Al WAHN – The sickness of the Ummah

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The man being addressed is a man who is screaming and calling the Arabs and Muslims about their whereabouts. He is branded as Islam and "branded as a B Mom." The importance of protecting and celebrating the medallia of Islam is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's words and actions. The speakers emphasize the need to be firm in praying and receive guidance on how to pray.

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Salam aleikum, WA blamer cattle, my brothers and sisters in Islam, everyone else, anyone with a heart one cannot really help himself or herself from looking at images that have been emerging from the internet nowadays as a result of the latest atrocities that has been going on for 75 years now in the Blissett, land of Palestine. And one of those videos that I've seen yesterday is the little boy who was shouting and screaming and calling the Arabs calling the Muslims and saying where are you? What have you been doing? And subhanAllah he's words, looking looking at him. And I think he's, he's no older than maybe 10 or 12 years old. And because he lost his sister, he lost his beloved

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sister in the in the process, and he was screaming to the top of his lungs, where are you? Where are the Arabs? Where are the Muslims? 1.7 billion Muslims around the world and he's screaming, where are you? What have you been doing? In fact, in Egypt, the borders with Gaza are locked so it's not only the Israeli government that's blocking the access of anything and everything from reaching Gaza, but even the Egyptians, even the so called Muslims from Egypt, the government blocking also that site don't provide aid and anyone who try or think he will be put also on trials may Allah Subhana Allah protect the soil and that reminds me of the following Hadith the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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mentioned you should call OMO and tada they come come at a Dalek Allah to Allah Casati that people will assume God are against you with someone one another against you just like how we invite people to eat a specific dish of food for call or call a woman kiloton nanometers. So someone asked the Prophet Muhammad wa salam, and is this because we will be too little during that time will be too little in number in that time. So the Prophet SAW Selim responded call bell and Tomiyama even Kathy you know, on the country on that day, you will be multitude you will be a lot 1.7 billion Muslims, well that cannot come with their own co authors say but at that time, you will be like just the

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scum, the rubbish of the sea, the form of the sea that is easily washed away, easily pushed away and Allah subhanaw taala will take away the fear will take away the respect from the hearts of your enemies for you. So Allah subhanaw taala will take that fear that that respect for you as Muslims as believers as a result of you being just big in numbers but doing nothing Subhanallah honorable katabi Allah Allah when he received the keys to the Kaaba, he went with his feet as narrated his his feet and legs up to the knees were full of mud as he was entering the city of Jerusalem to receive the keys and 30 or over 30 bishops were waiting for me I mean the leader of the believers so all by

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the Aveda ninja Rouhani Allah Anwar la came to him and told me you're going to meet those people those dignitaries like this So Omar macabre the hola Anwar Don mentioned he said Yeah, about obey the oboe obey the national common zone Allah who will Islam we are people who were respected, dignified and honored through Islam for any bitcoin allies that are Bihari. And if we were to desire, any honor and dignity through any other means other than Islam, other learn Allah, Allah will humiliate us, Allah will disgrace us and then he said, These people are respecting us for our values and principles for our Islam, not for our clothes and garments. Allahu Akbar, this is Islam.

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So the prophets are Sam said that the people will lose respect for you that's why they will gather against you because you became weak because the only thing that makes us strong is Islam is our faith, our Eman while I Aqua defend Allah who feel polu become Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will throw will casting your hearts and one and the as the Prophet SAW Selim, What is Allah you say hope boo dunya or camera here to melt you will be loving this dunya so much that dunya will be your gen basically, you will care more for the dunya than the ACO and you would hate to meet Allah subhanaw taala you you'd hate death you hate problems and crisis and consequences and losing positions

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because of saying and standing firm for the truth standing firm for justice as Allah subhanaw taala commanded us in the Quran, my brothers and sisters in Islam, it's an invitation to everyone to stand strong and tall. We are the winning party we are having the upper hand as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the Quran Violetta. He knew, well, that doesn't want to Malala enquanto Momineen Don't ever fear don't ever grieve don't ever be sad, because few people felt as shahada as martyrs were untouchable Allah you will always have the upper hand in contempt, meaning that there is a condition show me your Eman. Show me your image show me your faith in content. If you were a truly believers,

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if you truly believe in what Allah subhanaw taala promised in the Quran that we will have the winning hand in sha Allah, Allah but we have to get together may Allah Subhana Allah grant us the courage

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to speak the truth despite any negative or positive consequences doesn't matter. Join me my brothers and sisters in Islam, raise your hands and let us make a sincere dua for our brothers and sisters in Islam in Palestine Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah hum in earnest Oh can be a smell it can Hausner was vertical Allah, Oh Allah, we call upon you through your most beautiful imperfect names and attributes and most exalted of characteristics that you have described to yourself. Allahu makuleke When in a few Philistine now none one or zero? Will Allah be there for our brothers and sisters in Palestine as a supporter and the ultimate aid? Allahu makuleke Whannell more Albertina

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Filmfestival Oxo Hatfield on wa Fado. Will Allah be there for our brothers and sisters who are trying to protect and must do the oxygen the officer must be there for them as the ultimate protector yarrambat Halloween Allahumma fernridge Carbone for Allah. Release relief and ease the worries and anxiety Allahu mon Sol Humala do we do one? Oh Allah granddam victory over the dead enemies and yours Allahumma fiskardo Bahang Oh ALLAH relieved them from any distress any fear? Allah Medallia Jo home Ya Allah, O Allah cure and heal those who are wounded in the process. Allahumma if he MOBA Turner whom God Allah heal them from any

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affliction from any calamities Yeah, Allah Allahu Maha melta Whom October Mark Bell whom for shahada Euro Allah mean your Allah have mercy upon those who passed away in the process and accept them as martyrs for your sake Allahu miam on talking yards or bark or Allah the ultimate Avenger your Allah the Almighty or they can be mandala Maholm your Allah taken action against those who have wronged them and stolen the lands yeah Allah Allahu Malaika be I do we can Why do y'all Allah be there and take an action against your enemies and their enemies? Yeah, kawaii yah Aziz. Oh Allah, the Almighty or Allah, the Most Powerful Yamuna Zilla Kitab O Allah, the One who revealed the book the Quran,

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where module is the hub or the one who controls and move the clouds. What has huzzah via Allah? Ya Allah the one who defeated the factions in the enemies of your deen Allahu Matsu is one and a few Faustina Allah grant victory victory to our brothers and sisters in Palestine along mesin Dania Allah defeat the enemies of your religion, they are how you are Yom Yeah, ya Allah the Ever Living Allah them and message you the lochsa either Muslimeen or Allah return al Masjid lochsa to the Muslims your Allah return and Masjid Laakso to the Muslim Allah Mahara and misogyny locks on an ad to all ha Sabina Allah free and Masjid lots of from the hands of usurpers and oppressors, Ya Allah

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Allahu masukkan as for that and for the Masjid lochsa problem Maratea Allah provide us and help us to pray in and mazindol OXA before we pass away from this dunya your Allah grant us entry to the message of the Lotsof through the permission of the Palestinians, the traditional and original owners of this blessed land, and never to enter with the permission of the enemies and oppressors. Amin, Amin, amin or SallAllahu wasallam or radical sad

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while early he was so happy here to remain, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh