

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They will oppose what is clear from the religion? Oh, that's not what my men have said. That's not what my Imam says. That's not what my mother and my father taught me. But I love Allah and I love his messenger of Allah. That's not the indication of what we find from those people who really love Allahu taala, as he mentioned in the Quran, but in London yesterday, Boo farlam and nama yet

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if they do not answer what you're calling them, to Ye, Mohammed, is they don't listen to you. And they turn that is away from what you're calling them to, and inviting them to. They know for surety, they're only following their desires. They're not following you and they don't have an at bat. So for those people who love Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to put the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in front of your eyes as your guiding light, the guideposts by which you're trying to practice your religion

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from the characteristics of those people who Allahu Taala loves

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is what was mentioned in the Quran is as I mentioned, there are many characteristics to our Quran and Sunnah a month, two months, three months, our hubbas are not enough to exhaust all of these characteristics. It's your job it's your responsibility to become a most people learn the Quran, Halawa Allahu Taala has mentioned as it relates to describing those who he loves, and those who he hates, but from those who he loves, is what was mentioned in the Quran. Yeah, are you gonna let the

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main your main command Dini for Sophia to love will be a comic. You hit bobble. When you hit Boehner or

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other Kathleen you Jackie do Nafisa Billahi Wallah ha funa Lomas Allah and all you believe, if any of you are prostates, and you turn back from your religion, everybody here, no single person here, not the hottie, not the Imam, not anyone, certainly from the men of the women had been promised that you're going to die on this religion. May Allah establish us and the religion and cause us to die as Muslims. All of you who believe if any of you were pastoring, from your religion, then Allah is going to bring a group of people that he loves and they love him. Whatever your descriptions, they are merciful towards the believers, easy, soft, unkind towards the believers, and they are rough and

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tough towards the disbelievers. And they fight in the Cause of Allah. And they are not afraid of the criticisms. They're not afraid of the censorship of anybody. Those are for the characteristics of the people who Allah subhanaw taala loves the first two. They are easy and gentle to the believers, and they are rough and tough against the non believers. It's no wonder that Allahu Taala described this Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along with his companions around the world. And you might end with these and by these first two characteristics, Mohammad Rasool Allah, He will lead the the Mao or she will confer Rahama lubaina. Hamid is the messenger of Allah and those who are with him,

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Radi Allahu Allah, they are tough against the disbelievers. And easy kind, gentle towards the believers, the individual from amongst us, he claims, I love Allah love Allah, but you will find him cutting off his mother. And that relative can be from the closest people to him from the believers, his Muslim brother, who share the same room with him from his mother. He cut him off because of the dunya because of money, he cut off his children. He divorced the mother is no longer married to the mother. But that does not exonerate him from being responsible for his kids. But he turns around, he says, I love love Allah. Where's the, for the believers? Don't be like the you're holding the Farah

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who just made empty claims. We are the sons and the Beloved of Allah. So when Muslims got it backwards, and the Muslims have it twisted, when it comes to leave in this hope by going back to work with the non Muslims that we work with, and we're gentle and kind, and we laugh with them and we joke with them. As soon as the man gets with the Muslims, no smile, no salons. As soon as he gets with his family members, no love, no Rama, but he has the nerve and the audacity to turn around and say, I love Allah, Allah Allah. Allah loves me.

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As it relates to being tough against that disbelievers. Let it be understood according that this idea does not mean that you are to harm people in the street we live in in a country and they are our host. This ayat is one of the eyes that the non Muslims misunderstand. Not even to mention how Muslims themselves the youth from the Muslims and this misunderstand the iron. Allah mentioned to us in another Ira the Quran Lionhart Kamala when a lead even when you cut low coffee bean, well then you're free to come in the article and

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talk to him and now you have been looks at Allah doesn't prevent you. Allah doesn't prohibit anyone here from dealing justly and currently with those people who do not fight you and oppose you because of your deen they will not expel you because of your deen and Allah loves those people who are just you want to be from those who Allah loves them be from the people who are faring just barely being fair, and just from those issues that will save an individual. So we find them amongst us, those individuals when it's time to take a position for against. We take positions because he's from my tribe. He's from the North. He's from the south. He's from my mother. He's from

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