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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three main reasons why he embraced Islam, including his desire to be attracted to Islamic values, his desire to use the holy Bible to describe the miracle of Islam, and his desire to empower others. He explains his journey from from his own writing to becoming a CEO and how he has since grown up in a culture of fear and fearless words. He also mentions his involvement in a research project on AI and how it has helped him develop advanced training for AI.
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My name is Hamza I was born in 1980 brought up in these estates in London Hackney growing up, I had wonderful loving parents, like with many people, I had key moments that changed my life. One of them is when I embraced Islam, and the other is when I doubted it. Yes, even I had doubts. I became Muslim here on October the fifth 2002. And there were three main reasons why I embraced Islam, one I was intellectually convinced to I was attracted to Islamic values, and three, I used to perform Salah before I became Muslim. When I became Muslim, it was such a blissful experience. However, I remember someone responding to an email of mine regarding the linguistic miracle of the Quran, but I

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had no clear response, that blissful, cloud like experience was now becoming a distant memory. As a result, my mind almost left Islam, but my heart and soul on fire, refusing to accept nothing else, apart from the truth of the day, this tug of war was ripping me apart. But it was not going to film. I remember praying to Allah and in frustration, I was asking him for conviction. How do I explain the linguistic miracle of the Quran without speaking the language.

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And that's where it all started, I acquired everything I could on the topic. I spoke to students of knowledge, a book expensive books, I visited libraries. And to my amazement, when I was researching at the British Library here, I found a rare PhD entitled towards a text linguistic definition of Quranic in imitability. I asked them for a copy, but they never got back to me. And that's when I hit a brick wall. So I decided to call talk languages and request an expert on the Quran. When I met my teacher for the first time, I explained my situation and that moment, he stands up, he walks around his table, he goes to a drawer, he picks up some papers, he walks back, and he puts them in

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front of them. And lo and behold, it was the PhD I was looking for. And what's even more amazing. He was the author, Dr. Sami Al halloweenie, from us her University. I then further develop my ideas on the topic, and I was asked to write a chapter of the book, the history of the magnificent Quran. When I wrote the chapter, the publisher said they had to be checked by scholars being relatively young with not much experience in the topic. It was totally understandable. However, during that period, the Dallas scene was quite dark. There was ego, gnostic competition, and I was thinking of the simply quitting, I was so close to decision, but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, I

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received a text message by the publishers, and they said something along the lines of the scholar said, this is one of the best things I've read in the English language. I took this as a sign to continue my journey. In 2009. I joined I era, I record visiting Chicago for a tour. And there was one brother and I don't remember his name, ripped into me. He said, Hamza, what is this? Who are you developing? What real impact are you having? All of this is just the show that really got me on. When I went back to the IRA office, I broke down crying. It was then I made a commitment that I'm going to focus on developing and empowering others. That key milestone helped me develop advanced

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training for AI era, and it became the basis of my best selling book the divine reality, God, Islam and the mirage of atheism. And the process of writing chapters 13 and 15 completely obliterated my doubts. I also completed my master's degree in philosophy and I continued postgraduate academic research at the University of London. It is without a doubt, Allah planned this journey for me. I realized that my doubts were not purely intellectual, I needed to connect and to know Allah more, I needed to empower others. A year after my book was published, I was asked to become I era CEO Alhamdulillah we increased our operational growth by over 1,000% and we delivered advanced training

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to scholars imaams and activists from all around the world with AI era support since July 2020. We have moved advanced our to Sapiens Institute. In nine months we have already trained over 6000 Muslims, publish books, written essays, produce media and video content and much more. Brothers and sisters, if this story has inspired you, then please support us in the next phase of our journey less follow the prophetic model of empowering and developing others. Start your monthly donation now, head over to Sapiens forward slash donate

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