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In this video, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the biography of Suhayl Ibn Amr and his family.

He was the Khatib or orator and one of the leaders of Makkah at the time of the advent of Islam. His two famous sons with regards to Islam are – Abdullah Ibn Suhayl and Abu Jandal Ibn Suhayl. As we shall learn, we gather his role in the refusal of protection of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ on his return from Ta’if. He was also instrumental in concluding the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and we shall see the incidents that transpired during these events. He set the condition for the treaty to be signed from the Muslims as Muhammad ibn Abdullah as opposed to the Prophet Muhammad, which was outright rejection of the Prophethood.

He died of the Amawas plague in the 18th year of the Hijra.


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Ma Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was such a big Marina Mubarak. So we are winding down in sha Allah, I hope to finish up the rest of the Sahaba that we will be doing within four or five weeks and then after the break, we'll start off with the Omaha team winning the mothers of the believers in sha Allah to Allah. And then that will take us basically in sha Allah to the end to Charlotte, the finale inshallah to Allah.

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I'm always having issues every week, which Sahabi to do. Why because now we're getting to the Sahaba, who don't have detailed biographies? And if we wanted to spend the next 510 years doing one paragraph of some of the so how would we could do that because now we're coming to so many of the Sahaba that are not, we only have tidbits about them, and there's useful information as well about them. So what I've decided to do is really to choose those that we have some more information about or some stories that are very, very interesting about them. And today inshallah tada I wanted to do a Sahabi, who has a lot of interesting tidbits and anecdotes, and he is one of the

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enemies of early Islam, and then he becomes one of the Sahaba. And there are a few of them, who basically I call them the noble enemies, there are a few of the Sahaba I call them the noble enemies that at one point in their lives, they were noble enemies, ie, even though they oppose Islam, the way that they opposed it by and large, they did not stoop to the level of Abuja, he did not stoop to the level of unwitting Cuba and others of their character, they opposed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from some level of sincerity not based on arrogance. And this is another difference that a Buddha had, for example, he knew Islam was true at some level, and yet he opposed it. But by and

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large, there was a group who they didn't really believe that Islam was true, they believe that their religion was true, and they oppose the Prophet system quote unquote, sincerely. And one of the examples that we're going to do today inshallah, I will do another example, if not next week, the week after that, but one of the examples is that of Sohail Eben ama, so he gave an AMA and so he did an AMA is one of those characters that Subhanallah you see snips, snippets of him throughout the Sierra, and it is a loss of blessing if he were to be taken at any time earlier, he would be a person of jahannam but Allah azzawajal had a plan for him and Allah subhana wa tada wanted him to

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play a role and he played a very interesting role, as we shall see today inshallah Allahu taala. So hey, an AMA mm hmm the humble said, I heard a mama Shafi say. Sohail was a praiseworthy Muslim from the moment he embraced Islam. I found this quote interesting that Imam Ahmed, who was a student of human Mushaf theory, they are commenting on this Sahabi and he is not one of the famous Sahaba is one of the lesser Sahaba and Imam Shafi commented Sohail ever since he embraced Islam, he was praiseworthy, he did a very good job from the moment that he converted. So who is this so hated by Rama? And what can we benefit from him? So hey, was from one of the distant tribes of the Ubuntu

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Hashem, if you remember the kurush. Now, how many tribes have even I don't know off the top of my head, but around at least 20 to 25 tribes within the origin of Mecca. So around 20 tribes within the sub tribes of the origin, and obviously the bundle Hashim and the bundle mock zoom, these are the two main ones right? And the few called the bundle oma, you can say these three. So the bundle of zoom is Abu Jamal, the bundle omiya is Abu sufian, right? And then the bundle Hashem is our promises. And these three are the central tribes, the big ones, the ones that carry the weight, far, far away. You have so many other tribes, one of them that we really haven't discussed because it's

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so far away, but they are from the people of Mecca. And they are from the kurush is the tribe of suhaila been ama was one of the sub tribes of suaeda been ama, and it is called the tribe of Bananarama even Louie and Louie this Louis is the eighth grandfather of the Prophet system. So him and the prophets have some they convene after eight generations, so that's a pretty distant time away eight generations they convene together. So hey, Liberty armor. When Islam came, we don't know exactly how old he was, but we can assume we can assume he was slightly older or a decade older than the processor. Why? Because he had already established his seniority. He's already in the counselor.

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Elders the MP, the senator has already somebody who is represented in the najwa Council. So he's a senior member of the overall delegations of the kurush. And he was given a title, even pre Islam. He was called the Habib of the orange, whatever, whatever he doesn't mean he's giving the Friday hobas. hottie here means he is the orator. So he is not a poet. He is an orator. He can give a whole tuba IE, he can move you with his speech, he knows how to give a speech that's going to mesmerize you. So he was known as the most eloquent of the chorus, the heartbeat of the parish, and from the Sierra. And from the books of the city, we learned that he had at least four children, two sons and two

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daughters are mentioned. And at least three brothers. And we know this because his three brothers, all of them were from the earliest batch of converts, unlike him, he did not convert till the very end. And his three brothers actually converted even before at least two of them to convert it even before the outcome had opened. So there are the first 40 converts the very earliest batches, and their names were Soleil and saccharin and how to have an AMA so you have so a live animal. So let's walk around and help him and these three are of the earliest of batches, and all of them or maybe two of them. And again, all three of them. We don't know anything about other than a brief mention

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here and there. They migrated to avicennia. And they came back and they migrated to Medina, and they participated in bedded and yet for some reason we don't have many stories about these three brothers, but the the family their their family basically converted other than sohei inhibin Hummer. Now one of his brothers was second on. Second Ron's wife was so that Binti Zuma, who is our mother, so they've been through Zuma soccer, Ron's wife was soda, and they migrated to our senior he passed away an IV senior and then so the becomes a widow. And after the death of Khadija, for by one year or some say two years, most of the will get to that one year inshallah we'll get to that story.

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After the death of Khadija for one year, the process was not

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single was not married. And then

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Howard, I suggested to him, why don't you marry? So he said, Who do you have in mind? So she said, I have in mind a widowed lady and a young lady, unmarried lady as for the widow, it is soda. And as for the young lady, it is our issue. And so I was too young to actually marry. So that was happened in in, in Medina. But so that was the mother that he married our mother that he married and this soda was essentially the sister in law of soil of Anambra. Okay. And the soda was at that time, obviously the sister in law and

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the person who gave so that away the the the Wali of soda, because again, the Muslim community was small was another brother of Sohail. And so the brother of his wife basically the his her brother in law, and that is how to sew how tip and soccer on both migrated to avicennia soccer and dies how to becomes the Wali because it's his brother's wife. So he's the one who gave so the in marriage to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. All of this is happening from the family of Suhail, indirectly obviously so Hales brothers, along with these three brothers. So Haley had two sons and two daughters, the two sons, the eldest one is Abdullah bin Sohail, and the second son is abou gender

