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Sister emails from New Jersey she wishes to remain anonymous for reasons you will see. And she says that someone has wronged her, taken her rights, slandered her, and has made her feel extremely hurt and angry. And because of all of these transgressions, this sister has made dua against that person. She says that after a while that person spouse passed away, and the spouse had not done any wrong to the one making dua, but now she feels an immense amount of guilt that did my dua caused the death of the spouse of this person that I made against and am I sinful in making dua against this person? Is there any penalty that she asked to do that she thinks that the death that happened might be as a

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result of her prayer that she did? 107 mi COVID EEG Ilari Jalan no he him first IRLO lickity

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So, dear sister, realize that. Let's first talk about the dua of the multiroom the two of the one upon whom wrong has been done. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim beware of the prayer of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah for in lay Sabina how Amin Allah He hijab, there is no barrier it's going to go straight to Allah azza wa jal be aware of the prayer of the oppressed. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Three are the prayers to us, that shall be responded to without a doubt. Number one, the prayer of the father for his children. Number two, the prayer of the traveler. And number three, the prayer of the

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one who has been wronged. And that hadith is in Abu Dhabi, and our prophets a little law, while you said him said, three doors are never returned. Number one, the just ruler, number two, the one who's fasting until he breaks his fast and number three, the one upon whom an injustice has been done, it is carried all the way to the clouds and the heavens open up for it. And Allah subhana wa Tada says, I swear by my honor, and I swear by my glory, I shall help you or one in distress, or one who has been wronged, even if it is after a while, but I shall help you. And Hadith as it is in most standing by Muhammad. Now, these are Hadith and others. They tell us that the prayer of the one who

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has been wronged, is always answered. This indicates there's nothing wrong with praying to Allah against the one who has wronged you. This is completely permissible. Otherwise, the prophet system would not have encouraged it. And this is in fact a manifestation of Allah's infinite justice. Allah does not allow injustice and Allah despises injustice, and where injustice occurs, then those upon whom injustice has been done, they have every single right to raise their hands to the King of kings, and they have every right to beseech the one who hears all and the one upon whom nothing is lost and to call out to medical molk and to rob bisimwa to server and not Bergdahl should Alim and

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to say yeah, Rob I have been wronged. And no one can help me other than you. Yeah, Robbie, you are my Mola Europe has to be Allahu enamelware kill ALLAH is sufficient for me. Yarrabah upon you is the one who is doing volume who is slandering me who is lying about me who is spreading evil and malicious, complete fabrications. Yara, you are the one who shall deal with them. You have every right sister to raise your hands to Allah against the one who has wronged you. Whether that wrong is financial, whether the wrong is emotional, whether the wrong is physical, any volume that has been done against you, you have every right of course you have the right to forgive you have the right to

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you have the right to go to court, you have the right to seek justice, and of the rights that you have is the right to raise your hands up to Allah subhana wa Taala and ask him to correct your wrongs. And ask him to take care of the wrongdoer and ask him to punish the one who has wronged you, obviously a punishment that is commensurate to the wrong that has been done. You have every right now again, wrong has been done to you. You should not ask for more than what has happened to you. So you can ask Allah that Allah, I leave it to you to deal with my tyrant with my lord him. I leave it to you to take care of my the one who has harmed me and your dua to Allah is completely permissible.

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Now, you you have to also separate that the the death of a person

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has nothing to do with your daughter. Your daughter will not change when that person's death has been distant. Death is something Allah has destined from above the seven heavens, it is written down it is decreed no matter what your DUA is, it will not change the time of death of the other person. So let us separate, you are allowed to make dua against someone who has wronged you. You may ask Allah for your rights, you may ask Allah to punish that person, you ask Allah to deal with him or her in a manner that is just no problem. After this, what happens, and especially the death of another person that's not on you? Clearly, this is something that is not relevant to your dog, the

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person's death or whatnot is not something you you're liable for much less you caused it No, Allah is the one who decides when people pass away, no other person can influence that. And Allah azza wa jal will decide how to punish this person. So if that person was punished in this manner, which we don't know, that is something that Allah has decided to do, you are not liable. And if this person, the spouse was not guilty of anything, don't worry, there is not as if you're sinful, Allah will deal with them in a merciful manner and whatnot. And they their time came when their time came, but you are reading in too much. And you do not know what punishment that Allah will prepare for the one

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who has done boom to you. So you leave that person's a fair to Allah and you move on with your business, and you will get your award on the day of judgment. And in this world, if you don't get your justice, which hardly anybody does in this world. Don't worry, put your trust in Allah. So the bottom line and this with this, shall we conclude anybody upon whom loom has been done, injustice has been done, you have the ultimate right to raise your hands to Allah and ask Allah to deal with the perpetrators of injustice and make dua to Allah and Allah shall answer your DUA. After that, what happens? It's not something you are liable for, and also you do not know was it your dua that

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even suppose he was in an accident or something happened or the business came down or whatever you do not know? Was it really because of your DUA? Or was it something else? And it's not as if you are liable? Because if your DUA was answered, well, then Allah Zoda dealt with that person in a manner that was best befitting for that person. And if it was not answered, well, then how do you know so therefore, in either scenario, you have done your your job, and you are not liable for what happens, there is no need to feel guilty, there is no need for any kuffaar in this regard, nothing of this nature, and you are not sinful in the slightest, to, to make against someone who has wronged you.

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And this also should be a wake up call for any amongst us who is doing injustice to another person. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, injustice shall become darknesses on the day of gentlemen, a little more valamar to normal Yama, and there is no sin that is more difficult to forgive then injustice and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Beware of hurting or harming any other person, and the day of judgment will come and there will be no back and forth except with good deeds. So anybody who has done a wrong in this world should resolve it in this world before the next our profit system said in the next world, there will be no money, there will

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only be good deeds that will be given. We don't want to give our good deeds to anybody else. So be careful. Do your brother or sister of doing gloom to anybody and those upon whom injustice have been done, those whose reputations have been slandered those whose feelings have been those who have been rights have been taken away. They have every right to ask Allah and Allah azza wa jal will indeed respond to the law of the mudroom and with that, inshallah Tada. We come to the conclusion of today's q&a. Until next week, Zack Mulcair was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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