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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the collapse of Kobe Bryant's football career and the struggles of graduating from high school. The benefits of praying and meditating, including physical health and sleep, are discussed, and the success of people practicing prayer meditation and finding their true god. Prayer is a widely practiced practice, and research shows that people who practice it tend to have low blood pressure, high blood pressure, and breathing less often than those who do not. The importance of science and the connection between prayer and health is emphasized, and viewers are encouraged to visit the deen show and use the like button to reward for their actions.
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Let's get to it. What's up everyone? I want to take a few minutes let us hear what Kobe Bryant had to say shortly before he died regarding, and I'd say lesson two would be just five minutes of quiet time, five minutes for you to be mindful and to just sit and and find that inner voice and, and just kind of listen to the self and

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preferably would be in the morning as you start your day and then we'll go ahead and close it off. If you're brave enough to stick around with everyone's favorite topic death School Senior is in the hospital after collapsing on the tennis courts right into details on the deaths of a high school soccer player. Finland Denmark Star Man Christian Eriksen collapsing towards the end of the first half the Kennedy High community mourning tonight after one of their highschool football players died. The South Carolina high school football player has died after collapsing at football practice star college basketball player collapsing on the court we want to warn you the video may be

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difficult to watch Florida Gators start Deontay Johnson collapsing during the game. A West Catholic high school student has died after collapsing during a football scrimmage on Mile eight. She suddenly felt fuzzy and blacked out 17 year old Ryan Jacobs heart stop lot expectedly collapsed on the field. Megan went into cardiac arrest collapsing during Friday night's football game.

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Now quickly for the basketball lovers pretty much all of you know who Kobe Bryant was. But for the non basketball fans. In short, he was a very famous basketball player who died was several others. Back in January 2020 20. I believe in a sad and tragic helicopter crash. Now it was very interesting to see this video that he made before he died. And I just want you to replace or make a word adjustment. From the word meditation to the word prayer, vicar. I meditate every day. I meditate every day. And I do it in the mornings. And I do it for about 10 to 15 minutes. And I think it's important because it just it sets me up for the rest of the day. You know, it helps me it's like

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it's like, it's like having an anchor. You know, it's if I don't do it, I feel like I'm constantly chasing the day. I just very sad reality to see much of our young youth falling into this trap, where they end up going to the secular atheist universities. They listen to some of these sorry to say goofball professors, who they hold in high esteem and respect to argue against God a creator prayer even to the point of making fun and jokes of the whole concept. While the professors are giving them downward towards what nihilism the rejection of religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaning less. So they take them from living a purposeful life to ultimately a

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meaningless life. Because after you get through all the partying, drinking, zinna fornication, the running around life chasing your tail or your desires, filling your belly, feeding your ego, life becomes really just meaningless, because you're not living for an ultimate higher goal and purpose, like for your creator in the hereafter. So as often repeat, look, our measuring stick is not science or famous celebrities, the Quran and authentic sunnah. But if you have someone like a Kobe Bryan, who had a really big influence over many people, and he's sharing with you something that was very critical for his life, and now and how he started his days, and things that may be lying beneath the

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surface, that if you don't have that time to sit quietly on your own, you'll never pay attention to it. Because if you think about it, like, the reality is we're paying attention to so many things that are going on around us. We're constantly taking selfies, we're constantly taking pictures to post on Instagram and all these other things. And we're constantly observing everything that's around us. But we don't take the time to really observe what's going on inside of ourselves. So much so that even the most renowned basketball coach Phil Jackson had the whole team doing it. In 2000, we got a new head coach that came to the Los Angeles Lakers by name of Phil Jackson. And Phil was

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just coming off and winning six championships with the bulls. And he was really big on mindfulness, really big on meditation, and it wasn't an option for us. Now I want you to imagine if this was applied not to just one aspect in life basketball, but for our whole existence called life and it revolved around praying to the only one all along, don't summon linearly dollar moon, while a miracle low Khufu.

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Even though we don't pray because science says prayer is good, or because there are new studies that now show people who pray are healthier, happier.

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happier than those who don't. But it's nice to read these new developments I want to share with you and you can share with others, encouraging them to pray to make salah, zikr and dua, and this is the real ultimate if you want, if you want to call it that meditation or a time to reflect over your existence, how you came into being, why you're here, and where you're going when you ultimately die, just like Kobe Bryant died. Okay, let's get into this article, and we'll start finishing up from there inshallah. So it's a very interesting article is titled Why people who pray are healthier than those who don't. And if you want to achieve maximum health, there are a few things that you should

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do. It starts off to say exercise regularly. eat nutritious and minimally processed food, like I often say, Eat real food, avoid fake fruit, and drop those extra pounds. And it finishes off to say pray and I would just add, we would add, pray salah, then it goes on to say that's right, regular prayer. And we would say Salah and meditation has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be an important factor in living longer and staying healthy. Prayer is the most widespread alternative therapy in America today. Over 85% of people come and fronting a major illness pray. Prayer is the most widespread alternative therapy in America today. Over 85% of people confronting a major illness

