The Purpose of Dr s Announcing of Charity and Showing Luxury

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The next question asked on the WhatsApp is, we want to know, what was your purpose of posting your photos, flying in a private jet plane? And traveling in a bullet proof camera, with so many security on the social media during your lecture tour to Nigeria in November 203?

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Is this not showing off an extravagance? We love you for your Dawa? Not for luxury and extravagance?

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This is a very important question in referring to my lecture tour, which for for two weeks, Nigeria from 29th of October to the 10th of November, it was for about two weeks. And that lecture was very successful. And I remember that a posted

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on the social media drive

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that I flew on a private jet plane from Sokoto to LOD in once, and second time from a low rain to Abuja. And when I posted this, on my social media, on the Facebook, on Instagram, etc, there were 1000s of comments. And most of them saying mashallah melasma, that award, you are doing a great word may Allah bless you, man, like if ammonia more than 99% of the comments for all positive? There was a small few comments, maybe point 00 1% of the 1000s of comments that came in number very few who did say that value posting that are flying in a private jet plane isn't an extravagance? Or what is the purpose? And that is the reason I chose this question when it made was asked that Allah says in

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the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 271. That when you give charity and you announce about the charity you have given, it is good.

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But when you let your charity reach to the poor people in secrecy, it is better. So Allah says when you give charity, you can keep it silent. Like the Hadith says, When your right hand gives the left hand should not No, it's good. But that doesn't mean announcing is not allowed.

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Depending on your purpose, if your purpose is to show off, then announcing is not good. But if your purpose is to encourage others, when you give charity. And when you announce and you encourage others, it's good. Because your main media is so that other people also join in charity, other people get hung up. So if your reason for announcing your charity is to show up that okay, I've given charity, it's not good, better if to keep quiet. But if you're announcing so more people join, so it is better to announce than to keep silent. And that the reason you may be aware that just two weeks earlier, I won the case against one of the politician, the former Deputy Chief Minister two of

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Penang, I want to hear against him many defame myriad article articles against me, and the court of Malaysia awarded me 1.5 2 million ringgit as damages. That fee will do 320,000 US Dollars equal to 2.7 Crore Indian rupees. But I did and you all gave me the money on the seventh of November. And I donated the complete amount for the punishment costs.

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The reason I announced is so that it encourages the others also, to take part that I've done another before it wasn't to show off. Similarly, now when you analyze that I did post twice, on two occasions that I traveled in a private jet plane. If you know, my talks, I always talk about simplicity, they should not be forever games, they should not be unnecessary luxury. If you talk about extra values, let me tell you, I did not pay a single penny for this private jet plane.

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The host was flying in the private jet plane, the already 13 seats. So me and my family joined them. If we wouldn't have joined them, maybe we would have to pay for the flight ticket by going by a conventional or a commercial plane. So to say that I spent extra is totally wrong. I did not spend extra I save money. So it's not extravagant at all. But why did I post it?

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If you see that always say and tell the people that secret that life should be simple. Even though we can afford a business class parent economic class and I do that. By Allah's grace, I can afford to travel in first class. But what I tell the people you travel in economic class, a business class normally is four to six times more expensive than economic class. If you turn economic class with little bit discomfort, it's not very bad.

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You can give that amount in charity and that's what I do in my full life.

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If only on one occasion, when there was an emergency, I had to be to that city. And there was no tickets available in an economy I traveled only once in my full life. In the last two years of my travel, have I paid for a business class? That's a different thing that when I'm called as a guest of the government, and they give me a ticket in business class, and first class, I've traveled a lot. I've been in private jet plane many times and I'm been number of times, not that I asked for it.

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The reason is, because today, the world has become a global village.

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And you find that there's a trend that you see in the social media, whether it be Facebook, whether it be Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, that people try and look for role models. And we find that unfortunately, most of the people that people follow their that those who are not on the straight path, whether they be rock singers, with the the actors, whether they may be dancers, whether pop singers or maybe sports men etc. So what we find that this trend is there. So the reason I did is that Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala and the posted Hamdulillah, masha Allah, that is the grace of Allah subhanho When you find that normally the things happen with those

