Yasir Qadhi – MEND the Broken BONDS between People

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet Muhammad Alcenti's enforcement of unity among the Umroom and his secret gatherings have led to the loss of peace and the need for a better society. The importance of bringing people together for a better society is emphasized, as well as the need for legality and peace. The need for everyone to be placated and not exaggerate in a situation is also emphasized. The importance of finding one's own family and friends to strengthen relationships is also emphasized.
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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are early he will be here woman who Allah Hammerberg

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one of the goals of the Sharia is to achieve unity in our ranks, to make sure that our societies are as civil and as peaceful as possible. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala has legislated the bonds of Hawa Allah subhanho wa Taala has made these bonds of the strongest of bonds. And Allah azza wa jal has legislated many things in order to facilitate unity amongst the Ummah and of the things that he has legislated, and of the aspects that he has encouraged in the Quran. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as encouraged in the Sunnah is an aspect that frankly, the majority of us do not avail ourselves to to earn Allah's rewards. And that is the concept of the Arabic word is Islam

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that's in vain. And the English translation is mending the affairs that are broken between people. This is what Islam that Taliban means that that which was connecting the people has been broken. And so a third party steps in that's me and you a third party steps in and men's the bonds and these are certain ayat and a hadith I'm going to mention them about the benefits of bending the ties. But before I even get there, a very frank question to myself and all of you hamdulillah insha Allah all of us we have prayed regularly tahajjud Quran given charity, an honest question, how many of us have actually thought about bringing two people that are no longer talking back together to be friends?

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How many of us have actively engaged in this amazing act of charity that Allah commands in the Quran and the prophets are some commands in the Hadith in the Battle of butter when the very first war booty was being distributed, and people were taking and these are human beings, even though there are some Alba certain aspects happened between them, words were said and there was anger right after the Battle of others. Subhanallah and this shows us you can have Eman you can have taqwa and still fight with your fight meaning verbally with your fellow Muslim, there was anger in the heart and Allah revealed too little and foul. The first verse, the first verse, it to Allah were asleep to

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that be nikam fear Allah azza wa jal, and men these bonds that have broken up Allah revealed on the plains of the Battle of Bursa, this idea came down and they haven't even returned back to Medina but their hearts have some you know what happens when some things are said when money is taken? The hearts have some hurt some pain, people have withdrawn from each other. And Allah revealed in the Quran. Oh you who believe fear Allah and correct these men's between you were asleep who that are in a coma and our Prophet system came out and he brought all the Sahaba back together again. And Allah says in surah Nisa, La Jolla, Rafi cathedra Minda dua, whom Ilam and Amara Bill sada cotton Omar

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roof and Osa and being a nurse, this is an amazing idea. amazing idea. The majority of secret gatherings have no good in them. The majority of times you come together and you don't want other people to know you whisper to your friend Hey, we gotta meet up at five o'clock meet majority of times there's a secret meeting. We know there's not good afoot. We know it's something evil. But Allah says three things if you do them in secret, Allah will bless you three things. If you hatch a plot, literally hatching a plot, you know what a hatching a plot is, you bring 234 people and you say, Hey, we have a plan, hey, we have to do this. Allah says the majority of that there is no good

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in it. But three things there's going to be good in it right? What are those three things is Salah cotton, oh, my roof and number three is La henbane. And NAS what does that mean? Brothers and sisters, every one of us. We know two people that used to be friends, two cousins, maybe even brother and brother, maybe even uncle and nephew. Maybe you know even husband and wife, something has happened between them. We are their relatives, we are their friends, we know them very well. Allah says and I ask you bluntly, have any of us done this? Allah says have a secret gathering call together the three four other friends call together the other family members and hatch a plot hatch

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a plot not an evil hatch a plot not for the sake of sin hatch a plot for the sake of good come together and think how can we bring these two back together again? What can we do so that inshallah we facilitate? And I'll talk a little bit about that in a few minutes as well. So Allah is telling us to have secret meetings and have plots in order to plot for the good. One of the best ways to plot for the good two friends that are no longer talking to people that used to be close. You bring them together, the extended family and friends and it must be secret right now. Hi, Rafi. Catherine, this is not something you tell the people that you're bringing together but the

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external family, the external friends you know your circle of friends, all of us have them sometimes two people they break up that circle should secretly meet secretly, you don't want to tell the other two and then you hatch the plot. And Allah says woman your file daddy, either Tehama daughter in law he for sofa note D He a Jordan now Vemma Whoever does this secret planning for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, I will give him not just an agile, a magnificent agility, a massive agile, one of the easiest ways to earn a job is to have the secret plot. When's the last time we did something like this? Our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was sending me he said, Do you want me to

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tell you something that is far better for you than your Salah and your zecca and your fasting? They said, What Oh, Messenger of Allah, what is better than Salah and zecca? What is better than these rituals, he said, is law that will been bringing two people that are fighting back together again. Why? Because your prayer and your charity, it only benefits you hamdulillah that's good. It's not bad. But when you bring other people together, it benefits society, you get peaceful societies, when you bring people together again. So that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, bringing people together is more blessing, you will get more agile than your Salah and your Zakah.

