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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the negative impact of celebrating Christmas celebrations on Muslims, particularly on Christmas celebrations. The Christmas celebrations are a busy time for many Muslims, and the Christmas celebrations are a busy time for many Muslims. The importance of setting good standards and creating trends in Christmas celebrations is emphasized, and setting good examples and creating trends in martial arts is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the influence of Islam on people's behavior and behavior, including sponsorizing a video and promoting good behavior in the sport.
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Now someone shared this with me shortly I was to Baroda did my Rosa was paddock

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What the * is this? I was Billa this video but yeah it was by Rhoda did my Rosa paddock I was a biller before brother Xact don't make a donkey

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Dong Dong the development bond Governance The mudstones as they would say Pels, nickel In German it means a furry devil.

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When they when they depicted him, they depicted him as a man with red fur. He had red fur coat, it's been going around as is that time of the year. And I was thinking about this. And I was thinking about Habib, a show on beef.

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And I was thinking about Habiba Hamza, as they're in this area as public figures who like it or not have a huge responsibility. And what we love about Habib is

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somebody I want to say something I want I want to stay humble.

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Everything God gave me how he always attributes his success and praise to the one up above God Almighty, the creator of Allah and he keeps it humble

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shark fin of the

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he talks about the one God justify wanting to sell some dilla without God who cannot do nothing. Everything is nothing you know, number one, Believe on your own God. He shares his basic knowledge no one is expecting him or you to be a scholar to convey the simple basics of the deen as the Prophet saw some has said probably Muhammad last semester sent to mankind convey for me even if it be one I could who Allah had Can you do that?

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Everything's got

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a back to the issue. We pray the best for brother hums up as we try to reach out to him and his management didn't hear back. So I want to talk about this, especially during these times by being very careful to what we call the desensitization or being desensitized to the point where everything to you becomes oh, what's the big deal? We're just having fun did madrasa was it.

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What the * is this? I was Billa let me give you an extreme example or not so extreme because it's becoming more normal normal as the day goes by. If we were to ask our brother Hamza, or somebody else, you know, because this movement is growing and growing, and we asked him in essence of hey, having fun Hey, would you wear this rainbow colored outfit? Again for fun for good times for laughs Let's switch it with Habib do it? I don't think so. What Hamza do it if he knows the roots, if he knows the roots and what it stands for, and what it promotes? Probably emphatically he would not that's just one example just like he's against drugs and other things that his Deen His way of life

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Islam prohibits. That's why he refused to go on the mike tyson podcast. That is nice to see but sure Mike Tyson look it out to be

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left out. Mike tear sandwich down search it on your Porsche number Cordula number show guy by its first fan origin No, it's not what your students will choose. That was the right

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Tomasi tablet, Kito marijuana Toamasina, mantoni, masoumeh and banana mostly only up now back to our brother Habib, do you think I'll be compromised in this area? Think about it. This area to promote or imitate a pagan festival? Let me know in the comments below. But honestly, I don't think comes out would either if he had this knowledge beforehand, and if he had someone who had his best interest in mind, not just for the dunya but also for the ACA for the hereafter. So inshallah after he watches this and our brothers and sisters in Russia and Uzbekistan, and some we have some very passionate brothers all over the area of the world, especially in catching brothers and sisters who

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love the deen who are passionate about the deen by sharing the deen you know, once they go ahead and get a hold it as and they share it with him because these are people who are upon the Quran and the Sunnah. And they would not also approve of this celebrating or being a part of imitating any type of pagan festivals because these are people also were on the pure monotheism to Tawheed and they love their Deen so inshallah God willing after Hamza and others who've been thrown into this public arena, and they have the public eye and they have a huge responsibility. They don't want to end up trying to ingratiate themselves with fans, trying to win fans over at the expense of doing things

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that are displeasing

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to God Almighty Allah and inshallah after he grows we grow all of us because we're all works in progress become grows to become better, as we all should us including myself, because I'm not better than any one of you guys. I'm just trying to do my small part. So just a few things I want to share and remind the people with that's number one, that these things they go against these festivals, pagan festivals, they go against the essence of Tawheed that pure monotheism that every messenger that God Almighty Allah sent, brought and taught, it goes against this just look at the Quran for example, chapter 112 of the Quran SUTA class all along.

