Miswak during Fasting Hours – Ramadan Q and A

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The conversation is about the use of miswak during the day and whether or not they will be detected. The speakers discuss the issue of bad breath and how it can affect one's health. They also mention the use of toothpaste and suggest avoiding it.

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One person is asking if it's okay to use miswak during the day especially if you're working with people is there a sister who's a midwife and she's in close proximity I would definitely say that there is no problem with that okay using brush whatever with yeah I mentioned that the profit amount of money I said or one of the companions said I have seen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam using miswak a number of times when he was okay trusting some scholars said that it is not it is disliked to use it after noon time, but there is no authentic proof for that especially even if we say that okay, this opinion is that if you are working okay with people and they are going to maybe detect your

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breath Yeah, then definitely brothers and sisters and and sometimes I myself become annoyed when I sit next to someone who has not cleaned his mouth yeah. And if he tends to be Muslim and just because he's fasting then Brothers Sisters, we need to you know, look at the hygiene of our you know, mouths during the month of Ramadan. And as we are talking about this, see, normally as the dentist I'm not the dentist okay, but I have had so many problems in my teeth so I had some experience okay, but normally dentists say that if you have this bad breath, you have either gum disease or other problems. Yeah. So before the beginning of Ramadan No, I don't know when you can do

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it because Ramadan is either Sunday or Monday.

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Tried to do it okay trying to do it to fix your gum problems. And as I am saying this, the person or the people who clean their mouths regularly during before the month of Ramadan during the entire year, year is very likely to have that very bad breath. Okay, during the month of Ramadan, if they have it, it will be mild and it will be controlled. Circular hashing, we have a dentist who wrote an article in central and SQL it's one of the most popular articles this time is how to beat bad breath during normal Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a good article on Shabbat. However, some people commented saying that isn't the breath of someone fasting beloved to Allah the smell of that breath.

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So why would you want to get rid of that? Because it is beloved to Allah not to human beings. But if you're if you're getting rid of that smell, somebody might say and we don't you know that smell is

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is it the physical smell that we see that and we see that it is

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not pleasant? Is that the smell? What is meant in this hadith? Yeah, or not? Okay. Because you know, in the eyes of Allah, Allah Allah Allah things are different. Yeah, so we don't know. Yeah, we you know, in general, that the prophets Allah Allah, Allah is and as news to observe a lot of see work. Yeah, and generally speaking, if you read the Hadith that talks about how frequent the Prophet SAW Selim used to clean his mouth, yeah, when he enters his house he is you used to clean his mouth before. Before going to bed he used to clean his mouth whenever he walks up. Even in the middle of the night he used to clean his mouth. He said Gibreel commanded me to clean my mouth, okay, to brush

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my teeth. Had he to another I was afraid that my teeth will fall down because you know, of the cleanliness that I was commanded to, to do. Again, using brush. Okay, toothbrush, use it, there is no problem. I strongly advise that you avoid using toothpaste. Yeah, during the month of Ramadan. Why? Because it's very likely that you will have some of the toothpaste in your saliva you might want it is very likely that you will swallow it or you will keep spitting, which is not a decent thing to do, yet. Okay, so avoid that. Yeah, with tooth paste. Now some people say we can't No you can. Yeah, you can. It's a matter of habit. Yeah, clean you're

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in fact some people I don't know where I don't want to get into that is conspiracy or not that using toothpaste UK is good for cleaning your teeth or not. Some people say no, don't use toothpaste. Or some people say that use them occasionally. Don't use them frequently. Use sometimes use your tool. The reason why it would be if it were to go in you get swallowed. Yes. Yes, yeah.