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Eben Sohail, and both of them play a prominent role in the Sierra. As for Abdullah ibn Sohail he converted along with his uncle. So it's interesting to note look at how many converts from that family and he migrated to avicennia, along with his uncles, when they returned from avicennia Sohail imprisoned his son Abdullah. So Abdullah becomes a prisoner because he converted to Islam. And Sohail commanded that his servants his slaves, basically torture his son of the law to renounce Islam. So he was locked in the house. He was chained in the house, and then he was tortured. So Sohail is indicating the anger it's clearly something that is definitely not commendable that he's

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done, but he is torturing his children, his son in order to renounce the faith. Abdullah eventually outwardly renounces. And he pretends to come back to shirk. Okay, but it's pretending his father thinks he's back. But as we know, there's a concession given and he takes this concession. And so he returns back to practice and basically leaving outwardly the practicing of Islam. And

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so sohei therefore believes that his sons are now

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both of them are non Muslims. His other son abou agenda at some point in time converts, we do not know when but this

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As a secret conversion. So clearly, the elder brother is giving that out to the younger brother, eventually, the younger one also converts, but souhei does not know. So hey, they've been ama his name comes up many times in this era, and of the prominent times that shows you who he is, and shows you his status is when the Prophet sallallaahu Why do you send them return from thought if and by the way, his name does not come up under any persecution of any other person other than his children. That was not good, he persecuted his children. Yet at the same time, an excuse can be found that this is his children, and he is very hurt that they are leaving his faith, and he wants

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to protect his faith. So the authority of the Father over the son is not like the authority of two people in the city. So so he did not persecute anybody else. And in fact, he never participated from what we what we can tell in any type of mocking of the Muslims in any type of derogatory comments against the Muslims. And as I said, that's why we call him a noble enemy, so is an enemy where you see a sense of nobility, he's not stooping to the level of Abu jihad. So the next time his name comes up, is in the story of thought if when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam comes back from law, if, and if you remember, at that time, a bill Barr live had already passed away. Abu lahab had taken

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over the charge of the bundle Hashem and Abu lahab. Initially, he had a soft spot at this time, if you remember. And he said, Because Abu Talib had given him to take care of, you know, your nephew, you're in charge of him. Now he is our tribe, our blood, our kinsmen. So for a few weeks or days, Abu lahab agreed to allow the process of to continue like his older brother had done. But then an incident happened and will have immediately returned back to his old self and said, I have nothing to do with you. You're cut off now from the brainwashing. So the profitsystem is now left without a sponsor, as we know. And that is why he went to five remember the whole story. That's why he went

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live. Now that he comes back from bio after what happened happened. Bilal said, How will you enter mK criado pseudo law? How will you enter MCC now we don't have the permission. You know, the visa as I say that I want to give this year you don't have the stamp to get in now. You don't have the protection. And this meant if I would have had taken away the protection. What this means is that if anybody harms the Profit System, there's nobody that's going to do anything now. The Quraysh have now wash their hands, right? There's no again Law and Order was based upon tribe. And I will I have had taken away that privilege. So the prophets have said to be lol, Allah subhana wa tada will make

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a way out for us. And he sent Bilaal to us even sure I, one of the leaders of MCC at the time, and an alumnus gave an excuse and he said I am a hay leaf and the leaf flower jar. So the hell leaf means Allah has basically said I'm not a pure quraishi Okay, basically, you can say, so the system of jaha Leah was the system of jelly or was that anybody have the senior members of the kurush can or of any tribe can give protection can grant the visa, okay. And this is a matter of culture and custom who is a senior member they know amongst themselves. And the profitsystem knew that anonymous is not a quarter sheet, but anonymous was a nobleman of his tribe. And if anonymous wanted to he

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could have given protection from his tribe, but he gave an excuse he goes Look, I'm not a quarter sheet. You know, I'm a leaf You know, I'm basically because I have a green card. Okay? I mean, I'm just giving equivalent, so I can't give you a green card. Okay, so in those days you had to have the status to basically give the status he did have the status but not from the college so he found a way out to say call us I'm not gonna give you anything okay. Then the second person the process of sent belong to was so hated and

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so moving down now So hey, now so Haley is a crochet so he is a parachute by blood go back seven generations and they meet but so Hey, now the fact that the process of them sends blood to Suhail indicates what

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some mobility what else status of course that he's giving the protection what else

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strong enough to protect status but there's you're getting there's something else. Haha. The fact did the process of send something to Abu lahab No, he knows I will. Abuja How did he send the messenger widget? No. Why did he send a messenger or Bella Why did he send them to Sohail because there is a little bit of friendliness, a little bit of You know what, maybe it maybe so here will help them

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Now that I need his help, right, this is what I'm trying to get at here that's so high. And the process of there is already a little bit of like, he feels confident enough. Okay? Let me try so hey, okay. And so he was pure karoshi. He wasn't the first choice. He was the second. And so he politely said, No. And what was his excuse? Again, he had to give an excuse. And again, the fact that he gave an excuse, even if it's a weak one, giving an excuse is better than

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rejecting and mocking. Right? And if somebody comes in asks you for money as a lefty, I really wish I could help you. But right now is just about time. You know, you give an excuse, rather than saying, hey, whatever, you know, big difference between the two. Right? So so he gave an excuse, what was his excuse? He said, I am from the bundle, Ahmed. And you are from the blue cab? The two brothers. Yeah, the cabin royal. And we'll be right, the process of this cabin Louie. And he is Ahmed Louie. So the two brothers seven generations back, and he goes It is well known that the Bank of America cannot protect the blue cap.

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Okay, meaning that we are not as superior to you guys. Like he's basically saying we are inferior, and your tribe status is higher. So I really don't have the authority. Even though again, he did if he wanted to write again, he did, but it's just a matter of weaseling your way out okay. So so he also says no, and then who did the process of sent village to who remembers

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motoring urban ID the noblest of all of the far the noblest of all over the Kufa multilumen ID. And if I were to give any lecture about a non Sahabi, I would give about 10. But I have given a lecture and other seminars and other places about multivitamin ID and I've called it a legacy of a cafe this online Actually, I went over the story of multivitamin ID in detail. And it's a very, very interesting story. multivitamin, it was the third choice, and he's the one hit the jackpot. multichem was the nobelist of the kuffaar at that time, and he's the one who personally went and protected the Profit System, armed himself and his own children, his own sons, and he guarded the

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processing with his own body and his children's bodies. And that's a very big deal. And He then said, I have given protection. And I will johal was shocked. And Abuja has said, Are you a follower of his? Or is he a protected protectorate of you? In other words, are you a Muslim? Or are you just acting like a tribal leader? And here is of course, the beauty if he had said I'm a Muslim and he wasn't a Muslim Lady cafard then a Buddha would not have accepted. It goes No, I am just giving him my protection. So he said, okay, in that case, we have to give protection to those who need protection. And that was the protection of the process and lived with for the next year and a half

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until the migration occurred to Medina. Okay, so that was a bad idea, but the fact that suicide was a second choice is what we're interested here.