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Summon lemmya Li dollar mula wala Milko lo Khufu.

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So it's a major crime. In front of the last month allah God Almighty, the creator is a major crime to imitate to congratulate Mary shidduch to participate. And remember that the Prophet saw some remember this, you can repeat it in Dagestani and Russian and Chechnya and whatever the case, in your language the Prophet saw some had said, look, look, he said, It is a very important Hadith. Whoever imitates a people is one of them. This is an Abu Dawood so, there's also the Hadith of the lizard how masala Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that in the future Muslims will follow the steps of the Jewish and Christians even if they enter the lease out whore, the Muslims will follow it. So

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had already warned us that we will not follow the Jewish or Christians customs. So celebrate Christmas is not good for Muslims. The whole of return is too small. But if they went into a lizard hole, you're going to go follow them into a lizard hole. You don't want to end up be a sycophant. You don't want to just again trying to ingratiate trying to please the people and then at the expense of displeasing Allah. You know, Hadith of the Prophet saw some said, Look, if whoever works to please the people at the expense of displeasing Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will end up having the DIS people displeased with them and Allah will be displeased

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with them at the end. But whatever works to please Allah, at the expense of displeasing the people at the end of the day alone will be pleased with him and he'll make the people at the end be pleased with them just take hubby for example, who didn't bend on his principles and humbly Larabee datamine who attributed all success to God Almighty Allah and Allah Swanton was honored him 100 I hear a lot of me now in this time of the year you have a perfect example or other times like for instance Hamza or anybody else if if your appears or someone asks you about Ramadan Ramadan femoris Jack Yeah

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stop me

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when come Ramadan, this is everything. I don't think about five because I believe one God is my religion. Religion for me. Number one sport was not number one did you? Did you?

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Was it hard?

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was a tough first one for 30 days. Yeah, take that time, like during Ramadan, or this time of the year to go ahead and remind them that we believe in Jesus, we love Jesus. You can't be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus, the Messiah, born of a virgin miraculously did many miracles by the permission of God Almighty Allah. We love him as a mighty messenger, who never ever claimed to be a God, a literal Son of God was never part of a trinity. But he prayed to God, he ate food he slept he worship the one God and he called people to worship God Almighty Allah never himself and his companions. They never took him as divine as a partner next to God, and never did he or his

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companions, or the early church or the early Christians celebrate this type of pagan these types of pagan festivals. In actuality the Christian church band is the Church of England, they prohibited this festival all the way up until 1647. The because this they knew this had historical roots connected to paganism, specifically this Saturnalia, you know, this celebrating the pagan gods gods. And then when you get into St. Nicholas, when you go deeper, and you look into the history of the men and the what's commonly known today as they have Santa Claus parades and St. Nicholas is outside, and he's in the streets and everybody's talking about St. Nicholas, and the poor children

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are taught that St. Nicholas is going to come down your chimney. Most people don't have chimneys in Miami anyway. But a 350 pound man is going to come down your chimney and the father, the poor father who sweat and toiled all year to get you the presence gets no credit for the present given to the child. Saint Nicholas comes down the chimney gives you this present flies off into the night.

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And many of us were raised, thinking believing in this. Some of us would sneak into the night and look and see our father putting the president of the tree. We knew what he was doing anyway.

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But you went along with it and the people say, Well, you know, it's Christmas. Don't you like to have fun? You want to stop the children from having fun? What kind of people are you? But what is the what are you teaching the children? You are using the name of Jesus using the name of Isa Alayhis Salam, and you are using a figure who historically is the devil.

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The devil himself well, he other biller ended up hijacking the name of Jesus to push this pagan rooted Festival, which again, many Christians do not celebrate. And so you do not celebrate Christmas because they say December 25 is really a pagan holiday. While I agree that Jesus may not have been born on December 25, he certainly was born as described in the Bible. How do I respond to them? Well, it says tell him that right that has nothing to do with a real Jesus and his figure, St. Nicholas, when you was the modern a Santa Claus, who is historically rooted as the devil devil himself, well, he our Biller,

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they are using his figure, and he has now taken over the Christmas season. Christmas now to most people means materialism, you have to buy presents for your cousins and your friends and you got to buy about 34 presence. And you find that most American people are in debt for six months after Christmas.

