What Is The Greatest Act of Worship For A Young Muslim

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The speaker discusses the importance of memorizing the Quran for understanding the teachings of Islam, citing the success of people understanding it. They stress the need for people to practice learning about Islam in order to gain knowledge and success.

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What is the greatest act of worship that you can do as an ordinary teen? Obviously Saddam said that there's nothing more beloved to him than the Fatah. Right the things that are obligatory in the religion. So, you know, the discussion has to be are you praying five times a day, you know, are you respecting your parents but basics you don't skip to the extra is before you take care of the basics. But if you've got the basics down, then when it comes to going above and beyond doing more than what's basically required, then studying a snap, you know, potable and studying the religion and knowledge of the religion is the best thing that you could do, other than the basic facade, you

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know, like, from the no effort, right? Even to the point where EMA Matic after the then went off, will continue studying. And so some people would actually, you know, be like, Hey, what are you doing? You know, it's like, you should be praying, you know, the time between the anatomy of karma is, you know, a blessed time to pray. He said, Yes, but, you know, studying knowledge, reviewing knowledge of Islam was more beloved to him. And so it's there, it's there. You know, the prophets, Ali Salam, he said that the entire dunya is MeLuna. Right? It's cursed and everything in it is cursed, he said, except for remembering Allah and what's tied to or what follows from remembering

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Allah and the Adam and the Madonna, right? The the one who teaches and the one who learns, right, so studying Islam as the best thing you could possibly do. I don't know the person's situation but memorizing the Quran understanding the Quran that has to be front and center. And if you don't understand Arabic, then you need to understand Arabic in order to understand the Quran and that'll keep you busy.