Be Part Of The Solution And Not The Problem

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim amongst the many things that distinguish the noble companions radi Allahu anhu him from us are three. Number one, they feared hypocrisy for themselves while we feel it for others, Omar bin hottub, the giant the legend, the stalwart the lion, goes to her they verbania man, the confidant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he says, has my name also been recorded? in the list of hypocrites, La ilaha illa Allah, you simply cannot tie up the word hypocrite to the giant Omar bin hottub. When he accepted Islam, there was a buzz on the earth, there was a buzz in the heavens. That is what Ahmed bin hottub was, yet he feared hypocrisy for himself.

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And we feel hypocrisy for everyone else. Number two, they doubted their own motives. was my intention correct? Was I clear? Was I candid? Was I honest? Was I transparent, while we cast aspersions on everyone else? And last but not least, they directed warnings to themselves and glad tidings to others. So anybody else who was engaged in Dean or You're a lucky man, you're a fortunate man. But when it came to the warnings, then he gave them a shiver in the back and we do the direct opposite. We direct warnings to other people and glad tidings to us. That is why unfortunately, we are part of the problem and not part of the solution. And today, I implore you, my brother and my

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sister, it's time to become part of the solution and not the problem. And here's a simple formula, interrogate yourself and be generous and accommodating with others. doubt your sincerity and trust others, a man Rosario Rahmatullah Allah said in Quinta tuxedo batalla Believe me alamanda said that well mobile harder what Taka Duma Allah Tron what is stimulator Voodoo in se la we're jamming atomic dounia for Antasari ring v head immediately we're lucky enough sake what Bay v our theoretical pitonyak for Safa Takahashi Ratan what a DA to Cuba era turn one more I Li mocha marine on laka either. Well, who was Sherry Khan like if he has chronic wah wah wah wah, I wish you could

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appreciate that in Arabic. In essence, if the purpose of the acquisition of knowledge or engagement in a religious activity is trying to garner attention or to upstage your peers or attract material and efforts or secure mundane benefits, then you have destroyed your asset and you are at a loss from the inception. Now take this warning and each one of us directly to yourself. And when you see others are engaged in the service of them, then say to them I'm sure I'm sure glad tidings to you Masha Allah for in Nell mela aka double sotto la gente ha ha the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the angels are spreading their wings for those that are acquiring the knowledge of Deen. adopt

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this formula my brother and you will be part of the solution and not the problem.