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Now where is Jesus, you get drunk, you fight. You lose all your money, the stores raise their prices. Let's also look at what some of our brothers in humanity are saying the Christians. I quit Christmas this year, it has been the best thing that I've ever done, and my soul feels so much better. Another Christian comments growing up in a strict Christian family. I never celebrated Christmas my whole life. We were always made fun of by other Christian denominations, but we never stopped at is clearly said in the Bible, not to idol worship God. These festivals are created by the namesake Christians who just want to design and celebration as per their own wishes. Amy Lynn says

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I'm a Christian and I stopped celebrating Christmas around 10 years ago, the whole Santa thing. And the lies turned me off, never realized there are others like me, I actually don't celebrate any holidays. Here's John Paul Thomas is another Christian who talks about I quit celebrating Christmas for the first time this year. I'm 33 years old, I try to explain to my family and friends that Christmas is not Christian. But they all look at me like I'm nuts. However, it's good to know that there are still some true Christians out there who take biblical scriptures seriously. So this Christian here is talking about, you know, the ones who really look into the Bible who take the

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scripture there seriously, they'll see this whole thing with the trees and all these other festivals that are these practices are incorporated with today's Christmas. These all have roots back in paganism. And that's why it was outlawed by the church by the Christian authority all the way up until 1647. So again, you have a lot of Christians who went into and did some basic research, and they came to the same conclusion. I wanted to find out the truth about Christmas. So I started doing my own research, and I was shocked at what I found out.

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After doing just a little bit of research like looking at an encyclopedia, I quickly found out that nearly everything about Christmas comes from pagan traditions, the tree the holly, mistletoe, Tencel, lights, gifts, caroling, and Santa Claus. And many other popular Christmas traditions all find the roots in paganism. I was so disgusted at the pagan origins of some of our traditions, that I began to weep and repent for my involvement in those things. I felt so deceived. And what made it worse is that the lies came from people I trusted, like my family, friends and pastor. So the question is, why would any Muslim want to because a Muslim is one who submits his will to the crater

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to heavens and earth and he's until he does on a pure monotheism. Why would he want to dress up like this? Why would a Muslim want to dress up and imitate when a prophet says some said the one imitated people? A will be one of them, you'll be with those who you love. So it's very important. It goes back to some basics. It goes back to knowledge, we have to be well grounded in a neat Deen. So if you're someone who's a martial artist, a fighter, you're well grounded in takedowns, a double leg single leg. You have to know certain principles of the martial art you have to know how to throw a jab across if you're going to be mixed martial arts. If you don't know these things than what I

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mean. And you get knocked out whose fault was it? You didn't prepare? You didn't get knowledge. What about your deen tomorrow? It's not enough to remain ignorant and then go out in public space. And then what youngsters oldsters people see you and unfortunately people are looking to people such as yourself and others who are up there because

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They're seeing them pray. They're seeing them raise their hands into ah and next thing you know, they end up doing certain things and the credulous naive folk, the young ones they end up what because we're creatures of imitation they want to follow somebody so now why not have them follow you in the good rather than slipping up making these blunders and inshallah you never do that again. I was a biller. So my brothers and sisters it's extremely important that we set good examples good trends, we want to be grounded in our deen. So when I asked you, Habib

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I want to say something I want I want to stay humble. hamdulillah everything God gave me

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lightweight champion of the world

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first of all, I want to say a humbler. Without God, we cannot do nothing. Everything is nothing you know, number one, Believe on your own god versus hums.

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Kill everybody else stay here. It's my home.

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has some great qualities. Inshallah. He can learn a lot from Habib, who's also been through this arena. He's been on the spotlight on the big platform. And we're not talking about an endorsing the whole fight game and whatnot. These are people who already been committed here. You know, you have a hard time talking him out of it, and getting out of this. But at the end of the day now, they've been put in a position. They have a big influence, a big reach and a big responsibility. And it's not enough like when the billionaire was asked by the shake, he said, What are you doing for the dean for Islam? What are you doing? He says, he says, What are you doing for Allah? He said, Why go