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The next reference of suela is the Battle of weather. And so Hale goes with his son Abdullah to the Battle of butter, and along with Abdullah is Abdullah's Hanif, the one that we just mentioned the giving the visa. So Abdullah had given a visa to somebody. And his name was sided Nicola and Abdullah slave and his name was Romania. So Abdullah and three people there three people with him. And when they camp before the Battle of butter, and the two armies are facing one another, so he wakes up to discover all three of the people with him in the tent have disappeared.

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Okay, so Abdullah, and his best friend and his slave, have done what

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defected to the right side. They have disappeared and defected to the right side. And this indicates so many things. Abdullah clearly even though the books don't mention this, but we interpret he must have been active in giving that was secretly and he was successful, that he has converted three people and they're all migrating to Medina tumor to the Battle of beddit. Basically, and fighting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this Abdullah Abdullah ibn Sohail he participated in all of the battles, including the Arabia Treaty, which we're going to come to and the conquest of Makkah and he eventually dies. A Shahid and Abdullah is one of the very few people I I want to say

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there's at least two more but don't quote me on that very few to two people. And he's one of them, who are counted as bedri Sahaba even though they left MCC and not Medina.

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Okay, bedri Sahaba are the highest level of Sahaba after the 10. If you remember, we did all of this many times after the 10. The highest level is both the Sahaba and

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All of the batteries have are based in Medina. There's two maybe three but two, who are actually from Makkah, and there are battery Sahaba

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and number one on the list is Abdullah bin, so he he left MK in the army of the koresh and yet he has a battery because he defected the night before. Okay, of course this was planned he didn't convert the night before he had never returned to cover obviously you never know who's gonna return to cover. So he is considered to be of the bedroom even though he left muck along with the koresh and in the bottle of butter as you know 70 of the kurush die and 70 are taken hostage or captured. And so hey, even armor was the one who captured was was captured amongst the 70 prisoners. So So hade was of those who was captured, and one of the unsought Malik Ebner dosham was the one who

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captured him. And Molly Cuban adoption was so happy that he captured souhei that he composed poetry, and it is recorded and even his Sham, and the first line of it, the translation of it is, I have captured Sohail, and I have no need of any other prisoner in the world besides Him. In other words, now that I captured soil, I am the happiest person in the world, this one prisoner does the job of the whole world for me. So again, this demonstrates the status so hate that Malik was so ecstatic to have captured just so hated. So he also was one of those who saw the angels at better. And this indicates something because the angels do not show themselves unless Allah wants them to show

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themselves to those whom he chooses. So not everybody saw the angels, by the way, not everybody saw the angels and better. And so hey, it was one of those who saw the angels. And so he said that I saw in the Battle of better men in white robes riding black and white horses. So horses that were pure black with streaks of white, and in mid air hovering, and they were with banners, and they were fighting and taking prisoners. So so he saw the angels and the Battle of better when he was captured as a prisoner, and would have been a hot Bob requested that his mouth be mutilated. Why? Because Sohail was the most eloquent, and he was, at that time active in basically, he was one of those who

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was preaching in the Battle of butter, you know, like when you're doing your pep talks of the you know, when you're inciting the army, you know, the the the the generals, they do that, right? So So hey, it was one of those who's with his eloquence he is helping them. And remember, Bill Hobbs said, Dr. rasulillah, let me take his teeth out, so that he will never feel free to use his tongue against us. Okay. They say that so he'll had type of Lisp or something. So if the teeth were removed, then he would not be able to speak something like this to do that. Because you would say why would the teeth affect the speech, but to hate had some type of issue where the teeth was needed for him to

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speak? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I will not mutilate him.

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For if I do a law might mutilate me even if I am a prophet.

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Meaning mutilation is how long in Islam. And if you mutilate then you will be punished. And he's saying, if I do it, even if I'm a prophet, it will be done back to me. So I forbid mutilation. And our process of forbade mutilation as you notice how I'm in the *ty to do that. And then he said, leave his teeth or role model, la la la, perhaps some day, his speech will make you happy. Okay, this is a prediction. Let him perhaps one day, you were irritated at his speech one day, you will be happy at his speech, and we will see when that will happen. So

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one of his tribesmen came from Makkah to ransom him off. His name was mikulas. And they negotiated the price and Macross did not have the full amount with him. So instead of going back, makara said, Keep me and let Suhail go free. And I will be your hostage until Sohail sends the remainder of the money back here. And so that's exactly what his capture did that the capture then took makaras as the hostage. And so he went back to the origin, and then sent the remainder of the money and mikolas then versified I mortgaged myself, even though money is easier for me, that Sohail who is the best of us can go back to our sons, and so that we may fulfill our hopes through him his poetry, I'm just

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translating to English, that I could have given money. And I could have, but I wanted the dignity and the honor of substituting for Sohail, so a non Muslim makaras is saying, it's my honor, that I am the one who is now

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being put as the hostage in place of. So hey, and I want to hate to go back and cheer our tribe up. So again, this demonstrates the status of Sohail that he was so much respected by the Corporation. And

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our gender, of course, it's still in my kind of wider agenda not participate in by that I have not found out from the books of Sierra, why was our general not had better? I do not think it was because he was too young. But that is a possibility. It's a possibility that our agenda might have been 1314, or something we don't know. But because we don't know, the ages are not mentioned. Again, these are those Sahaba we don't have dates of death of birth of any of them, just so Hale and his two sons, we don't know when they were born, it is a possibility that our gender was maybe 13 years old or something such that one day be a happens. So now he is balanced. And it is a possibility that

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was a legitimate excuse, and I will gender is not participating. Our gender was not that better. His older brother Abdullah was in better. Okay, so

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the next incident that is mentioned, we fast forward. And that is the Treaty of today B. So for four years, so his name is simply not mentioned. And therefore it appears that he did not participate in or heard, and he did not participate in any other major incident, it appears that he's now you know, living his own life. Again, he's not one of the worst enemies, he did things that were definitely very bad how we're going to come to some of them, but he's not one of the worst enemies of Islam at this time. And the next major incident that

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it plays played is that to the Treaty of how they be, and of course, is one of my favorite incidents. I've talked about this setting and four or five lessons we did. I'll just quickly mention some of the main stories from that treaty.

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The Treaty of Arabia, of course, take place in which year guys everybody should know. This is basic stuff which year? No, that's MK conquest of mK

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64 debut sixth of the Hydra, eight is conquest of Mecca. So the sixth year of the Hydra is one, her debut takes place. And if you remember, the whole

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conundrum of her debut was that the prophets SM had never gone back to MK as a pilgrim.

