Hadith Series – #35 – Be Conscious of Others

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that if there's ever a group of three people,

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that two of those three people shouldn't talk to each other, at the exclusion of the third.

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And then he said something amazing as to why he says because this would make the third person feel sad.

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Now, we learned from this hadith that anything that we do, that might make another person sad, we have to stay away from it.

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We have to be conscious and attentive to how other people around us are feeling on the inside.

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We don't just say whatever we want or say whatever we feel without first weighing our words.

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To try to first see what effects they're going to have.

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And when we guard other people's internal peace,

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we'll find that we actually achieve more internal peace as well.