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celebrities, you know, which people look up to. So you heard my reason mean was posting it to see that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the Yama even to his servants. So the main reason was not to show off. The main reason was to tell to the world that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala when you work in the path of Allah subhanaw taala when you strive in the path of Allah subhanaw taala when you go to spirit message, Allah not only gives you blessing in Accra, Allah gives you in this world, as Allah says in the Quran, that if you stay for this dunya Allah says in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 200. They refuse to die for the dunya Allah will give you the dunya but it will not give you a

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camera. And Allah says that if you strive for Kira, Allah gives dunya so I'm just telling the world that I'm a day I sacrificed my life Allah subhanaw taala and being Farah, but feed the goodness of Allah subhanho wa Taala see the name of Allah subhana wa Taala that inshallah inshallah Allah will give me gem to fit those inshallah we pray for that we don't know, but we pray for that. But Allah even giving me this dunya how many people in the world have told in the jetplane? Maybe point 00 1% Out of the 8 billion people that are there, the percentage that may have traveled in the jet plane is surely point 00 1% So imagine Allah, you're not doing for this. I've never ever paid only once

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for business, I've never paid for first Tada, we can afford it. I love given a Dyneema. So the reason is to show that Allah subhanho wa Taala even blesses those people who are starving the way, what we have today is that we look up to role models, and the best role model for the Muslim in Homosassa. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, Allah Salam is the best role model. And after that, the other appears the second category of role model as a whole financially, they are the second after them, Yes, Mama salasar, no one, then the other ambience, then we have the whole financially, they are the second best, then we have the Sabbath, these role models of the past, then we have role

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models of the recent past, then we have the role model which are living. So when we look up the reason that we see today is that it happened in the past. Okay, we know regarding the earlier answer, that we know that Allah gave victory to the people who are weak in the past. What about today's that happened maybe 1400 years ago, 1000 years ago, maybe 3000 years ago, talking about David and Goliath talking our battle about that. But Allah has given example, even we know about the Taliban for more than 20 years, the most richest country, the most powerful country in the world, they tried to destroy them, they spend more than a trillion dollars, but yet the Taliban were one of

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the weakest in the world. They were victorious. Here you see that it is an example that people strive in the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. We don't go for luxury. We don't but unlike.

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So the purpose of mine was just to show the new Yama that Allah has given to a person who's walking in spot. And the reason I said that we traveled in a bulletproof car. With security, we could see that there were umpteen number of security in Nigeria, not that somebody will attack me Alhamdulillah people in Nigeria love me. But this is a protocol that not only do do they give this protocols to the head of states, etc, but even to die. I remember

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When I went to Gambia, the amount of respect that the president of Gambia gave me, his main chief protocol officer said that no one, the protocol that you got, even the heads of tails don't get. I went to Indonesia. And I could see that when I landed, when I reached my hotel, after every 50 meter, there was a policeman. So from the time, my destination where I landed to my destination, that is the hotel, there were hundreds or 1000s of policemen on the street. I was shocked. Never ever have I been in such a protocol, that there are policemen every 2550 meters throughout for so many kilometres. I was shocked. So this is the love. So this is an Yama for Allah subhanaw taala

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hasn't been translated, to show to the world, that you strive in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Allah gives you honor.

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We have the celebrities, you know, these pop stars, the singers, the 1 million followers, 5 million followers, 10 million followers, 20 million followers. So Allah subhanho wa Taala also can give a die.

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millions of followers, whether it be on the Facebook, whether it be on the YouTube, so when we hear hamdulillah has I mean first there are that on my Facebook there are 23 point 7 million followers. There is no English speaker, religious speaker in the world, whether it be Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim, that Allah has given more than 23 million followers and hamdulillah it's a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala it did not to show off is to show that you strive in the way of Allah subhana wa Tala, Allah opens a pantry. So when I posted me flying a private jet plane, which a small percentage point 00 1% of the people in the world have done it, or having a bulletproof car with so

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much security. It's an honor, it's a protocol. So the reason was to show to the world that the honor that Allah gives you in this world and so it is to give an indication to the Muslims that you're striving the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala you strive for Allah will give Accra and just dunya also. So that was the only purpose that is the reason more than 99% of the comments at Masha Allah may Allah Quran Dubeau they understood the reason they may be point zero 1% of the people like the question what was the what was the purpose? They don't understand hikma of Allah subhanaw taala because I always tell and I tell that you know a person should have a low profile. And that tells

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that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed me. Allah has blessed me even in this dunya but in spite of that, we are on a low profile. And I've told that many times in my lecture that I own a Toyota Innova car. That is the Maximizer I cannot buy a more expensive car than this. Why? Because I feel above this will not be good. It's not haram. Allah has blessed me when I'm earning millions of ringgit and millions of rial every year. So easily I can afford a Mercedes or I can even afford a Rolls Royce. The amount that Allah has blessed me, but I own a Toyota Innova. That's the maximum I think above this will not be good. It's not right. But we know that we started business in Qatar

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during the World Cup. That is last year in 2022. And we started a luxury car company in Qatar for the World Cup, and it happened to be the largest luxury rental car.