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to Hajj every year? You know, I go to Morocco. Hola. Hola. Hola. He said, That's for you. The prayers for you the high just for you. What are you doing for the deen? That's the ultimate question. I mean, if you look at the Quran and the Sunnah look, the Prophet saw some said If you love me if you love my sunnah you love me. And those who love me will be with me and Jenna, what's his sunnah? What's his way? That's the thing. What's his way? If you open up chapter 12 of the Quran, God Almighty Allah is saying, look that the Prophet SAW I'm saying he's saying, cool had he severely. Allah say, This is my way. I invite Allah Look at this. I invite God to Allah to the

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Creator. I'm clear evidence. Look, that's his way. Although he last Avila bakeable Hekmati. In chapter 16, of the Quran, God Almighty Allah is saying, Look, invite all to the way of Allah, with wisdom and beautiful preaching. It's our way. The way of the Prophet saw some the way of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, they had the best jobs, they were conveying the message, they were conveying the message, they were conveying the purpose of life to the people. So when you have this big platform, it's not enough to be like, Look, I go to Hajj I go to I pray, look, what are you doing now for Allah? What are you doing for this? Deen, you've been given this star studded platform. You've been

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given this opportunity with all the lights on you, just by the few words that Kobe was. I'm a witness to that I've interviewed someone from the Mexican cartel. He's watching Habib, and he's saying one God, and he's saying he's being humble. He's not, you know, blasting his chest pointing up above. Look, these things have an impact on people. The same way we get out there and what we say how we act if we're acting in a proper way with good o'clock good manners, good character, that again, that's that's going to have an impact, but at the same time, who's your sponsor? You know, it's interesting, a lot of the people will get out there to throw the Nike on and the other

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sponsorships out there. And they don't go ahead and check in Oh, Nike, and then you do some research and you see all the Uber forced labor that's going on in there to slave labor, but you were the Nike for the money for the money. That's your sponsor, right? So you for a few T shirts, right? You so you go ahead and promote it. What about the dean? Allah is the ultimate sponsor, he's the one who give you your health, your eyes, your ears, everything you wouldn't be able to fight an account, you wouldn't be able to be where you're at without the blessings of Allah. So when Allah subhanaw taala talks about to the prophets or some said look, when the one who mentions Allah, in a gathering,

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Allah mentions him in a better gathering. So when you're out there, let your behavior be the best. be grounded in the deen take some time instead of the music blocks box in the car when you're working out, put the headphones on. If everybody else is listening to it, you don't have to put a good lecture on put there's so many videos out there that you can be watching their educational kits, you're so well rounded a dean will love

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He not a second goes by that you have the intention to get closer to know your deen more because through knowing your D know you're going to know your creator and the more you know him know you're going to love him and then you're going to want to do what he wants you to do. And then you're going to be so excited about your deen, you're not going to no one's going to have to tell you you have to share it. It's incumbent on you to share you're going to want to share it because you share those things that you love and you want the best for humanity. That's why you're going to share the deen with humanity. But if you don't, if you're not grounded in your deen is going through the rituals,

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emotions. It's like a there's no fuel in the car. It's just rituals. These are just movements. And again brother this is with love with passion for the deen with love for our brothers and sisters for hubby comes out all these brothers are no better than them and I just want the best for them. I want the best for all of mankind. So inshallah this helps. You know from the lay men to them that inshallah we can make better decisions, we can take some advice first for myself that we're always looking to improve ourselves to grow to become better examples. So we can go ahead and live this Deen better and we can communicate the message better. And inshallah we can leave a legacy a true

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legacy behind because at the end of the day, all those UFC belts and titles and championships none of that stuff at the end is worthless is garbage. You know, but if we're able to inspire people, if we were to make some positive changes in this world, we're able to enhance our lives and other people's lives. And we're able to deliver this message and people are able to benefit from them, and they're able to extract all the solutions that it has for mankind in it.

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Then Insha Allah, we had done our small part and another surprise you can guys can go ahead and get the free copy of the Quran call us one 800 662 Islam, one 806 62475 to if you want to know what inspires Habib, what inspires other Muslims to be people who are on the pure monotheism, people who are trying to be good neighbors, who are trying to be good human beings who are trying to live a morally upright life. Get with us and we can get you a copy of it. If you want to know the purpose of life. You wanna call us one 806 62475 to call us, and we'll see you next time again, like the video support us on our Patreon page. Continue to tune in every week to the deen show. Please be

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with us Salaam Alaikum.

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