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And these personal rituals. If you sacrifice some of these things, as long as it's not too hard for the sake of that you are doing a great job. And of course one of the most interesting episodes in this regard. As we're aware when the Prophet system was in Medina, obviously, nobody led the salah other than him, obviously, who's going to lead the Salah and he's in Medina only when he left the city for a battle. Would he assign somebody and when he passed away so Saddam the week before he passed away, he assigned a boubakeur. Otherwise, no one dared stand in the middle of the process. Obviously think about it, right? No one now what happened? Sahadi tells us that the tribe around the

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masjid of Koba, they fell into some dispute we don't know the details, we don't need to know the details and physical fights broke out blood was spilt not death but blood, you know what happens to people or two groups of people fighting and weapons were drawn and stones were thrown. So there was actual blood coming from the from the two camps. So the Prophet system heard of this, he said to some of the people Come let us go to Cuba. This was after slotzo. He said to them, Come let us go to Cuba and solve their problem. No, Sneha tell bein let's bring these two, you know, within the same tribe to sub tribes, we're having a fight. Let's bring Salah between them. So he left so that's a

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booger. And so that acid comes and he hasn't come back and time is going on and on and on. And he hasn't appointed anybody. He has not appointed somebody they're expecting him back until finally they're all gathered in the masjid. The answer time is going where are you going to do mother who's gonna come and so Bilal radula who ansaid OMYA Abubaker Amin Bina Yeah, Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr stand up, and you lead us in Scilab and this shows us that the Sahaba understood that the senior amongst them was Abu Bakr to study and so Bucha grudgingly stood and this is the famous incident that when he was standing in the middle of the Salah, the prophets Assam returned and the Sahaba began like murmuring

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like you know, things have big thing happened. What do we do now to never happen before that somebody is leading and the process and and walks in and Abu Bakr would never turn around. He was a man who shortened salah, but when there's like murmuring and hustling and whatnot, he literally looked after he turned like what's going on and it's allowed in an emergency situation to look around he looked around and he saw the prophecies when he's walking and nobody's gonna let him pray in the back right every time the process in came the rose split up for him you understand obviously, right? Who is going to be any soft Allah mean you're going to open to the world come so they would

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motion to him, that's where all the noise is happening. So he turns around, he sees the Prophet system and he comes right here, and the Prophet says lead mechanic Stay where you are. I'm gonna pray behind you, right? Oh vocalist says that hamdulillah and then he steps back hamdulillah Allah gave me this honor. And then he steps back and he insists the inner Salah is not saying anything, and he insists the Prophet says, you know, come forward. When the when the prayer finished by the way, this is not exactly related. When the prayer finish the prophets Islam said Yeah, Abu Bakr, why didn't you lead I told you to lead. He said it is not allowed for the son of Abu Kochava to lead the

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Rasulullah saw some in Sudan. It's not allowed for someone like me to lead the Prophet system in Sudan. So the point being the one time that he was delayed for the Sunnah, it was more important for him to remain in Oba and to solve the problem than to come back for the right timing, which was an unprecedented affair. And that's why mama Buhari has in his book, his chapter, the chapter of the leader, taking a delegation to bring sort of between the people the leader should be in charge and throughout

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Hold the zero how many incidents we have of the prophets of cinema himself getting involved, even between two Sahaba that they're just having a dispute or having an issue multiple actually, there's at least half a dozen times that we're in one of the incidents so hypo hottie that two of the men in the masjid began raising their voice about a debt because you said, you're going to pay me this week. And the man said, Well, I don't have I'm sorry. He said, No, you promise me I need this. And he got became irritated, the voices are raised. The prophets ism is in the house of our Isha. And he hears this and he lifts up the curtain, and He motions to the one who whom the debt was oh two, he

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said, give him just give him some extra time. When he this is also like, Just give him for the sake of Allah just emotion not even saying something when the sahabi saw the process and lift the curtain. He said, Yeah, rasool Allah, the whole debt is a gift to him, call us visa vie de la, you're gonna make shefa CALL US visa vie de la, and of course, the famous incident of buddied up with her husband that she was a freed slave, they were two slaves married together. And in that society, these slaves do not have the status of other you know, others the reality of the time place, they were having a marital dispute. Now she's walking away from the marriage, and the

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marriage is going to end up the marriage is gonna finish between them. And it's a famous story of Madeira and her husband. The Prophet said it was going on for days by the way I knew he wanted to remain married and for years she had the right for divorce. So she got the divorce. So the prophets have said to buddy Rob Yeah, but era Have some pity. He's she was crying for her. He wanted to be there, have some pity and you know, come back with him. So buddy rasa, Dr. Rasool Allah, are you attack Moroni? Are you giving me a command? Or is this shefa of the one making soda? Or this is a religious commandment? Or you're just trying to, you know, make things good? He goes, No, no, this

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is not a religious command. That's not from Allah, you have to know. I'm just trying to make sort of, and so she said, la hija city, but I have no need for this map. Anyway, that's a separate point altogether. The point is the prophecies of getting involved wanting to try to bring a couple husband wife back together, bringing two Sahaba that we're fighting back together, how many times even when again, we can go on and on the point being, the concept of bringing people together is something that is fundamental to the Quran and Sunnah. It is considered to be of the greatest acts of charity. Now, final point, your final aspect, what can be done? What should be done to bring people together?

