On the Death of Naseem Auntie – The Matriarch of MIC

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A lot is Hey,

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Allah is a hey there when you whenever dice and everything else that is written for

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it was not my plan to stand before you today under such circumstances

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supposed to be a happier event, but Allah has plans and whatever is the plan of Allah will be ineffective.

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And in the same as a mother to all of us

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the idea of me coming to Memphis was in her house, mi C's conception was in her house the entire years that I was here every few weeks in her house. And even now when this event was being planned panela the plans were already set what I was going to be doing, she called up my wife the day before this incident, excited telling us the plans you have to come and do this you're going to be doing that

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don't have words to say well I don't have words to say but this is where a man is tested. And this is where our belief in Allah is manifested and this is where the fruits of other are demonstrated Wallahi what would we do without further what we do without Allah azza wa jal being the rub, how would we keep our sanity? But since we know that Allah is our Mola Cola, new sleep and Ill Khattab, Allahu La Now who am I Alana? Nothing happens except what Allah has decreed. He is our mowla Nothing happens except what Allah has once Allah azza wa jal decrees, and we have to accept the decree. And we are sad and our hearts are in grief, but we accept the father of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada because in

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the end, it is Allah azza wa jal who owns it is Allah who is medical market is Allah who is the rub. And he gives us the people in our lives. He gives us our parents, our children, our family, our friends, he gives us our own lives to ourselves. And then when he desires to take it away, that is his right to take away and no one has the right to challenge the will of Allah. And then hamdulillah our Eman comes and gives us solace and comfort. Our Eman gives us so much comfort of the conference that we have is that the deceased is in a better place than they are in right now. Is that all of the problems and the worries and the griefs and the sicknesses and the illnesses and the cancers and

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the blood pressure all of it is gone and they are in a better place. Now all of the anxiety and the stress of life. It is all gone for the righteous Subhanallah they are in a much better place even as we grieve they are in a much happier place in a blissful place did not did not mean even if they're not in Jannah right now, but we believe that they can see gender right now. We believe they smell the frequencies of gender right now. We believe that when they're lowered in the cupboard when they are lowered in the cupboard, the righteous see the window to Jana. And in that window they are excited about Jana. They're happy about Jana.

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I wouldn't say Monty has passed on.

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But her legacy must live on her legacy of

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service to everybody. Stranger student, somebody's passing through the masjid, genuine compassion and love

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Subhanallah this one thing that really, really she demonstrated

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you don't need to have a PhD in Islamic studies to benefit the world.

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You don't need to have a high level education to impact the people. You don't need to struggle and just compassion and kindness to all just genuine love and service.

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I cannot imagine Ramadan over here without her. I cannot imagine if Thor's I cannot imagine any events except that her memories are they're coming through despite her age, despite her sickness all days long all nights, volunteering, planning, walking here and they're rushing. She had more energy than I and all of us did. She had more energy despite the fact that she was double our age. She had to bypass surgeries still day and night. Wallahi I would be amazed throughout Ramadan every single day. She would come here at three four o'clock set up the entire tables back and forth every single day and her whole family but her family though she was in charge she was in charge of this every

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Every day Subhan Allah for what? What did she get in return? Did she get one penny? Does she get one paycheck? In fact, sometimes she would get criticisms because obviously when you do stuff peoples are gonna get irritated. What not still, she continued, continued continue. And over the course of almost 40 years because she came to this community almost before now was born actually in 1977 or 76. She came here Subhanallah, the mother of this entire community, we owe so much to her so much to her. And this entire center, in my opinion, is a testament to her sacrifices. It's a testament to what she has done. And I just found out that

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the hosel room of MRC, she just purchased the goods for it last week. And she purchased the stretcher last week. And she and obviously if Biden could work setting up the hostel room, and she did not realize that in fact, she would be the first person to take advantage of the hustle at MIT.

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But it is as if she even planned her own Janaza Subhanallah it is as if she even took care of this that you guys don't have to worry, I'll do everything myself. Subhanallah and here we are all and I don't think Memphis has seen or will see a larger janazah we are all gathered here because of the love that she gave all of us unconditionally.