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And By Allah's grace, we own 134 luxury cars. From the top models from Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Bentley, Bentley Flying Spur bendiga may back Mercedes 450. We had the Porsche Alhamdulillah that the folk business imagine the cheapest car that I had

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in my piece rent a car. That was the the cheapest car was three times more expensive than the car I own for my private use in our Toyota three times more expensive. So my so that when I went to meet my daughter together, I took the worst car that is Mercedes E Class, e 200. The cheapest car in my fleet, because hiring outside had to pay money, it was over a bit so to the cheapest car I saw to it that I travel in the lowest car. If I'm using my car, I could have traveled in the best of cars. And now I have purchased a much cheaper car so that if I travel it should be a cheaper car. But when the day comes and emitted a point that now since the World Cup is over the business is not nearly very

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lucrative, but if maintained it so that there's no profit, no loss but at the same time any day that comes to Qatar, whether it be an Arabic day or an English day, if he is a Islamic worker. These cards are complimentary.

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And many times many they have come from different parts of the world. We give them the best of cards not luxury car super luxury car. They sit in the made by the certain a Bentley imagine hiring

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In a Bentley or a May bag or Rolls Royce, for a day, it is 9000 rial that is two and a half $1,000. Of course, for a normal person this rough, it's extravagant, but there is this this, we are catering to the multimillionaires or the billionaire. So that's a niche market. But when a day comes, I give him free. For me, it's costing only a cost of the petrol. Because the car is the driver. If they if no one comes, get the car is that no cost. So for me, the cost is only for petrol, which may be 63 hours, maybe $15. So I give the best car to the day, depending upon the day. And they have noticed that most of the day they need high end luxury cars, so I want to honor them. It did not feel like

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you too extravagant. It's because you're a die, I give you free. Of course, you cannot afford to enter $1,000 a day, it's too expensive. Your aid ticket economic task will be cheaper than that from whichever part of the world to come to Qatar, it will surely be less than two and a half $1,000 for one day,

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and weather for one week we give the full so one of the reason that we have maintained this rental car in Qatar is to give fifth homage to the day. Of course traveling or using the super luxury cars, like Rolls Royce or Lamborghini Bentley, very few people have the thing but I personally don't sit in discuss the we own it.

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It's the numbering in the name of my son. It's not in my name. But I'm just giving an example we want to honor the dice. So similarly, when people who own the jet planes I remember when a person had sent a Jeep in South Africa to collect method that instead of that cost of that became huge donation, if they no no I give to celebrities, what better show up can I give them to give a dialect you in the world. So your Allah is giving his Yama. So when we have these postings besides the hundreds of other posting, this is just twice a couple of questions each time to show to the world that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is blessing a person who works in this path. If an example for the

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people that this is in Yama, Allah gives you in Accra, as well as the dunya. So this dish to show to the world, that Allah subhanaw taala takes care of you. You see to it, that you don't be extravagant yourself in your life, but Allah will yet give you luxury. So it's a blessing that my children we have traveled in various countries in the world. They have been in the best of hotels, five to six to seven times out there. They've been there at the same time that they've been to the law hotels, we have trained them that they should be really ever die, to be prepared to lead a life a simple life. That's the reason I've said many times that me personally for me and my wife, our monthly

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expenditures only $500 only $500. So that we keep our lifestyle but on for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala when we travel we feed to it that we spent in the way of Allah Samantha and Allah is giving us in Yama. So all this is has been firstly Arabic. This is because of the gift for last man or Tara. So the main purpose of putting the post whether it be the private jet planes, or the security or the bulletproof calf, is to show that Allah is blessing. His sowings hasn't been fun. And we thank Allah subhanaw taala we are doing it for the akhira but Allah gives you Accra and vinyasa. Hope this answer the question