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Firstly, the Quran tells us now hi, Rafi cathedra min Najwa home. It's not just a one man show, bring 234 People who know the people that are fighting and have a secret meaning by secret we mean, those two shouldn't know about it right? And you literally discuss tactics, you literally discuss what can we do? Okay, what's the soft spot? You know, what not. And then the second point, and this is where we get very, you know, some people raise their eyebrows, our prophets have said three things are not considered lying. Three things are not considered lying. One of them is slavery, that's held vain. Okay, now, there's a lot of discussion. What does this mean, et cetera, et cetera.

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And frankly, if you ask me, and it was my humble opinion, our scholars are making that which is self evident, complicated, that which is very clear. They're making it very complicated, because everybody knows that you're not supposed to lie. Now. Now, there's a hadith that says you're allowed to lie in three things. So our scholars kind of had met some of them, they kind of had like, Well, how do we reconcile? And it's obvious, Allah says, What are your final verdict of the hot metadata law? If you do it for the sake of Allah, then even if you tell an untruth, a blatant untruth, but Allah knows your Nia, for example, for example, our squat some of our scholars have explained very

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clearly and others were awkward. Again, advanced topic here, but some scholars said, Okay, this isn't actually a lie. It's the type of DoDEA and the responses DoDEA is allowed any time. So why did the process I'm saying three things A lie is allowed. This means you can state factually something that is untrue. And the best example for this okay, brothers don't smile here. The other thing you can lie in is marriage. Right to your wife. What does this mean? Okay, Jani, your wife Michelle loves to cook some food and you say, this is the best food I have had in my entire life.

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Is that factually correct. Now, in my particular case, it will be factually correct, because my wife is the best cook. Right? So I'm just saying that for the video recording, no problem. So in my case, it's true. But in your case, let's be honest here. So my point is, this is very clear. When you look at the context, you know, you praise your wife, the wife praises the husband, Allah is not going to give you take you to jahannam for romance, you know, I'm saying this hadith is obvious that exaggeration and speaking that which is not factually disallowed, so one of the three things is what is law that tell pain. So what can this mean? So you go to one of the brothers fighting, you know, I

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was with so and so. And he reminiscent of the good old days, we're all together. Maybe he did

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It maybe it's completely no basis or maybe he reminisce 10 years ago of something and you're kind of exaggerating the point is, it's not technically the truth but your Nia is what brings it what did he really mention me? He said that then the same thing is put in the ear of the other person. That's why you need the team. That's where you need the three, four or five people to bring the narrative together. And then once that happens, the third party should facilitate a sit down like our prothesis went to Koba sit them down, what's going on, remind them what else there who that was, Allah says in the Quran, remind them to have you know, was so little higher, bringing peace is best.

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This is in the Quran, when you have a fight bringing peace is best that Allah azza wa jal says if two Muslim groups are fighting, then bring peace between them. So you remind them of the rights of Allah you ask them to forgive and then if need be, if one of them really has done volum and whatnot, then you need some apology, something you know other friends or you know what, you did something wrong, just ask for forgiveness, or if some money was involved, you know, whatever, try your best you guys know every situation best. And then obviously brothers and sisters, lots of drop lots of love and disregard. Do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And you will find that Subhan

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Allah, You know what it is. And again, this is so true brothers and sisters, that when our hearts are hurt with a friend with a relative, ego takes over, let's be honest here. Ego takes over. And in order to overcome that ego, we need to be placated. We need our egos massaged, right? And that is done by our group of friends and family. Come on, no big deal for the sake of Allah just you don't you just need that push is what I'm saying. You need that gentle push. That's where friends and family come in. And that's why Allah subhana wa Taala has made this such a core of our religion. So my humble request to all of you with this, I conclude. What we want to do, especially in our

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community here and all across the globe, we want to do is to make sure that our hearts are pure and clean. And by the way, that is why Allah has forbidden jealousy and Allah has forbidden Ziva and Allah has forbidden the meme because these are would break the ties of friendship. The number one thing that breaks the ties is something you say. And then somebody says back to you what he said so Heba and Amina, and where does libre come from? Generally from hesed so all of these things break the ties of kinship. So my humble request to all of you is to think about your own family and friends your own circle, and so you know who amongst those two are no longer close that used to be

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close and then follow this tactic and you will insha Allah to Allah be pleasantly surprised and most importantly for sofa note D he urged on now Vemma we're going to give him a massive reward May Allah subhana wa Tada keep our hearts pure and keep our hearts united for his sake was gonna love what was said on what he can what how much Allah he'll catch up.

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In La Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it. The more slowly been I was flaunting bonds he was meeting I was Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know wonderful she

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wasn't for Shireen I want to follow she I think one downside BP now one downside the party was on all me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one half of what the was that good enough?

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What's going on? Done law hula

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Java Now lean

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