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And the laws of Morocco are very clear from the time of Ibrahim, no one is denied access to the atom, even if we are at war with them. And that is why in the month of how dumb, right I showed him in the months of how long the four months, right? In those four months, even the enemies of the kurush can come and do a camera or do hedge, right. That's the whole point of the shadow economy. By the way, that's one of the main points. And this was in the days of Jerry Lee. So the Profit System has never taken advantage of this. And this is the first time that he's going to test the waters. And so in the sixth year of the digital 1400 of the Sahaba. they abandon their armor and they do not

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have their fighting weaponry that they would typically have. And they march in haraam with their animals of heady and again, this is a big risk, but Allah had shown that is going to happen. And so they went on this way. And the kurush completely panic, they had no idea what to do because obviously now what do we do? Well, it is a very big problem for them. And they sent a force to stop the Profit System, the process have heard about that and he waylaid them and he basically camped at who they be, which is right outside of the city of Makkah. And if you go to, if you go these days to her they be it's like a 20 minute drive, you know, and you knew literally if you're going to Medina,

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there'll be a sign that says, Abia exit, and if you go there 10 minutes you'll get there. So it's a very short distance outside. That's where the Prophet says that I'm camped. So the he camped over there. And this was when the kurush sent multiple.

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emissaries right, multiple envoys, one after the other, even his Sham mentions three or four and some books of Sierra mentioned six or seven came one after the other one after the other, and each one ended up in failure. Every one of them ended in failure. And the stalemate becomes longer and earth minded but I found is delayed and the Treaty of red one or the battered one takes place. All of this is taking place until finally the orange decide we now need to send the negotiator and who do they choose so hated banana. So again, we get to now the status of hate. When all of the other emissaries fail one after the other, they need to choose an eloquent leader whom they trust to

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safeguard the interests of the kurush and so they send so hate Eben amo and they say whatever conditions you give him, the one condition that must be there is what is the one condition of what I said

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nothing this year.

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Next year you can come this year.

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You are not allowed to come so that the Arabs not say that the Muslims were able to come in. We have the upper hand. That's the one condition we have the rest up to you, we can give you some leeway. Okay, that was the one condition. And so this is when sohei came as the appointed emissary. And when the profitsystem saw Suhail, he cheered up. And this is another sign as well of the status of suede. He was happy and optimistic. And he derived a positive Omen from the name so aid and he said, other Suhail that Sohail has come set holiday komamura calm your affairs have now been made easy, because Suhail means the easy one, the gentle one, and sahal is easy. Sohail is the gentle one, the easy

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one. So he derived a positive Omen from the name of Sohail that this is the easy one. Now your match will become easy for you. And so So hey, they've been amber came, and this was when

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they finally agreed and so hey, and and the profitsystem called I live near Vitaly, and he said, okay, write down what we have agreed. So after obviously making this very short, because I went over this in a lot of detail in the car, you can look it up, and the verbal agreements that they had done between the processor and Sohail, now they're going to write them down. And this was one idea of nebuta that was taken as described. And the President said write down Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And so he said, No, I don't know this phrase. rather write it the way we used to write did this make a law home? So the President said okay, fine, write this mikkola home. Then he said write down this

00:31:38--> 00:32:20

is what Mohammed Rasulullah has agreed with suhaila been amor. And so he said that if I thought you were a solo law, I would not be fighting you now or I will not be stopping you now. Okay. Delete this sort of pseudo law. And this is one of course, the famous thing that it and the process, they both said, No, I mean, sorry. It said, I'm not going to delete it. And so the process of himself, erased it and he said, I am a pseudo law, even if you say even if you refuse to acknowledge it. So this is what Muhammad Abdullah. So Selim agreed to with Sohail, Eben amor, so his name is in the Treaty of de Bie. So his name is a treaty of are they be and they and they write down, that we shall

00:32:20--> 00:33:08

agree to stop any fighting between us for 10 years. And for 10 years, they shall be peace and security between us. And then the conditions go on and on. And then they get to that famous phrase where whoever, where whoever wants to enter into a peace treaty with the Muslims can do so. And whoever wants to enter into a priest peace treaty with the Quraysh they can do so. When they had right when they were writing this phrase down. That was when the famous incident took place of Abu Jen than the other son of Sohail and the brother of Abdullah. Now, somehow there's one of those weird scenes really bizarre scenes. Abdullah even Sohail is in the delegation of Muslims, so Hale is

00:33:08--> 00:33:56

the emissary. And now with gender. The other son comes from the from Mecca. What a bizarre story right? One son on this side, one son coming from that side. And the one person who is the emissary, he is the, you know, the father of the both of them. And Abu jandal had been chained up and been deprived of food and water, and been beaten by the slaves again, the same thing that he had done with his older brother. Now, when Abu jandal heard that the Muslims are in her they be, he managed to take off the chains from the wall, but his hands were still in the chains. His hands were still in the chains. And he came to the Muslim camp as his own father Sohail and ironically, he would not

00:33:56--> 00:34:39

have known that the horatia have chosen so this is all from Alaska, right. And imagine again, Allah other that the every book of Syrah says the same thing that as soon as they finished writing this phrase, right, that was one of the agenda appears from the horizon. I mean, if this is not a lot other than what is right, this, the setup is divine. You cannot create this scenario it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Abu jandal, sees the Muslims and then even a sham has a really moving paragraph. It's actually very, very painful. They've been a sham goes into a tangent here and he says that the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam their spirits were high. They

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

believed in the dream of the Prophet salallahu idea. He was setting them and they were certain that they would be doing so off that year. So their spirits were very high. But now when they realize that they're going to be going back, what happens? The whole mood has been there, there's there's depression, there's sadness

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

There's what not, and this was almost about to destroy them. And then at that point in time, they saw a blue agenda, the son of Sohail with the wounds and the blood and the chains coming in, like the melodramatic scenario is unbelievable that they're already hurt, and they're in grief and they're in anger, and they're in shock. And now to make matters worse, abou agenda is I can't see the icing on the cake is the opposite right is the camel that are the straw that's breaking the camel's back. And when Sohail saw his son coming, he stood up and smacked him across the face,

00:35:45--> 00:35:54

his own son and held on to his chains, because the change was still there. And he said, Oh, Mohammed,

00:35:56--> 00:36:26

this incident or this, this closer here, this is going to be the first, you know, exception here now or the first you know, person that is going to be applied to that. No one from the aurash is going to migrate to Medina. And if any from Medina come to Makkah, then they are welcome. Now, this clause was invented off of thin air, because of Abuja.

00:36:27--> 00:36:29

See this is all from Alaska.

00:36:31--> 00:37:07

This clause was not in the treaty, it would not have been in the treaty has nothing. They didn't it wasn't mentioned. But now that Sohail sees his son, he's already lost one son, all of his brothers are already over there. This is his last son now. And he is going to die before he lets that son go. Right. So he says, add that to the, to the treaty. And the process that we have not agreed to this. That's not a part of what we had spoken about. But see, and this is Alaska, that again, had it been any other person.

00:37:08--> 00:37:16

Neither would have caused an issue, right? nor would it have been put in the treaty, no big deal, like, okay, but it's his son, and it's his last son.

00:37:17--> 00:37:22

And so Hale threatened to revoke the whole treaty, unless this clause is added.

00:37:24--> 00:37:55

And the Prophet system went back and forth, back and forth. Okay, we will have the clause but give this one to me. But see, that's the one that helped gender. So hell would never allow, right. And some scholars mentioned that never did the Prophet system go back and forth. I don't want to use the word begging, because it's not appropriate. But never did he plead so earnestly, as much as he did for this one person. But who is he pleading with the father of the person?