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pray according to a University of Rochester study, there's a far higher it is far higher than taking herbs or pursuing other non traditional healing methods. And increasingly, the evidence is that prayer works. This article is saying to study show that prayer actually works. And this is something that your professor will have you not believe and this is something that the professor hides behind his belief in scientism. That's his religion. But we're that's what we're sharing with you some actual science here for prayer. It goes on to say the relationship between prayer and health has been the subject of scores of double blind studies. Over the past four decades, Dr. Herbert Benson

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and cardiovascular specialists at the Harvard Medical School and a pioneer in the field of mind body medicine discovered what he calls the relaxation response, which occurs during periods of prayer and meditation. At some times, the body's metabolism decreases, the heart rate slows, blood pressure goes down, and our breath becomes calmer and more regular. Going towards the end of the article. It finishes off with saying in one National Institutes of Health funded study, individuals who prayed daily and this is just a note us as Muslims, we pray five times a day minimum who pray daily were shown to be 40% less likely to have blood pressure, high blood pressure than those without a regular

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prayer practice. Research at Dartmouth Medical School found that patients with strong religious beliefs who underwent elective heart surgery were three times more likely to recover than those who are less religious. A 2011 study of the inner city youth with asthma by researchers at the University of Cincinnati indicates that those who practice prayer meditation experience fewer and less severe symptoms than those who had not. Other studies show that prayer boosts the immune system and helps to lessen the severity and frequency of a wide range of illnesses. A recent study in the Journal of Gerontology of 4000 senior citizens in Durham found that people who prayed or meditated

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cope better with illness and lived longer than those who did not. And this is a longer article, but just going down to the end it says what science can tell us is that people who pray and meditate trend to be statistically more healthy and live longer than those who do not. Whether these bones are merely unintended side effects of still deeper spiritual benefits remains a matter of faith. So when you read all these benefits, I mean, obviously we don't do it because science says is good religion and spirituality be measured scientifically intensive research on the brain says the answer is yes. And now these developments are coming to the forefront. And we we base it on proof and

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evidence that the Quran is indeed from the Creator, the heavens and earth and over and over. It's talking about establishing a direct connection with the Creator of the heavens and earth and that's not because God Almighty Allah needs it is because we need it just like Kobe Bryant. He needed this anchoring himself he called it to go ahead and start his day just like the Phil Jackson. You know this

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world renowned coach, he gets his team to go ahead and meditate to go ahead and focus. We need to focus on what our purpose in life our Creator, so it can make us more morally upright so we can be better human beings we can make the world we live in a better place for all of humanity. So I'm going to make this really simple and easy. When you're praying. What you don't do is you don't give 1/3 to a human being to an angel, to a saint to Jesus, you don't give 1/3 to Mary, you don't give 1/3 to anyone else. All 100% of your prayer goes towards God Almighty, the Creator Allah, this is very important. No one in the middle between you and your Creator. You only call upon the One, the

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One who created you. And before you start asking for this is very important. Now before you start asking for good health, good husband or wife, good car, good job, good food, etc. We people asked for we asked for everything other than the most important thing. You got to start asking for the guidance. You got to start asking for the guidance. The One who created me, guide me guide me guide me guide me to what my purpose is guide me from what you want for me you might be confused and you see all these different religions and 99% of our man made religions and you want to go towards the way of light that's from your Creator. Ask the creator the heavens and earth to make it clear. And

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here is an ultimate prayer that you can start doing today. You see

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yo phenylalanine Urashima Rashi

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Maliki dini? Khanna

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canister in his den not

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stop the

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memo on me Namie last but not the least my brothers and sisters and Dean and humanity the back to what should really motivate us and that's the matter that we should really take serious death everyone signs now for this race Absolutely not. She felt like she's in the best shape of her life that's incorrect

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she's got a gentleman there Erickson that's worrying.

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He collapsed he collapsed

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This is really disturbing.

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So bad for the one the referees.

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This does look serious.

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And we see how again, going back to how we started with Kobe Bryant. He did not think that that helicopter was going to crash. And you think you're healthy, you young I got time I'll do Hodge, I'll start praying, I'll start fasting. I'll start living Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. I'll start living and when I get older. If you're thinking this type of way, believe me, believe you, me shaytan is pimping you, he is deceiving you? Do you think all these young, strong, best trained athletes thought deaf or whatever condition reached them would just look these were some of the best trained, the most paid. These were people who had the best coaches the best

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training regimen, physical fitness optimal. And they did not expect to be playing soccer, to be playing a sport, whatever the case. And how about all these are just the people that we see. What about all those people who are not as important where the media doesn't catch this, that are just dying daily, that you won't hear about on the news. And their stories won't be told how many of those people and that can be you tomorrow today. So it's very important that we take this matter serious and the prayer to the one and only created the heavens and earth the same God that Jesus worship Moses, Abraham, the last the fundamental problem, Muhammad peace and blessings be upon them.

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This is the start this is your connection to your Creator through the prayer, no prayer. Its life like God Almighty described in the Quran. It's like the difference between the living and the dead. So you got to awaken your heart and your soul and give your soul give your heart what it needs and use that fuel. And that fuel can only come through the prayer. And that's it. That's it for now brother and sister. That's it for now. Now to get your free copy of the Quran visit the deen show calm. If you'd like more evidence

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