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The sea Monty has moved on and one day we will all move on. But her legacy must live on. And her luck and manners, her kindness and sweetness. She was the embodiment of simplicity and virtue, the embodiment of good club, this is what happens when you have nothing but good o'clock. The entire community loves you, people of our faith people outside our faith, people of our community, people of other communities doesn't matter. She had a pure heart full of genuine love. Every time you visit her house, even though you're stuffed when you have to eat, no could just eat something just that genuine you all know this Subhan Allah.

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Allah when was done La ilaha illAllah La ilaha illa Allah, La alberca Allah

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we have a bigger agenda, they will a Quran.

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I don't have much to say the last few weeks and months Subhan Allah one after the other for me, at least in my life. And here we have now somebody that I was so looking forward to this weekend. So looking forward to that. And I was told that she was also very excited. I'm coming and it was Alaska that I happen to come 10 days ago Allah's Cadabra hadn't seen her for three years. And you all saw what happened on stage. You all saw impromptu ultimate joy. And she would tell me you might be shocked to other people but to me or my son to other people you might be shocked Yasser, to me on my better. You're my son. And I say gi in Memphis, you are Miami. Indeed, you're in Miami. And now

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I don't have an army in Memphis anymore.

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Well, Boko Lilla

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alone was Stan De La

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La ilaha illAllah.

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It is not my place to dictate unto you what should be done this weekend. But may I humbly suggest that we proceed with what was planned but with the modification, that it is a memorial to nnessee Monty

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this is what she would have wanted. But this is my suggestion, and I leave it to the community and the board that let us still have an event but let us modify it. And let us make sure the event now is meant to commemorate. Frankly, there is nobody that is in her category in this entire city and we all know that she is in a category of her own. And this community and especially this Masjid Allah who we owe her that little much. We owe her all of the years of dedication and selflessness and service, the years the decades the decades of being right in the forefront. Doing selfless. No sugar, no just nothing. Consistently just benefiting and bringing smiles and strangers coming in

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students come in as you just helping them out. The least that we can give back to her is to actually commemorate what she has done. And I suggest that this weekend we have a ceremony but not what was initially planned modify it. And that ceremony should be a commemoration and a remembrance of the good that she has done and she is to me the mother of MICC she is the mother of this specific masjid and she is all of our mothers may Allah subhana wa Tada. Bless her with every fear and good May Allah give her for those that are never what she has done. May Allah subhana wa

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GRANT Sabatier to the family may Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam to overcome this pain and grief, may Allah have given us the Monty a place far better and sweeter than any place you had in this world. May Allah remove from her every pain and suffering and hum and anxiety. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow her to gaze upon her place in Jannah and be anxious and eager to be in that place. And Jana, may Allah make her cover a vast place a wide place May Allah subhana wa Tada allow her to smell the fragrances of gender in her cover. May Allah subhana wa Taala allow her to see the good news of her children and grandchildren because we learn in the Hadith that the righteous see the updates are

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what is happening this world may she get those updates and feel a sense of happiness and a sense of accomplishment. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant to the highest places for those that are our promises I'm told us that a person will be under the shade of their Sadako on the Day of Judgment. I am confident I pray to Allah I hope that her shade will be so large and so vast that people will wonder where is this coming from? How could this lady have such a large shade, but her sadaqa was so global that was so universal, her charity encompassed many decades and many 10s of 1000s of people so I pray that Allah subhana wa Tada allows her to see the effects of that credit Baraka in our

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lives. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala Europe we testify. We testify that when you were to be a selfless lady, a loving lady, a compassionate lady, we testify that she continued to give and give and give, even though we don't understand physically how she gave but she still gave your job we testify as a community that she was indeed our mother and our caretaker So Europe we collectively asked you We beg you you're asked to forgive her sins to exalt her ranks. We asked you to give her the highest places of agenda and to grant silver to her husband to grant sublet to her daughters to grant sublet to her family and to her grandchildren and to allow us to continue that legacy after

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she has moved on. Also the law was sent a robotic arm to Mohamed Anwar Ali he was

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either call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed them

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at what the feels

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to me,

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Jenny dasa, down to

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me down in

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