00:37:56--> 00:38:05

Right, what's going to happen here, impasse is not going to happen. And so the profitsystem felt there is nothing for him to do other than to agree.

00:38:06--> 00:38:08

And this was one of Omar rhodiola. One.

00:38:10--> 00:38:18

That's the whole story there. That was just too much to bear. too much to bear. You know what happened with Dylan? There's one of those awkward things again, yeah, nice.

00:38:19--> 00:39:02

Nice weather in the Seattle, we mentioned it, no need to mention all of it over here. But again, the emotional like the the whole story is just so emotionally charged at this point in time. And amado de la Hwan, after he did what he did, then he stands up. And he walks towards a blue agenda. Like literally while the treaty is still being going on. And he says to Abu jandal, the patient or agenda these people anyway, their wish recon, and their blood is not worth the blood of acled, what's the big deal? Right? And he points to his sword, because the more Adam is allowed a traveler sword, they had two types of swords, the fighting sort of the traveler story, the traveler sword is to protect

00:39:02--> 00:39:46

yourself against animals or something like this. And he points to his sword with endurance like using, and if you want, you can take it because he don't want doesn't want to hand it to him, right? So he points to his sword, meaning take the sword and be done with it, you know that I can't do it, but you can do it here. But his father then pulled him back. And then there was no I mean, we do not know if he would have even done it or not, but basically, that did not happen. And so, because of this, of course, agenda was returned back to Makkah. And as he's being returned, agenda, shouts out to the Muslims. And he says that, will you return me back to Cofer, and you see what they have done

00:39:46--> 00:39:47

to me.

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

And the thought of the torture, we're clear on his body. I mean, it's such an emotional moment here. Right and it's his own father, dragging the chains back and the profits of the law

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

While he was setting him said, Allah will make a way out for you. And what else can I do? Allah will make a way out for you. And this really obviously hurt the Muslims psychologically. And the Battle of the Treaty of Arabia is definitely one of the most

00:40:15--> 00:40:46

interesting incidents of the Sierra that especially in our times, we need to think about over and over again, because of all of the benefits. Of course, what happened after that, as you know, briefly to get back to Sohail, but what happened after that this clause was necessary, because there were too many Muslims in Makkah, that were secret hidden Muslims. And what happened was the famous story of another person who agendas friend a boo boo.

00:40:47--> 00:41:15

Okay, we generally had a friend who will see it, and they will see it escaped from his chains and migrated to Medina after they be here. Okay. And the prophets are seldom said or will proceed, you know, you know, the treaty we did overseas, and I am aware you are a pseudo law, but you didn't, I'm just here. I mean, I came of my own, you didn't call me. So he allowed you to remain. But then two delegates came from the kurush. And they said, the treaty,

00:41:16--> 00:41:22

we will see it is here. And it's our treaty that we have to take him back. So our boss here said jasola law.

00:41:23--> 00:42:10

You didn't call me he's like literally begging and it's very painful. Again, you didn't call me? I just came? Do you expect me to go back to the Quraysh now, and the profitsystem said that overseer, Allah will make a way out for you. But we have a treaty, and we do not betray our treaties. We do not betray our treaties, other which is betrayal, Hannah is not allowed. And so and he said, I'll make a way out for you. And so we'll we'll see it, then he was forced to go back. He was and again, we'll like imagine the amount of these people imagine their email. We will see it Abu jandal the prophecies of himself says go back. What what a test of faith that is right. And they have to

00:42:10--> 00:42:52

really, so overseer then goes back, manages to escape and kill one of the slaves as you know. And he runs back to Medina again. And he says Yasuda, you sent to me with them. Now I escaped now. Can I stay now? I mean, twice, he's asking twice, can you imagine? And the Prophet system said he, because the other man came running back and saying that, you know, obviously to kill my companion, you agreed to send him back. Now the process I did not agree to escort abou Basia. That's not my responsibility. That's your responsibility, right? My responsibility is like he cannot live here. But I don't have to put him in chains and add them to you. I'm not your policeman. Basically. That's

00:42:52--> 00:42:57

what he's saying. And so he's he said to oversee what to power and he is a famous phrase

00:42:58--> 00:42:59


00:43:00--> 00:43:03

Michelle had been waiting on me He

00:43:05--> 00:43:13

must have been a low, low, kinda low con and every job that it basically translates as

00:43:14--> 00:44:04

your mother would be proud of the army you can raise. If you had an army to raise if you had people to help you write any basically you would be a mighty warrior. If you had people around you, or you would cause a great amount of, you know, pain or victory or whatnot, if you had a helper, meaning I cannot help you, that's an indirect way of saying I cannot help you. So overseer got the point. And he then fled Medina on his own, to go find refuge in an oasis outside of Makkah, and the new spread that Abu Basir is in that oasis. And so, Abu jandal escaped again, and teamed up with his friend we will see, and one by one, all of them must have I seen all of the secret Muslims 70 in number, they

00:44:04--> 00:44:50

fled, but they cannot go to Medina. So they went to that oasis. And that Oasis became the refuge Center, where the 70 would then harass the kurush attack their caravans, until finally, Abu sufian himself sent a message to the Prophet system, please for the love of God take the 70 and put them back in Medina see that needed to happen? Or else those 70 would not have gotten permission to get to Medina that the whole other of Allah approval see agenda, excuse me, the whole Abu agenda issue was meant to save those 17 because if that hadn't happened, then Abu sufian would never have said please just take them otherwise they would not have had that way out. And so as Allah other works in

00:44:50--> 00:45:00

his in his ways beyond our knowledge, so the point is that this is the story of of Abia and illustrata revealed in the Koran a verse that in his house says

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

is a reference to suhaila number. Allah says in the Quran Surah Al Fatiha Allah says

00:45:05--> 00:45:52

it Jalaluddin, a couple of your colluvial Hemi yetta hematol giulietti. Recall when the people of Cofer their hearts were filled with the homea and homea is basically there's no one English word for it. But it basically means a pride of Jay Haley. This lyrical idea. It's basically our version of extreme nationalism or fascism or pride in one's ancestors. Right? I am this and you're that this is me. It's a type of bigoted partisanship is a type of of backwardness racism is a type of Haemophilia, okay, or being proud of one's ancestors homies. And so Allah says, Remember when those people, some of them their hearts were filled with Tamiya, like the homies of Jay Haley, in his

00:45:52--> 00:46:26

house had this ayah was revealed for sohei live an AMA when he refused to write Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And he wrote this Mikela home because what's wrong with this minimum, and he could have done that. But it's just a matter of my people and your people, and my faith and your faith. So look, this is an ayah revealed against Suhail, but Allah scudded is that eventually so he will convert to Islam. And two years later in the conquest of Makkah, there have been reports that when the prophets of the law why you sent him

