Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #103 – The Story of Ibn Abbas and The Horse

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where a merchant is trying to sell a horse for a price that is too high for them. The merchant is surprised by the price and is hesitant to pay more. The speaker suggests ending the conversation and returning to a normalized situation where people are treated similarly to their brother.
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Heaven I bet he needed to buy a horse. Remember horses were like cars back then he sent a servant down into the marketplace in order to buy him a horse. The servant gets to the marketplace and he finds the perfect horse. Think about your Lamborghini, your Bugatti, your Maserati, whatever it is, this was the best horse in the whole marketplace. Okay, he starts to haggle with the merchant. He says, No, it's too expensive. Give me less, give me it for less, give me a fifth. He talks him down, talks him down, talks him down until he gets it at a good price. And we in the Muslim community know how much we appreciate a good price. Right? So he's excited, he gets the deal. He goes back to even

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at best and he says you'll never you'll never guess what I got. I got this horse is the perfect horse for the best price. Come on, let's go and take it before he changes his mind. So everything a bass goes with a servant down to the marketplace. And he asks the merchant he says, You said you're gonna sell me this horse for this price merchant says yes, I will. He said No, I'm not gonna pay that little take more. The merchant was shocked. What did you just say? Take more. He said yes. I'm not going to accept it for the price that you said, I'm going to pay you this much. And he said a price more than what they had agreed to. The merchant was surprised and he was happy. He said, okay,

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sure if and I best said no, that's not enough. I'm gonna pay you more. And he raised the price again. And the merchant said, Okay, that's fine with me. Best said no, it's not enough. I'm gonna pay you more. And he kept on haggling and reverse pushing the price up and up and up until the price was more than what the merchant originally asked for. The merchant at the end was embarrassed. He said Stop, please, please, let's just end it here. Give me that and we'll be good. And then they doubt they finished the deal. And he said they're gonna ask How could you? I've never seen anybody like you. Why would you possibly do this? This is the opposite of how people act. And even my best

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brother the Allahu Anhu. He said, I would not sell my horse for less than this price. That's an assault that's not see her that's being loyal, treating each other the way you want to be treated, not looking to cut corners and short cut and take all of what you can from your brother, and then when it's time for you to give your child to give the least amount possible.

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