Ali Hammuda – The one time not to believe your parents

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker advises parents to not is not necessary to ask them for anything, as they often do, and to focus on what they need. They suggest buying new luxury mattresses to to give comfort to their parents, doing things that they love, and not asking for anything. They also suggest visiting family members to the parents' rooms and finding new clothing.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Bismillah Alhamdulillah. Wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Allah and he was a happy woman who Allah brothers and sisters, for those who have lost a parent will tell you about there are many regrets towards them.

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But one particular regret gets me every time I hear it, the regret of when you used to ask your parents, do you need anything? And they said to you, no, no, sir, not at all. We don't need anything, thank you. And then you believe them. Having satisfied you're conscious that you've done what you should have done towards them.

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So let's be clear on one thing, when your parents say, I don't need anything, thank you don't believe them for a split second.

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Because more often than not, they're saying that, in order to spare you any trouble to save you money to save you time.

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This is part of the parental fitrah the parental reflex forces them to choose you over themselves every single time. Give your parents what they need, and what they love. Without them needing to ask you have it or prompt you.

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You see many of us have gotten older and become parents ourselves. And one of the very first things that we come to learn is the lie that our parents told us when they used to say no thank you, son, daughter, I don't need anything. Or perhaps we can rephrase this. And we say, one of the very first things that we learn as parents is our utter foolishness. When we used to believe our parents when they said, No, thank you. I don't need anything.

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Beware, dear brother, dear sister,

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of allowing your self centeredness to convince you that your parents have actually lived their life to its fullest. And they've eaten all what they want. And they've drank all what they want. And they've worn over all what they've wanted. They've owned all what they want.

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And now you and your children or family and are now somehow worthy or of life's offerings, and that which is new than they are.

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Now this is not correct. So here's a suggestion without asking them if they need anything. Why don't you for example, buy them a brand new luxury mattress to give comfort to their weekend weakening bodies.

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You think they're going to bother you with request? It's not going to happen?

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Why don't you and your siblings come together to renovate their bathrooms or their kitchen? You think because they're all they don't long for these things anymore?

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dedicate time to go and speak to them. I need which many parents are often too shy to nag their children for.

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I go even further.

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Go and check on their clothes.

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Open their drawers, without them knowing what do they need? What needs changing? What's worn out? Check their socks? Do they need a new bunch? Open up your eyelids be vigilant Be observant. Keep your eyes peeled observe their carpet. Is it time for a new one? Do their banisters needed? A good dusting? Does their wardrobe need rearranging? Do they need a new wardrobe? Does your mother need a new pair of comfortable shoes have to have the curtains changed color? Has your dad's favorite aftershave run out. They're not going to ask you for any of these things. Don't wait for them to prompt you. Honestly. Don't be fooled by the age of your father, or the perfectly mature demeanor of

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your aging mother No, because within the heart of every parent remains a child that yearns for attention, care and special treatment and to be spoiled. Shame on us. If our parents need to prompt us and remind us to fulfill what they need to carry out the wishes that wishes as long as you live, your parents or your life, your ambition, your expenditure, your pride, your enjoyment, even if your parent or both of them are working. They're making a handsome wage, and to paradise yourself by living with this habit that we are describing now. Pre empt their needs and give special attention to the things they love and rush to fulfill them before they even have a chance to realize their

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need for it. Let alone ask you for it.

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