00:46:27--> 00:46:58

was entering Mecca, he said, for are the people I consider them to be free of schilke for are the people I'm hopeful for them before entering Makkah, a Taliban Hussein, Jubail urban motoring, the center Motovun articulated multi Hakeem in his arm, we have not done heck give him his arm, we will do his amisha we have not done him, right. We have not done him anybody remember? Because even I'm forgetting when we've done Can you believe that? I'm forgetting myself, I don't think we wouldn't have given his um, it's a very interesting Sahabi. And he's also

00:47:00--> 00:47:15

the only Sahabi to have been born inside of the cabinet authentically was born inside the cabinet, the only human being the only human being to be born inside the cab in the history of the cab. No other person is born inside the cab and many other things about Hakeem in his arm

00:47:17--> 00:47:41

and hugging him in his arm. He said and so the third is taken in his and then the final one is so hated. But number four are the people I'm hopeful for. Okay, and the fourth one. So hey, I've been humbled and this is again a great honor for so hit of an hour. And the army marches in, as you know. And the process of divided the group into three he was in the middle and high to the middle, he was leading on the right flank, and

00:47:43--> 00:48:29

there was a left flank as well. And hotly debated while he was the only flank. To catch some battle, some minor skirmishes took place, some of the final chieftains of the race refused to give up so easily. And amongst them were Abu sufian and suhaila been amor, they were of the very few who actually gathered together a group and fought with swords. When maca was being conquered, some blood was shed, maybe five people's lives were lost very few. It's a very minor thing. And the end of the to conquer Mecca. And a handful of people lost really is a peaceful conquering. But there was one skirmish, just one skirmish, and who's leading that skirmish, Abu sufian. And so he did an hour. And

00:48:29--> 00:48:36

this again, the reason being is very obvious here. They are the leaders. And the leader does not surrender

00:48:37--> 00:49:22

the leader, it's a matter of ego and pride for your own leadership. Like you have to just die if you are going to die like you go ahead and die, right. So I was to find inside of an AMA they gathered whatever they could. And they were the only group to physically fight against the Muslims in the conquest of Makkah, and particularly dealt them a very severe blow. A few of their party members were killed. And when they realized that all hope is lost, they then fled for their lives. And so hey, returned back to his house and sent a message to his son Abdullah to come immediately, Abdullah Muslim. So Abdullah, somehow the message gets to him, and he comes. And so he then says, finally he

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

agrees to surrender. And he says, Can you go and seek protection for me by name, because he is not a regular quarter sheet. He is of the elite. So he says to his son, go to the Prophet system, and see if you can get protection for me. So he's now he's agreed after the battle is lost. Now he's agreed to basically surrender not to accept Islam, to surrender if my life is protected. And so Abdullah goes to the Prophet system and gets a exception, as you know when the conquest took place, six

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

For the people who are not forgiven, and even of those six, three were forgiven. So only three people were actually executed at the conquest of Makkah, everybody was forgiven. And so so he was also forgiven by name. And that was when the Prophet system then called all of the chorus in front of the cabinet. As you know, this was the famous incident where, before the select the lower basically, as the sun is coming up, and all of the footage gathered in front of the cabinet. And this was when the processor stood in on the door of the cabin. He said that, what do you presume I should do with you? What do you think I should do with you? Right? And there was dead silence, who's

00:50:43--> 00:51:35

going to speak what's going to be said, until finally suhaila been stood up. And again, this demonstrates many things, his nobility, and his intelligence, and even his confidence in himself to be the one who stands up at this time. When everybody is quiet, even Abu sufian didn't say anything. Nothing. dead silence. It is so Hale who stands up. And he gives that eloquent response and again, shows you his the whole team. That's why he's the hub of the coverage, that eloquent response, we think good. And we say, good. You are a horn Kareem Abdul Karim. So one phrase, but it's powerful. What do you think I'm going to do to you? Silence. So hey, stands up after a while, we think you're

00:51:35--> 00:52:12

going to do good. And we say you're going to do good. You are an own Kareem, and you are the son of an alcoholic and him your father. We knew him your grandfather, we knew you're one of us. Of course, you're going to do good to us. And what a powerful, brave thing to say. And, of course, he was correct in that, that's when the processor said it will find two loci that the thematic monomial for Lola can, you know go for you're all free, I'm not going to harm you, I'm not going to enslave you, I'm not going to kill you, your lives, your properties, all of this is yours, nothing will happen to you, you are free. And that's why that batch is called Total QA. And that is the lowest batch of

00:52:12--> 00:52:27

Sahaba the highest batch or the 10, then the but the real and then then then then, and the lowest batch of the Sahaba are the Muslims to Fatima or the total QA. The very last batch that accepted and this is the batch of soil.

00:52:28--> 00:52:45

This is the batch of souhaite. And so he just gets that honor of being also hobby. But from that batch of Toluca, he is definitely of the highest why we will come to now. So it was at this point in time when Sohail

00:52:46--> 00:52:54

perhaps grudgingly we don't know. Definitely Abu sufian grudgingly accepted Islam Definitely. Definitely.

00:52:56--> 00:53:29

So many of the other leaders have the courage and how can we when asked the father of marijuana grudgingly accepted Islam right the bundle Amaya. So the bundle masoom chieftains who maiya chieftains very grudgingly they are not really into it right now. So hey, we don't know did he do it grudgingly or willingly at this point? In time, we do not know. But within a few weeks, the conquest of her name takes place. And what happened after her name? Who remembers her name? What was the famous thing of her name? After her name? What happened?

00:53:33--> 00:54:19

The amount of booty and her name was more than any other battle. Right? It was it was in surmountable. uncountable wealth was Allah bless the process of right after the conquest of Mecca with the equivalent of like a billion dollars, let's say, I mean, just an inconceivable amount for our times and even for that time, and with that amount of wealth and the conquest of Makkah is fresh, like literally a few weeks. These are brand new. So the profits of the law, why you sell them made a small list of people, instantaneous multimillionaires, instantaneously, a small list they were made multi millionaires.

00:54:21--> 00:54:22

Number one amongst them is Abu Sofia.

00:54:24--> 00:54:46

We're going to come to those who has a biography. That's a very interesting biography to number one, Abu sufian By the way, while we also got 100 Campbell's 100 Campbell's is like a multimillionaire. And he remember our process of did not even have a camel until the hospital. Having a camel was basically the beginning of upper middle class.

00:54:47--> 00:55:00

This is the beginning of upper middle class, middle and lower middle, you don't even have a camel, you're in the city, you're not going anywhere. You're fine. You're living that way. So he didn't even have a camel until the hedgerow when he purchased it with his

00:55:00--> 00:55:14

As you know, to get 100 camels, this is literally as if somebody writing you a check for like, I don't know $5 million, something like this an amount that is just, this is a you are now in the top 1%.

00:55:15--> 00:56:02

And to get that instantaneously, literally, and only a small group, by the way, this was not given to a free every quarter he obviously obviously, it's given to a handful 567 people, and of them is so hate even ama, he gets the 100 camel, there were many who got five camels 10, sheep's, the whole long list is there. But the 100 camel is the highest category. And in that category, you have Abu sufian and Malia and so hated by Ahmed and a few other people like him and his animals, one of the few people who have 100 camels. And this was when more and more demand is coming in. Now, I've spoken about this many times in the past, the issue of incentivizing conversion, the issue of giving

00:56:02--> 00:56:04

all of this money or wealth or power or prestige,

00:56:05--> 00:56:25

and wanting them to convert to Islam. And I have said that some of us might find this problematic. But the psychology the paradigm is very different and very simple. And there's nothing problematic about it whatsoever. Nothing problematic whatsoever. The fact of the matter is, we need to begin with the premise that Islam is true.

00:56:27--> 00:56:31

If it is true, then you want people to embrace it,

00:56:32--> 00:57:00

by whatever means is legitimate. The example I can give is that suppose somebody is sick, and he does not want to take the medicine. Okay, in fact, maybe they don't even know they're sick. And they don't want to take the medicine. Whatever incentive you give to get the medicine into their body. It's all permissible, once they recognize the power of the medicine, they will appreciate it.

00:57:01--> 00:57:42

But if you have to bribe if you have to, you know, whatever is legitimate because there's no trickery allowed, okay? But when I say bribed, I don't mean bribe, like to get somebody out of their house, by bribe, I mean, incentivize gift as a better word. Okay? Whatever mechanism you need to use to push somebody to take that medicine, as long as it's legit, and there's no trickery. We're not concerned with that. Why? Because once they taste the medicine, and the sickness begins to be cured, they themselves will appreciate the power of the medicine. And that's why so many times the issue of jizya, for example, right? And the issue of the slave who's a non Muslim converting to Islam, for

00:57:42--> 00:58:19

the sake of being free. All of these are incentives that Shetty has 101 perks for non Muslims to embrace Islam, when you're living in a land of Islam, so many things that are meant to be conducive to embrace Islam. And this is politically, you know, incorrect. Like, why would they do that? Do you think they need to be bribed? No, it's not a matter of bribery in a negative way. It's a matter of, they don't even know what they're missing. If they can just taste it. That's all they need to do, they'll appreciate it. And this is what happened with Wade had been, and the others at the time as well. That many amongst them that bribery or that incentivizing it proved to them that Islam is

00:58:19--> 00:58:58

true, as one of the chieftains or lochmaben habits as he went back. And he said to his people, oh, my people, embrace Islam, for what law he no king of this world can be as generous as what a prophet has just been, like he recognized. This is not the generosity of a king, to give 100 accurate I got 100 camels as well, to get 100 camels in one go, literally stroke of a pen, and you take all of this, this isn't the Kings don't do that. This is not somebody who wants to wealth for himself. This must be a prophet, can you believe the generosity convinced the Koran that those who deserve so that's all they needed Solo Solo. So for soufiane I mean, it's for so head and others, all of this

00:58:58--> 00:59:24

is now basically incentivizing this. And so Hale decided to remain in Makkah, he did not migrate to Medina, remember, after the conquest, there was no migration. There, migration is not obligatory, you don't have to migrate to Medina. So so he loved his city, and he remained in Makkah, for the next two years. And it was at that point in time when the news of the death of the Prophet sallallahu, I said them, reach them in Makkah. And

00:59:25--> 00:59:28

some of those who had grudgingly converted.

00:59:29--> 01:00:00

Talk began to now go back to the old days. These are the protocol right there in mind is weak, many of them because again, there must have been at least 1000 people who converted of mcca the remember the remnants of MK are not converting, and not all of them have embraced Islam, from the faith from a man. And so talk begins to go back, murmuring resentment, and the crowds began to gather at the Kaaba. And we all know the confusion.

01:00:00--> 01:00:05

And the chaos that's taking place in Medina right now. We all know the state of shock there in in Medina.

01:00:06--> 01:00:12

But Medina has abubaker and Romana northman and Allie Medina has beloved Medina has all of our mothers. Medina has Medina

01:00:13--> 01:00:24

who does maka have no one to that stature, no one. On top of that. maca has a lot of these Tanaka who want to go back to status school.

01:00:25--> 01:01:11

And that talk and murmur begins to grow until finally, the governor or tabibian Hussein whom the process met appointed as the governor. So this was the governor of NACA, appointed by the profitsystem lortab himself, started fearing for his life, I'm going to be killed, these people are going to kill me. And he disappeared and went into hiding, because he felt his own life was in danger, because of all of the growing discontent of going back to the good old days or whatever, you know. And it was at that point in time, when the prediction of the Profit System to robot is going to come true. Leave him for perhaps he will say something one day that will make you happy.

01:01:12--> 01:01:34

This was the moment that Allah azza wa jal had wanted for so hated to redeem himself. Now he is the senior most katashi alive from the good old days. I'm saying good old days human being sarcastic is good old, they're they're good old days, right? This is the real battle days, right? But from those people that are murmuring, they want the old days. So hain is Sohail,

01:01:35--> 01:02:24

and his voice is not like the voice of these youngsters. So he has stood up in front of the camera, and he gave a whole tuba. Unfortunately, it is not recorded in detail. It just says that he gave a moving sermon. That's all that we find here, unfortunately. But you can imagine. The Hatim of the Quraysh now has to become the Hatim on behalf of Islam in Makkah. He gave them a hotel bar And he used the phrase of Abu Bakar in Medina, he quoted it and used it in Makkah men Canada, Abu Mohammed and for India, Mohammed Al Ahmad woman, Canada, Canada Budo LA for in De La Jolla, La Jolla mood. This is that famous phrase that a worker use, he becomes if you like the Abu Bakar equivalent now in

01:02:24--> 01:02:24


01:02:25--> 01:02:59

In front of the cabinet, he utters those phrases, that even if the Prophet system has died, Islam has not died, and Allah azza wa jal will never die. And it was his whole tuba that stirred in the people, whatever email that was there. And so in Hamdulillah, they consolidated and the governor and punished and come back and basically reclaim order, it was therefore souhei, live and Amber, who, by the help of Allah save the day. And this was again the point of any what the prophet system has said to him. And

01:03:01--> 01:03:11

his son Abdullah, was in Medina at the time, and he participated in the battles of obachan. And he passed away the next year, the 12th to the hegira, fighting against

01:03:12--> 01:03:52

Muslim al Qaeda in the Battle of yamamah. And agenda as well. He became a Mujahid after in the days of a worker and Omar, and he two died fighting the Romans in Syria, and the both of them died without children. And so he witnessed or he knew or he heard of this death of his children in his own lifetime, and because they died without children, so he as well would then die without any family, so he did not have any family. After that he lost his lineage came to an end. And after the death of the prophet SAW the law, why do you say to them, he made a promise to himself, even though he loved MK because he was of his city. He's the leader of the city, one of the leaders, and he even

01:03:52--> 01:03:57

did not live in Medina, he only lived in Mecca, and he made a promise to himself.

01:03:58--> 01:04:03

And the people around him heard it goes, I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say that,

01:04:05--> 01:04:49

for one of you to stand one hour of your life in the path of Allah, it is better than all of a lifetime of deeds, if you are with your family. So I shall remain in the battlefield until I die and I shall never return to Makkah. So after the death of the prophet SAW Selim, he made a promise that I'm always going to be fighting in the jihad against the Romans and you know the the other people until my death comes to me, and he said, I swear by Allah, for every time I have stood with the mushriks against the Muslims, for every time I will now stand with the Muslims against their enemies, and for every penny that I spent with them, which acts against the Muslims, I will now

01:04:49--> 01:04:59

spend for Islam to defend against its enemies. Perhaps Allah will use my later affairs to forgive my earlier ones. This indicates so

01:05:00--> 01:05:30

hails Islam became 100% genuine. We see this that's what mama Shafi said, as I quoted the beginning, and Mr. Muhammad, that as soon as suhaila embraced Islam, Islam remained praiseworthy. It wasn't so and so he began his Islam genuinely, from the conversion. And one of his most profound comments, which really shows his emotion and it's recorded in multiple books of history really shows his level of emotion and your theme

01:05:32--> 01:06:02

was that at one point in time, after the death of the Prophet system, a delegation of the Quran including Abu sufian, they had to visit Oman for some affairs some issues what not so So hey, they've been amor, Abu sufian, and some of the old school Old Guard, they traveled from Mecca to Medina, to get some, you know, whatever was needed from Ramadan, hubbub. And when they got there, they found a long line outside, because he had office hours, he has office hours at the time. And

01:06:03--> 01:06:06

it was the custom of a moldable hot tub to

01:06:07--> 01:06:13

treat people or deal with them in accordance with when they had embraced Islam.

01:06:15--> 01:06:22

And of course, we when they had embraced Islam, and therefore, if there's 10 people outside, the first person to be given

01:06:23--> 01:06:32

audience would be the earliest conference. And it's so happened that that day outside the door of Ramadan hottub, where people like Bilal,

01:06:33--> 01:07:27

and some of the other earlier converts that were not from the crush, and Abu sufian, along with his companions, began grumbling when they saw Bilal. And others allowed in and everybody is going in. And they were the last batch to get the audience with removable hardtop. Think about that. Abu sufian is not given priority over bilad. Think about that. And I will soufiane feels it. And he grumbles. And he monitors, and he's frustrated. And it was at this point that Suhail turned to them his own batch, because he is with that batch, right, the last batch, and he says, rather than getting angry at them, you should be angry at yourselves. The same people

01:07:28--> 01:07:46

that went in, they were invited to Islam at the same time as us. And they hasten to accept it. But you delayed and stayed behind. So then, what do you think will happen when the doors of genda are opened and people are called into agenda?

01:07:48--> 01:08:24

This is what you call a man like what a slap on the face? And what a sense of fear for himself. You're getting angry at them. But we were invited to Islam all at the same time. And they did except before us. So why are you angry at them be angry at yourself? And then you're irritated at this door? How about the door of gender? What are you going to do? If Allah forbid you are delayed from entering that because you were delayed here. So hello, what to sense of demand coming from Sohail right? And it will let you hear this and your likes panela what powerful and you know,

01:08:25--> 01:09:07

feeling of genuine regret of having embraced Islam so late and wanting to make up for that. And this was the last time he was seen in Mecca and Medina after this, he went and became a Mujahid. As we said he fought against the Romans. And he continued fighting in Syria against the Romans, until the plague broke out in the year 18 of the hedgerow called them was plague. And the unwashed plague took many, many of the Sahaba. And his children had already died. As we mentioned before both of his sons had died. One of them in the 12th year, the other one right before him in, in Sham in Syria. And so he saw both of his sons are heard both of his sons died in his own lifetime. And then he passed away

01:09:07--> 01:09:47

in the 18th year of the digital, the last of his family, he does not have any family after that. And that is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. A very, very interesting story and one that again, you look at these snippets from specific timeframes, you know, if Allah had willed, even, for example, in the in the conquest of Makkah, when some of his colleagues died, if Allah had willed him to die, he would have died. And that would be the been the end of him. And but Allah azza wa jal decides who is going to and who is not going to, and there are people whom you know, they have done in their lives. I mean, he's torturing his own sons to protect his dentist and again, this is not to excuse him, but

01:09:47--> 01:10:00

from his faith tradition, from his feeling. He wants to protect his family, and he is loving his family that harshness is not meant to kill his sons is meant to bring him back them back to his way

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

That's what he wants to do. But in the end he realizes what is true and his sons both die Shaheed in his own lifetime, and then he eventually dies a Shaheed as well. So so he did bin Ahmed is one of the noble companions of the noble enemies, who became one of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and without a shadow of a doubt that we come to the conclusion of Sohail, and then next week, we will continue maybe we'll do one of the other noble companions or maybe we'll do as we had mentioned at the beginning, some of the Sahaba are left we'll see who is left inshallah any quick questions for today for Sweden about anything from sorry, they have an

01:10:35--> 01:10:35


01:10:37--> 01:10:41

Anyhow, dethrones vailable our no none because he,

01:10:42--> 01:11:11

his both of his sons passed away very early and he himself passed away in the time of remote Omaha pop. None that I'm aware of, I looked up. He is mentioned in the Hadith as a character, but he did not narrate Hades. Okay, he is mentioned other people mentioned suicide, but he himself did not narrate it. And as I looked up the six books and in my mind was mustard, if there's anything beyond this, which I really doubt because I looked up a number books, but no, he did not. Okay, for those you.

01:11:21--> 01:11:22

Abu sufian Yes, but not so.

01:11:31--> 01:11:36

Well, I that is a very interesting point, because it is mentioned,

01:11:37--> 01:11:42

I read this today, that I was to fionnphort. And it and one of the books is not at this one.

01:11:44--> 01:11:57

Exactly. You know what, I have to go back because Exactly, exactly. I you know, you're absolutely right. And yet, literally two hours ago in one of the books had mentioned I was with him, and it could be it should be a mistake them.

01:11:59--> 01:12:04

Yeah, no, no, that that's definitely a valid point. Yeah. Yeah, there's definitely a valid point.

01:12:08--> 01:12:10

So it could be

01:12:11--> 01:12:18

it could be that the book that I am quoting from didn't say reclaimer it said Abu sufian Okay. It could be

01:12:24--> 01:12:28

the Sohail went into hiding and got his son to get the MRI.

01:12:30--> 01:12:50

Yeah, so, Karima we will do his story inshallah in two weeks inshallah I already have. I already have eczema in the slot By the way, he will be one of those interesting stories. Yes. So I will go back and look because I am right now 100% sure that in one of the books I read, his name was there but you're absolutely right. It doesn't make any sense.

01:12:53--> 01:13:05

And not only that, but he technically converted right before right before the foot. So you're right, that is a mistake. choccolocco other questions or comments?

01:13:07--> 01:13:12

Okay, so inshallah, with that we will finish for today and then continue next Wednesday, inshallah.